Fri 13th July 2015:

Friday 13th June 2015


Again not much sleep due to me racing – but getting nowhere mind. Shame that!

Cuppa and medications taken, lesion cleaned-up and ointment applied.

Got down around 0510hrs and straight on the laptop to see what was to be done today.

BJ rang missed the call due to WC’ing. Rang him back.

He came to pick me and some of me bagged-up stuff up to lift me to the flat – bless him muchly.

I sorted the stuff I needed so as to sleep at the flat tonight ready.

When he arrived I asked him if we could call at the shops in Sherwood on the way to try to get a seat/chair and mirror to shave by.

We called in Wilkinson’s and got a mirror.

Then got a very hard wooden chair from the charity shop.

Had an eventful time getting the stuff out of the car and into the one working lift – then up to 12th floor and into the flat! Tsk!

I made me first cuppa tea in the new flat for BJ – I would have joined him, but I only had one cup/mug in the flat. Tsk!

Tesco delivery and the Virgin Media man arrived together.

The Virgin man was polite and helpful.

I did some sorting of stuff that BJ had lifted to the flat for me and made up the collapsible storage crates, they will come in handy! – while the Virgin chap got things sorted for me.

A few hours later and he even got the laptop working to make sure all was okay and working.

IMG_0016I’d has some more mail for the previous tenant to take to the shed on me walk into Sherwood to get toothbrush, brush and pan, washing-up liquid and cushions for the chair.

The community shed was locked-up, so stuck em back in me bag to try again tomorrow.

IMG_0017Walked down Winchester Street into Sherwood and called at the haberdashery shop and got some cushions to tie on the chair.

Wilkinson’s to get toothbrush and the other bits.

Waited and caught bus back up the Winchester Street hill and the flats.

The shed was still locked-up.

I must find out the times of when things are available as soon as I can – what are the emergency numbers etc?

IMG_0020Some of the residents were out in their deck chairs sunning themselves.

I was hoping to speak to someone about things to sort and to get help with the hot water predicament.


The Chair with a Story!

Got in and tied the cushions to the new second-hand chair so I could at least sit-down in relative comfort.

I think it was the third time I sat on it the ties came off and I very nearly had another Whoopsiedangleplop! Huh!

At least I now have something in the front room! A telephone that works, Virgin Internet paraphernalia and me new second-hand chair now with cushions – even if they have dropped off. Hehe! 

Steve rang but I missed the call. Rang him back he’s coming to the flat shortly to talk about things.

Started this diary, feeling a bit tired again now.

Took me evening medications with a cuppa.

Thought about what I’d got here that I could have for nosh after Steve’s been and gone – limited choice mind!

Looks like beans and bread up to now. Ah-well!

01topaWaiting for Steve for to arrive I cleaned up the bits and dust the Virgin an left.

Then soaked and cleaned me hearing aid inners.

Then made a graphic adding missen to the photo of the laptop on the internet in the kitchen.

I’ll be glad when Steve arrives, he’s going to pump up the air mattress for me to kip on and I do need some kip! If the hot water lasts I’d hoped to have a bath, but they ask us not to have a bath after a certain time because the noise of the water can annoy neighbours. So another stand-up wash then…?

Steve arrived and kindly pumped more air into the mattress so I cold try to sleep on it tonight – my first night sleeping at the flat. not that I get to sleep like – too excited methinks, still lots to do but I feel I’m getting there at  last.

Steve has arranged for the decorator to come Monday and Tuesday, tells me I can rely on the man and leave him alone when I go out for me medical prevarications, clinic appointment and whatever.

Off shot Steve and I had the best bath I’ve had in ages – bit of a soak in Jasmine and Lavender bath suds, and shortage of hot water either – luverly!

But I couldn’t get to sleep at all – despite feeling weary. So  carried on with this diary.

Must go back to the dump tomorrow to get some medications and call in the chemist to get me monthly supply – then pick up some more bits I might need if I sleep here again tomorrow night – clothes, nail-cutters, painkillers, bread milk and something else that I can’t recall what now. Huh!

Might call in the charity shop to see if I can get to buy the soft chair and desk I saw earlier. They won’t be able to deliver until Wednesday and delivery will cost £30 minimum – but the chair is very comfy and not too low, and the desk should be ideal for me laptop and things. Hope they haven’t been sold when I get there.

Nightie night all… TTFN