Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th March 2018: Trotskies return, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven pay me a visit – Mystery caller, that I am not clear about due to the dizzies. Humph!

Tuesday 6th March 2018

Polish: Wtorek 6 Marca 2018

0005hrs: Sprang awake and was out of the £300 second-hand recliner and on the Porcelain Throne in record time! A trail of blood spots needing cleaning up afterwards. Little Inchies lesion needed extra attention again. The actual Throne session went very well for once.

Medicating and cleansing tended to, and off to make a brew.

Still clear of any snow outside. No fog yet either, but the regular rain was spitting down just a little.

Made a mug of tea.

The computer on and started to finish off the Monday diary.

Virgin Outage!

Still, it didn’t last long and did not need any resetting. Got the Health Checks done.

0310hrs: Started to create this post. Hello, change of plans, off to the Porcelain Throne once more. Back to the regular messy evacuation style again! Much cleaning up required.

I wonder if that hot-pot last night is to blame for the double-visit? I only ate one or two spoonfuls of it, but of course, the gravy covered the chips that I gobbled-up.

0400hrs: And Herbert above is banging away again!

Went on to the WordPress Reader and answered comments.

Went on CorelDraw and made up a slightly better comparison shot of Nottingham 1959 and yesterday, of Nottingham City Centre.

Health checks and medications were taken.

Ablutions were done. Sorte the black waste bags and took them to the chute.

Back to the flat and had a grubbling session to make sure I had everything needed for my bus ride to Arnold to get some bread and a pork pie.

Passed the new build along Chestnut walk and into the Winwood Centre Temporary Shed, waiting for the bus out of the cold or wet or wind, Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Office. Apart from Welsh William, who was looking fit and perky, and the beautiful Cindy, everyone else seemed to be suffering from geliophobia, they could not even raise much of a smile. Newcastle Annie arrived and cheered things up a bit, bless her.

Got on the bus when it arrived and it had been blocked in by parked cars and a van. Had to reverse around. I sat listening to Mary all the way into Arnold. Another lady from the 14th floor, I named her Kathleen, but I do not know her name. Lovely lass also dropped off the bus in Arnold.

As I walked to the Asda store, a nasty Dizzy Dennis spell, followed by Shaking Steven which caught me off guard. Didn’t feel too good at all. I decided to rush best as I could to get the fodder and out to get the next L9 back to the flats, would be my best option.

I fair flew around, upsetting Hippy Hilda in the process. The dizzies had gone, but the shakes were still lingering by the time I got to the checkout.

With the Lamb Moussaka, rolls, pork pie, beef sticks and TV magazine. Paid the lad on the till, and out to the bus stop.

By Jimminee, I only just got there in time, the L9 was pulling up as I got to the shelter.

Kathleen got on the bus at the next stop. Started having a chinwag with her and had another Funny Dizzy. Can’t remember the bus trip, but recall walking from the bus to the flats with Kathleen, and saying our farewells as I got out off the lift.

I felt a lot better after a few minutes in the apartment and set about getting the nosh ready.

No cooking involved. The rolls were buttered and the sliced tomatoes with some onion salt and beef pieces inserted, covered with a drizzling of balsamic vinegar. The pork pie was one of the best I’ve tasted for ages, mind you, it was a bit expensive. Sugar snap peas and sliced apple.

Got settled and devoured this feast slowly and enjoyably so.

The food tray emptied and laying on the other chair waiting to be cleaned up and sorted, I woke hours later to the sound of both door chimes playing and knocking on the door.

This was terrible timing for me, cause I was in the middle of another funny-turn. Can’t really recall a lot about the visit. A bloke from somewhere came to do checks I think. He was only there a few minutes, and I think I had to sign a sheet or something. I really was in and out while he was here. He went in every room, I’d guess.

But of course after he had gone, I realised I was there in my protection pants and jammy bottoms, no hearing aids in and felt unhappy, no, that’s not the word. Uncomfortable with not knowing entirely what had just happened.

Then, I did an email to the surgery asking for an appointment with the doctor. Because I have never had more than one Funny-Turn in a day before, now three today.

Fretting just a bit about this, I could not get back to sleep, for my trying to recall things and worrying about have I missed something important he might have said?

Eventually, I gave up trying to sleep and got up again just before midnight.

Tsk! Hey-ho!

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th March 2018: Trotskies return, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven pay me a visit – Mystery caller, that I am not clear about due to the dizzies. Humph!

  1. ¡Bocadillos! Nicely done on the meal. Asking about funny-turns is a good idea. You don’t want to get too turned around or it won’t be funny anymore.

    • Had to look them up, Tim. Just my cup of tea… if you know what I mean, like. Haha!
      I’m going to try similar tonight. Pork Knuckle baguettes methinks, Sir.
      Not up to much at the moment, but deferably feeling better than yesterday.
      I thank you. TTFN

  2. Merci Mon Ami. X
    I hope the snow remains don’t remain for too long with you LS and Bertie.
    Excellent photographicalisations of your locale on your site.
    TTFNski and taketh care. ♥

      • Thank heavens for that. Bertie will be able to ramble more easily now.
        I watched an RSPCA Rescue episode last night. I’ll have to stop looking at these, it is so upsetting.
        Hope you don’t get the rain like here so bad. Having just typedt this, it stopped and a hazy sunshine came through.
        Have a good day please. ♥

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