Sun 2 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Clogged up Washing Machine

Sunday 2nd August 2015


0525hrs: Woke distorted in the chair at the laptop were I fell asleep earlier this morning after me sleep cock-up last night.

The tune from the fridge-freezer had now changed to a kind of repeating ‘Clunk, shudder whine ping-bang purr thud?

Felt a tad disorientated.

Kettle on – went to put the laptop on and message – ‘Battery level critical’ came on’t screen – I’d left it on when I nodded off in the chair, a miracle I didn’t fall off of it really. Tsk! The plug had come out of the laptop.

Got it charging and Google didn’t show on screen fully – thought I’d try it in full-screen – terrible – but then I couldn’t get it back to normal… a Whoopsiedangleplop of sort there! Tried restarting and thankfully it returned. Phew!

WC and Little Inch bleeding again – it doesn’t stop doing this soon I’ll run out of blood! Also I decided against having any more of those vegetable sausages – talk about get the runs this morning! Huh!

Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna in a good mood though – up to now.

Made me cuppa and took me morning medications, then shot

the photo at the top of this page from the kitchen window with the other camera.

To early to have a bath again, or take the rubbish to the chute.

Crotch 02aSo I started this diary off and then toyed with some ideas I have for graphics on Coreldraw 7x and Coreldraw Paint.

Then did some Facebooking before cleaning up the kitchen a bit.

Had a gorgeously deep bath, and the non-slip mat worked okay – bit of an effort to get out again but still. I say bit of an effort, but that is using mild words compared to how the struggle was really. Tsk!

Laundry bag and rubbish and recycling bags at the ready, I checked for any taps left on and electrics were off, made sure I’d got me 20p pieces soap capsules and fabric softener and out to dropped off the bags down the chute on me way down to the laundry room.

When I checked the washing machine filter, it was so clogged up it took me ages to clean it up. Naughty pensioners – not cleaning it out – Huh!

IMG_0011I nipped back up to the flat while the machine doing its thing, usually it takes about an hour, and did some paper shredding that I’d sorted earlier.

Made up three of the orange recycle bags, and took them to the chute on me way back to the laundry room.

Took the camera with me.

Cleaned the filter when the washing was finished. Good little pensioner that I am, thinking of others that will use the machine after me.

Transferred the washing into the drier, another hour to wait for the drier – mind you, they are good driers. then I went out for a walk in Woodthorpe Park – busier today it was – kids, cyclists, loose dogs, footballers, golfers, families, alcoholics… the usual collection, but more of them.

IMG_0012I walked to the under road tunnel and took a photo of it from a different position having accessed it via a different route without the steep steps.

It looks so picturesque in this photo, with the unkempt layout.

But the smells from the stale water took the edge off the beauty of it.

I wandered around the perimeter and back towards the flats, hoping to find some wild-life to photograph, but too many humans about I suppose.

IMG_0013When I got back I found this photo. I can’t recall taking it?

Another self activated shot?

Down the hill passed the skateboarders and back to the laundry room.

Did some of me crossword book while waiting for the drier to finish.

Washing folded into me bag, and back up to the flat.

Put me togs away.

IMG_0014Made me nosh.

Baked potatoes, sliced cooked beef offcuts and garden peas… oh and pickled eggs – salt and caramelised onions on the tatties.

Good taste, rated this one 8.3/10.

Then fatigue caught up with me.

Head down soon nodded off – only to wake up an hour later, convinced a noise had woken me. So got up and did a search around, but found nowt untoward like.

When it came to getting back down, I realised that little Inch had been bleeding again, so got up again and cleaned missen up.

Changed pyjama bottoms, and I’d only just washed the pyjamas as well! Super Tsk!

TTFN all.

2 thoughts on “Sun 2 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Clogged up Washing Machine

  1. ‘Felt a tad disorientated’

    I know that feeling well – though in my case it’s probably related to the wine I drank the night before 😆

    • Fair enuf Duncan. I do miss me plonk, me pipe and game of Squash… but Doctors orders… “Number 9!” That just came into me head then Dunc? Now where have I heard that saying then? Tsk! Take care mate.

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