Mon 10 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Utter Mayhem

Monday 10th August 2015


0415hrs: Woke with a start and got straight up knowing I had a lot of hassle and work on today – not a good idea, cause I had a dizzy as I gorrup… Tsk!

I’d got the kitchen area all cleared where they hopefully will be knocking out the units to get to foam fill the holes in the wall. Every-time a fitter comes to look at it they change their plans!

First they came to fix the air-vent – He decided it needed bricklayers to come and block up the holes – Next the bricklayer came and did nowt, having decided it needed a carpenter to come and take out the units cupboards and drawers and fill the holes with foam? He’s due today, and I’m getting nervous.

Then I have to go to the dentist appointment afterwards, and get some bread in on the way back.

Tomorrow it’s the turn of the carpet layer to scare me and lay me carpets – so all the stuff I’d moved out of the kitchen to make way for the carpenter has to be moved back into the kitchen along with all the other stuff in the flat to make room for the carpet fitter to do his damage.

The condemned kitchen window is being replaced next week, by then I have no idea of the mess I’ll be up to me neck in, and redecorating will be needed of course…

Then there is the old place to get sorted yet…

I’m not feeling well now, just thinking about it all… Tsk!

To the bathroom and boy were the haemorrhoids bleeding! Another mess to clean up.


Brekkers today

Laptop on, cuppa and medications taken.

‘Little Inch swollen and throbbing, but only trickling with bleeding, still sore and painful though.

Bits of the dreams I’d had kept coming into me mind I couldn’t make much sense of them again, something involving big holes in the floor?

As time passed the angina and arthritis joined in playing up too.

Getting a bit worried about how I’m going to cope with things now.

Feeling sorry fer missen I suppose – can’t have that – must buck missen up somehow!

Got a new email from Angie that temporarily boosted me spirits, bless her and Patti and the TFZ members.


My kitchen curtains… another job to sort! Huh!

Went and had a shave, teggies and brush-up, changed into some old togs thinking best to for when (IF) the hole gets filled in I’d have to clear up the mess afterwards – then remembered the dentist appointment and changed back into decent togs. Huh!

There are times that I excel myself and commit self-inflicted Whoopsiedangleplops – this is such an occasion!

DSCF0242It is not today for the Dentist – it’s tomorrow at 1415hrs!

Pressed on sorting paperwork out, selecting what needs keeping and shredding much of it, filled two of the small orange recycling carrier bags.

Then moved some stuff out of the kitchen into the living room to give the bloke more room like.

The Carpenter chappy arrived and i explained the problem to him – nice chap, sociable type – rare that.

DSCF0236He soon had the base unit out revealing the rather large hole in the kitchen wall that had been causing the problems with the wind ingress.

Rather large wonnit? The one at the top that they are not touching is even larger.

Bit of drilling, banging and sawing and DSCF0238within half an hour he was ready to replace the cabinet.

He assured me the foam would continue to expand and fill in the whole of the hole… eventually like.

Spur of the moment decision to catch the L9 Bus into town and get some bread and maybe treat missen to a cream cake.

I emailed Deana Walker to tell her the hole had successfully been blocked. Thanking her for sorting it out for me.

Got me bag, bus-pass and list and set off to catch the bus into town – wait for it…

I got on the wrong one.

So dropped off in Sherwood and caught a bus there into Arnold, Norman from the flats was on the bus L8 and caught the Arnold bus with me and we had a good chin-wag – then we both realised we’d caught the wrong bus into Arnold – so we dropped off early and I walked into Arnold. Tsk!

I called into Sainsburys and looked for some of the nobbly potatoes but they didn’t have any, so I got some bread thins, spiced chips and fresh garden peas.

DSCF0240Walked into Arnold and popped into Asda to see if they had any of the nobbly potatoes in – they hadn’t – so I got a fresh cream raspberry and cream turnover.

En-route another Nottingham Pavement cyclist nearly had me as he meandered wobbly along the pavement with his radio or whatever it was blaring out from his headphones.


The Arnold Market looked sadder than I’ve ever seen it.

I cut through the jitty and to the L9 bus stop to get back to the flats.

I don’t know why, but again I kept nodding off on the bus? I always seem to do this on the L8 and L9 buses?

They are electric-powered, that shouldn’t affect me should it?

Got into the flat and put me nosh away.

Made a cuppa and laptop on to update this tosh.



Had a walk down to the Community Hut (I’ll try to remember to take a photo of it) to hand in some more letters delivered for the previous tenant Margaret.

The shed was all locked up again.


Back to the flats and met a lady from the 8th floor visiting the lady in the flat next to mine. I gave her the ladies hair-brush with a mirror on the back that I’d got from the old house – for some reason. She liked it and that cheered me up a bit.

DSCF0244Got me nosh on – seasoned potatoes, two vegetarian sausages and crispy bacon and apple with the bread thins and sauce.

Rounded off with me fresh cream raspberry cake.

Great! Rated this one 8.6/10.

Then the horribly painful job of moving things into the bathroom and kitchen in readiness for the cowboy to fit me carpet tomorrow began.


Took me hours to get what stuff I did manage – me back is playing up wicked now – and I didn’t get everything into the kitchen and bathroom, still need to finish off moving the remainder of the stuff in the morning.

Too tired and weary now.