Sat 1 August 2015: Inchcock Today: Hoping for a better day…

Saturday 1st July 2015


Last night just before the rain came

00435hrs: Sprang awake, yet again to the tune of the fridge freezer clanking and whining away. It has acquired a new beat this morning, a sort of: Whine clunk shudder whine clunk bang – Whee…

WC’d. Much blood from ‘Little Inchy’ – another pyjama bottoms for the laundry. Worried about this, and feel a right fool for forgetting to mention it to Dr Vindla ye.

Last night I took this photo above, thought there might be a fire in the distance? Can see no reports of one on the net.

Thinking back to yesterdays dilemmas and Whoopsiedangleplops, I don’t know how I got through them all.

Certainly praying for a better day today.

I wish I could remember the dreams I had despite waking up every half hour or so throughout the night. All I know is they were not good. And, something I have never done before – during one of the waking periods I raided the ‘whine, whee, clunk shuddering’ fridge?

Laptop on, made a cuppa and took me medications, doubling up on the Omepazole and antacid medicine. Hope the ulcer calms down a bit today and the arthritis gives me hands and fingers a rest too. I think that might have been how I left the tap on, seem to recall having Arthur visit me when I was in the bathroom? Maybe not.

Hope to get to town later! Only four buses on a Saturday, every two hours, first one at 1027hrs.

I want to get a potato masher – it’s hard to do them when Arthur Itis visits the fingers. Also must draw the money ready for when the cowboy contractor from Allied Con-Artists Carpets come on the 11th. Hopefully I can get some photo’s of ‘Bling’ for the TFZ site, and of the Nottingham Beach if the weather’s okay.

IMG_0060Just checked to make sure I’ve got the bus-pass and bank card in me pocket ready.

I noticed this morning how grungy it is in the mini-hallway.

I know there are no carpets down yet, but even so it looks very dim.

Perhaps a brighter bulb might help?

I went to have a look at what type of bulb I’ll need, and found two letters in the box.

From the Nottingham City Homes people:

We recently made a visit to your home to complete a repair but we were unable to complete the work. (Inchy comment: Same when they came to do the window and condemned it, the heater and condemned it, the cupboard under the sink).

A further appointment has been arranged with you to complete the work.

Details of the work ordered together with confirmation of the appointment date when the work will be carried out are listed below.

Description: Ex by 322 – Ab3 Joiner Req to Randr small base unit And bloc

Appointment date: 10th August 2015 0800 – 1200.


An appointment has been made for us to visit your home to carry put the following:

Description: (Ex) 3206 – Renew Wall Mounted Fan Heater

Appointment date: Thu 6th August – 1200 > 1630hrs

Works order ref: 00032206974/01.

I made sure the details were on me Google diary.

WC’d and had to clean up Little Inch again.

Caught the first bus into town at 1030.


A few folk on the Nottingham Beach in the City Centre Slab Square this morning

Poddled down into town over slab square and down to the bank.

Got the con-mens money to pay fer the carpet fitter and some 20p’s for the washing machines.

Walked down to Broad Marsh shopping centre and the 99p store.

Got some oven trays, small bowl, containers and disinfectant then IMG_0005hobbled back up into town and got some bread.

Really tired now, incredibly so.

Got to the bust stop early to catch the last bus back to the flats using me pensioners free bus-pass of course.

Fell asleep on the bus a few times.

Got in and put me things away, or rather into the storage bags to sort eventually.

IMG_0009Got in and made me nosh – the sausages contained: Rehydrated textured soya protein 62%, red onion 20%, water, red onion powder, kibbled red onion, salt, sugar, yeast extract, rosemary, sunflower oil, white pepper, ginger, rapeseed oil, methyl cellulose. Yes, they were vegetarian ones.

They taste nice. As indeed the baked beans, bread thins, pickled eggs and beetroot did.

Did the washing up, made a cuppa and took me medications and faded fast.

Soon got me head down well worn-out.


Nearly took me medications! Tsk!

Woke up at 9 o’clock – amazed that I’d slept in for so long – eleven hours?

WC’d. Cleared the bedding, laptop on, kettle on, had a wash and did me teggies… then realised it was 2118hrs… I’d only been kipping for an hour!

And I very nearly took me morning medications as well! Tsk!

Oh I did feel a fool!

I had a peep at the paperwork I’d brought to IMG_0002sort from the old place and the first thing I took put of the bag was an ancient ntl Cable Guide book.

I don’t remember buying any of these when I had a television – and it must have been when I conscripted to cable TV, I know I canclled it within a week cause the reception was horrible.

It advertised a new channel E4 on the cover of the magazine.

IMG_0001At least now I know when I last had a telly – 2001!

So I set too finishing this ‘ere diary, the doing some Facebooking and graphicalisationing.

Had another search for me hearing-aids – they must be somewhere surely to heaven?

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