Thu 20 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Mega Whoopsiedangleplop!

Thursday 20th August 2015


This morning before me mega “Whoopsiedangleplop”

0330hrs: Woke in s sweat and panicky – memories of the dreams dissipated as soon as I thought of them.

Morrison’s delivery this morning.

Made cuppa, laptop on started this diary off. Still feeling weary from yesterdays efforts.

WC’d. ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding, Reflux Roy was sticking again, Arthur Itis continued his recent complaining in me knees, Harry Hernia was upset at all the bending and lifting yesterday I assume, even Duodenal David had started to give me some grief. Then I had a Donald-dizzy-spell and nearly went over – bad start to the day here methinks.

When I was doing some Facebooking I had another dizzy – but they did seem a bit different to the normal ones. Breathing a bit heavy too? I wondered if the fumes from the wood treatment bottle had got to me, but there is no warnings on the label – I know, Cause I found me magnifying glass and read the label.

Did some Facebooking and email checking, then some graphicalisationing.

Had a cuppa (Dodgy that, with having had to visit the porcelain five times already this morning) and took me medications. Oh dear.

Tried to clean between the units in the kitchen, but the pains lingering from yesterdays efforts made me stop and leave until later.

Morrison delivery came and I put it away – in its new places once I remembered where everything had been stored in. Haha!

While putting them away BJ rang – he’s back from his holiday and I’m glad to report he really enjoyed them!

He is going to take me the old place to pick some stuff up, bless him. He’ll ring me when he’s about to leave his house.

Made sure I’d got me mobile on me and camera in coat pocket.

Updated this to here, and awaited his call.

BJ rand, on his way. So I got missen ready and went down and walked to the end of the road and met him in his new pap-pap. (Well, new in as far as his old one conked-out like).

Not feeling too good still. We arrived at the dump and BJ helped me pick some stuff to take to the flat and filled his boot with it – well the car boot with it, not his boot like, any-road he was wearing shoes… Hehhehe!

I was struggling with the stairs as me left knee was really painful, and it wasn’t just Arthur Itis I could tell, it were a different pain – must have strained it or summat yesterday with all that up and down grafting away?

We returned with the many bagfuls and BJ helped me up to the flat with em. I had a dizzy in the lift as we were having a natter with to another tenant lady who lived on floor 11.

We got the stuff into the bedroom ready for sorting, but I didn’t feel up to it today.

I’d had a note from Parcel Force, they had tried to deliver the parcel they’d charged me nearly £50 in VAT and import duty for – I could collect it from Sherwood Post office after 1600hrs.

BJ went on the balcony for a fag and make a telephone call.

That was when the mega-Whoopsiedangleplop took place!

I had a dizzy-spell again just as I was bending down to move the chair – and went over in an unsightly and undignified manner onto the floor, bouncing off the chair then waste-bin en-route to the carpet!

BJ put a bandage on me bleeding right knee! That’s go well with me haemorrhoids and ‘Little Inchy’ – Phwert!

BJ shot off saying “I’ll would be back in t’morning and we can go to Ikea to see if they have anything as suitable for the bedroom instead of wardrobes.

Mad a cuppa and updated this diary, feeling better now.

Decided to walk to the Community shed with Margaret’s last batch of letters.

Has bit of dizzy as I got ready, so I took me walking stick with me – after searching for 40 minutes to find me wrist alarm – nowhere to be found!

Deana and the Obergruppenfurher were both there, I gave em some nibble, had a chin-wag and got told off for loosing me bracelet alarm.

I returned to the flat still feeling ‘Not Right’ like.

Made a cuppa and took me evening medications.


Made me nosh: Boiled potatoes cubed and seasoned, last tomato, cheesey sliced potatoes, lettuce & raw cabbage and a whopping great piece of battered cod. The usual bread thins too.

I have to give this one 8.42/010, cause despite feeling rotten I still enjoyed it so much.

Managed a bath without slipping over, but it was agony gerrin in and out like.

Had a search fer the wrist-alarm without any luck – nipped back into the bathroom to clear and clean it and wallah! – There was the wrist-alarm slung over a bottle of antiseptic disinfectant!

Did an email to let Deana Walker know I’d found it – Tsk, whatever will she think of me – Tut!

Got me head down in hopes of gerrin’ some sleep and peace.

Worra-life eh? Tsk!