Fri 24.4.15 Inchcock Today – Off to the Museum!

Friday 24th April 2015


Got to kip around 0400hrs – Woke up 0615hrs wide awake as the alarm went off to remind me that BJ is calling to collect me to go to the museum in Loughborough.

Bits of the dreams stayed with me:

I was on rooftops and climbing over them along the roadside – the roadsides were those from the 1949 to 1952 where I was living then… People in period clothes below… I got to the end of one block of roofs and forgot something so went back to start again? This time I slipped, hung on by one hand dangling then fell but by coat caught on something and I did a nice gentle fall to the pavement then had a job to free the jacket? – running through the streets, nervous now… that’s all I recall.

Made a cuppa and got me togs ready and returned up to start the laptop.

5girlsTook, me medications and BP: Sys 192 Dia 72 Pulse 71 Temp 70. No bleeding from the rear.

Then started this diary.

Managed to do a graphic fer the TFZers on Coreldraw without it freezing! Yahooo!

The TFZers Picnic I called it.

Realised it was getting close to time for BJ’s arrival – so hastily got meself decoked and polished and changed into me togs and down and made a nibbles-bag up for us at the Museum.

Just about time so I made a cuppa and waited for BJ to arrive.

BJ rang he’ll be late coming. 

0401Big John picked me up and we were soon on the road to Louborough and the Great Central Railway Station come Museum.

The weather was perfect for me – not too hot, no wind and no sun.

We even got the last disabled parking space outside the entrance.

0402I took a photo of the station from above before we entered.

There were no trains running passengers today, so it was only £3 to get in instead of £18.

Big John said we must go back again in a few weeks at a weekend when the trains are running – no argument from me.

We hobbled down the stairs to the platform and 0404BJ took some photo’s of me.

One of me leaning on a station trolley full of old-fashioned luggage next to the superb mock Smith’s newspaper stall with 1930’s posters on display.

Then near the entrance to the small museum we had a bit of good luck as an engine was steaming up ready to move out to the sheds – very nostalgic fer me that one. Made me think 0403of when I was a whippersnapper and going to the coast for a day trip!

There was even and advertisement for Bachelor tipped ciggies what I used to smoke.

I still miss me pipe though even after all these years… hey-ho!

0406In the small museum was a young boys dream of a model GWR engine locomotive – it was built so well, I fell in love with it – well with many things I saw here today actually.

The skill of the volunteers in keeping things going was amazing and I had great admiration for the work being done here.

We popped into the station cafe, all laid out old style – it  wer right grand.

0407All the food was prepared fresh on ordering and it took a while for BJ’s cornish pasty to come. Mind you, the tea was cat-wass.

We sat on some chairs on the platform waiting and I took a photo of BJ pretending to get in a Pullman Restaurant carriage – another grand bit of gear.

0408BJ had his nosh and we walked down off the platform to the work sheds – and I can’t remember having a more pleasant walk in me life, the old locomotives lines up were awe inspiring: This one on the left in superb condition and ready to go.

The next one on the right0409 the last steam train to be bought by British Rail in 1962 – such history!

Later on we were lucky enough to see her taking on water – a rare sight nowadays indeed.

On down the lane a bit further and we came across 0410the last steam train to run under British Railways.

A magnificence of this locomotive, unfortunately we could not get a close look as she was ‘parked up’ in a long line of other types including some diesels.

Sadly I had a dizzy spell here, but it only lasted a few minutes.

0411Another cracker here on the right, two chaps were working on her getting her ready for their weekend run with passengers – of the smells… heady!

We passed the signal box then, but were not allowed in it like.

Fair enough that!

0414BJ asked a bloke if we could go into the work sheds for a look around – he said if yer give me £2 fer the funds yer can, but be careful yer don’t fall in the pits!”

So we did! (Not fall in the pits – gave him £2 each)

I was fascinated and agog with all the work going on – it must take these lads years to get their loco’s refurbished – and a fortune getting or making the parts needed.

0412Dedicated this lot are.

When we walked back to the station was when we saw the loco taking on water – a sight I’ve seen so many times in years gone by, but this is the first time I was impressed with it.

Fancy having a full sized train set eh? Hehe, I never had a toy sized one!

BJ got me to take some photographs using his camera – scared me to death! It was a rather natty complicated expensive one like – but I managed not to break it.

0413Took a photograph of John in front of what must have been the most attractive of the loco’s in the place – BJ loved it too.

Back to the platform and a walk along the other side and the ‘Ladies Waiting Rooms’ were authentically laid out – with open fireplace even a pram with a lifelike baby doll in it! They’ve worked so hard at getti0415ng things right!

I took a last photograph of the signals near the bridge at the station with an Inter-City diesel in the background, and we were off.

BJ suggested we call at the Ruddington Train Museum on the way home and I was all for it and again excited.

IMG_0115We drove to Ruddington but found the place closed.

BJ said to take photo of the times from the poster on the gate – the red days are extra-special events, the blue are train running days. I’ve forgot what the yellow days are though – sad innit? 

0415aBJ ran me back to his place and let take some photo’s for Thomas on the TFZ site. They show his support for an American Train Engineers Union supporting none-single driver conditions and he thought Thomas might be aware of this?

0416He offered to run me back home, but it was only a 15 minute walk so I declined and thanked him for the day – he was looking a little tired himself.

The walk back to the flea-pit proved rather incident ridden – no less than four pavement cyclists en-route.

I wonder if any of the political parties have realised this?

They could promise to put em in prison or deport them then they would be assured of the votes of the infirm and elderly walkers of Nottingham? No? Oh, alright then…

0417Got in and WC’d.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Made me nosh – not a lot.

Meat cob, garden peas, beetroot, cheesey potatoes and cooked pickled beetroot – followed by an iced lolly.

Fell asleep for an hour or two.

Woke and got this Diary dun like.

I’m sure I’ve got something on tomorrow… but what?