Friday 31 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Friday 31st July 2015


Brekkers this morning


0425hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the now familiar Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud bang musical tones of the fridge-freezer belting away.

Dr Vindla to see this morning 0930hrs – so will need to walk there as me free pensioners bus pass can’t be used until 0930hrs which is the time the first bus arrives at the flats.

Got me list of worries done ready to take wiv me: check readings okay for BP etc -Sys 135 Dia 59 Pulse 71 Temp 34.02 – Itching and bruising under arms/chest – Stronger med’s for duodenal ulcer? – Bleeding Inch worse – Dizzies more frequent? – Book INR blood level test for Monday if possible, otherwise I’ll have to go to the QMC Haematology dep’t.

Cuppa brekkers and medications taken.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary then started this one.

DSC00015Had a good scrub-up and set off on me walk into Carrington and the GP surgery.

I called in the cabin on the way, and Julie and Deana were in. Deana had called the carpet people and got the quote for me – £596 all-in.

Blimey I wasn’t expecting that much… Hey-ho.

Got there (To the surgery) in a new record time of 34 minutes!

Mind you me plates are stinging summat rotten now.

Dr Vindla is a bit special I reckon – has a sense of humour and tells it like it is bless her.

She had a look at where the itching was under me arms and said not to worry.

She told me to increase me Omeprazole to two a day and double me doses of the antacid medicine for a week and let her know how the Duodenal ulcer was then.

Told me to stop worrying.

Said the increase in dizzies was due to the hassle I was having.

DSCF0201She kindly took a photo or two of me skin-cancer wound scar so I could share it on the TFZ Facebook site. She even put a ruler against it. Said it had been done very neatly.

She checked me BP, Temp, and pulse recordings and said they were okay.

She did me a prescription for extra Codeine phosphates that went though to the chemist automatically and told me to collect it from there afterwards.

I was in and out in about ten minutes, and feeling a tad happier – she is lovely and unfussy!

I gave the receptionists their nibbles on the way out and set off down the road to the chemists.

DSCF0202Collected the tablets and walked through the twitchel to the old dump, feeding the pigeons en-route with Duncan Robertson’s seed wot he brought me on his welcome visit to the flat last month.

The rubbish from the bins had been spilt all over again by the ‘Bin Dippers’ of the area.

Poor things having to resort to going into bins and splitting the black bags in search of… whatever it was they were searching for.

Got in and no mail had been delivered.

Got some more paperwork that needs sorting in the bag, some DVD’s that I want to keep, cleaners and electrical stuff as well.

Took some rubbish to the bins and set off to the bus-stop with the bags and me free pensioner’s bus pass at the ready.

Into Sherwood and across the road to catch a L9 or 40 bus up the hill – and as I got to the bus-stop an L9 pulled up.

I recognised two people getting on the bus – Norman and a lady from the flats – that was nice talking to folk.

DSCF0203Got back to the flat and put the bags down so as to visit the porcelain again.

Got the kettle on and checked the emails.

Deana Walker the Nottingham City homes woman sent me an email, and I sent one back.

Asked her if she could contact the carpet people for me and ask them it next Tuesday they could fit the carpets? Awaiting a reply on that one.

Also told her the walker could be collected or I could deliver it to any needy tenant today.

IMG_0119Facebooked me noshes that I’d forgotten to.

This one might not look very good, but it tasted grand.

Then, when I was taking the bags of stuff to store in the front room it happened – and I realised then I’d forgotten to mention this medicational problem to Dr Vinda – the warm wet feeling of me little Inch pouring blood from the lesion.

With none of the creams left it took me ages to get it to stop – and then had the job of cleaning up after it. Tsk!

Cleaned up I then put some of the sliced seasoned potatoes in the oven – very disappointed with them the other day – so I sprinkled cheese on them in the hopes of getting some flavour from the them this time.

IMG_0121Had a look at a DVD, one of me favourites with Lionel Jeffries in one of his best rolls of all time in ‘H G Well’s First Men in the Moon’.

Note by the photo I then started having a visitation from Arthur Itis in me hands and fingers, typing is not easy now. so I’ve stop until it eases off later. Tsk!

Better now. Deana emailed to tell me that the carpet shop need me to visit the shop to pay them £400 and arrange fitting, and I’ve to give the Carpet fitter on the day £100 in cash! Very professional I must say.

0704So I got the walker and took it to the community shed for Deana, but no one was there – so had to take it back to the flats and set off again on me marathon walk to the carpet shop.

Walked up the hill into Woodthorpe Park and down the tree-lined path onto Mansfield Road, avoiding the mad dog not on a lead and stepping into any of the many dog droppings.

Into Daybrook where the Carpet Shop Amateurs are situated…

Took a photo of the sign outside, that I bet has lured many an unsuspecting and trusting member of the public into parting with their money for a crap IMG_0125IMG_0127service from the uninterested staff?

The chap forced himself to speak to me without swearing – I can tell these things cause I have a very high EQ – low IQ, but high EQ.

We arranged for the fitting to be done on Tuesday 11th August by a contract carpet fitter – bet that’ll be interesting, mark my words!

I asked about the bed I had ordered – they apparently come via another contractor who will be in touch with me later?

Farcical comes to mind!

I came out £475 lighter and still got no carpets or bed yet!

I’m so gullible.

IMG_0130I nipped into Arno Vale Park to try to get a photo of the wildlife to post on Facebook specialist page.

I managed a decentish one with pigeons and various ducks in it eating the seeds I threw down for em.

I walked into Arnold cause I had time easily to catch the last L9 bus from there that takes me right into the flats, and got some cooked meat and cheapo blackcurrant iced lollies from Fulton Foods.

Then nipped through the twitchel to the bus stop where the L9 passes in plenty of time – just as well, it came three minutes early – naughty!

Back to the flat in no time – me feet and knees really aching now after the walk to the GP and now this blooming marathon to the damned Carpet shop – Steve the so-called help from Age UK, who said keep him informed has not answered his phone for the last eight times I’ve called him – Git!

WC’d made a cuppa and put the carpet mans arranged visit on me Google diary. Not with a lot of confidence mind…

With burning feet and the knees now being targeted my Arthur Itis instead of me fingers, I took some extra anti-acid medicine with me usual medications, of course this means I’m going to run out of that before me next prescriptions are ready – but why worry about that when I’ve got the failed repairs to cope with and the carpet-turd to tackle with yet? Huh!

Fed-up? Me?

Managed to heat up me nosh prepared earlier – only to drop it on the floor – sad is just not a word of sufficient magnitude to use, but it’ll have to do.


Sixty-seconds later, it was on the kitchen floor. Huh!

IMG_0131I stood looking out of the window, fighting back the tears of frustration and caught sight of the bills I’d put on the ledge mounting up… I let a few words of an unsavoury nature loose and all the work waiting to be done, the shredding, paperwork sorting, windows need cleaning, another load of laundry to do, no help from Steve from Age UK, carpet situation, repairs and condemned window and heater, the mess still to sort at the old place, the double bills and had no interest in having owt to eat in place of dropped and now interned in the bin nosh that I took so much pride in getting ready, the angina, reflux valve, skin cancer, dodgy ticker, haemmorhoids, arthritis, hernia, bowel cancer, duodenal ulcer, hearing-aids playing up, dwindling bank balance, lost me reading glasses, and depression looming… and I thought, Sod-it, I’m not going to let all these things get me down! I will survive, I will get it right… I am going to cheer up and cope like other do with their problems, no more moping about and feeling sorry fer missen!

Proudly I went into the bathroom to clean me teggies…

I’d left the tap running… turned taps off, dived down with the towel to mop up quickly and e back went and little Inch started bleeding.

Wot a plonka.

I have nothing else to add.

Not one of me better days… Tsk!

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