Mon 3 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today:

Monday 3rd August 2015


0202hrs: Up and at em…

Little Inch was sore as soon as I moved the blood flowed again. Took me a while to get it to stop.

Laptop on, WC’d a few times, made a cuppa and finished off yesterdays diary.

Had a dizzy while doing it. Frit me at first, a bad un – but soon cleared itself.

INR test at 1230hrs today, got to see if prescriptions are ready too, getting low now due to having to take extra Omeprazole. I’ll see if I can call at the old place and fetch what I can carry while I’m in the area at the GP surgery.

Started this diary, made a cuppa again and then did a LOMM post.

GCjanet2Did an ode and then some graphics for the TFZ site:

Pretty pleased with this one of Janet Arran and missen.

Got the LOMM stuff posted afterwards, then got missen spruced up – Little Inch medicated, and tidied up the kitchen a bit.

Not much, just a bit like.

I tried ringing Steve of Age UK again, but still no answer, only voice-message thingy, so I left yet another one – but I think I have more chance of hitting it off with Hayley Mills than getting any help from Steve nowadays.

Got me things and set off on me walk to Dr Vindla’s surgery for the nurse to do me INR Warfarin level blood tests at 1230hrs.

Set off on me walk into Carrington, along Chestnut way, down the dreaded (but only dreaded in ice or going up the hill) Winchester Street, left and plodded up Mansfield Road over the hill and to the old house, were I got a few things filled into the bags for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, and took out some more rubbish to the bins, only to find the next door neighbour had filled my bin with IMG_0018their rubbish – which now lays on the floor at the side of their bins!

Up to this point I had been feeling pretty fair, but the angst began again now.

Got me bags and poddled out and to the GP surgery and got there far too early – so luckily I’d got me crossword book, and failing to find any answers without cheating kept me busy for half an hour until the nice nurse called me in to have me INR Warfarin blood level test done.

Out and too the bus-stop to catch bus into Sherwood and the Nottingham Hospice donation, using me free pensioners bus-pass of course.

Dropped me bag off at the Hospice, feeling a bit tired already now?

IMG_0019Utilised me free bus-pass again and caught bus into Nottingham City centre.

At the bus-stop in Sherwood I fell in love with the gear that this chap was wearing. Very natty!

In town I caught the tram into Bulwell, it was packed with animals sitting in the disabled seats with people with walking sticks struggling keep their balance.

I struggled out of me seat to let one of the disabled ladies sit-down.

A group of three young Neanderthals who were noisily nattering between themselves as they prevented the other ladies from sitting down, gave me no choice other than to talk to them about their behaviour and occupation of the disabled seating – that did a lot of good – I really thought I was going to get a pasting as they laughed, told me to’Go away’ using other words, questioned me parentage, then mocked me with a few V-signs as they got off the tram at the next stop! After all that the animals only went three stops!

No one said anything, most of them had what looked like mobile phones with wires leading to their ear-holes and looked very intent at whatever it was they were doing?

So much for the ‘You are on CCTV’ sign on a poster next to the disabled seats. Very effective that was!

Got the dizzies after they had left and I sat down again in a seat vacated by the scum-balls. Tsk!

Such is life nowadays no one spoke about what had just happened – apart from two of the disabled ladies who thanked me for trying get them a seat and asked if I was alright.

IMG_0021Leaving Bulwell station walking onto the main road I espied some flowers fighting each other for the sunlight- to try and get some seasoned oven chips. Town.

At the end of this plot of flowers was just one yellow flower that for some reason, took away my fear and IMG_0022apprehensions of what happened on the tram for a few seconds as I looked at its beauty and took a close up photograph of it.

Can anyone tell me what kind it was please – I’d like to Post this photo on the Birds and Flowers Photography Facebook page? I would sound more knowledgeable if I could tell them the name of this beautiful flower at the same time?

Went in all the freezer shops – no that’s a lie, I forgot all about the Farmfoods shop -which is annoying because I couldn’t find any seasoned chips in any of the other shops at all? No seasoned chips anywhere? I bet Farmfoods would have had some for me to buy… Huh!

After me failed mission to get the chips I caught a bus into town – I had to go all the way to town because that is where the only bus to the flats runs from.

IMG_0020The place was busy, especially the Nottingham beach.

Pottered around a few minutes until it was close to the time for the L9 bus to arrive.

I’ve been caught out before with these L9’s departing early yer know.

IMG_0023I got back to the flats, feeling a bit under the weather suddenly.

The ulcer starting to play-up, the stomach queasy, fighting to hold back me urine, and had another dizzy-spell in the lift.

Add to these, the warm wet feeling in me pants…

Got in and sorted out the bleeding – another pair of pants goes into the bowl to get antiseptic disinfectant soaked before wringing out and adding to those already in the laundry bag. Flipping ‘eck it was only on Sunday that I did me laundry, I’ve already got four pairs of undies in there. Tsk! Good job i’ve got a good stock of em in. Hehehe! Why I’m laughing I’m not sure like…

IMG_0024Despite feeling under the weather and all the hassle I’d had – that didn’t stop me having a feast of a meal!

Roast parsnips – Bread thins – Baked beans with sultanas – Roast potatoes -Potato crush x2.

The Bannisters Potato Crush things were very tasty indeed:

IMG_0026New potatoes semi crushed with Onion, Extra Virgin olive-oil, sunflower oil, salt, parsley and back pepper – I added some vinegar after they were cooked.

They were that good I retrieved the packet from me recycling bag to show anyone who’s interested what it looks like – ’cause it’s worth trying em, they were that good tasting!

Of course I can’t remember where I got them from – Huh!

One of me best meals since being in the flat. Rated it 8.6/10.

Glad to have stopped the bleeding Inch, the stomach calming down a lot, I got me head down – then the horrendous incapacitating cramps started!

01M001 Painfully plied me legs with PhorPain gel. I think it eased it cause the agony got less within ten minutes or so.

Another frustrating day. Tsk!

8 thoughts on “Mon 3 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today:

  1. I think more of them admired what you tried to do than you heard from Gerry. I certainly admire it. You are right in that they behaved like animals today, but some of them will remember when they are older and they will be ashamed of themselves. Take care

    • Cheers Chris. It did me no good though, but I just had to say something. I felt I was in danger physically afterwards, but I was so het-up at the time. It destroys my faith in youth things like this. TTFN and take care Sir.

    • It is Les. The authorities have got it all wrong in dealing with these types in the past, and are not learning anything from it. Hey-ho, next time I’ll try not to get involved… safer that way. TTFN

  2. Aww, you are so sweet! I wish I’d have been there to help you toss those hooligans out on their kiesters, and to give you a standing ovation and a round of applause for your bravery! You, my friend, are a hero! <3 *HUG* xoxo

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