Sat 18.4.15: Inchcock Today – Stuck indoors again – Tsk!

0602skySaturday 18th April 2015

Got in a good seven hours again – the dreams, what bit I can remember of them were of a rather naughty nature – but I enjoyed them I think?

Made a cuppa and took a photograph of the sky.

No porcelain visits yet – and the damned rumbling innards are back!

I must remember to ring Big John later to see of he can assist with a lift to the ‘Local’ Post Office to collect Shirl’s pressie for me. But not today as I dare not move out of the house – I feel it brewing in me stomach, rumbling and a-grumbling again… oh dear here I go…

MPelec15Pain and strain but no evacuations – oh dear!

Most uncomfortable. And the angina is a bit bothersome too – arthritis reflux ulcer and skin-growth not bad at all though.

Self testing done – BP Sy 142 Diy 84 Pulse 85 and Temp 35.3 AAPatKNo idea what these figure mean though.

Got a fair bit of medicationalisastional stuff this week, Tuesday skin-growth then Warfrin level tests, Wednesday GUM clinic, audio Clinic, busier than when I was working!  I hope that BJ can manage to help me carry me gift from the Post Office on AANancyMonday – no reply to me phone calls yet.Huh!

Opened Coreldraw9 and hoping it would not crash freeze or mangle the laptop proceeded to do the header for this post. Then… searched through to do some graphics to post – but at the back of me mind FrankDinohave no confidence it getting em finished. Posted them on the left hand side here fer yer to have a goggle at like.

Took a break to have some nosh.

IMG_0053It looked good and smelt good but I couldn’t eat it all – the grumbling rumbling innards have been joined by some dizzy-spells and the haemorrhoids are bleeding again – if I live through to Tuesday I’ll tell them about it at the hospital appointment. Tsk!

Managed to get through to BJ – bless him, say’s he’ll give me a lift to the Post Office on Monday to pick up Shirl’s pressie

Did some more graphicalisationing for blog and BinTFZers Facebook.

Dizzies still coming and going and I must admit they are of concern.

Tired suddenly, so tired.

Shivering yet sweating now – bloomin’ ‘eck wot next – Hehe.

SM Inch beachMight try to do some more graphics and then get me head down.

Inchcock – The Nottingham Lad

Political Graphics (Silly) to aid your choice of who to Vote for in May 2015

Where should they be?


What have they done?


Osborne parked in a disabled bay

The real Osborne?


Still, I reckon

M-Theresa May

MPs known not to have fiddled their expenses are marked with a cross.

M-Theresa May

Lib-Dem’s Manifesto

M-Theresa May

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt finds a cheaper version of Warfarin for the NHS patients

M-Theresa May

Inchcock refused entry to Parliament, just because he was carrying a home-made stink bomb and had not paid his Poll Tax – Tsk!

M-Theresa May

Ed Miliband fights the removal of page 3 nudes

M-Theresa May

The finest liar since Tony Blair!

M-Theresa May

Quote from The Guardian: David Cameron warned on Sunday that Britain needs to be on alert for “roving firearms terrorist attacks” in Britain!

M-Theresa May

Islington Labour controlled County Council to introduce £60 fines for diesel found leaving their motors running – 2nd offence could mean imprisonment!

Lib-Dems say ban all petrol and Diesel cars by 2040!

M-Theresa May

UKIP – and when you wake up…

M-Theresa May

Would you buy  car from this nepotist?

General Election 2015: Some things that make you wonder whether to vote or not…


We look at the escapades of  our past and present MPs like Blair, Brown and more…

Should we have voted them in – they’ve all lied – more than once before,

Blair with his Ploutomania and addiction to killing and war,

Cameron out to kill-off the NHS that’s certainly for sure,

Cleggy his pet supporter has a lot to answer for.

Nigel will fail, despite his being cocksure,

Vince Cable a man of whom I am suspicious and unsure,

Their lies, cheating and fiddling we seem to ignore?

I might be uneducated and rather poor,

And been guilty of voting for one of em before,

Now this lot I hate, they make me teeth sore!

Written by Inchcock on Saturday 18th April 2015 while he was suffering from rumbling innards and frequently demanding trips to the porcelain – Where he naturally was inspired to make this ditty as he thought of Britain’s Members of Parliament

No NHS patients, unemployed personages, or disabled people were harmed in the creation of this load of rubbish.


Fri 17.4.15 – Inchcock Today – Dizzies

Friday 17th April 2015

IMG_0043Woke late at gone eight, in  a right state.

Still, I reckon I got in a good 7 hours kip last night/this morning.

Made a cuppa and some porridge and took me medications ASAP.

Spilled me tea – swore got scolded on me ankle and went down stairs to make another cuppa – in fact I made a flask of tea this time.

Took a photograph of the ominous looking sky IMG_0042as I returned to start the laptop and do some Facebooking, then finish and post yesterdays Diary.

I found some scribbled notes that I had apparently written in an effort to recall the dreams I’d been having? Had to read them with and very few actual memories of the dreams remaining in my befuddled brain, but here’s the gist of it from the notes wot I had wrote like.

I was running in the countryside, had to get somewhere urgently – came to some houses and ran into the garden – car in the driveway – man and woman came out – I realised I was naked, grabbed a giant nappy and wrapped it around myself – (Can’t read this bit) – pushing the car to get it to start with man and woman inside it, engine fired and they would not let me get in and drove off – Running again on road now caught up with a flat-back Ford Thames lorry stopped at a road junction in village, tried to climb in the back of it – People I felt I knew kept throwing me off the lorry, each time I bounced on giant sponge cake back up into the back of the lorry to be ejected again, this seemed to go on for hours? – A man said something to the others and a tall man with a beard got out a gun and shot me in the head – I floated above the listening to them talking (Can’t recall what they said) for a while and then I found myself on the sea-bed as a shrimp and was eaten by a an eel or snake. That’s all

I cannot really recall making these notes – odd innit?

Did a bit of Facebooking and as I did, felt the warm wet sensation of the bleeding haemorrhoids.

Got up and cleaned myself, noticed more new spots on me legs and arms. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both being kind to me. The coughing continues. The growth on me back remains painful when touched. The reflux valve is not playing up at all yet. Despite me ailment being easier, I have a feeling of apprehension again?

Took me BP and Temp using me new machines: BP: Sys 145 Dys 78 Pulse 83 Temp. 33.3c (91.94f) still no idea what they should all be? I’ll call in the chemists (If I remember) on me walk to the tram later and ask them.

Got missen cleaned up and polished and got the things ready for me walk into town and tram-ride to Hucknall.

Set off, remembering to call at the Chemists to ask the Pharmacist about me BP and Temper readings. She muttered something about not easy, can’t define then said they’ll do.

I thanked her and left.

0403hDown the road and into Gregory Boulevard where I took a shot of the Forest Recreation ground – and the lack of Nottinghomians using it this not so warm windy Saturday morning.

A sturdy couple of Asians, man and wife were braving the weather and having a stroll through with the lady ten paces behind. I thought that’s nice them getting out like that.

I hobbled on, still feeling a tad confused with everything about and around me? Maybe today is the day I lose it? Hehe

0405Not many folk about at the tram-stop.

Remembered to swipe me pensioners free bus-pass before boarding the very full tram.

0407aI decided to travel to Hucknall first to try and see if I could purchase some of the Marmite breadsticks at the large Tesco store there, as all other places I’ve tried have not had them in stock.

Got into Hucknall and took me life in my hands by following the red painted pedestrian priority route through the massive car park – had to manoeuvre around cars en route to the exit.

0410Over the road and into the Tesco Extra store.

No Marmite breadsticks in stock, but I did get some Marmite crisps, and Burtons Fish & Chip salt & vinegar biscuits and Lemon Curd pots though.

One of my hearing aids packed up and that made the conversation with the lady on the till a little farcical.

Also got some Tesco brand BBQ beans (50p) to 0412have tonight with me rather delicious looking RibWorld BBQ spare ribs I had delivered via Iceland the other day.

On me hobble back to the tram terminus I had a bit of a nasty dizzy. But it cleared okay.

0406Got to the tram platform and swiped me card then noticed a Nottinghomian lady taking notice of all the Danger and Warning signs as she almost fell off the platform so deep into reading her free newspaper, she crossed over the line doing this. No jumper on in the wind either, sturdy gal.

In the distance was the tram arriving, at least when I took the photograph – having posted it on here I can’t see it? ‘The Ghost Tram?’

A lot of folk got on the tram and it was standing room only for some – the music echoing from the youngsters machines, the kids screaming balling and mock-crying, the parent in a world of their own on their mobiles. I just sat there and passed wind – involuntarily mind!

0407I dropped off at Bulwell tram station and took a photo of a tram going in the opposite direction into Hucknall – from behind the Mobile CCTV monitoring van that Group 4 and Derby Security run for the council.

They caught a bloke having a go at the tram driver – they didn’t actually do anything about it though.

My old instincts kicked in from me Security days and I foolishly went over onto the platform to assess the situation, by then the tram had left and the man had gone? I inquired of the lady in the pink coat of what had occurred and it seems it was a bit of fun between the driver and an off-duty driver. Good job too.

0408Waddled to the bridge over the river into the Front Street and came across a bit of Nottingham Street Art near the barriers.

Surprisingly these still fresh looking chips had not been eaten by the ducks, pigeons or even the sea-gulls!

Doesn’t say a lot for the take-away food shops in Bulwell does it?

Had another dizzy as I walked by the river0409.

Pavement pedestrians were rife again around here.

If I tried to take a photo of them all me batteries would have ran out – Tsk!

I was going to take a walk around the back road and back into the bus-station but an altercation taking place between some lads outside the pub made me change me mind, and I caught a bus there and then back to Carrington.

Dropped off on Hucknall Road and to the flea-pit – to find a letter from the postman telling me they had tried to deliver a pa0412rcel and they had  left it at the local Hucknall Road Post Office for me to collect.

I couldn’t think of any Post office on Hucknall Road so looked it up on the web.

Map on the right is where it is.

It is a pressie for me from Shirley Blamey and Mike Steeden – and will not be easy for me to carry that distance – Local?

Bloody hell what a trek in my condition to carry that back home.

No I’ll never manage that. I’ll have to go begging again to Big John for a lift – gawd how embarrassing. I’ll give him a ring tomorrow and ask him.

WC’d put some cream on me growth in me shoulder and took me medications.

0411Set about preparing me Spare-ribs and beans.

Had some pickled beetroot with it. It looked delicious…

Well the beans and beetroot were nice – as for the spare-ribs – Eurgh!. Fatty and tasteless, bland.

Won’t be trying them again in a hurry I can tell yers. Huh!

Remember the name: RibWorld – and avoid it to avoid disappointment!

Fell asleep.

Woke an hour or so later – still passing wind involuntarily – Updated this diary.

Did some Facebooking.

No signs of drifting off yet… Tsk!