Inchcock: Woodthorpe Court Situation Update


Woodthorpe Court – Situation Update

Pandemonium, panic, confusion, Whoopsiedangleplops, calamities, mix-ups, medical mayhem and insanity best describe things at the moment here at Woodthorpe Court

IMG_0018The furniture.

Not a lot of furniture in the flat yet I admit.

I took this photograph on the left of it.

I got it from the charity shop £8 – then bought two tie-on cushions to make it less painful for me haemorrhoids.

This didn’t work out so well.

A tie broke first time I sat on it. By the time the painter had left, all the ties were broken on it. Tsk!

DSCF0050The lifts are speedy and the grandeur of Woodthorpe Court is shown by the quality of the 12th floor lift area.

The designer décor seems to be of a 1940 style with simulated bomb damage.

Perhaps the Nottingham police used the lobby as a training area for their fingerprint apprentices?

IMG_0051The fridge freezer eventually arrived.

I’ve even got food in it – Not a lot! – but food at last.

This is the most affectionate fridge-freezer I’ve ever come across.

It calls out to me every now and then with a clunk-shudder to let me know it’s still there and need some attention and or affection?

Currys supplied this little gem.

So be warned. Model Logik LFC50512. Cheapest model available.

IMG_0052The cooker, also supplied by Currys and the cheapest model available CFSEWH/14.

They advise you to burn rings and oven on full power for so long before using.

Be warned: If there is a smoke alarm fitted and working within 2 miles radius of the location of this machine, expect it to go off!

It has a nice misleading smile though.

Still awaiting its first use – lurking smiling as if it knows something you don’t – bit worrying that.

IMG_0025Some food in the cupboard at last too.

Luckily I’d got a little screwdriver and Allen-key multi-pack set things.

They came in very handy for adjusting the doors so they almost fitted flush with the cupboard sides.

You may notice the inordinate amount of baked beans in comparison to other products?

That is because I like baked beans, especially after I’ve marinated them a mix of mustard, mild curry powder, sultanas, Marmite, black pepper, sea salt, Worcester sauce, bacon crumbles, unrefined Demerara sugar and dried onions for a day before heating em up.

IMG_0050The fan heater in the kitchen is of particular interest.

The turn-on switch needs a stepladder to reach to activate it – and I do not have a stepladder – so, it is economical not to run?

Not that that matters, because the first time I tried it the pull string came off in me hand and the casing cracked.

IMG_0053The plastic Asda storage bins (Made in the UK) are sitting awaiting location decisions in this photo.

Since then I have put one set of three drawers in the bathroom where they can resist the damp due to their being made of plastic. I’m quick yer know!

The drawers take a bit of effort to pull out as they tend to bring the rest of the them with em at the same time.

But failures like this I have got used to over the years and take it with a pinch of salt.

Talking of salt, I dropped me pot of Himalayan Red sea salt yesterday and broke it.

Bent down to clean it up – nice new bruising on me arm where I banged it on the door as I avoided banging me head on the wall as I toppled over.

IMG_0057Used the laundry room for me washing for the first time the other day. The driers take an hour, but they are good.

Took a photo of one of the machines and realised I’d caught the bruises on me wrist where I tripped over a loose floor tile in the kitchen the day before.

I mentioned this to the staff in case they were worried about the elderly residents Health and Safety. They weren’t!

IMG_0060The entrance to the flat.

Looking rather gloomy – and this is after the so-called painter had done his work.

Still, now he’s finished I can eventually when I find the time, enjoy cleaning up all the paint splashes all over the flat, he managed to sprinkle paint everywhere, even gave me cleaning things a sprinkling of paint, me clothes, the bath, the sink taps, the kitchen sink area looked like it had been snowing.

Still, yer don’t like to complain does yer.

IMG_0061Ah, the bedroom.

Vincent Price could have used this as a location for one of his horror films.

Gawd it’s cold in there.

Of course many past residents must have clocked out in there over the years I suppose, so understandable.

IMG_0062The living room.

A little sparse of furniture innit?

I can’t get any carpets in yet, as the repairmen have to come and mend the floor panelling at the bottom of the walls – sink they have come loose.

Some paint left over from the decorator – well I say decorator…

IMG_0063Me bathroom.

I must get a large cabinet fitted. The Age UK people have a list of Trusted Suppliers yer know – the Decorator who splashed the paint on in the flat for me was one of them. So I do not feel confident in getting a ‘Trusted supplier’ via them to do me carpets or fit me cabinet… oh dear, problems problems…

Still the hot water supply seems to be getting better. But we’ll see.

IMG_0059The kitchen is me living room, study and bedroom at the moment.

The microwave is working now.

The cooker is operative but I’m too scared to use it.

The clunk-clank fridge freezer is hammering away.

I still need a proper waste bin and curtains cause the sun is showering heat onto the fridge and I have nowhere to move the fridge out-of-the-way.

DSCF0044Internet and phone connection completed.

Virgin media have fitted me up.

The internet connection was perfect to start with.

Since the second day I keep losing the connection now and then – fancy that? As if it could happen to me? Hehe.

MPelec15The land-line phone.

 Up and working.

I’ve had three calls on it up to now.

Every one a wrong number!


It’s been used to dial out and has big number and a clearish signal.

Not that I can afford to use it.


Many things needed putting right.

Many things still need putting right.

The kitchen, under the sink false draw-front collapsed, shelf below supports broke and window too stiff to open.

IMG_0064A bloke did open it for me all the way round so I could clean the outside – but 4 holes in the frame let stale rainwater run out when it was upside down and drenched the kitchen, soaked me paperwork, splashed on the microwave etc….

This they had arranged to do yesterday – but due to the emergency INR level blood test needed had to be re-arranged for Monday 20th July.

Kitchen Air-vent coming off the wall – arranged for the 17th July.

Living room panelling came away. To be tended 17th AsdaJuly.

In the dark and dingy windowless passage the immersion heater that doesn’t always work was mentioned, but no one came to look at it. Here it is switched on, but no power light?

Smoke detector test arranged for 29th July.

The kitchen tiles that had come loose and I tripped over causing bruising didn’t seem to worry them, so no action taken.

But, however and notwithstanding all this…

I love it!

All but the cold at night!.

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  1. thanks for posting the pic of Woodthorpe Court – now if you can just hang a pair of your thermal long johns from your window, that will help me pinpoint your position when I drop by for a visit on Sunday 😆

    • Haha, they’ll be grey ones Dunc, they might not have been originally, but they are now. Hehe! See ya Sunday mate, looking forward to it like a kid at Christmas!

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