Fri 10 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Oven chips and a new Heroine!

Friday 10 July 2015


0330hrs: View from the kitchen window

Up at 0250hrs: took me quilt and throw into the bedroom, from the kitchen where I’d been trying to kip – WC’d kettle and laptop on – and took a photo from through the kitchen window.

Then started the flat-wide search for me hearing aids!

Found them in plain view on top of the fire surround in the living room on me third search of the living room. Tsk!

The haemorrhoids were bleeding, the angina worse than it’s been for ages and the skin cancer wound a bit naughty and stinging again.

But, all in all I was not too bad – then when I opened WordPress I’d got an offer from Dunc of a free office swivel chair – and he offered to delivery it for me! That made my day, thanks Dunc!

Here I am, sat sitting in me only chair on the laptop (without me hearing aids in)… and realised what the clonking noise was throughout the night. It was the fridge freezer letting me know it’s still working.

Took me medications. Made a cuppa, but could not face any porridge again this morning – I think the nerves are playing up a tad, stomach joining in with me other ailments, churning away. Huh!

I’ve got one of the City Home ladies calling today (Not the Frau Obergruppenfurher Kommandant, but Deana Walker, my Independent Living Co-ordinator. To have a talk about things.

I’ll have to call in at the GP sometime to clarify the date of me next INR blood checks. And call at the bank to make sure they have me new address – and… Oh it’s too much. Wouldn’t be so bad but everyone keeps telling me to phone them and I really can’t hear what many of them are saying and make errors… Me mind is ready to explode… still, there won’t be much collateral damage. Hehe!

Made some notes of things to remember that need doing – but it is a long and confusing list – wouldn’t be so bad if I could read me own writing!

Got me bag of rubbish ready to take to the rubbish chute and letter to take to the shed… then could I find the door keys? – No!

After 40 failed minutes searching the same place I’d already searched I decided I was going potty! I’d come back from me walk last evening so I had them then… Searched all the bags, laundry bag, cabinets and cupboards, storage box’s to no avail – frustrated and annoyed with myself I was – when Deana arrived for her interview session.

She dug in searching with me again – we’d got to point where I thought they ain’t here!

And then… 01topa

After ten minutes she found them in the laundry bag in me pyjama pocket!

01topWell Done Deana Walker!

Saved me bacon there she did – and me sanity too!

She then conducted the interview of sorts taking all me details as required by Nottingham city Homes.

She fitted the Lifeline Connect system.

That’s where I can call for help when if I think I’m going to conk-out.

Waiting now for the Tesco delivery.

Then I hope to get a bus into town and change me address with the bank, hearing aid batteries from the audio centre and call in Jessops to get help with the camera. But I forgot about the Tesco delivery.

I put the oven on ready so I could put me oven chips and roast parsnips in when the delivery arrived. (Says him salivating at the thought) 

Having sausages and petits-pois with em I reckon, they are ready in the tray to be microwaved.

The delivery arrived and I put the nosh in the oven first, then put away the frozen food that came.

DSCF0060And do you know… there was a French Horn Fresh cream cake with them… don’t know FibModehow that got in the order. (Cough cough)

I’m somewhat disappointed with the oven chips after waiting for three years to get some again – they were a disappointment – with me recent experiences with Tesco I should have known and expected less. I bought some ‘Tesco brand Homestyle oven chips’… tasteless! Such a let-down! Boo!

The skin cancer wound is itching like mad now. Huh! Just can’t resist having a good scratch and rubbing me shoulder against the door edge.

Got me quilt cushion and throw, fashioned a bed on the kitchen floor got down and read some of me, Berlin the downfall by Anthony Beevor, and this time I did nod-off quickly, despite me brain being confused and ever active. And… I don’t think I woke up during the 6 hours before I  sprang awake.


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