Fri 21 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Busy, battered and bleeding. Hehe!

Friday 21st August 2015


0315hrs: Woke in a confused condition for a few seconds – actually thought i was in a hospital bed and not on the floor on a quilt? Maybe summat I dreamt about caused this?

When I moved to get up the knees, angina and wounded patella complained. Hehe!  It took me a while, but I managed to get on me feet, unsteadily though at this stage. Must take me walking stick with me today.

Visited the porcelain where I was mucho pleased to find that ‘Little Inchy’ had only bled a tiny  bit, and the haemorrhoids not at all. And the duodenal ulcer is quiet too. Great!

The effects of yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop and dizzies were lingering and I took me time when going around the flat – I did feel a twit when I found myself using me grab-stick to pick-up me medication pot that I dropped – Arthur Itis is outstaying his welcome in me knees and fingers, and I’m struggling to type this dairy. Even nearly dropped me cuppa – then as I took me medications – and this is weird even fer me: I dropped a blood-release tablet as was putting it in me mouth – despite searching, I never saw it again? Haha!

Made another cuppa cause the first went cold while I was doing me failed search for the dropped Pentoxifylline tablet – came back to the laptop, pulled the chair a little closer to the rare 1967 G-plan scratch-touched-up sideboard and clouted me wound on the right leg on the shelf – Off course I did not swear, curse, howl-out or owt like that. WPlie 

Then I went again to the porcelain and noticed me walking stick was not hanging in the hall of the peg? Then ensued the preposterous and farcical search of the flat for it… this forgetting and losing things is getting a bit much lately!

Eventually I found it hanging on the living room door handle – but of course thanks to United Carpets professional work fitting me carpets, the door will not

01topa IMG_0088close to now in the living room or bedroom, and incidentally Paul the painter has left his trade-mark streaks of paint on the edges of all the doors. How am I supposed to get them off?

I’ve lost missen now… where was I?

Oh well ,never mind.

Another cuppa went cold during me marathon mind-teasing search for me stick, so I made yet another one.

Finished yesterday’s diary and got it posted.

Did some comment replies then Facebooking.

Got into Corel and did a graphic fer SOZ.

Had a good wash shave and then had a cuppaanda pot of porridge. Put some lemon juice in the oats this time.

Then while still awaiting the arrival of BJ, I got the manual for the TV out to see how and what the remote control buttons were used for. But the remote they had left me was different to the one in the manual. Went on the web but could not find this one, or any guides for the buttons?

Still no BJ at 1010hrs, so I made another cuppa.

Still no BJ at 1025hrs, so I started to sort some paperwork.

Still no BJ at 1048hrs, so I cleaned the toilet bowl.

Still no BJ at 1102hrs, so I made a list of things I might look at later… if BJ arrives… He’s picking up the parcel for me from the Post Office on the way, said he’d ring me when he was leaving like. I’ll check to see if I have a missed call on’t mobile… Oh, yes I’d missed from from BJ – rang him back but no answer – wot a twit I is!

Still no BJ at 1110hrs, so I got the laptop back on and updated this diary. Then he rang back – running late will be here later, twenty minute/half-an-hour or so he says. That’ll be the day, nice chap as he is to me, he’s never been on time ever. Hehe!

Still no BJ at 1128hrs, so put me wrist-alarm safe in the centre-drawer in me 1967 G-plan sideboard – I mention this so I can remind missen later when I read it missen!

Still no BJ at 1145hrs, so carried on doing graphics fer a bit.

Still no BJ at 1210hrs, so washed me cup and had a go on Tetris game.

BJ arrived at 1320hrs bless his cotton socks. Met him outside and he took meto the Ikea store.

Gawd it’s a large complicated place – and with too many items that suited me needs – another fortune spent by the time we’d finished. BJ said we were in the gigantic shop for well over two hours!

IMG_0089I ended up getting two storage bins suitable for some clothes in the bedroom, Two clothe rails… no three clothe rails, and two washable Tofto carpets, one for the side of the bath and the other for round the WC.

Oh, and also a Gurli throw for the leather chair – and – an electric screwdriver so I can make a mess of assembling the clothe rails, (That should be fun with my lack of DIY skills?) when I can get the time like.

We were both well shattered by the time we got out. BJ got a couple of items for himself, and I said I’d pay for them for him as thanks for running me about. He refused and would only take a £5 note.

IMG_0090BJ ran me back to the flat and we unloaded the pile of goods outside the reception door, along with the parcel from America that he had collected earlier for me from the Post Office that I had to pay VAT and Import Duty on! It was from Lyzzi, a valued cuddly cyber-friend in the States.

She’d read in me diary that I was short of towels and she said she had some over from her move to a new house and would send them to me.

BJ went to park the car and have  fag – and we were both fagged out. Hehe!

I managed somehow to get all the things to the lift and BJ rang from the car: “Could I manage to get the things up to the flat cause he was shattered” – I thanked him and said I could, and he shot off home to get some rest.

IMG_0093After a bit of a battle, I got all the stuff up and into the flat and opened the box that Lyzzi had posted to me.

Just look at the stuff she’d sent. I must send her an email in thanks – don’t know if I’ve got her address though? I’ll send her thanks on Facebook methinks.

IMG_0091I moved the other things into the bedroom and made a up of tea and nearly fell asleep.

Read the leaflet with the screwdriver and it’s one that you throw away when the battery has stopped charging and dies?

I took me medications and got the laptop on.

Anne Gyna was still a bit bothersome, but the knees were a lot easier than yesterday after me last Whoopsiedangleplop.

So weary though now.

Got me nosh cooking. Veg sausages, onion rings and pork loin with bread thins, barbecue sauce and followed by a pot of blackcurrant sugar-free jelly.

Enjoyed it, then fell victim to fatigue and got me head down. So much to do again now, and not feeling up to it, very late for me now, see how I feel in the morning.

TTFN folks, and all the best wishes for yers.