Tue 4 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Dizzies…

Tuesday 4th August 2015


0405hrs: Woke, and so glad the cramps has eased – mind you, i used nearly a full tube of Phorpain gel – so I can expect to run out of that now! Tsk!

0705I’m not sure that using so much would be a good thing though. But the agony last night – Cor blimus – As the immortal Sid James said in Carry on Cleo! (One of me favourite Carry On’s this one).

01M001I’ve been using Maximum strength Phorpain and Fenbid gel for a couple of years now on the arthritis in me hands and knees mostly – but this is the first time I’ve lathered it on me poor old legs.

The active substance is Ibuprofen. Other ingredients are hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, purified water. I looked it up so I could sound clever like. Hehe!

I finished and posted yesterdays diary and since starting this diary I’ll pointed at the porcelain no less than eight times? Oh, nine now…

Did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

Then got missen washed, scrubbed, shaved, and freshened up ready for me visit to the community shed between the two blocks of flats to take some of the never ending letters delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant to Julie and or Deana in the event that they might be on site today.

Julie was in the shed, gave her a nibble and left the letters for Deana to sort later.

IMG_0027I walked up into Woodthorpe Park and up again into Sherwood, down the hill a tad and caught a bus into the City centre, using me free pensioners bus-pass of course. (I love it!)

Got into town and had a walk in and to top top of Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall for my American friends), and to the end doors where the Pound Shop is and got a bag of bird seed for the pigeons and duck in Derby later.

IMG_0028Out through the doors and into the bus-station and caught a red Arrow bus to Derby.

Had a go at me crossword book and actually got some answers in for once to the ones I’d started earlier.

Not much traffic about en-route.

Arrived in Derby and went to the back of the bus-station first to feed the ducks and pigeons.

IMG_0029I think they must have had a cull on the pigeons since me last visit, ’cause there were not many of them about, and most of them were young ones – you can tell my their red legs and claws, they get darker with age. (Another tip from Inchy – no charge! Hehe)

IMG_0033I had a walk into the Eagle Centre… er Mall and went to the indoor market – what a sad sight!

More stalls closed than open.

I didn’t find owt interesting to buy and soon left and had a quick walk through the old market.

IMG_0035Finding some hungry pigeons en-route.

I took some ‘bling’ photo’s for the TFZ site.

That market was also run-down and sad.

IMG_0030Espied this model outside a shop as I passed near the Eagle Centre – wondered what the shop was advertising using this mannequin?

Took a closer look and they were selling ladies wigs!

Made me way to the bus station – and checked me mobile in case Steve from Age UK had called or text in response to me many calls for help to him – I’d have had more chance of Winning the lottery and should have known better than to bother checking. Tsk!

Caught the bus and was back in Nottingham within 40 minutes.

IMG_0036I checked the times and I had 45 minutes until the last bus from town, the L9 was due to leave. So I had a quick walk around the Nottingham Beach.

A decent crowd there, and even the paddling pool has some kids in it, despite the lack of sunshine, but it wasn’t cold.

Popped in Primark to see if I could get a cardigan of the roper size this time. Got one with good pockets for £14 with buttons. And an Andy Cap to replace the one I left on the bus £3 – Huh!

IMG_0038Back to the bus stop in plenty of time and had a chin-wag with a lady waiting for the same bus from the same flats.

There was a sign on the bus-shelter informing us that Nottingham was the cleanest City Centre in the Midlands. So I took this photo (I missed the dog turd on the steps off of it though) of the steps into the main Post Office near where I was waiting fer me bus.

Fell asleep on the bus, but woke up in time for me stop like.

When I got off the bus, the wind was belting away and the lady nearly went over when we turned the corner to the flats.

Back in flat, found more letters again delivered for Margaret the previous tenant.

IMG_0039Did a bit on this diary – but hunger-pangs arrived, so I got me dinner on while I did the diary – and had a dizzy spell. Mmm!

Bread thins Ham sarnies, beetroot, bacon bits, dried roast onions and potato curls – very nice!

It may well have qualified as one of the best if it were not for beetroots being as hard as cricket balls! Damned disappointing that! Still, gave it an 8/10.

Washed the pots and had a cuppa – fell asleep – and that was no easy task on me wooden chair!

Took me medications and had a wash and checked me ailments – The Inch was not bleeding but it had been, Arthritis not too bad, Haemorrhoids not bleeding either. Put some Phorpain gel on me lower legs as well as me knees and hands this time, hoping it might ease the pain if the ‘Cramps’ start again later.

The wind was now worse than ever outside.

Tomorrow me Morrisons order coming twixt 0730 > 0830hrs, the Dentist appointment at 0930hrs and the clinic at 1330hrs. I thing that’s why i took the chance to get out a bit today and take some photographs while I had the time without worrying about me timing like.

Did a bit of Facebooking and some work on a planned post for me WordPress.

Tired again.

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