Thu 9 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Oh dear…

Thursday 5th July 2015

Up at 0225hrs. Had to kip on kitchen floor on a quilt with throw over me and plenty of clothes on – Gawd it were cold!

Cramps were not so bad last night, and little ‘Inch’ was bleeding far less. Angina not so good, the wrist improving, reflux valve naughty and worried about what  the day will bring.

Cuppa and medication taken. Laptop on.

I got a nice comment from Kentucky Angel. It’s so nice that I have folk who show compassion and would be lost without them in these trying times.

Today is a bit of pressure, cause I’ve got two repair men calling – and hope that they arrive in time and get the jobs done for me to get to me emergency INR blood-level test at the Doctors. And I have utilities and bank to call to change me details. Also I’d hoped to get back to the old place so I can collect some warmer clothing and carry it back to the flat. Ah-well.

Where the hospital took the sample of skin cancer from is really itching this morning, getting harder to resist scratching at it. Hehe!


I’m looking forward to living a semi-normal existence and finding time to relax a bit – but not much hope of that yet. Tons of work sorting and anguish to go through before that can be achieved. So busy and frustrated with not being able to get things done. Doing this diary is taking up much of me time, but I love doing it so, and get such pleasure when people respond to it and I learn of others problems and admire the way they cope. Apart from one night, I’m not sleeping well at all, so doing the diary when this happens is not too bad.

Need to sort carpets out, rang Steve but no answer, well he is busy and has got many old foggies to tend to.

I need help with the paperwork and getting utilities sorted, but nothing seems to happen and I’m getting a backlog of things that are urgently needing attention. Steve Age UK has not been  answering my calls, and Age UK Wendora is only available on Wednesdays – she is a volunteer and I appreciate her efforts. This week nothing got done due to me not having the details that the utilities needed. I feel like giving up… oh dear, feeling sorry fer missen agen! Sorry.

I blame the medications yer know… Hehehe!

DSCF0042The maintenance/repair men coming today (I hope early) should be mending the cupboard and shelf under the sink.

I’ve emptied everything out ready for them.

Caretaker Robert is coming (I hope) to look at me cooker to see if he can connect it, he said he would source the wires needed for me. Thank heavens for some help, especially from people I hardly know. Much appreciated. Especially as I’ve got some oven chips coming tomorrow from Tesco (Then I can return the broken clock and crushed cakes they delivered last time – Tsk!). Looking forward to having them, getting withdrawal symptoms yer know – not had any for many months now… well, over a year really. I must remember at all costs not to do any when I’m tired – last time long ago I fell asleep and the cooker actually burst into flames. Oh dear bad memories!

DSCF00450500hrs: Still a bit gloomy out there.

I’m in a bit of a depressed mood methinks? Worried about things not getting done that need urgent attention, and me mind is anywhere but where it should be at the moment. Poor old devil, Hehe!

I’ve got to get the carpets sorted out, DSCF0044but Steve not answering his phone (Hope he’s alright) I need him to contact an Age UK recommended supplier. As soon as the carpets are done, I can try to find an easy chair to get. It’s not nice not having somewhere to sit in comfort – the chair and cushion I got is not the most comfortable and if I nod-off I’ll fall off it! Ha-ha!

DSCF0046I’m going have a bath and shave now.

By gum that’s better – and I had the added entertainment of cleaning off the paint splashes the decorator left me with, better than a rubber duck. Tsk! hehe!

Did you notice the carbolic soap? A much underrated soap indeed. Fresh smelling and reminds me of the old days.

0635 hrs. now, all ready nice and early for the workmen to arrive – too early but still.

DSCF0047Noticed the bruising coming up again on me wrist, and the skin cancer wound becoming bothersome – maybe with my INR level so high and blood so thin?

I wrote the other day of how I likes this Virgin Internet connection – I take that back, kept losing it this morning. Tsk!

0920hrs – getting concerned that the men will arrive on time to do the jobs in time for me to get to me appointment at the surgery…

I took the letters that had arrived for the previous tenant to the shed and handed them to the Frau Obergruppenfurher Camp Kommandant – boy was she her usual bundle of joy!

I explained about the situation with the emergency INR tests and the repair men due. she said: Suit yerself, cancel them if yer want to! I sarcastically thanked her and made a hasty retreat to a safe distance and went back to the flat.

I ran into caretaker Robert on the way and told him of me problems and he phoned them, cancelled today and got another date for Monday 20th July twixt 0930 and 1400 hrs made for me.

I asked him about the storage sheds things and how do I get into them. He showed me the code and said I should have a key – which I don’t of course.

Got up to the flat, nibbled a cooked sausage, made a cuppa and went to amend the dates of the kitchen repair on me diary – then found at the same time I had a Cardiac appointment – Why is life so complicated fer me – I suppose it is for others but…. hey-ho!

Robert is going to see me later about sorting the cooker connection out bless him..

When I go to the surgery today I’ll mention it to the nurse. (Best laid plans are often thwarted by a bad memory eh?)

Got missen ready taking the reminder list with me and set off on me marathon walk to the old place and surgery. Must pick up paperwork and warm clothing, as much as I can carry back – not a lot there then.

Back in a couple of hours.

I’ve made it back…

Hobbled into Carrington and got some bits from the old dump – warm coat, sweater, some paperwork, batteries, underwear, socks, radio, attack alarm and cleaner.

Then went to the GP surgery and the nurse listened to me moans, took me blood for  the INR test. She was very kind over the clash with the Cardiac blood test and the rearranged kitchen repair team coming on the 20th, and said when she gets the INR results for today’s test with the next appointment date she’ll let me know and try to do the Cardiac at the same time. Bless her cotton socks!

DSCF0048Limped back into Sherwood (The bags seemed inordinately heavy?), for some reason.

Up Winchester Street and back to the Woodthorpe Court flats.

I wus well shattered by then.

Got in put me things away and the paperwork to sort out later.

Made a cuppa and updated this monologue.

Listened to radio 3, nice piece of piano music on.

1450hrs: Robert should be here soon.

Got the paperwork sorted that I got from the old place – I hope they are the one’s Glendora wants?

Cleaned some more splattered paint off the sink area – how come I couldn’t see it before?

Barry Took is presenting a radio show on Radio 4 Extra at 1600hrs called ‘Guess What’ a revival of the old animal mineral or vegetable quiz show. Should be interesting if I can get to listen to it.

Robert turned up, tool bag and thick wires in hand and set about doing the cooker fitting for me.

Much banging and swearing later he’d finished fitting it – and covered the smoke detector with a carrier bag and masking tape (which luckily I had brought with me to the flat this very day!)

I gave him a tenner and some DVDs and he seemed content. Off he went telling me as he left the flat to leave the smoke detector covered until I use it fort he first time tomorrow.

I nibbled some polish sausages with a cuppa and got on with this diary.

DSCF0049The wind seemed to have dropped a bit and a while after I took this photo the sun came out and I squinted as I passed the window and I Whoopsiedangleplopped me good foot on the edge of the cooker – very nearly swore I did. HeheI decided to go out for a little walk into Woodthorpe Park and take some photographicalisations of the place.

I’m off now again – back in a little while (I hope).

Back sooner than planned… I’ll tell yer about it…

DSCF0050Off I poddled to the lift and down to the ground floor.

Feeling okay at this stage of the expedition.

Passed the locker room, hairdressers and laundry room.

Out into the daylight.

DSCF0051Very warm in the sunshine, not many folks about around this area.

Feeling okay at this stage of the expedition.

Had a little ponder on which way to go, and decided the Muggers Alley was not suitable, left was the way out to Winchester Street – so went straight DSCF0052ahead and up the stony footpath hill that all the doggy walkers, skateboarders and scooterists use.

Up to the top and over to the brow of the hill.

I avoided the interests of a Scottie-dog who seemed to take a dislike to me.

DSCF0054Down the other side were several pitch and putters having an evening round of mini-golf.

At this stage me feet and legs reminded me of the marathon walk I’d already done earlier – cor blimey were they stinging. Tut! Thought I’d make it a short walk in that case.

DSCF0055As I turned to look back I took a photographicalisation of both blocks of flats, the nearest being Woodthorpe Court, the far one Winchester Court.

The night was really warm, well the sun was just like yesterday, until it went in the wind got up and it turned so cold! I expect the same tonight.

I thought thinkingly… if anyone is likely to get a golf ball belting into his head, now who would that be? So decided to walk around the course and got over it.

DSCF0056Then as I started walking – and boy did it come on quick like – the urgent need for the use of the WC arrived, so back down the track to the flats fast as I could… Tsk!

Just made it in time, close, but I made it.

Laptop on to complete the diary.

I was thinking about the Warfarin situation and whether or not or how many I should take tonight – and at that time the surgery rang to inform me. None tonight – 2 Friday – 2.5 Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs. Next tests?

DSCF0057I hope the NHS have me new address to send the readings to.

Got me nosh ready fer cooking later.

Any guesses what it is?

Ah… the toilet beckons again…

Oh dear!

13 thoughts on “Thu 9 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Oh dear…

    • You can get it Dunc, off the internet – a bit expensive so I’ve avoided that up to now. There is a hardware stall on the Vic Market in Nottingham that sells it – 3 bars for a quid – and good stuff too! Memories and a good scent methinks? TTFN

  1. inchy, I have a cream-coloured leather swivel ‘office’ chair I don’t use – check your emails, I’ll send you a pic tomorrow (when I find me bloody camera) – you’re welcome to have (free, of course)

    you’re only an hour away from me so if you’re interested I can drop it off on Sunday

    p.s., it all seems a bit daunting right now but try not to worry too much – it’ll all get sorted in time

  2. How sweet of Duncan. Wish I could get some of my extra blankets to you. After the heat treatment, of course. The pest control people and building management are telling me I have too many, and have to get rid of some. They also want me to get rid of my yarn and most of my clothes. If you hear anything about a mass murder and a berserk woman in Kentucky any day soon, it very well could be me. Just joking. Maybe.
    When will they fix your heat? Is the cold weather normal for July? I get the shivers thinking about it, and about you being so cold at night. I wish I could bottle some of our Kentucky heat and send it to you, but you would also have to take the rain we are having at the same time..
    Thanks for the remark about my helping you with my comment. How could anyone not help you anyway they could? You are a special person.
    Now, take care of you, and don’t go off getting so tired any more. Oh, I love the photos. I want to live in your building and have that view too.

    • The Swines! One should never come between a woman and her clothes! The Fools!
      It was warmer last night Angel – thankfully gal. We’ve got storms forecast for Sat, Sun & Monday here.
      I’ll see if I can win the lottery again Angel – then we can the view together – nice, like you. TTFN pet.

      • I think I’ll try the lottery also Inchy. When I win my multi millions I’ll buy a mansion for all of us who need a nice place to live, one floor only, so we won’t have to climb stairs or wait for elevators, no rent, everyone will just have to supply their own food and pay their own telephone and utilities. Maybe I’ll just but us a nice island some place to put this mansion on, because of course, I’ll be winning so many millions it will be totally indecent.
        I’m glad it warmed up for you Inchy. It really, really warmed up for me, because they heat treated my apartment today for the bed bugs, and it will take another day to really cool down enough to be comfortable. At least it was more than uncomfortable for the bed bugs, because I’ve been seeing the little bodies, all shriveled up and lying around in places. They put my herbs in the hall, so they are safe, just needed a drink of water when I got home, and a few words of sympathy for thinking they had been abandoned. They look happy now, so that’s all that matters.
        Gotta try to get some rest now my friend. I hope you got some, and that you’re feeling well today.

      • I do wish you the best with the lottery Angel – crossed fingers!
        Brilliant ideas for how to spend it gal!
        Than heavens they’ve done summat about yer bugs! Cheered me up reading that it has.
        Glad the herbs have survived too!
        Try to get some rest gal, I know how hard it is sometimes when things need doing you can’t get done and the fretting about it.
        No hot water yet here this morning… may have to boil a kettle to have a wash and shave, or it might warm up later? Tsk!
        Best wishes and warm hugs sent via the ether. X

      • I think I need cool hugs right now Inchy. No rest for the weary it seems, because a plague of roaches descended on me, taking the place of the bed bugs. All the years I’ve lived here I’ve never had a bug, and now I trade bed bugs for roaches. That was okay though, those pests didn’t know they were dealing with the Queen of Roach Poachers. I’m not always an angel. I pulled out my bottle of peppermint oil and sprinkled it liberally around the place, opened the lower cabinets, dealt with the bugger that dared to land on my hand by screaming at the top of my lungs, then shook in a liberal amount of peppermint oil and watched them scatter away from the now baked potatoes and onions that were living in that cabinet. Wish I had thought to look in there earlier, so I could have eaten at least one of the baked potatoes, although it would have had to be without the sour cream or butter, which had spoiled when the fridge over heated during the day, along with the fish I had planned to thaw in there and enjoy today. It thawed, just not the way I wanted it to happen.

      • Well done Angel, you gave em hell and they didn’t like it! Hehe.
        Shame about yer nosh though. Tsk!
        Shop bought Lamb hot-pot fer me tonight pet… I think.
        Bit late for me I’m usually in kip (the floor I mean) by now. Going to do some Facebooking then get me head down I hope. Take care and keep an eye out fer them beasts! TTFN

      • Throwing that food away when so many people are hungry really hurt Inchy. And thanks for the extra hugs. Things have cooled down to a balmy 75 F. now, not exactly cool, but livable. Roaches gone, but gnats are attacking now. Tonight I will definitely sleep, with my door closed and locked, and diluted peppermint oil behind my ears to discourage the gnats. Early morning, if there is no rain, I’ll go to the grocery for a paper and more bay leaves that I know discourage the gnats. Maybe I’ll get my lottery ticket tomorrow. Surely my luck is due to change sometime soon.

      • Good gal that’s the spirit, get yer plans made to counter the little blighters.
        I’ll let you win the lottery first – then I can win ours the next week – spread the good news like? Hehehe!

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