Thurs 16.4.15: Inchcock Today – New second-hand jacket for Inchy…

Thursday 16th April 2015

Got in a good seven hours dream filled sleep at last. Must have needed it.

Again I can’t recall any of the dreams – damn it!

Took me BP, WC’d and went down and made a flask of tea.

Took a photo of Fatima and Fred as I gave them their breakfast. Started the laptop to put the photograph on here and realised I’d not put me mem card back in the camera. Huh!

The haemorrhoids are stinging somewhat this morning, but no bleeding

Started to create the header and Coreldraw9 froze again! Gnash!

Did a bit of Facebooking and then got missen polished and fer me little hobble to the Nottingham Hospice shop.

IMG_0033Toddled down to the chemist and asked them about whether I could just take the empty packets from the medications with me to the Treatment Centre to save avoid the risk of me losing the medications en route to or from the appointment. All I got was “Mmm, you’d think so!”

I purchased a thermometer while I was there, the instructions looked like Braille to me, so tiny.

IMG_0034I left and started me walk into Sherwood to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

No sunshine today, but it wasn’t windy or cold.

The coughing started again en-route. Tut!

No signs of any pavement cyclists yet – but I was certain to come across one or two later on my walk.

To the top of the hill and took a photo of the skyline.

IMG_0035Very little traffic about – still Mr Mercedes managed to park in the bus lane and near the brow of the hill.

Naughty boy!

Down the hill and up the next one to the Hospice shop and donated me bits and pieces, then purchased a sleeveless jacket that had IMG_0041many pockets in it – one for me free bus-pass, one for me emergency medical card, one for me Warfarin alert card, one for me Police Pegasus at risk card… etc. I just hope when I get it back to the flea-pit there are no holes in the pockets.

Mind you, then I’ve got to remember which thing is in which pocket! Heheh!

And it only cost me £3.

Bit of a bargain… must check it out later for as I say, any holes in the pockets.

Had a bit of a chin-wag with the ladies in the shop and gave them some nibbles in thanks of what they are doing to help others.

0401Walked back down the hill and was tempted by the wonderful aroma from the cooking at the Nibbles Hot Food take away shop…

I joined the queue and got myself a small tray of Roast Pork an roast potatoes.

I didn’t take this photo, it is a Screen grab from Google maps wot I just used.

I walked on towards the dump and s I was passing near the Post Office on Mansfield IMG_0037Road – I saw a young Pavement Cyclist really clogging it toward me as he weaved speedily and dangerously between and around the pedestrians.

I fumbled to get me camera out and by then he’s gone passed me, I swung round and took a photo blindly but he’s gone by then.

As I walked up the hill I spotted a unique piece IMG_0036of Nottingham Street Art by the side of the wall. No idea what it was but felt it was possibly might have been some sort of goggles?

Mystery Object this one.

IMG_0038I plodded on and at the junction the Nottingham City Police Dog vehicle passed by at great speed with blues and twos activated.

IMG_0039As I approached St Peter’s Church a rapidly moving Pavement Cyclist came passed me very closely and then pressed the pelican lights further up the road and cycled over onto the pavement on the other side of the road. Tsk!

Up Church Drive and through a gang of about 6 wannabe young yobs who threw insults and threats at me as I hobbled through them trying to avoid being hit by one of the footballs they were kicking about while smoking roll-ups?

I’ve learnt better that to reply to these junior scum-merchants baiting – but it irked me to have to just hobble away saying nothing again. Put me on a low that did.

nosh2Got in the flea-pit depressed – WC’d and warmed up me take-away meal. Grand it was – marvellous… the roast potatoes were burnt just like wot they are when I had an oven and made em… Mmm!

Laptop on and continued with editing this Diary.

Did some Facebooking then got me head down and within 5 hours I think I nodded off. Tsk!