Sun 5/4/15 Inchcock Today: Giant Jewel Found!

Sunday 5th April 2015

Didn’t get to sleep until around 0300hrs – waking up around 0715hrs to use the WC and brother-in-law Pete rang me.

Sister Jane is coping a bit better with waiting to hear the results of her tests about her cancer.

I feel worse and more uncomfortable for her than when I was diagnosed with it and the heart operation – I will spend more time talking to her and trying to comfort her. Pete has his own problems but is coping well fairly well.

A worrying time this, having others suffer is harder than suffering myself.


Sky this morning

Went down and made a nice cuppa – those flipping stairs don’t get any easier to manipulate (If that’s the right word?).

Took a photo of the sky from window on me way down. It look brighter than it seemed to me eye.

Laptop on and took me medications.

Posted off yesterdays diddy-diary.

Did some Facebooking then got up and readied missen for a walk into town – might go via the Arboretum today, take some meal-worms for the ducks? No… I’ll feed t’pigeons in town instead.


Fatima and Frederick breakfasting

Got missen scrubbed up.

As I left the crumbling abode Fatima and Frederick came down for their breakfast and I duly obliged them.

Set off down through the yobbo-free twitchell and onto Mansfield Road and started me slog into Nottingham City Centre.

As I passed by the Junction with Hucknall Road, for some reason looking at the old Grosvenor Eatery/pub I was overcome with sentimental memories and nostalgia.


The Grosvenor – many happy memories from my younger, fitter, healthier, richer, youthful, happier, contented, alcoholic, social and womanising days…

I pondered on the memories as I walked on.

Faces of young ladies came into me mind and the incidents of embarrassment that I suffered in me stumbling attempts at romance back in the days of hope, expectations and determination.


I missed the first two pavement cyclists and glad to report they missed me. Grrr!


The third Pavement Cyclist of the day

On towards the hill and yet another pavement Cyclist attacked me – saw him coming this one so had time to get me camera out.

On past the college traffic islands and up the (Ever getting steeper) hill, through the traffice light junction and down the hill into town.

As I approached the Woodborough Road junction I thought I’d pop in the Victoria Shopping Centre and get some ‘Bling’ photo’s for the TFZ gals.


Fourth and fifth Pavement Cyclists of the day here…

Another two Pavement Cyclist went passed me here.


I walked through the bus station to the entrance to the mall – they were locked and the centre closed-down.

Realised then it was Easter like yer know?

What a sill boy I am!

I poddled back down towards the frontage and Mansfield Road, as I crossed the off road to the Car Park entrance entrance – there lying on the floor in the gutter was a piece of jewellery twinkling away!


A piece of heavy ‘Bling’ found in the gutter by Inchcock – photo’d and taken to the Police Station!

I photographed in in me arthritic hand.

It was very heavy and solid, much heavier that I expected it to be.

Were they real diamonds? They looked it to me, but then again, I’ve never seen a real diamond in me life.

And what was the ruby-like ball in the centre? centre?

I made me way to the Central Police station and handed it in at the desk, just in case it a genuine gem that some poor devil had lost.


The not filled in Property Found Form

The body language of the assistantess who took it was not good – I felt guilty disturbing her really.

She filled in a report between yawns.

No signature appended or dates written on it.

She muttered “Come back in a month or so to see if it’s been claimed then…”


Victoria Mall – All closed for the fitting of a new escalator and Easter Day

I thanked her weakly with an Inchcock sneer of contempt on me face and then walked back towards the Vic Centre and entered through the Mansfield Road opening.

All closed up of course.

I hobbled through and out the back and down around to Upper parliament Street.

I spotted in one of the Victoria Centre posh shops window a display of good that I thought were rather pathetic – and yet they seem to be popular with the kids today?


Crap display here?

The shop has only been opened a few months and on my passing there always seems to be plenty of young shoplifters in the place – oh I meant young shoppers.

I think?

I ambled over to Trinity Square where I thought I might get some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals – but of course the shops were closed for Easter Sunday.


All closed today

When I noticed the time. I realised how slow I had been hobbling along today.

I’ll time myself tomorrow on me walk to the hospital for me INR Warfarin tests to see how I’m doing in the hobbling staked I think.

My record set 15 months of so ago, is one hour 25 minutes for the walk from Carrington to the QMC haematology dept.

Last time I timed missen it was one hour 55 minutes.

I caught a bus back to Carrington, walked through the yobbo-free twitchell, IMG_0048taking a photo of the sky that had amazingly brightened up – but seconds later it returned to a gloomy nature?

I fed the pigeons as I progressed to the hoppit.

Got in and made use of the porcelain. A long job, had to wait a while and encourage the movement as I read my book for quite a while before any painful activity activated (Hehe).

Decided to have a beef slice, microwave IMG_0050seasoned new potatoes, garden peas and bread thin, followed by a small tub of ice-cream for me nosh.

And by gum I enjoyed it too!

Watched another DVD ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ episode.

Then the inevitable I suppose – I fell asleep.

Woke up a couple or so hours later – disorientated.

Took me evening medications a little late but still.

Laptop on and did this diary.

Still feeling tired and aching limbs, haemorrhoids painful, angina and arthritis not too bad at all though – reflux valve a bit naughty.

Yer know, with so many things to bother you, it’s good in a way, because it stops you getting bored with yer ailments dunnit? Hehehe.

I rang Sister Jane to see how she and Pete were. She seemed okay, but I could tell she was still worried! We agreed that after Wednesday, her visit for the test results we’d get together and have a proper chin-wag.

Did some Facebooking but fatigue and lack of concentration stopped me doing any graphics that I had intended – Coreldraw9 would probably have crashed anyway. 

Mobile rang as I was nodding off – it was Big John. He’s going to the Papplewick Pumping Station tomorrow and wondered if I’d like to go with them – very nice thought that. But I told him it was me hospital day for the INR Warfarin level testing… BJ pointed out that it was Easter Monday and they do not make appointments surely? – I went down and checked me Anticoagulation Record Card – he was right, the appointment was for Wednesday this week! Whatta plonker I is! So I’m off out tomorrow afternoon now, Yippee!

Good job BJ rang else I’d have hobbled all the way there to find they were closed!

Made a cuppa while I was down – poured it, spilt it, burnt me ankle, swore, cleaned it up and returned to the laptop… Dear oh dear…

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