Thu 30 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Bricklayer then Electrician arrives and does nowt!

Thursday 30th July 2015


00255hrs: Sprang awake, again to the tune of the fridge freezer clunking and whining away. It’ll blow-up one day I’m sure.


No memories of dreams although I feel I had many?

Feeling anxious for some reason. Remembered the bricklayers are coming to fill in the hole in the kitchen wall – this’ll be a fine mess I feel.


Cleared the stuff  from the bottom cupboard into bags.

Laptop on, made a cuppa and finished off yesterdays diary and posted it.

BetbirthDid some Facebooking in case I don’t get time later.


Also found a graphic of the TFZ gals that I missed off from posting with the others yesterday. Tsk!

By then it was time for me medications, DSCF0195so made another cuppa and took them with a swig of antacid medicine to help calm me ulcer down.


Got a wash and shave, too early for a bath cause the noise of the running water etc would disturb me neighbour.

All ready now I hope – not looking forward to having the hole done for one reason – having found a second hole at the bottom – more mayhem when and if they return later to do that one?

The chappie-man arrived and just like the two repair men before him who attended said something like “I can’t repair that today…” So that’s the maintenance man who said we need a bricklayer on this and arrange one – the bricklayer had now said he can’t do it, we need a carpenter to take out the cupboard, seal it up on the wall and bottom of the top cupboard and replace the cupboard! Good innit?

And I just went through agony stretching and bending to clear the damned cupboards out! Huh, Tsk and Soddit!

Pee’d off now as well as feeling low again!

Put me new cardigan on and found it too small – had I purchased the wrong size? I had a look… Yes I had. Even more wee’d off now!

I decided, spur of the moment jobbie  – to go to the old house and get some stuff and put some rubbish in the bins there. To alleviate me guilt at getting nowt done like.

I met Deana on the way out of the building – but a Nottingham City Homes maintenance man pushed in when I was going to ask her if she could phone the carpet shop for me to find out what’s happening with me order. But she wandered off with him to sort out the area of the disabled parking lot that needs tarmacking.

Really pissed off now – I got to the bus stop to catch a bus down the hill into Sherwood.

Met Norman there and we had a chin-wag… best we could manage anyway with us both being deaf like. Hehe! 

Dropped off in Sherwood and walked into Carrington, getting in the flea-pit just as the rain started.

Several letters on the mat collected, some togs, cleaners, books, cushion and odd bits soon filled the bags. Took some rubbish out.

Got a phone call from Nottingha City Home Works department telling me they would be calling to  ‘Have a look at my Air-vent problems on Monday 10th August between 0800 > 1200hrs.

Then remembered that the Nottingham City Homes chap was due 1230 > 1600 hrs to mend the heater in the kitchen – quickly made me way with the bags to the bus-stop. (Bless the Pensioners free-bus-pass time again).

Dropped off in Sherwood and go to the bus-stop to catch bus back up to the flats.

Blow me a lady spoke with me telling me the L9 is due at half past – and then Norman joined us in the shelter.

Do you know – I thought that was marvellous – the Lady from the flats recognising me when I got to the bus-shelter. It took the edge off me Whoopsiedangleplops I’d had earlier.

IMG_0115We caught the bus to the flats and I got in about 1230hrs – hoping the heater repair man had not called when I was out.


Opened the letters I’d brought back from the dump.

The first one was from the three Labour Councillors informing me that the Pirates Park (Kids area) in Carrington had got looking a bit under the weather lately.

IMG_0116I’m not surprised, anyone going near that place is in danger of being mugged by the kids!

Hope you can read the paragraph inviting me to attend the park on Tuesday 4th August 2015.

I thought it was hilarious.

IMG_0117There was a Gas-bill informing me that my Bill was in Credit to the tune of £362.17. y my new monthly payment would be £15.00

My Electricity Bill informing me I owed them £196.03, and my new monthly payment would be £105.00 

* A letter from the post office telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. 

* A letter from the Royal Insurance telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. (Two).

* A letter from Tesco telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. (Three of three)

* The Pools offering me 5000 bonus points if I start doing the Pools again.

A letter from a work Agency offering inviting me to apply for a job in Huddersfield that meets my criteria – as a ‘Problem Wrangler’? The first and only one I have received from them since signing with them in 2004!

I added the repair men calling to my Goggle diary.

Shredded the * marked letters.


I thought about putting all the stuff back into the cupboard and sorting the stuff I’d brought from the house – but decided not to. It’s going to be a pig-sty when they rip out the old cupboards anyway, so I might as well get used to it now. Well… maybe not eh?

Got the oven heating up ready for me potaotes to be baked.

Soaked me plastic hearing-aid inserts ready for de-coking later.

Put the tatties int oven and had the cheese, salt, black pepper and oregano ready fer when I burn missen emptying out the flesh and mixing it all up before putting em back in the oven to brown off.

Might have er… let’s have a look what I’ve got in…

Ah, I’ll have me three Turkey hot dog sausages methinks.

Checked emails and a quick bash on Graphicalisationing – a bonus ’cause I didn’t think I’ve have time with the hole in the wall repairs being done – that are now not being bricked up after all.

Ain’t life complicated?

IMG_0118The Nottingham City Homes electrician then arrived to, I thought, replace the pull-string switch on the heater I can’t afford to use anyway on the kitchen wall.

He decided it was kaput and condemned it.

So I now await another appointment to arrive to tell me when the new one will be installed. Oh dear, will it never end!

Moved the bags of things I’d taken out of the cupboards into the front storage room.

What a pickle I’m in.

4 thoughts on “Thu 30 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Bricklayer then Electrician arrives and does nowt!

    • I bet the kids would mug me on me way in Duncan. They’re little terrors around there – the equivalent of Crows in the bird kingdom they is.
      I’ve just got back from calling to pick up some stuff and put stuff int bins at the old place Dunc. They’ve been at the bins already, sorting and spreading the stuff all over. I’m putting a photo of it in today’s diary. Boy do I miss that place… Not! Hehe!
      Mind you, the pigeons enjoyed some of your seeds wot yer got fer me.
      Went to Docs earlier, said I can double me Omeprazole capsules and Antacid medicine doses, but only for a week, then let her know how the Ulcer is going.
      When I mentioned me friends on the internet she even took a photo or two of me cancer wound scar, and she suggested putting a ruler on with one. As Doctors go, she is a bit special is Dr Vindla – and she’s gorgeous to boot!
      Deana had rang the carpet people to get the quote for me loving room, bedroom and mini-hallway…. £596 all in. Gawd I wasn’t expecting it to be that much, but they told me that is a decent price so… Hey-ho.
      Hope your keeping well mate, and to see you again in the future.
      I’ve waffled agen ain’t I? Sorry.

  1. hey ho, inchy, got a problem with the electronics on my car right now – the ESP (whatever that is) isn’t working

    got a bank holiday coming up last weekend of August

    if I’ve got the ERP repaired by then, I’ll pop through to see you

    meantime, keep your pecker up 😆

    cheers, Dunc !

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