Random, waffling thoughts from Inchcock!


I think that should be Milliganesqueness?


No animal (Apart from Inchcock of course) were harmed in this production

This blog is lactose-free & suitable for vegetarians and vegans

No artificial colouring or flavourings were used

Inchcock is a semi-free-range production

Organically reclaimed wording used


8 thoughts on “Random, waffling thoughts from Inchcock!

  1. Nice free range poem with 23 lines ending on the same type rhymes. Did you actually throw a javelin at some point when you were a thin young man? A tubby gremlin is not fitting of you. Although you are lactose free, a wet nurse would do wonders for you.

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Sir.
      Throw a javelin, Tim? Only at school. And played soccer, and cricket, ran marathons, rifle-ranged, boxed, bungy jumped (Oh no, that later years later[/drunk]) Hehehe! None of them (apart from the marathon) successfully! The boxing, I held a 100% record though… I lost every bout!
      Now, a wet nurse… oh yes!

  2. I do not know why ‘only the average, gain success and drink gin.’ You would have to ask my 92 year old mother, as she did all three, just leave out the average part though, if you are anticipating a civil conservation.
    You outdid yourself here. This is excellent.

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