Inchcock – Thursday 7th February 2019: The day started off well – then got worserer and worserer, mentally and medically! Humph! Tsk!



Thursday 7th February 2019

Finnish: Torstai 7. Helmikuuta 2019

GCPram23:40hrs: Woke and tried my best to recall a dream I’d been having. About childhood and schooldays I think, I can’t recall any detail at all, but have the ‘feeling’ that I didn’t enjoy it.

The urgent call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so I manipulated my grossly stomached body from the £300 second-hand 1968 recliner, and off to the WC. Amazingly, I had little bother getting free of the chair, standing up or hobbling to the wet room at all!

GC scowl Wd BLACK Got settled on the Throne, the evacuation took all of three seconds and was a right messy-sloppy affair. But this did not grab my attention much at the time, because the moment the movement began, Back-Pains-Brenda kicked-off around the kidney area, lower back on the right, and has stayed with me on and off all day! It feels like an intense but dull aching pain, no stabbing, just persistent while it lasts, and that varies from ten minutes to an hour or two? What next! Oy gevalt! I rubbed plenty of the Phorpain Gel into the area, but do not have a lot of faith in it doing much to relieve the situation. I dare not take any extra painkillers, cause I’m on my maximum allowed at the moment. What with Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis’s knees and the left ankle and heel; now being joined by Brenda-Back-Pain and the kidneys. I wonder if the back pain is splanchnic? And boy, am I tired all the time lately! At least I got to book an appointment with Dr Vindla for next Thursday. I hope things don’t viliorate in the meantime. But I suspect my own senescence will be the cause of whatever this new debilitating ailment turns out to be.

Got the porcelain cleaned up and disinfected, washed the dandies, felt sorry-for-myself and went to get the Health Checks done. As like yesterday, I was getting the accoutrements gathered, and had to have a wee-wee again. Today, they seem to be of the SSNSWW (Short-Sharp-No-Sensation-Wee-wee), variety, up to now, anyway.

Back to the kitchen again.


4Thu01At least the Sys and Dia had come down a good bit. The temperature had gone up a tad. Not that I fully understand it all yet. As for the weight, I’d sooner not mention that; else it will get Sister Jane annoyed and set her off on one her ‘Shame-Inchcock-For-being-Fat-Missions’ again! Hehe! 

Got the medications taken, and had to trot back to the wet room for another Porcelain Throne session. Tsk!

4Thu02Another super-quick, spurty, liquified, messy evacuation.

Checked out the pins (legs). They seemed to have far less fluid in them this morning. Still misshaped and rock hard though. And now, the left leg is bigger than the right one – opposite to yesterday. Confusing, innit?

I can see an unhappy face just above the Arthur Itis affected left knee in this photo, it even seems to have a moustashe! Can you? Hehehe! 

I started to update and finalise the unhappy Wednesday blog. Got it finished and posted off and went on the WordPress Reader. Then caught up with the comments.

I caught up with Facebooking, which took a long time, a really long time with all the photos I’d missed putting on the albums. Klutz!

I gorrit done, eventually, Phew! Now I’ll get some brekkers! Had some porridge.

Got the ablutions done, and sorted out the nibbles and prizes for the Social Hour and got them in the bag.

4Thu03aWd BLACK The pins and ankle were starting to kick off again. Ah, well!

The drizzle looked threatening, but not to me, I was only going to the Social Hut today. Cause I didn’t feel all that good. Poor old thing, Hehe!

Took the black bags to the waste chute, and set off down in the lift and out onto Chestnut Walk.

4Thu04Angela was waiting to go out, I got the umbrella out and covered her as we hobbled in the rain to the hut. I turned to take a photo of Woodthorpe and the New Winwood Court and the Oberstgruppenführer Wardens new holding-cells and offices.

I got in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon lecture room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like China crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. A good crowd today, but I with my feeling under the weather and the damned legs giving grief I was struggling. Then Dizzy Dennis joined in the ‘Let’s give Inchcock more pain’ brigade.

I feel sure I enjoyed most of the meeting, but memories are not specific. Jenny I recall was on good form, bless her. I think I left early, cause I found photographs that triggered memories in the morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got in and did two Health Checks straight away, and took the medications early, cause my EQ told me I was about to fade alertness-wise and this means memory blanks. Feeling-sorry-for-myself-Mode-Engaged. Tsk!

4Thu08I grabbed something to eat, eggs, sausages and bread with a dessert while I was still awake and aware.

I know this cause I found this photo on the SD card in the morning.

The wee-weeing seems to have stopped altogether, don’t know if that is good or bad, cause the legs are filled up and hard, still?

4Thu09I do vaguely recall taking this beautiful shot of the sky later. I think.

I fell asleep at a ridiculous time and just kept on waking up, the TV on, nodding off, waking up, nodding off, waking… well, you get the idea.

Terrible night!

I must get all this written down, to tell the Doctor about things.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 15th March 2018: Depressing day

Thursday 15th March 2018

Russian: Четверг, 15 марта 2018 года

0000hrs: Woke up with a medley of confused thoughts about what needed doing today. Morrisons, Social, Dentist… no, that’s been moved to next week I think. Fire meeting, Upgrading meeting, GUM Clinic and I need the Porcelain Throne!

The farcical folderol of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was even more of a travail than yesterday, thanks to Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda. Once perpendicular but tottering a tad, I went off to the wet room.

The Dia-limit tablets had appeared to do the job of steadying down Trotsky Terence somewhat. But the fat torpedo that evacuated seemed to have torn off the tops of most of the haemorrhoids en route, and the blood flowed. Leaving me with some beautiful red splatter patterns to clean up. Hehe!

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

Took the meds with water, a brew of tea and to the computer.

Computer started, and I checked the diary and calendar for things needing attention today. I thought of Jenny and hoped she had got her internet back on. I regret not being able to help her with this last night.

Made a start on this post up to here, then saved it and started to finalise yesterdays diary. Got it sorted and done by 0220hrs.

Went on to the WordPress Reader. Some great stuff on today.

Pondered on the tasks ahead. Morrison Delivery 0630>0730hrs, Social Hour 1000hrs, Fire Meeting 12.30hrs, the GUM Clinic… oh no, that’s been cancelled now, to be rearranged again.

0300hrs: Tried Facebooking.

On CorelDrawing. There are the results:

Bit more prep work on CorelDraw.

Did the ablutions earlier than usual.

Made a brew and took the photographs below from the kitchen window to the left then the right. Sprinkling with rain at the time.

0630hrs: Expecting the Morrison delivery within the next hour. Did some more CorelDrawing while I was waiting.

The Morrison man arrived, nice chap he was, carried the stuff through to the kitchen for me. I seem to have a lot of things again? Tsk! The fridge and freezer were soon full up, cram-packed again.

Gawd, the noise seemed to be coming from everywhere with the windows being done so close by to me.

Got it put away and made another brew, had a wee-wee and made the order up for Morrisons for next week. Collected up the raffle prizes and nibble box and set off out to the Obergruppenfuress Warden Hut for the Social Hour.

Had a job to get a lift, with the workmen and deliverymen moving furniture and stuff into Norman’s old flat, for the new tenants. Whoever they are.

They took their things out, and I got into the lift.

Much mess on the floor again, gonna be a headache for the poor old caretaker.

I noticed that a beetle was back for a visit, no signs of its mate, though.

Jenny’s Frank was in the foyer on his way out. We left together, but he then speeded up like Superman, leaving me in his wake, as he almost jogged to the cabin.

A few spots of rain fell.

Not too many folks in there today. But sounded boisterous and happy.

I gave Wardens Deana and Julie their usual Polish sourdough loaf, then made a bee-line for Jenny, to ask how her internet connection was. She told me that the workmen doing the outside of the building had cut the cable wire! But they (Virgin Media) had been out and got it going again now. That pleased me. The being reconnected I mean, not the workers severing the wire! Blimey, these works are causing some hassle for us old people!

Jenny handed me the nibble box I’d forgotten to collect. BJ was in attendance, Bill (William on Sundays), John and me sat at the same table. I handed round the newly stocked from my carrier bag of nibbles.

Bought some raffle tickets and handed them out to a couple of the girls.

Ended up doing the crossword book, until it was time to depart. I checked with Jenny to make sure this Fire Session at the shed, started at 1230hrs. (I’d be lost without Jenny’s help!)

I left, and Frank was going my way, this time he left me in his wake again, going in the opposite direction. Hehe!

The rain was now persistent, but very fine.

I got a feeling via my EQ that the rest of the day held some not good things for me. I’m rarely wrong with these senses and emotions, you know. The plates-of-meat and Arthur Itis were a tad bothersome.

Got in the flat and had a wee-wee.

1125hrs: Just over an hour to go before I have to go out again to the meeting. I got in the lift and up to the apartment. Getting out of the elevator, I could see the moving folks were still hard at it getting the furniture into Norman’s old flat. RIP Norman.

Had a wee-wee. Made a brew and did the Health Checks.

  I got the computer on to update this diary.

Spent the rest of the available time on CorelDrawing updates.

A bloke from Nottingham City Homes called from the Fire Regulation and Procedure questionnaire.

I see that Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana did forget to advise them on the possibility that I a will not be available. See, I knew this would happen, the old EQ told me. A good man. I joked that this is the second time that Warden Deana had forgotten about me and let me down! Said with a stern look on my face. Then I broke into a smile and added; Fortunately, the 250 other times she has helped me was okay! That broke the ice with him straight away. Did the survey and he asked about my wooden Jamaica plaque on top of the heater. I told him it was from a mate years ago who I worked with, he bought it for me on his way back from a holiday back in Kingston. He pointed out where his Mam and Dad are now and used to live. But he didn’t have time for a proper chinwag. Bade him farewell and got ready to go to the meeting.

I walked up to the cabin in the drizzle.

All hectic with the builders and lorries delivering stuff to them.

I pressed on and got to the hut, to find it jam-packed with residents, Fire Brigade Officers and NCH staff.

So many voices all going on at the same time, I got myself in a pickle trying to hear and understand what folks were saying. Jenny asked if I wanted a drink, thanked her and declined. I linked up with a group of people that Cindy was with, one lady offered me her seat, bless her. Later we all went over to Winchester Court to look at an empty flat that had got the Sprinkler system already installed, on the third floor.

But it was hopeless with so many voices again rattling away. I explained to Cindy that I was leaving and going back to the flat, and why. The hearing aids do not work in these conditions, and if I took them out, things would not be any better. Hopefully, she will explain to the others for me.

I departed, no one missed me. When I got in the foyer, the two Wardens were talking to people, and I did want to butt in, so I walked passed them. I don’t think they noticed me. They must be mega-busy with all the task on at the moment.

I felt a little despondent.

The noise from the builders above me inside somewhere was driving me potty, but it is necessary. The drilling din from outside was not as bad now, they were working on the floor below.

I got the oven warming up and prepared the Cumberland Pie. Added some of the Red Leicester red cheese on top of the pie and sliced some mini tomatoes onto it as well. I might add the last two potato cakes to have with it.

Got the computer on to update this diary again. Did this, then turned off the computer and got the pie with trimmings into the oven.

Checked the TV programmes. I don’t know why, for as sure as MPs fiddle their expenses, I’ll only fall asleep, and have little if any chance of staying wake up to 19100hrs to watch the Hustle episodes. This and the feeling that I am an odd one out with the hearing problems, and having to leave the others and miss the help day, depressed me an iota. Well, a fair bit, really.

Cause of the weight problem, I had less on the plate tonight. Cumberland pie, cheese and tomatoes added, two potato cakes and some sliced red onion, I did have two slices of bread with it.

Tasty! I tried to eat it slowly, to masticate correctly and feel full fed.

Got the TV on. Farcical! Fell asleep shortly afterwards.

Kept waking-up, during which during one, I saw the red light on the landline phone flashing. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, thinking it might be the surgery with the next appointment for the blood test. It was Brother-in-law Pete. For some reason, I had not sent a link to the Inchcock Today to either him or Jane and he was concerned if I was alright. Kind, that.

Washed the pots, then. Head down once more, and had horrendous dreams, of which I can recall no details. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th March 2018: Trotskies return, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven pay me a visit – Mystery caller, that I am not clear about due to the dizzies. Humph!

Tuesday 6th March 2018

Polish: Wtorek 6 Marca 2018

0005hrs: Sprang awake and was out of the £300 second-hand recliner and on the Porcelain Throne in record time! A trail of blood spots needing cleaning up afterwards. Little Inchies lesion needed extra attention again. The actual Throne session went very well for once.

Medicating and cleansing tended to, and off to make a brew.

Still clear of any snow outside. No fog yet either, but the regular rain was spitting down just a little.

Made a mug of tea.

The computer on and started to finish off the Monday diary.

Virgin Outage!

Still, it didn’t last long and did not need any resetting. Got the Health Checks done.

0310hrs: Started to create this post. Hello, change of plans, off to the Porcelain Throne once more. Back to the regular messy evacuation style again! Much cleaning up required.

I wonder if that hot-pot last night is to blame for the double-visit? I only ate one or two spoonfuls of it, but of course, the gravy covered the chips that I gobbled-up.

0400hrs: And Herbert above is banging away again!

Went on to the WordPress Reader and answered comments.

Went on CorelDraw and made up a slightly better comparison shot of Nottingham 1959 and yesterday, of Nottingham City Centre.

Health checks and medications were taken.

Ablutions were done. Sorte the black waste bags and took them to the chute.

Back to the flat and had a grubbling session to make sure I had everything needed for my bus ride to Arnold to get some bread and a pork pie.

Passed the new build along Chestnut walk and into the Winwood Centre Temporary Shed, waiting for the bus out of the cold or wet or wind, Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Office. Apart from Welsh William, who was looking fit and perky, and the beautiful Cindy, everyone else seemed to be suffering from geliophobia, they could not even raise much of a smile. Newcastle Annie arrived and cheered things up a bit, bless her.

Got on the bus when it arrived and it had been blocked in by parked cars and a van. Had to reverse around. I sat listening to Mary all the way into Arnold. Another lady from the 14th floor, I named her Kathleen, but I do not know her name. Lovely lass also dropped off the bus in Arnold.

As I walked to the Asda store, a nasty Dizzy Dennis spell, followed by Shaking Steven which caught me off guard. Didn’t feel too good at all. I decided to rush best as I could to get the fodder and out to get the next L9 back to the flats, would be my best option.

I fair flew around, upsetting Hippy Hilda in the process. The dizzies had gone, but the shakes were still lingering by the time I got to the checkout.

With the Lamb Moussaka, rolls, pork pie, beef sticks and TV magazine. Paid the lad on the till, and out to the bus stop.

By Jimminee, I only just got there in time, the L9 was pulling up as I got to the shelter.

Kathleen got on the bus at the next stop. Started having a chinwag with her and had another Funny Dizzy. Can’t remember the bus trip, but recall walking from the bus to the flats with Kathleen, and saying our farewells as I got out off the lift.

I felt a lot better after a few minutes in the apartment and set about getting the nosh ready.

No cooking involved. The rolls were buttered and the sliced tomatoes with some onion salt and beef pieces inserted, covered with a drizzling of balsamic vinegar. The pork pie was one of the best I’ve tasted for ages, mind you, it was a bit expensive. Sugar snap peas and sliced apple.

Got settled and devoured this feast slowly and enjoyably so.

The food tray emptied and laying on the other chair waiting to be cleaned up and sorted, I woke hours later to the sound of both door chimes playing and knocking on the door.

This was terrible timing for me, cause I was in the middle of another funny-turn. Can’t really recall a lot about the visit. A bloke from somewhere came to do checks I think. He was only there a few minutes, and I think I had to sign a sheet or something. I really was in and out while he was here. He went in every room, I’d guess.

But of course after he had gone, I realised I was there in my protection pants and jammy bottoms, no hearing aids in and felt unhappy, no, that’s not the word. Uncomfortable with not knowing entirely what had just happened.

Then, I did an email to the surgery asking for an appointment with the doctor. Because I have never had more than one Funny-Turn in a day before, now three today.

Fretting just a bit about this, I could not get back to sleep, for my trying to recall things and worrying about have I missed something important he might have said?

Eventually, I gave up trying to sleep and got up again just before midnight.

Tsk! Hey-ho!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 7th January 2018

Sunday 7th January 2018

Greek: Κυριακή 7 Ιανουαρίου 2018

0355hrs: Having a marathon long day yesterday, I slept through for over seven hours. I still had the remote control in my hand from when I was trying to view what channels were on the goggle-box, but can’t recall watching anything, so I assume I drifted off into slumber very quickly.

The mind seemed to have some disponibility this morning, far less muddledness. The stomach began rumbling as I tried to dislodge my grotesque body from the £300 second-hand recliner. So, off to the Porcelain Throne with a certain amount of haste. Oddly, and I’m not an algophilist, but I missed the pains from Anne Gyna and Artur Itis. Although I was extremely pleased with the lack of attention from Dizzy Dennis. The session went well, only a few specs of blood that I think came from Haemorrhoid Harold and not as messy as yesterday.

I made up the medication dosage pots and made a tasty mug of Co-op 99 tea. That went cold when the rumbling and grumbling started again. So, back to the Porcelain Throne. A more protracted session this time, I got through a whole chapter of the Lenigrad book before anything moved, and when it did so, rock solid surrounded by coloured water? I hope this will not prove nocive to my health, I don’t want or need any other new ailments at the moment to cope with. Hehe! However, on the bright side, I saw no blood.

Back to take today’s health Checks and medications, and make another brew-up,

Got the computer on and an update arrived, so I downloaded it. It didn’t take long. Reading about what the update included left me baffled, just crossed my fingers all would be well and got on with finalising the Saturday diary and got it posted off.

When the rumbling innards started to kick off for the third time, worriment showed itself. The session was entirely different again; ‘Push, Plop, Gone!’ This time with a little blood from somewhere. Washed and cleaned up and the second mug of tea of the day had gone cold, went to make another one.

Took two photographs out of the kitchen window.

The first one, of the resident’s parked cars down below on Chestnut Walk.

The vehicles had a decent covering of frost and ice all over. I should imagine the pavements will be a bit slippery.

Then took a picture of the skyline and horizon. Which seemed to provoke to me into a studious mode. Out there, all those people asleep in their cottages, bungalows, apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached homes, mansions, caravans, cars, hostels, shop doorways, friends settees, workplaces, hospitals, loony-bins and being burgled, mugged, attacked, conned or whatever. Every Homo-Sapien with their own personal worries and hassles. I think I heard silent cries of, unhappiness, frustrations, pain, paroxysms and unwanted emotions in the still of the icy-cold morning. Blimey, did I write that?

I made a third cup of tea, Extra-strong Old English Breakfast this time, in the tiny mug.

As I was putting in the milk, the shakes came over me. When I went to pick it up, and Craig Cramps attacked the left-hand fingers, and I spilt a drop or two trying to grab it, cause I was using the other hand on the camera.

How can things change so much ailment-wise in just a couple of hours?

I was feeling so good when I stirred into life this morning too. Now in turmoil and uncomfortable! Confusionableitis reigned. Globdangerations!

Updated this post up to here. Went to the WordPress Reader section. While doing this at 0710hrs, Herbert above kicked off with his dropping stuff and knocking. I must remember to mention this to Deana when I see her.

Then, after the tea had gone cold once more, (Like how I cunningly made only a small mugful, Hehe?) I made another and read then answered the comments

Then went on Facebook.

0805hrs: Next on CorelDraw, doing a graphic of the new Sandra Lentz film on DVD, called Law & Order: “The ‘Senior Citizens Uprising’. 0940hrs got it finished and posted off.

Worried about how things will go tomorrow with the radiator installations.

Did the Health Checks and medications.

No desire for any real fodder, but had some nibbles.

The blues were returning, I got down to watch some TV, but gave up after about a dozen nod-offs.

Inchcock Today: Friday 20th October 2017: Woke-up in a pickle – Shopping Disaster – Bus Farce again. Humph!

Friday 20th October 2017

Georgian: პარასკევი 20 ოქტომბერი 2017

0200hrs: Begrudgingly my brain allowed life to return to my body – and with great reluctance, I opened the eyes to reveal the copious stomach to be covered in bits and bobs. The Lenigrad book, still on the page I started to read it on last night, nocturnal nibbling indicators (Empty Min-Cheddar biscuit packet, a pen inside of it?)  The stomach rumbling.

As I tackled the job of moving my mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the apotheosis of this action was finding an iced-sucker stick in a place no one should ever see an iced sucker stick. It didn’t half make me jump as I straightened up to stand. I’ll say no more!

Waking the last two mornings has been a pleasure, not so today. The unwillingness of my senses to communicate and link up with each other to even pretend to form an adequate regulatory bond was scary for a while. The brain told me to go and take the medications, and the body wanted nothing to do with the brain’s commands? Fair enough, this lasted only for a few moments, but suffice to say it made me nervous.

After a wee-wee and wash, I felt things coming together again. Then, when I got the medications out to take with a freshly brewed mug of tea; I realised I only had seven tablets in the day’s box. I was sure there were usually eleven in the morning dosage.

I checked the other pots in the weekly trays. Sure enough, I’d made a right great Whoopsiedangleplop of making this weeks up!

I emptied and started to redo next weeks pots to be on the safe-side, like.

It’s a jolly good job I don’t suffer from any form of Kakorrhaphiophobia, and am by now used to and accept that things will not improve any at my age, and Whoopsiedangleplops, Confusionableitis and Accifauxpas will be part of what life remains. Well, no point in moaning is there?

To the Porcelain Throne, where I waited in vain for the evacuation procedure to begin. All I got was rumbling and grumbling accompanied by the occasional escapage of squeaky sounding but loud, wind.

My EQ suggested to me that today was not going to be good medically or mentally. Oh dear!

I got yesterday’s diary updated, finished and posted off.

Did the WordPress Reading.

Graphics made for the TFZer site.

Took the bin bags to the rubbish chute. Ablutions tended to without any shaving cuts and bleeding from the lower rear quarters.

Out in the drizzle and tool this photograph through the gates of the centre compound where they are building the now block of flats. They are still piling in the concrete underground.

As I plodded along Chestnut Walk, I could see there was a group of tenants already at the bus stop. Marie, Angela, Doreen, Flo, Roy, Snot-bag (I don’t know his name, and have probably got most of the others wrong knowing me, Tsk!) and Bill Three, and we were joined by others later. A few chinwags and the lady from the top home arrived, and she always seems to like having a chat and me listening when we meet. Some of the other tenants do not understand that the woman has mind-problems and tend to ignore her. She is struggling to get her weight up, I gave her a nibble bar. The general mood was a little lighter this morning and cheered me up a bit, but then I didn’t know what was to come later. Hehehe!

The Bestwood bound bus arrived first. Only, I can’t remember her name, kind lady, err.. erm Mo I think, and I got on and had a natter on the way to Arnold. I got off and went into the Sainsbury store. There were no baskets to use, the fish counter had none of the river fish I wanted, and an Arnold Pavement Cyclist nearly ran into a bloke as I left to walk into Arnold Centre to visit the open market, and try Asda for the fish and Stilton Cheese Biscuits.

Another Pavement Cyclist came close to clobbering me en route.

The market only had a few stalls open and nothing I fancied or needed.

I went into the Saver shop to see if they had any Dettol Lavender Disinfectant or Citrus Air-Spray.

They had neither. Not doing very well today with the shopping trip, was I? I pressed on and arrived at the Asda (Walmart) Store.

They didn’t have any river fish either, but I got a fillet of Smoked Basa fish. The lady asked me if I wanted a cooking bag to do it in the oven?

I thanked her, and she put the fish in what looked like a regular brown paper bag. She assures me I could just put it in the oven as it is. I was dubious about this and wondered if I’d heard her right. So, on the way around the shop, I got some battered fish fingers and fishcakes to have and froze the fish I’d bought when I got back home. I’ll ask around and find out if it is safe to use the bag in the oven. They did not have any of the Stilton Cheese biscuits in stock either, and no Dettol.

I checked the time and got to the bus stop with plenty of time, 20 minutes before the electric powered L9 bus was due.

It arrived on time, and I was so glad, cause I knew a visit to the Porcelain Throne was brewing.

Three others and I got on the bus.

The vehicle moved a few yards and came to an abrupt stop – The power on the bus had ran-out!

We were going nowhere and got told to evacuate the bus quickly, just in case there was a problem with the batteries.

This on the left is what happened to one that had battery problems last year. So the driveress today, did right in getting us out sharpish. But nothing happened, other that we all had to find another way of getting to where we were going.

I caught a number 58 bus to town and dropped off in Sherwood. I kept my eye out at each bus stop to see if any of the other tenants were there waiting for the L9. I scribbled a note on an envelope I had in the bag, writing as boldly as I could; “L9 broke down” to show them through the window. But there were no residents at any bus stop.

I got off the bus near the Dentists in Sherwood. Five tenants were waiting for the L9. Roy, Doreen, Mary, Angela and Dot (I’ve no doubt got some of the names wrong) were there. I explained the situation to them and started to walk up the hill and down through the Woodthorpe Grange Park, then down to the flats. Mary caught up with me and walked together nattering away, back to the apartments.

I took the opportunity to shoot her photograph as we passed my beloved Tree Copse. I needed a rest anyway, the hip and knees were terrible, Anne Gyna started off, and I still needed the Porcelain Throne. Hehe!

Mary met another tenant as we entered the foyer and stopped for a chinwag, but I had to continue on to satisfy the WC needs.

Got in, and onto the Throne. A lot of bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

Put the new fish in the freezer and got the meal sorted. Battered cod and fishcake, tinned garden peas, tomatoes sprinkled with balsamic vinegarette, sharp onions and a pickled egg.

Despite being in a bad mood over the bus fiasco, in pain mainly with the teeth, after eating, Hilda Hip and Anne Gyna, I did enjoy it so much. Best one for ages.

Just too tired to do anything at all after putting the dishes in the sink to soak.

The phone rang, but I ignored it.

I soon fell asleep. Missing the evening Health Checks and medications. Huh!