Inchcock (In brief): Wednesday 5th February 2020: Gruelling-Grombling-Garblisations!

2020 Feb 05

2020 tttFeb06

Wednesday 5th February 2020

Swedish: Onsdagen 5 Februari 2020

00 Feb 06

WD 150.0.100 01:15hrs: I woke with the mind doing ut own thing again, and I genuinely feared the worst. Yet, within a few minutes, I was battling out of the £300 second-hand recliner, had urged and forced my misshaped, wobbly mass of a body onto its feet, and did few moves, bends and wriggles to test out the ailments, and was in recent form, I thought, anyway.

Arthur Itis and Saccades-Sandra apart. All the other indispositions, discombobulations ailments and infirmities, were friendly and calm with me. Naturally, this did not last for too long. AS I moved towards the kitchen, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. (Back to normal, which is not a bad thing). So, I diverted, and within about ten paces, I was in the wet room. Bearing in mind yesterdays farcical Whoopsiedangleplop, I made sure that the stick was not left anywhere I trip over it, this time.

3Wed05The evacuation almost had me cheering! It was that good! Not too big, not painful at all! And hardly any effort needed. No getting half-way and needing painful encouragement. And not messy! As I stood to do the necessary ‘paperwork’, I found there was no bleeding from the rear either!

WD 150.0.100 Then I saw the drips of blood on the floor. I knew straight away, it had to be from Little Inchies fungal lesion, and it was. Heck of a state to medicate and clean.

To the kitchen and took some Moon photos.




3Wed07I made some tea and took the medications. Then got the updating of the blog done. The saving was failing a few times, but this time, I thought it might be a WordPress problem? The updating took ages, mostly through having to keep stopping for Saccases-Sandra to clear. Many hours after starting, I got it finished. Phew!

08:00hrs, I went on the WordPress Reader. Then on the TFZer Facebooking. Time is my most significant bother nowadays. It takes so long to get anything done, my lack of mobility, the Neurotransmitters dying, the brain struggles to hold information, and physical activity takes so much time and is painful sometimes. The mind and body are reaching my capability and copeability level methinks.

After which, I spent many more hours on graphicationalising. Everything was taking so long to get done, with Sandra playing up, but at least the Fungal lesion didn’t open up again.

Eventually, I got started on this post. The time flew by. I went to see Josie, to check with her that she would like the Tuna with Coronation mayonnaise. But she was not in. I did some more graphicalisationing.

I ought to get the ablutions done, it’ so late now, head-down time is due.

I’d been doing the bit of cooking needed in-between computer work while Sandra was in a bad mood with me. The day has magically almost gone?

3Wed06I turned everything off and got the ablutions tended to. I called on Josie again first, while I’d got clothes on. No answer again.

The legs looked a bit different again, but not bad at all. I decided to stop and get the handwashing done first, then I can Josie again before getting the ablutions done. The washing completed, and off to the wet room. Called on Josie, no luck.

3Wed08The ablutions produced many dropsies. No proper Whoopsies, though. Another call on Josie, no luck. I checked on the Special tomatoes. I shan’t be eating them today.

Then got another silly idea, I could order some saucepans from Amazon. So I did. Coming tomorrow. So, another day indoors.

Got the nosh prepared and served up. I got settled in the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner, got the TV on.

As I was taking the first fork of food, the phone flashed into life. Unbelievable, the times this happens!
It was the Haemostasis, TV (Thread Vein) and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Warfarin Anticoagulation Clinic at the Nottingham City Hospital. A very kind lady, asking about my problems, questioning me on various things, in an effort to understand why Warfarin levels were so unsteady. It was lovely to have someone to talk to about medical issues. Especially being as pleasant and patient with me as this lady was. The conversation kept getting broken up by my having to ask her to repeat things I didn’t pick-up, again she was alright and unbothered by this. Bless Her! She will send me an Email with her address on, so I have it and can message her with the results of the Doctors meeting and any changes of importance. I felt honoured and well cared for.

3Wed10aBack to the stone-cold meal, not that there was much to harm. Only the mushrooms, garden peas and potatoes were heated anyway.

Although cold, I still enjoyed it. Smashing! A taste rating of 8/10. Perhaps the joy of speaking to someone who understood and sympathised had put me on a high? But sleep was again late in coming, although the Thought-Storms kept off.

Inchcock Today – Monday 17th July 2017


Monday 17th July 2017

Gujarati: સોમવાર 17 જુલાઇ 2017

Kept waking-up on and off all night long, not a very good rest at all. Many wee-wees.

0415hrs: Gave up and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. There was no bleeding this morning from Haemorrhoid Harold’s department. Looks good. (The fool says too early? Hehe!)

To the kitchen and had a peep out of the window and took a picture for no particular reason… Well, there was one at the time, but I had forgotten what it was by the time I got around to doing this diary and putting the photographicalisation into this Inchock Today.

Hehe! Tsk!

Carried out the Health Checks, took the morning medications and had a wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Set about doing the readings chart for last week.  I’ve got the CDH checks in the morning with I hope, Nurse Nichole, of course, it might be Gruppenführeress Nurse Ann who does me. Shudder! Must remember not to eat or drink anything but water from 2200hrs tonight until the checks are done.

While I thought of it writing this, I made up the nibble bags and put them in the carrier ready for the morning.

Started on doing this diary then finalising yesterdays.

Emails, the WordPress reading.

0700hrs: On to Facebooking.

0805hrs: Started the ablutions, because I want to get out and take some of the strange buildings of the University, photographicalisations on my way to the hospital.

Had good scrubbing up 1Mon05session, got the things needed and set off to the bus stop. A Sunny morning and a laugh or two with the other tenants while waiting. Chinwag with the gal from the 11th floor en route.

Dropped off near Victoria Centre (Mall) and poddled around the corner to the 35 bus stop.

As I turned the corner, a naughty Nottingham 1Mon04Pavement Cyclist rode his bike between the gentleman walking towards me and the shop window, Tsk!

I enjoyed the lambasting the rider got from him.

He (The cyclist), was on a Pizza Delivery mission I think.

1Mon06Caught the bus and was soon on the 4th floor of the QMC. I was in done and out within fifteen minutes. All clear.

Nice limp in the beautiful weather to Triumph Road and the first building of interest was the old laundry.

Not used for many years now, but amazingly they are still trying to rent it out?

1Mon08The first University building on my right was the one that burnt down when they were building it last year and had to be done again from scratch. The young arsonists, despite being caught on CCTV were never apprehended.

The fancy and oddly designed pair next was further on the left on a bend in the road.

1Mon09Odd in every way.

I wonder if they cost more to design and build than none-ugly buildings do?

Some of the cladding sections were hanging off.?

It said on a notice sign that the Chinese Government had contributed to the cost of the 1Mon11furthest one?

Opposite these an engineering section building.

A student pavement cyclist nearly had me when I stopped to take this photograph…

And a minute later another one actually caught my arm as he belted by!


This building that crossed over the road looked a little like a modern day Berlin Bunker to me.

Do they set out to just surprise people with their rather childlike designs?

Or do they honestly think they are attractive in some way?

1Mon12The Energy Technologies building didn’t look so bad as the others, I thought.

Of course, I am no expert.

I passed one of the many cafes built for the students and was surprised to see big names (Don’t laugh, I’ll remember them soon) operating there. The Coffee one that is in green lettering was there, and a franchise for the… erm, Subway, that’s the one. It did not look like they any discounts for the kids judging by the price list I saw.

Towards the end of the road, a sad sight indeed. The old Players Cigarettes Factory. It looked from a distance as if they were cleaning it up, but not so.

Demolishing it they were. All those years ago when I went with Dad on his lorry and we would call there to deliver and pick up empties. The smell of the fresh tobacco all around, the hundreds of people employed there, always busy… Ah, well.


1Mon14On the corner of Ilkeston Road, I spotted these flowers and wondered what they were.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like this before, ever.

They were huge and grew wild and through the fencing.

The area where they are is still banned from 1Mon15being used for building as it is the site of the old Gas Works.

More memories flooded back to me.

The original gas works had two or three gasometers as I recall, I think anyway.

Although in this old photograph I found, only one is in view.


I think the others were further down the road.

Pulled down in about 1959 I think, or maybe a few years later.

The smell produced at these works was not unpleasant to me, but some folks didn’t like it. The real benefit was the coal used left us with almost smokeless coke to use in our fire grates, and it was cheaper than the coal to buy.

1Mon16I turned right onto Ilkeston Road and up over the railway bridge, which of course, nowadays as no track running underneath it, more sad memories as I walked where the old Railway Station used to be.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me again.


Over the hill and a little further I saw a Lidl Store and decided to have a pop in and a gander at anything they have on offer. The first obstacle was getting down the flipping steps to it. Hehe!


I came out £10 worse-off and struggled with the now heavy bag with the Vegetarian Frikadellens, stone baked rolls, Belly pork and nibbles for the meeting, nurse Nichole and Sister Jane, to the bus stop a few hundred yards up the hill.

On a1Mon18 little further and was soon in the City Centre, the feet aching a bit now, and Duodenal Donald poking at me.

Off the bus and along Clumber Street on my way to Tesco in the City Centre’s Victoria Shopping Mall.

Had a nosey around Smiths stationers but didn’t buy anything. Another wander around the biscuit shop but didn’t buy anything.

Into the Tesco store and got some fresh garden peas, New Zealand Cox’s apples, smoked bacon, English vine tomatoes… and, erm… do you know, a packet of two Fresh Cream Horns Cakes jumped right into my basket all of their own accords… 2Tue001a Sorry!

Limped along with the heavy than ever bag now to the bus stop.

Back at the apartments, chatted to a tenant on the way up, and got to the door and there was Mary’s door bell delivered while I was out (Of course).

Had a wee-wee.

The phone rang. It was a lady from Specsavers. And, I take my hat off to her. She managed with considerable expertise and a cunning choice of words, involving deflection, inflexion and accusation while keeping a level tone, to make me apologise for their mistake. Brilliant! She should consider going into Government. Her timing so perfect it prevented my getting in with any comments, then of course, by the time she steadied up verbally, I’d forgotten what I was going to say anyway.

Too much credit could not be given to the woman’s performance. Her avoidance of expressing any apology, just saying it should not have happened, and wouldn’t have if I had not called in the shop too early, was classic Joseph Goebbels at his best.

It seems that I have an appointment for tomorrow morning anyway, to have them fitted and be shown how things work, for 1030hrs. With the CHH checks at 0930hrs, I think I’ll have time to get there punctually. I hope! Bet she makes me look a right Inisitijitty tomorrow.

Put the fodder away and went to Mary’s flat, all proud of being able to help some out at last. Whoopsiedangleplop! I got the bell fitted, and it worked, then the lady in the next flat came out – each time our bell was pressed it rang… her’s did too! Oh, dearie me!

I disengaged the bell, put it back in the box, and we had a laughed about this – not the lady next door though. She scowled and grumbled non-stop, bless her. I’ll give this one to someone to use and get another, different type for Mary later. Tsk!

1Mon19At least I got a photograph of Mary’s love birds in their cage so I can show it to TFZer Marie from Australia.

Noisy little varmints they are.

Never seen any of these before.

They looked a bit like large Budgerigars, with more substantial squawk too. Haha!

Got some peas in the saucepan and the food in the oven. Having the other Tuscan Sausage & Mash in a delicious tomato and fennel sauce. The first one I tried revealed that the sausages, well, the skins were horribly thick and almost unchewable. So I threw them away and put some vegetarian sausage in place of them. Plan to make some caramelised gravy to it afterwards with the mushrooms and peas so I can soak it up with the stone baked cobs.

Updated this diary to here.

Half an hour or so to go. Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading in a rush.

1Mon22Got the fodder served up.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put the peas and mushrooms on the dish. Huh! But I enjoyed them later cold from a pot.

Very nice indeed. Made a mess eating it with the crumbs from the stone-baked cobs, though, Humph!

2Tue02Made a note to remind me of things in the morning.

Rang Sister Jane for a chinwag.

Did my best to watch some TV. But it was ridden with my dropping off asleep and waking so often. It seemed like it was every ten minutes or so.

I gave up and got me head down early, apart from getting up once for a wee-wee and treating Haemorrhoid Harold’s bleeding, I slept right through until 0400hrs!

TTFN all.


Inchcock Today – Friday 16th June 2017: QMC for Enoxaparin shot and INR Blood Tests – Got told off and a right farce in communications with the District Nurses! The Night Nurse was not happy…Felt sorry for me today! Hehe!


Friday 16th June 2017

Swedish: Fredag 16 Juni 2017

Woke and rose from the £300 second-hand recliner around 0530hrs. Tired and weary with Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis and Anne Gyna all giving me grief… off for what must have been the tenth wee-wee of the night. Tsk! To the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding a little – this might mean the INR Warfarin level has gone up a tad at last.

Going to the QMC Anticoagulation Clinic on the 0930hrs L9 bus (That’s the plan anyway) to have Enoxaparin injections if needed and a blood test.

5Fri02aMade a mug of tea and got the computer on.

Spotted a letter for Age UK. Thought it was circular when it arrived.

Opened it to find my insurance for the flat and contents had expired!

Sod it – another thing I forgot to change details for when I swapped banks.

Did the Health Checks (Not too happy with them today, but still) and then I took the medications then.


5Fri02Felt a bit unwell overall, depression coming on methinks.

Still, the view from the kitchen window was stunning to me.

I like all that greenery, which is how my face should be looking according to how I feel. Hehe!

Got on with the diary updating and checked the Emails. I must remember to go see one the Obegruppenfureresses before I catch the bus to the hospital at 0930hrs and ask for help with phoning the Age UK and resetting the insurance cover with new details.

Feeling like there is so much to do, and no time to do it, and with so little sleep due to the injections early and late every day, things ain’t right. Getting behind with paperwork as well. Energyless I am. Ah-well!

Got the nibbles, crossword book, umbrella, mobile phone, hat, paperwork and camera in the bag while I thought of it.

Got the ablutions tended to. All these things in between wee-wees. (Must mention this to the nurses today).

Took the letter from the insurance company and some more cleaned empty jars with me and set off out. Only one lift is working today. Huh!

Got out in the sunshine and hobbled to the recycling bin, then to the Tenants Social Hut. Only Obergruppenfureress Julie in today and she was helping another tenant out, so I waited. When she was free, I showed her the letter and pointed out that it had expired on the 15th June and how concerned I was. She looked at and read pages in the message, gave me a fully warranted “What a pratt!” and shouted, “It expires on the 15th July you idiot, not June!” I adopted my best-humbled look and apologised to her. I felt a right dumbo! She told me to see her next week.

Red facedly, I gave her some nibbles and withdrew, walking back to the flats and going up for a wee-wee and gathered the hearing aids I’d forgotten to wear earlier, then back down to the bus stop.

Joined in a good chinwag with some other tenants waiting. They all got on the Bestwood bound L9, apart from one lady. We got onto the City bound bus a few minute later.

Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and made my way onto Milton Street and caught the 36 bus to the Queens Medical Centre.

5Fri05Entered the site passing the coughing smokers outside on the way.

Two of the four lifts were out of order, so I foolishly took the stairs up to D floor again like the other day – with the same results of aching feet, knees and struggling for breath thanks to Anne Gyna’s visitation.


5Fri09As I approached the entrance to the department, I noticed this sign on the left here on the wall.

Infant Feeding Cafe – this way.

I couldn’t help wondering if they serve the ankle snappers fried, baked, roasted or casseroled? Haha!

To the nurses on the reception desk and was greeted immediately with: “You should not be coming here at all, you should be visiting you doctors surgery for these tests!”

I was taken aback a bit by this. I told the lady that I had a phone call last night from a woman here, and said to come in this morning! This made no impression on the woman at all. She just ignored me by pretending either not to hear me, then started looking in some box files. But credit where it is due, she did it nonchalantly and with style. I went to scrub my hands, and as I returned to take a seat, she extended her muscular right arm and pointed to the seats while nodding her head forward; as if this was a command or an order for me to ‘Sit!” Hehe!

A lady came out an hour or so later and spoke to the assembled patients, but I could not make out what she was saying, so I asked the lady next to me. She had addressed us saying it might be a long wait today, as they only had two people on instead of the usual four.

I was summoned next, an hour later. The chap who saw me apologised for the wait was the first thing the man said to me. I replied; No problem, it’s getting told off for coming that I didn’t like! Brave eh? I explained how I get sometimes confused, especially with all the appointments, Emails, the Clinic, the Doctors surgery, District Nurse injections twice daily… He looked on the computer at my page The red line yesterday had turned into two red lines today? And told me I was dead right. Luckily the lady who rang me recorded what happened on the page. But even he was too fretful to go as far as mentioning anything to the Gruppenfurheress on the reception, and I didn’t blame him either. Oh no!

He took the blood and tested it for the INR Warfarin level, then went to collect the result from the machine in another room and returned. I tried to see what the second red line covered on the computer, but no luck. He advised me that the INR level was still far too small and I would have to continue with the injections from the District nurses. It was at 1.9 now. He injected some into the stomach and gave me six Enoxaparin kits to give to the District Nurse tonight, these would last until the Monday morning stabbing, then I am to return to there again (The DVT Anticoagulation) after the Monday injection from the District Nurse, for more tests.

I still left some nibbles for the staff, though.

Caught a 53 Arnold bus from just outside the premises, and fell asleep on the bus! When I woke, I wondered where the heck I was? Hehe!

Arrived in Arnold and went into the Sainsbury store to see if they had any pod peas in stock. But no, they had not, the naughty store! However, I did spend £31.05… Oh dearie me! Cheap DVD’s, Marmite flatbread, Sheldon’s potato cakes, Rankin Irish potato farls, Smoked cured streaky bacon, Marmite Rice Cakes, Cheddar Wafers (For Sister Jane, but don’t tell her will you?), Beef meteors, Wholemeal flatbread and mini packs of mini cocktail sausages. Oh, and another giant sized potato. A big one too, it would not fit in the saucepan! Haha!

Tsk! I can’t take myself anywhere!)

Out of the store and noticed the mechanical whatever it is on the roof of the British Telecom building across the road had changed shape. Lots of bit missing from how it was last week?

Had a bit of a Dennis Dizzy spell at the bus stop.

I do appreciate my free pensioner’s bus pass. I reckon I’ve saved £8 in bus fares today.

Some other tenants got on the bus en route. Bill and Janet.Back at the flats

Back at the apartments, I caught up with Janet to tell her I would take some DVDs to her flat so she can look at them at her leisure. She was sweating a bit, and she said had not been feeling too good. Janet alighted on the 7th floor, I on the 12th and Mick carried on up to the 14th.

In the flat and I had a wee-wee, a long, painful wee-wee! Got the things put away and collected the carrier bag of DVDs and took them to Mary’s flat. Tried to console the girl a bit, but she apparently needed to get her head down and rest. I gave her my number, telling her I would be in now all night and not worry about calling if she felt ill. Poor thing did look like she was suffering too. I’ll call on her in the morning.

Back to the mini-flat and pondered on when or if the District Nurses would call me. They said they would call before coming to make sure they were still needed to hypodermically prod-me. (Laugh, go on, laugh! Hehe!)

I decided to get rid of the new phone and replace it with the old one. I know I can walk around with the new one in my hand, but this advantage is negated by the old one’s big letters, better sound and a red light that flashed when a call comes in so can see it when I have the headphones on. It has a louder ring too. I’ll give this new one away if I find someone in need.

When I got back to the flat, knowing that the Obergruppefurheresses had gone home for the weekend, I called the NCH alarm line, and mentioned about Mary not feeling well, and if they get an alert call from her, would they please respond immediately. I thought they might be annoyed with me bothering them, but the lady thanked me and said she would let Obergruppenfurher Dean and Gruppenfurher Julie know about Mary’s condition. That cheered me up a bit. I did a battery check with them at the same time. Afterwards, I remembered I’d done one yesterday. Tsk!

Onto the computer to update this diary. The Grammarly programme is playing up again and causing much delay and frustrations. Grr!

Updated the calendar with the new appointments.

Went into the kitchen to make a mug of tea and get the Health Checks carried out.

I seem to be fauchling everything I try to do today. Tsk!

The check figures were so good, I had to take a photograph of the machine’s results to show here.

Brilliant what? The pulse down to 76 was very encouraging. The temperature was 35° dead on.

Shame I was depressed at having to wait for the District Nurses to call me, and I assume it will be around eleven by the time they come, so as to match the 12-hour gap between treatment? Hey-ho!

1830hrs: The Nursing people rang asking what the situation was. I explained the doctor gave me six syringes for them to use until Monday morning, when I have to go to the QMC, hopefully catching the 0930hrs bus. She told me to speak with the nurses about this when they arrive later tonight, she had no idea what time this would me though. Oh dearie me!

Being as had to stay awake, I went on WordPress reading and then, Facebook to keep me from nodding off. Tut!

Tim Price wrote a song in his comment for my Thursday post: I reckon it is brilliant! He tells me: Tell folks to sing it to the tune of the Beatle’s “A Day in a Life.”

“I was in great pain, and yet high spirits?” is a perfect intro line for a song I’m calling “A Day in the Life of Inchy”.

“I was in great pain, and yet high spirits today oh boy
A lucky man standing by the Methodist Church
Thinking I should be rather sad
I just had to laugh

And took a photograph
Out the kitchen window, mind your houses and cars
Off to Sherringham for shots, so quick, but no times had changed
Nicole, the nurse, stood and stared
Trying to stop my blood that flowed
She wasn’t really sure
We just talked until it stopped. Oh lord

I had a Whoopsiedangleplop today oh boy
The phone went off a dingling and a dangling
T’was the nurse bitching about my ambling
“You’re not in your Flat?” I turned away
But I just had to look, I didn’t have the book
I’d love to turn you off

Got back, and had a Weeee!
Refreshing and accident-Free!
I went back out and had a cup
The doorbell rang, and I noticed it was late
The next nurse was at 2020
Found her extra cuddly, a twinkle in her eye
She had a firm, tight end that was smokin’ hot
Then she poked me in the tummy, and I came out of my dream… Tsk!”

I think that sums a day in Inchies life fairly well.

Went to put the large potato in the oven to cook, cause I believe that it might take about three hours? Then I have to burn my fingers cutting in in half and scraping out the flesh, bashing in with some cheese and putting the mix back in the husks.

Guess what I found… Isn’t life hard? Hehe!
I’d left the potato
farls in the tray from last night – they rather overcooked.

Got onto Facebook eventually.

Tried to do some TFZ graphicalisations.

Managed two of them, so tired now

Rather pleased with how they came out, though.

Then the door chime rang out. IT was the nurse.

Then the difficulties came to the fore.

Written on the boxes of the ready-loaded hypodermics the doctor gave me to hand to the nurses: It was written for only one a day and not two!

Betty rang her control, and after much discussion, she recorded that I was happy for her to give me second one today, and did so.

Off she almost ran, well she did run as she departed.

I checked the potato in the oven, and my finger went through the skin. Tsk, Accifauxpa time again!

Updated this diary to here, and got the nosh sorted.

All the effort to make the cheesy potatoes and the burning of the finger was well worth it for once. Very tasty! 9.3/10 rating.

I thought I could manage two desserts today, but had to do with one, after I spotted the other one was out of its sell-by date! Huh!

Sat down, put the TV on and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Friday 31 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Friday 31st July 2015


Brekkers this morning


0425hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the now familiar Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud bang musical tones of the fridge-freezer belting away.

Dr Vindla to see this morning 0930hrs – so will need to walk there as me free pensioners bus pass can’t be used until 0930hrs which is the time the first bus arrives at the flats.

Got me list of worries done ready to take wiv me: check readings okay for BP etc -Sys 135 Dia 59 Pulse 71 Temp 34.02 – Itching and bruising under arms/chest – Stronger med’s for duodenal ulcer? – Bleeding Inch worse – Dizzies more frequent? – Book INR blood level test for Monday if possible, otherwise I’ll have to go to the QMC Haematology dep’t.

Cuppa brekkers and medications taken.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary then started this one.

DSC00015Had a good scrub-up and set off on me walk into Carrington and the GP surgery.

I called in the cabin on the way, and Julie and Deana were in. Deana had called the carpet people and got the quote for me – £596 all-in.

Blimey I wasn’t expecting that much… Hey-ho.

Got there (To the surgery) in a new record time of 34 minutes!

Mind you me plates are stinging summat rotten now.

Dr Vindla is a bit special I reckon – has a sense of humour and tells it like it is bless her.

She had a look at where the itching was under me arms and said not to worry.

She told me to increase me Omeprazole to two a day and double me doses of the antacid medicine for a week and let her know how the Duodenal ulcer was then.

Told me to stop worrying.

Said the increase in dizzies was due to the hassle I was having.

DSCF0201She kindly took a photo or two of me skin-cancer wound scar so I could share it on the TFZ Facebook site. She even put a ruler against it. Said it had been done very neatly.

She checked me BP, Temp, and pulse recordings and said they were okay.

She did me a prescription for extra Codeine phosphates that went though to the chemist automatically and told me to collect it from there afterwards.

I was in and out in about ten minutes, and feeling a tad happier – she is lovely and unfussy!

I gave the receptionists their nibbles on the way out and set off down the road to the chemists.

DSCF0202Collected the tablets and walked through the twitchel to the old dump, feeding the pigeons en-route with Duncan Robertson’s seed wot he brought me on his welcome visit to the flat last month.

The rubbish from the bins had been spilt all over again by the ‘Bin Dippers’ of the area.

Poor things having to resort to going into bins and splitting the black bags in search of… whatever it was they were searching for.

Got in and no mail had been delivered.

Got some more paperwork that needs sorting in the bag, some DVD’s that I want to keep, cleaners and electrical stuff as well.

Took some rubbish to the bins and set off to the bus-stop with the bags and me free pensioner’s bus pass at the ready.

Into Sherwood and across the road to catch a L9 or 40 bus up the hill – and as I got to the bus-stop an L9 pulled up.

I recognised two people getting on the bus – Norman and a lady from the flats – that was nice talking to folk.

DSCF0203Got back to the flat and put the bags down so as to visit the porcelain again.

Got the kettle on and checked the emails.

Deana Walker the Nottingham City homes woman sent me an email, and I sent one back.

Asked her if she could contact the carpet people for me and ask them it next Tuesday they could fit the carpets? Awaiting a reply on that one.

Also told her the walker could be collected or I could deliver it to any needy tenant today.

IMG_0119Facebooked me noshes that I’d forgotten to.

This one might not look very good, but it tasted grand.

Then, when I was taking the bags of stuff to store in the front room it happened – and I realised then I’d forgotten to mention this medicational problem to Dr Vinda – the warm wet feeling of me little Inch pouring blood from the lesion.

With none of the creams left it took me ages to get it to stop – and then had the job of cleaning up after it. Tsk!

Cleaned up I then put some of the sliced seasoned potatoes in the oven – very disappointed with them the other day – so I sprinkled cheese on them in the hopes of getting some flavour from the them this time.

IMG_0121Had a look at a DVD, one of me favourites with Lionel Jeffries in one of his best rolls of all time in ‘H G Well’s First Men in the Moon’.

Note by the photo I then started having a visitation from Arthur Itis in me hands and fingers, typing is not easy now. so I’ve stop until it eases off later. Tsk!

Better now. Deana emailed to tell me that the carpet shop need me to visit the shop to pay them £400 and arrange fitting, and I’ve to give the Carpet fitter on the day £100 in cash! Very professional I must say.

0704So I got the walker and took it to the community shed for Deana, but no one was there – so had to take it back to the flats and set off again on me marathon walk to the carpet shop.

Walked up the hill into Woodthorpe Park and down the tree-lined path onto Mansfield Road, avoiding the mad dog not on a lead and stepping into any of the many dog droppings.

Into Daybrook where the Carpet Shop Amateurs are situated…

Took a photo of the sign outside, that I bet has lured many an unsuspecting and trusting member of the public into parting with their money for a crap IMG_0125IMG_0127service from the uninterested staff?

The chap forced himself to speak to me without swearing – I can tell these things cause I have a very high EQ – low IQ, but high EQ.

We arranged for the fitting to be done on Tuesday 11th August by a contract carpet fitter – bet that’ll be interesting, mark my words!

I asked about the bed I had ordered – they apparently come via another contractor who will be in touch with me later?

Farcical comes to mind!

I came out £475 lighter and still got no carpets or bed yet!

I’m so gullible.

IMG_0130I nipped into Arno Vale Park to try to get a photo of the wildlife to post on Facebook specialist page.

I managed a decentish one with pigeons and various ducks in it eating the seeds I threw down for em.

I walked into Arnold cause I had time easily to catch the last L9 bus from there that takes me right into the flats, and got some cooked meat and cheapo blackcurrant iced lollies from Fulton Foods.

Then nipped through the twitchel to the bus stop where the L9 passes in plenty of time – just as well, it came three minutes early – naughty!

Back to the flat in no time – me feet and knees really aching now after the walk to the GP and now this blooming marathon to the damned Carpet shop – Steve the so-called help from Age UK, who said keep him informed has not answered his phone for the last eight times I’ve called him – Git!

WC’d made a cuppa and put the carpet mans arranged visit on me Google diary. Not with a lot of confidence mind…

With burning feet and the knees now being targeted my Arthur Itis instead of me fingers, I took some extra anti-acid medicine with me usual medications, of course this means I’m going to run out of that before me next prescriptions are ready – but why worry about that when I’ve got the failed repairs to cope with and the carpet-turd to tackle with yet? Huh!

Fed-up? Me?

Managed to heat up me nosh prepared earlier – only to drop it on the floor – sad is just not a word of sufficient magnitude to use, but it’ll have to do.


Sixty-seconds later, it was on the kitchen floor. Huh!

IMG_0131I stood looking out of the window, fighting back the tears of frustration and caught sight of the bills I’d put on the ledge mounting up… I let a few words of an unsavoury nature loose and all the work waiting to be done, the shredding, paperwork sorting, windows need cleaning, another load of laundry to do, no help from Steve from Age UK, carpet situation, repairs and condemned window and heater, the mess still to sort at the old place, the double bills and had no interest in having owt to eat in place of dropped and now interned in the bin nosh that I took so much pride in getting ready, the angina, reflux valve, skin cancer, dodgy ticker, haemmorhoids, arthritis, hernia, bowel cancer, duodenal ulcer, hearing-aids playing up, dwindling bank balance, lost me reading glasses, and depression looming… and I thought, Sod-it, I’m not going to let all these things get me down! I will survive, I will get it right… I am going to cheer up and cope like other do with their problems, no more moping about and feeling sorry fer missen!

Proudly I went into the bathroom to clean me teggies…

I’d left the tap running… turned taps off, dived down with the towel to mop up quickly and e back went and little Inch started bleeding.

Wot a plonka.

I have nothing else to add.

Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Thu 30 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Bricklayer then Electrician arrives and does nowt!

Thursday 30th July 2015


00255hrs: Sprang awake, again to the tune of the fridge freezer clunking and whining away. It’ll blow-up one day I’m sure.


No memories of dreams although I feel I had many?

Feeling anxious for some reason. Remembered the bricklayers are coming to fill in the hole in the kitchen wall – this’ll be a fine mess I feel.


Cleared the stuff  from the bottom cupboard into bags.

Laptop on, made a cuppa and finished off yesterdays diary and posted it.

BetbirthDid some Facebooking in case I don’t get time later.


Also found a graphic of the TFZ gals that I missed off from posting with the others yesterday. Tsk!

By then it was time for me medications, DSCF0195so made another cuppa and took them with a swig of antacid medicine to help calm me ulcer down.


Got a wash and shave, too early for a bath cause the noise of the running water etc would disturb me neighbour.

All ready now I hope – not looking forward to having the hole done for one reason – having found a second hole at the bottom – more mayhem when and if they return later to do that one?

The chappie-man arrived and just like the two repair men before him who attended said something like “I can’t repair that today…” So that’s the maintenance man who said we need a bricklayer on this and arrange one – the bricklayer had now said he can’t do it, we need a carpenter to take out the cupboard, seal it up on the wall and bottom of the top cupboard and replace the cupboard! Good innit?

And I just went through agony stretching and bending to clear the damned cupboards out! Huh, Tsk and Soddit!

Pee’d off now as well as feeling low again!

Put me new cardigan on and found it too small – had I purchased the wrong size? I had a look… Yes I had. Even more wee’d off now!

I decided, spur of the moment jobbie  – to go to the old house and get some stuff and put some rubbish in the bins there. To alleviate me guilt at getting nowt done like.

I met Deana on the way out of the building – but a Nottingham City Homes maintenance man pushed in when I was going to ask her if she could phone the carpet shop for me to find out what’s happening with me order. But she wandered off with him to sort out the area of the disabled parking lot that needs tarmacking.

Really pissed off now – I got to the bus stop to catch a bus down the hill into Sherwood.

Met Norman there and we had a chin-wag… best we could manage anyway with us both being deaf like. Hehe! 

Dropped off in Sherwood and walked into Carrington, getting in the flea-pit just as the rain started.

Several letters on the mat collected, some togs, cleaners, books, cushion and odd bits soon filled the bags. Took some rubbish out.

Got a phone call from Nottingha City Home Works department telling me they would be calling to  ‘Have a look at my Air-vent problems on Monday 10th August between 0800 > 1200hrs.

Then remembered that the Nottingham City Homes chap was due 1230 > 1600 hrs to mend the heater in the kitchen – quickly made me way with the bags to the bus-stop. (Bless the Pensioners free-bus-pass time again).

Dropped off in Sherwood and go to the bus-stop to catch bus back up to the flats.

Blow me a lady spoke with me telling me the L9 is due at half past – and then Norman joined us in the shelter.

Do you know – I thought that was marvellous – the Lady from the flats recognising me when I got to the bus-shelter. It took the edge off me Whoopsiedangleplops I’d had earlier.

IMG_0115We caught the bus to the flats and I got in about 1230hrs – hoping the heater repair man had not called when I was out.


Opened the letters I’d brought back from the dump.

The first one was from the three Labour Councillors informing me that the Pirates Park (Kids area) in Carrington had got looking a bit under the weather lately.

IMG_0116I’m not surprised, anyone going near that place is in danger of being mugged by the kids!

Hope you can read the paragraph inviting me to attend the park on Tuesday 4th August 2015.

I thought it was hilarious.

IMG_0117There was a Gas-bill informing me that my Bill was in Credit to the tune of £362.17. y my new monthly payment would be £15.00

My Electricity Bill informing me I owed them £196.03, and my new monthly payment would be £105.00 

* A letter from the post office telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. 

* A letter from the Royal Insurance telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. (Two).

* A letter from Tesco telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. (Three of three)

* The Pools offering me 5000 bonus points if I start doing the Pools again.

A letter from a work Agency offering inviting me to apply for a job in Huddersfield that meets my criteria – as a ‘Problem Wrangler’? The first and only one I have received from them since signing with them in 2004!

I added the repair men calling to my Goggle diary.

Shredded the * marked letters.


I thought about putting all the stuff back into the cupboard and sorting the stuff I’d brought from the house – but decided not to. It’s going to be a pig-sty when they rip out the old cupboards anyway, so I might as well get used to it now. Well… maybe not eh?

Got the oven heating up ready for me potaotes to be baked.

Soaked me plastic hearing-aid inserts ready for de-coking later.

Put the tatties int oven and had the cheese, salt, black pepper and oregano ready fer when I burn missen emptying out the flesh and mixing it all up before putting em back in the oven to brown off.

Might have er… let’s have a look what I’ve got in…

Ah, I’ll have me three Turkey hot dog sausages methinks.

Checked emails and a quick bash on Graphicalisationing – a bonus ’cause I didn’t think I’ve have time with the hole in the wall repairs being done – that are now not being bricked up after all.

Ain’t life complicated?

IMG_0118The Nottingham City Homes electrician then arrived to, I thought, replace the pull-string switch on the heater I can’t afford to use anyway on the kitchen wall.

He decided it was kaput and condemned it.

So I now await another appointment to arrive to tell me when the new one will be installed. Oh dear, will it never end!

Moved the bags of things I’d taken out of the cupboards into the front storage room.

What a pickle I’m in.

Tue 28.4.15 Inchcock Today – A series of failures…

Tuesday 28th April 2015

IMG_0148Fell asleep around 0300hrs. Woke on hearing BJ’s call to see if I needed a lift to the launderette around 0730hrs. Told him I’d be fine and thanked him for the offer.

Did me tests:

Sys 156 Dia 88 Pulse 82 Temp 35.1

Made a nice strong cuppa and poddled around and got the washing things ready and polished missen up a bit. Bit of rush.

Got me INR record card in me pocket in readiness fer me visit fer me tests after doing the laundry. And – it only took me around 15 minutes to find it. Tsk!

IMG_0149Got me bags ready and set off on me walk to the launderette.

Took another photo of the kids street art before it rained and it dissolved.

It looked nice today, but the wind was cold and the sun not hot.

IMG_0151The trees nearby were losing their leaves in the high winds and the leaves scattered all over the road.

I had a contemplative bit of a mood as I stood there…

Worries about my memory loses, the yobs and me various ailments were replaced temporarily with a genuine IMG_0160concern for the future of mankind. I decided we were all doomed!

A couple of pigeons came down to greet me and have their late breakfast of meal-worms and mixed sunseeds.

There’s something about pigeons that I admire… perhaps because most fold consider them as flying vermin and their mere survival instincts amaze me?

IMG_0153Onward to the launderette.

The sky was beautiful and it was light – but it was so cold and windy with it, it was misleading.

snA few miles north of Nottingham the snow had descended.

At the launderette the cheery sexy Polish Lyonda IMG_0152greeted me and BJ was at the cafe having his breakfast.

After loading the machined I realised I’d forgotten to take the soap powder with me.

Normally this would not have bothered me too much – but this morning I was getting a little irritated with myself about me faux pas.

Then as I sat there reading me book BJ returned and we had a little natter and laugh.

BJ ran me back to the flea-pit – as as I got out of the car BJ heard a clunk and asked me what it was, I’d not heard it (Nothing unusual in that even with me hearing-aids in) It turned out it was me camera falling out of me pocket between the seat and the door. Good job BJ heard it and told me! That would have put me on a mega-low if I lost that.

I took the washing up and then realised I had not got me mobile phone – an hour searching revealed nothing in the house. Then I remembered the camera dropping out of me pocket in BJs car as got out of it – a feeling of extreme woe and stupidity came over me. I could not ring BJ on me spare as the number for him was in the old one I’d lost!

I decided to go into the EE shop where I got the sim card from and ask for advice as I go through town on me way to the hospital.

IMG_0154As I walked to the bus-stop I espied a new piece of Nottingham Street Art on Church Drive near the flats. Courtesy of some Estate Agent I assumed.

It must have been blown down by the high winds presumably.

Onward to catch the bus and into the City Centre – where I plodded into Clumber Street and entered the EE shop to ask for advice about me lost phone.

IMG_0155I explained me situation and that I was concerned that not knowing where I’d lost me phone, I was unsure if it might have been stolen and the card being used?

I was passed on to another assistant ‘Samuel’ who although a little distracted by other at times – was patient outwardly with me and it took an hour or more for him to sort it for me. He offered me the old sim keeping the same number and a free phone for the same monthly cost. A Nokia Lumia. He got it going and explained a few things about its working to me. Got the internet on this one. Confused by it all I agreed and he sorted me out.

I called into the Holland & Barret shop to see their prices for the St Johns Wort and purchased a pack I thought was cheaper than me local chemist. Later when I compared the two – it transpired these H&B ones were smaller. Huh!

IMG_0157Caught the bus to the Queens Medical Centre, the flags were a-blowing in the wind.

The place was very busy, being so late in the day – a time I usually avoid going if I can – but my cock-up in forgetting to go yesterday meant I had cope with it – my own fault.

I had a read of me Spike Milligan book while waiting for me number to be called, but could not concentrate in it properly for fear of getting into it and missing me number.

An hour or so later I was called in and tended to. Gave the nurses their nibbles bag and departed to catch a bus into Nottingham.

IMG_0158Being so late in the day now, the place was busy, so I nipped into trinity Square and took a photo of some ‘Bling’ for the TFZ gals.

The square actually has some people in it today – a happy contented merry lot of folk they were too. WPlie

IMG_0159Popped into a shop and got a Boiled Egg cob for a quid.

Walked down and caught the bus back to Carrington.

I’m afraid the new phone will take some getting used to – I thought it best if I ever get to see sister Jane again I’ll take it and asked Pete to set it up for me and offer some guidance for me.

Funny, I can remember how to bone bacon that I learnt in 1963 – but getting around these new fandangled phones…?

DaktacortWC’d. I’m afraid the ‘Inch’ has started bleeding again, the lesion has opened – More stuff to worry about now – Tsk! Luckily I have some of the Daktacort cream left over from last time to use.

IMG_0162Made me nosh:

Roast baby potatoes, Krakowska meat, cooked beetroot. garden peas, rocket and the boiled egg cob – followed by two blackcurrant ice cream lollies.

Fell into a deep sleep for several hours.

Awoke and made a cuppa then started this Diary like.

Took me medications.

Feeling a bit down with me fau-pars like.

Sun 5/4/15 Inchcock Today: Giant Jewel Found!

Sunday 5th April 2015

Didn’t get to sleep until around 0300hrs – waking up around 0715hrs to use the WC and brother-in-law Pete rang me.

Sister Jane is coping a bit better with waiting to hear the results of her tests about her cancer.

I feel worse and more uncomfortable for her than when I was diagnosed with it and the heart operation – I will spend more time talking to her and trying to comfort her. Pete has his own problems but is coping well fairly well.

A worrying time this, having others suffer is harder than suffering myself.


Sky this morning

Went down and made a nice cuppa – those flipping stairs don’t get any easier to manipulate (If that’s the right word?).

Took a photo of the sky from window on me way down. It look brighter than it seemed to me eye.

Laptop on and took me medications.

Posted off yesterdays diddy-diary.

Did some Facebooking then got up and readied missen for a walk into town – might go via the Arboretum today, take some meal-worms for the ducks? No… I’ll feed t’pigeons in town instead.


Fatima and Frederick breakfasting

Got missen scrubbed up.

As I left the crumbling abode Fatima and Frederick came down for their breakfast and I duly obliged them.

Set off down through the yobbo-free twitchell and onto Mansfield Road and started me slog into Nottingham City Centre.

As I passed by the Junction with Hucknall Road, for some reason looking at the old Grosvenor Eatery/pub I was overcome with sentimental memories and nostalgia.


The Grosvenor – many happy memories from my younger, fitter, healthier, richer, youthful, happier, contented, alcoholic, social and womanising days…

I pondered on the memories as I walked on.

Faces of young ladies came into me mind and the incidents of embarrassment that I suffered in me stumbling attempts at romance back in the days of hope, expectations and determination.


I missed the first two pavement cyclists and glad to report they missed me. Grrr!


The third Pavement Cyclist of the day

On towards the hill and yet another pavement Cyclist attacked me – saw him coming this one so had time to get me camera out.

On past the college traffic islands and up the (Ever getting steeper) hill, through the traffice light junction and down the hill into town.

As I approached the Woodborough Road junction I thought I’d pop in the Victoria Shopping Centre and get some ‘Bling’ photo’s for the TFZ gals.


Fourth and fifth Pavement Cyclists of the day here…

Another two Pavement Cyclist went passed me here.


I walked through the bus station to the entrance to the mall – they were locked and the centre closed-down.

Realised then it was Easter like yer know?

What a sill boy I am!

I poddled back down towards the frontage and Mansfield Road, as I crossed the off road to the Car Park entrance entrance – there lying on the floor in the gutter was a piece of jewellery twinkling away!


A piece of heavy ‘Bling’ found in the gutter by Inchcock – photo’d and taken to the Police Station!

I photographed in in me arthritic hand.

It was very heavy and solid, much heavier that I expected it to be.

Were they real diamonds? They looked it to me, but then again, I’ve never seen a real diamond in me life.

And what was the ruby-like ball in the centre? centre?

I made me way to the Central Police station and handed it in at the desk, just in case it a genuine gem that some poor devil had lost.


The not filled in Property Found Form

The body language of the assistantess who took it was not good – I felt guilty disturbing her really.

She filled in a report between yawns.

No signature appended or dates written on it.

She muttered “Come back in a month or so to see if it’s been claimed then…”


Victoria Mall – All closed for the fitting of a new escalator and Easter Day

I thanked her weakly with an Inchcock sneer of contempt on me face and then walked back towards the Vic Centre and entered through the Mansfield Road opening.

All closed up of course.

I hobbled through and out the back and down around to Upper parliament Street.

I spotted in one of the Victoria Centre posh shops window a display of good that I thought were rather pathetic – and yet they seem to be popular with the kids today?


Crap display here?

The shop has only been opened a few months and on my passing there always seems to be plenty of young shoplifters in the place – oh I meant young shoppers.

I think?

I ambled over to Trinity Square where I thought I might get some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals – but of course the shops were closed for Easter Sunday.


All closed today

When I noticed the time. I realised how slow I had been hobbling along today.

I’ll time myself tomorrow on me walk to the hospital for me INR Warfarin tests to see how I’m doing in the hobbling staked I think.

My record set 15 months of so ago, is one hour 25 minutes for the walk from Carrington to the QMC haematology dept.

Last time I timed missen it was one hour 55 minutes.

I caught a bus back to Carrington, walked through the yobbo-free twitchell, IMG_0048taking a photo of the sky that had amazingly brightened up – but seconds later it returned to a gloomy nature?

I fed the pigeons as I progressed to the hoppit.

Got in and made use of the porcelain. A long job, had to wait a while and encourage the movement as I read my book for quite a while before any painful activity activated (Hehe).

Decided to have a beef slice, microwave IMG_0050seasoned new potatoes, garden peas and bread thin, followed by a small tub of ice-cream for me nosh.

And by gum I enjoyed it too!

Watched another DVD ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ episode.

Then the inevitable I suppose – I fell asleep.

Woke up a couple or so hours later – disorientated.

Took me evening medications a little late but still.

Laptop on and did this diary.

Still feeling tired and aching limbs, haemorrhoids painful, angina and arthritis not too bad at all though – reflux valve a bit naughty.

Yer know, with so many things to bother you, it’s good in a way, because it stops you getting bored with yer ailments dunnit? Hehehe.

I rang Sister Jane to see how she and Pete were. She seemed okay, but I could tell she was still worried! We agreed that after Wednesday, her visit for the test results we’d get together and have a proper chin-wag.

Did some Facebooking but fatigue and lack of concentration stopped me doing any graphics that I had intended – Coreldraw9 would probably have crashed anyway. 

Mobile rang as I was nodding off – it was Big John. He’s going to the Papplewick Pumping Station tomorrow and wondered if I’d like to go with them – very nice thought that. But I told him it was me hospital day for the INR Warfarin level testing… BJ pointed out that it was Easter Monday and they do not make appointments surely? – I went down and checked me Anticoagulation Record Card – he was right, the appointment was for Wednesday this week! Whatta plonker I is! So I’m off out tomorrow afternoon now, Yippee!

Good job BJ rang else I’d have hobbled all the way there to find they were closed!

Made a cuppa while I was down – poured it, spilt it, burnt me ankle, swore, cleaned it up and returned to the laptop… Dear oh dear…

Inchcock Today: 11/03/15 – Incorporating the graphicalised marathon walk to the QMC

Wednesday 11th March 2015

0301CarringNot a good night again, dream, wake, dream, wake, WC, dream, wake, etc.

I did manage some kip around 0400hrs to 0520hrs, when I sprang awake – I could not remember any of the dreams again. Tut!

Went down and made a flask of tea, during which sadly I had a couple of dizzy spells – (just when I thought it was safe to boil the water – hehe!). I ran the scolded fingers under the tap for a minute or so and applied some cream.

0302MR1The interscostal muscle was I think a little less painful though, and Arthur Itis was good – Anne Gyna was a bit persistent again, the ulcer no bother though – damned dizzies might be set it for a while – just a feeling – I hope not, I hate having them. That feeling of impotency and inability to do anything to stop them is frustrating.

Got to go to the QMC today for me INR Warfarin level tests – it’s raining outside at the moment, so I’ll do an anti-rain dance in a bit (Only joking!).

0303GBWC’d – during which I got a sense of what one of the dreams last night was about, but by the time I’d discovered the bleeding piles and tended to them I’d forgotten again. It’s odd that to me – I can remember remembering but could not remember what I’d remembered? Does this happen to others?

I potted about and got the nurses nibbles in the bag ready for later – made sure me INR record card was in me pocket with the bus-pass and me Emergency Card was in me jacket. Put me camera in the bag too.

0304GBLaptop on to start this diary.

I must try to get back from the hospital and try to get some graphics done for the TFZers, hopefully the fatigue that overcame me yesterday will not prevent me and Coreldraw9 will not crash – I’ve given up on Serif Draw x6, that seems to crash too regularly.

I decided that as I was feeling a bit better today – I’d walk it all the way to the QMC for me INR Warfarin level tests so as to catch up on me walks I’ve missed while feeling poorly. (I get these impulses every now and 0305GBthen – I think it’s something to do with being thrown in the canal when I five years old?).

I had a good scrub-up and got the things ready for the outing.

Determinedly, and foolishly full of confidence I set off nice and early.

The graphicalised tale of the journey to the hospital is in the graphics on the right hand side of the post.

0305StPI thought you might like to scroll down and read me comments wot I printed on the photographs to get the best out of them like? Please let me know if this idea was not a good one – I’m used to failure and promise not to sulk if it didn’t work.

The entire journey took me 1 hour & 57 minutes.

Well above me record time, even me average time for this journey.

0306StPBut then again I was not racing or rushing missen, and I did stop many times to take the photographs like.

The weather was kind throughout.

Worth repeating was that at every traffic lights there was somebody wearing a plastic or cardboard billboard advertising Pizza Hut collect only: Any size Pizza at £6.99.

Every one of the poor lost soles walking around looked absolutely pee’d off and depressed.

0307ArtI wonder how much they get paid for standing around on street corners looking twits?

Poor devils…

On Triumph Road – now taking over by college students establishments – long gone are all the business that used to dominate this road – no Player’s factories now, Transport depots, Coopers etc. the new college buildings especially the multi-coloured big one shaped like a wedge or something out of Thunderbirds and some of the students looked a bit like puppet character ‘Virgil’ from the 0308Pizzaprogramme as they passed me by.


The ‘wedge’ building on the University of Nottingham Jubille campus there seems to be having work of some sort done on the exterior ever since it’s been built in June 2009 I think – surely the architects must be a little embarrassed by their claim that: ‘The three new landmark buildings and a striking new piece of public art create a gateway and a strong new identity for the campus, emphasising the university’s modernity and 0309Cl1sustainability’.


I see the first part of Triumph Road is now being got ready for being built on by the University.

This area was occupied the old Gasometers from the gas works – they closed I think about 1980? I’m not sure and cannot find an actual date on the web either.

0310Cl1The land is still not considered safe enough to build on top of apparently.

I had a burk-on-a-bike come flashing passed me from behind as I went underneath the walk-over in one of the new buildings.

I hate it when some unthinking pratt of a pavement cyclist does that to me – 0311Cl1in fact these dung inhabitants are possibly my most hated species of turd after politicians and paedophiles.

Yes, they are my most hated species of turd after politicians and paedophiles!

As I walked along Derby road on me journey into the unknown and stopped to cross the pelican lights – another 0312Derbyrat-bag on a bike came from behind between the pedestrian and crossed part way making us (the poor pedestrians) move out of his way.

I didn’t know I could hate this much.

I completed the journey and arrived in the bright sunshine at the entrance to the QMC.

I made my way to the haematology dep’t and much to my surprise found only a handful of people waiting to go in – then I realised that I’d set out really early and so found it a delight to have my number called out 0313qmcwithin minutes.

There was a new nurse who took me samples and we had a nice chin-wag.

After she professionally dealt with me, I left them their nibbles and cheerily left walking out into the sunshine again and over the road to catch a bus into town.

0314qmcWhen one came, I was told by the driver I was too early to use me free pensioners bus pass.

I did feel a fool – did it again!

I got off and had a look at me mobile to get the time and it was 0925hrs – so only five minutes before I could use it.

0315busSo I had a walk for a few bus stops.

I caught a bus at the Olde Lenton Lodge bus stop into the City. (The Lenton Lodge is now a storeplace for Mercedes – so sad!)

The bus was nearly full (I imagine with the gaggle of us old folk using our bus-passes, Hehe)

I got off the bus off early anf walked down to the library, where I another dizzy. Sat down and read a bit of a book by Harry Secombe’s brother Fred Secombe (Anglican Priest in the Church of Wales) entitled ‘ How Green was my Curate’.

It was so humorous I got carried away with it, two and a half hours later I left the library.

I poddled to Tesco in the Victoria centre and got some bits.

Bread Tins, Fresh Cream Apple turnovers, Cornish Pastiesm Bacon/Cheese Burgers and some fine Frank’s.

Oh and a nasal spray to help clear me clogged nose.

0315noshWalked towards the bus stop, dropping some seeds and meal-worms for the pigeons en-route to Trinity Square.

Took some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals.

Caught the bus okay and dropped off at the co-op and walked back to the dump – feeding Fatima and Fred on the way.

WC’d. No blood.

Made a cuppa and had it with one of the apple turnovers but was not impressed with it, all sugar and hard bits of apple – I may write to David Cameron about this…

Started (usual message about incorrect power pack) laptop and did a graphic for the header – halfway through Coreldraw9 froze – Huh!

Tried again and it let me – slowly!

I later looked for me INR record sheet but could not find it. I sat puzzling what I could have done with it – aha thunk I – bet I used it as a book mark at the library when I had to call at their porcelain…? I’ll call in tomorrow and ask them – although if it is there, the address is on it an they might send it on to me – I’ll call in tomorrow.

Tonight perhaps Cornish pasty and potatoes? Franks and beans?… er… Burger and beans? Spoilt fer choice ain’t I?

Inchcock Today: Out on a walk at last… carefully mind!

Monday 23rd February 2015

Not much sleep again, couldn’t get off for ages, still managed 4 hours though.

The rumbling and grumbling had toned down a bit thankfully, only the arthritis any real hassle this morning.

Took me medications with a cuppa, then laptop started and managed to get my postings finished and posted to the League of Mental Men blog.

Then I had to rush (Well I say rush, poddle a bit quicker would be a more appropriate wording perhaps...) about a bit to get myself then the things ready for me trip for me INR level tests at the QMC to catch the bus at 0930hrs so as to use me free pensioners bus-pass.

0101skyThe sky looked a little ominous and the wind very variable?

I stood and watched a pedestrian and driver having a good verbal set-to, but alas was not close enough for me to hear them over the wind in me hearing aids. Huh!

When I got to the bus-stop on 0102StJMansfield Road a few minutes later the sky had changed again and looking quiet non-threatening.

I caught the bus into town (Very full with us old ones using our bus-passes yer see).

I got to the bus-stop for the Y28 and after a short wait and passing long unintentional almost musical escapages of wind – I visited left and visited the Gents in Victoria Centre. All okay and no blood from the haemorrhoids either.

0102StJReturned and caught the Y28 out to the Hospital.

Had a chat with an elderly lady en-route, she looked a little confused and nervous so I struck up a chin-wag with her. She was going to the QMC for her weekly checks and was doing it on her own for the first time. I didn’t ask why.

When we got off the bus I walked her to where she was going and wished her well. Nice lady.

Quite a wait, many in the queue today.

Unfortunately an unintentional leakage of wind – just a tiny ‘plop’ like escaped and I kept me head down pretending to read the free Metro paper as the mutterings grew and the phoo’s rang out from the poor patients in the queue.

The nurses in the haematology were surprised to see me again for the third time in seven days.

0106qmc3They soon took me sample  and I decided to go to Long Eaton when I left, I’ve not been there for years – using me free pensioners bus-pass of course.

When I came out of the building the unofficial patients smokers corner was fully occupied.

0104qmc1When I walked out from the sheltered area I felt the wind (Not mine) had got up a lot and the flags and trees were blowing viciously.

Taking a photo of the flags I caught the first of three fire engines rushing into the compound down the hill passed A&E and round the back of the 0105qmc2main buildings.

So annoying when you don’t know why innit?

I got to the bus-stop and caught the bus to Long Eaton, taking a photo of the QMC from another angle as we passed by. Didn’t come out too bad considering we were travelling at a fair rate of knots like.

0107LEWhen I alighted the bus the first building I saw that wasn’t there last time I visited was a KFC.

I thought it might be a Pound Shop, Money lenders, Costas, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King or Pawn Brokers I would have seen first. Hehe.

0108LE2 I had a good walk around and many places brought back memories of when I worked there for Tesco and the Nottingham Co-op many years ago.

Found a cheapo shop that was selling Lion bars at 6 for a quid – ‘Glad I came’ I said to myself and bought some.

Found they were just out of date, but still eatable like if yer not too bothered about breaking yer teeth…

After musing over some memories I caught the bus back to Nottingham.

0109busEn-route the weather worsened even more, I took a photo through the bus window.

It seemed like a gale was brewing at one time and buffeted the bus.

Within half a mile things seemed to calm down?

4IT2I got back, the bus dropping us all off at the Broad Marsh centre, and I had a wander through it taking some photographs for the TFZ gals I thought might be of interest to them, they like their handbags yer know, bless them.

Here’s one of them wot I took.

I plodded through the centre, not before calling at their ‘Gents’.

0110NotsOut and up to Chapel Bar and up Exchange Walk.

Note the sky had cleared up now and the rolling clouds far less threatening. But something told me to make me way back to the hoppit and out of the coming weather?

As I got to the top and into the Slab Square in the City centre, I remembered that I wanted to take a ride on the Nottingham Wheel/Eye and thought I’d treat missen and take some photographs from high up that might be interesting.

0111NotsThen the rain started to drizzle along with some sleet. (I knew it!).

But it didn’t last long.

As I turned the corner I saw they were dismantling the wheel – bother!

The sky kept changing so quickly and the wind again got up.

Both the weathers wind and mine.

0112NotsA little further up King Street I came across a car that had seemingly reversed into one of the bollards?

Again, it’s so aggravating not knowing for sure innit?

I noticed the bobbies were well wrapped up.

On up the hill, a little walk around Trinity Square fed the pigeons and I caught the bus back to Carrington.

I thought I might stay on the bus and drop off in Sherwood so I could see the Dentist and complain about me front teggies that they treated that have gone black since!

Of course I forgot all about it until I was writing this diary now. Tsk!

0113rainAs I dropped off the bus – down it came, rain, snow and sleet at the same time.

By the time I’d hobbled fast as me knees would let me back to the flea-pit, the snow had stopped, just the rain and sleet or hail falling now, and the wind was terrible.

Took a photo of it from me doorway.


Th knees were painful but other ailments seem better, including the diarrhoea.

Had one of me Lion bars with a cup of tea, worried me a bit in case I broke me front teggies on it, so hard.

Laptop on to do this diary.

Heated a pasty and had it with a large frank to get me through till me nosh later.

So tired again now – not surprising really with no sleep much.

I wonder how much Cameron gets? Just a thought like.

Made a cuppa and took me medications… missed my midday ones. Huh!

Inchcock Today: Tues 3rd February – Launderette Day

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Managed to get some much needed kip in last night.

Bits of dreams remembered:

Underground rats, feral cats and nurses in Victorian uniforms… soldiers lying all over the place but they were in Werhmacht uniforms and every one looked like the other in their faces… Dusty Springfield was the Sister and Hattie Jacques the Matron – I was in a line of patients waiting to be tended to along with soldiers who were headless, missing limbs, burned all over, eyes missing and all very thin in tatty blood covered uniforms – I had a splinter in my little finger and wondered why I was there at all.

Eventually an electric powered coffin on wheels arrived and they all started looking for me… I hid in a sewer and found Aneurin Bevan in there and we started to play cards and I lost every hand and seemed glad about this…?

Up and made a cuppa and took me medications.

Started laptop and visited the porcelain to check on ‘things’ – Much blood removed from the rear end – Cleaned it up again.

CreamHPrep H cream applied to the rear tenderness area, Phorpain Gel applied to my knees feet and hands and the rumbling grumbling innards were no worse thankfully.

I must get the laundry gathered and thing ready to take to the launderette with me, yer know… powder tablets, dryer balls, softener, cash, book to read dried seaweed to nibble etc I thought… fell asleep!

Coreldraw unstable again.

Went down and got the nibbles ready for the nurses and gals

at the launderette.

Washed and abluted, got missen dressed properly like, made sure I’d got me shoes and not slippers on, the right spectacles on, Free pensioners bus-pass, INR and Clinic paperwork with me.

0202skyGot the two bags of washing and set off to the launderette… the sleet and snow came down as I was locking the front door behind me… the kids passing by being taken to school thought it was marvellous… I wasn’t too keen.

Still, by the time I’d got to the launderette it had turned to dizzly rain.

Big John was outside having a fag. We had a natter and got on with our washing.

John soon finished his and I had to ask Mandy how to use the new soap thingies I’d got – apparently you have to put the pouches in with the clothes in the drum. I knew that really I just wanted to talk to Mandy.

Eventually I got the togs cleaned and dried and hobbled back to the mausoleum. Put the togs away and set off to the bus-stop on Mansfield Road – a little too wet for a walk into town this morning and time was pressing to get to me appointments.

Limped down to the bus-stop. The bus was full and I opened a pack of roasted seaweed and nibbled at some – the curious looks I was getting told me people wanted to ask what it was I was eating, but nobody did.

Dropped off in town and called into the Poundland shop and they did have some cheapo Lion Bars in, so I grabbed 3 packs of 4 bars at obviously a quid each. Ans some bits to add to the nurses nibble bag, then over the road to catch another bus out to the Queens Medical Centre.

Another conversation with a passenger ensued:



Inchcock: ‘Good morning’

Lady: ‘ I beg your pardon?’

Inchcock: ‘ Good morning!’

Lady: ‘Why is it?’

Inchcock: ‘Well I meant, are you having a good morning’

Lady: ‘ No… but you’ve cheered me up a bit asking me!’

Inchcock: ‘My pleasure!’

Lady: ‘I’m getting off the bus now… shame!”

With that she waddled off at the next stop – Confused a bit there I wus!

Still, by the time I’d got to the launderette it had turned to dizzly rain.

Big John was outside having a fag. We had a natter and got on with our washing.

John soon finished his and I had to ask Mandy how to use the new soap thingies I’d got – apparently you have to put the pouches in with the clothes in the drum. I knew that really I just wanted to talk to Mandy.

Eventually I got the togs cleaned and dried and hobbled back to the mausoleum. Put the togs away and set off to the bus-stop on Mansfield Road – a little too wet for a walk into town this morning and time was pressing to get to me appointments.

Limped down to the bus-stop. The bus was full and I opened a pack of roasted seaweed and nibbled at some – the curious looks I was getting told me people wanted to ask what it was I was eating, but nobody did.

Dropped off in town and called into the Poundland shop and they did have some cheapo Lion Bars in, so I grabbed 3 packs of 4 bars at obviously a quid each. Ans some bits to add to the nurses nibble bag, then over the road to catch another bus out to the Queens Medical Centre.

Another conversation with a passenger ensued:



Inchcock: ‘Good morning’

Lady: ‘ I beg your pardon?’

Inchcock: ‘ Good morning!’

Lady: ‘Why is it?’

Inchcock: ‘Well I meant, are you having a good morning’

Lady: ‘ No… but you’ve cheered me up a bit asking me!’

Inchcock: ‘My pleasure!’

Lady: ‘I’m getting off the bus now… shame!”

0203qmc1With that she waddled off at the next stop – Confused a bit there I wus!Dropped off at the QMC and as I was walking towards the entrance I glanced over the railings to the lower floor and saw two vehicles parked on the tatty yellow No Parking lines , next to a pedestrian crossing and the Emergency Ambulance entrance on – Naughty!

Still maybe with the shortage of parking spaces they might have let them off?

0203qmc2I got into the haematology – very very busy and was eventually seen to and gave the gals their nibbles, but they had no time to talk today – blimey never seen so many folk there.

Walked a different way back out and got lost for a while, but soon got me bearings again. It’s well sign posting there.

0204GUMCaught the free hospital to hospital bus to the Nottingham City Hospital and the G.U.M. Clinic – having remembered to take me daily swabs of blood with me. Superior mode adopted here

I had gloved hands where no man should have them poked – samples taken and instructed to ‘Carry on as I have been doing’ the results are expected in 7 days and I will be contacted then.

0206bulbusI thanked them, and uncomfortably waddled out and caught the bus into Bulwell.

The rain had almost stopped now.

I wandered over to the river Leen to see if the Mallard ducks were about and they were.

0205BulpSo I went into a shop and bought some bread for them and returned to the river bank and fed the little mites – I love seeing them squabble and contest for the food, and for some reason their quacking doesn’t annoy me at all I like the sound of them.

Then I fed the pigeons some seed and earthworms before walking over to the Bulwell Market Place.

0207MS01The danger was the Mobility Scooter mad drivers… and many of them today there was as well!

One was having beer brought out to him on his Mobility Scooter outside the pub – and sounded very 0207MS02verbal… it really should not be allowed drink driving whatever the vehicle surely? I suppose he might have been a bit tipsy?

Another, a woman who might I think might have been suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome, she was not arguing with the market people at all, but won’t half using some choice vocabulary with ’em.

Then the big bloke with the bobble hat was much interested in going where he wanted as fast as he could and sod anyone in his way!

All a danger to pedestrians especially the less nimble ones… like wot I am…hehehe!

I poddled into Fultons Food store and had a look see if they had any of me favourite backcurrant/ice cream suckers in… but no. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms I think?

They did have some pots of buttery instant mash in, about the size of a Pot Noodle at 30p each, so I had to get some to try them like.

0208cycleWhen I came out of the shop two young gits on a push-bikes nearly had me – like lightning I got me camera out and shouted at them – well they were in a pedestrianised area… what one of them shouted back hangs between men’s legs! The other added a word that rhymes with Tanker!

I woddled to the bus-station and caught one back to Carrington – I know I’ve said this before and I suppose I will again, often – but I do so appreciate the free pensioners bus-pass!

0207MS03Read the weather forecast for Nottingham on the bus for Thursday – the only day Sister Jane and Pete can accommodate a visit from me:

“Rain Storms!”

Am I just lucky or what?

0209CarringI dropped off the bus on Hucknall Road and thought how beautiful the sky was – so took a photograph of it from the hill top – which on reflection was not a good idea.

Why you ask? (I hope)

Because when I turned away after taking it, a… nearly swore badly there, A git on the pavement on his bike came so close to hitting me I felt the draught!

But luckily these things don’t bother me like…


0210SherbRdSo onward back to Flea-pit, and as I was walking down my street I took a photograph of the Mount Beulah Apostolic Church – I see it seems to have light spots on it? Wonder wot went wrong there?

I hope the camera isn’t playing up. I’ll take another photo now and see how it 0207MS04turns out… hang on…

Mmm. no white spots of lights this time – but a bit shadowy?

Oh dear…

I keep catching this bloody touch-pad and all sorts of things keep happening on screen, Tsk!

Anyroad I got int’ house and attended the porcelain room urgently – no blood, but well sore in the rear department.

Made a cuppa and started this Diary.

Brewed another mug of tea and took me medications – then the search began for me mobile phone.

Found it eventually in the pyjama pocket I was wearing… I know… sad.

Had a pot of potatoes and a beef pasty for nosh, followed my two mousses and later a Lion bar.

Took ages to get to kip again…