Mon 6/4/15 – Inchcock Today: Papplewick Pumping Station

Monday 6th April 2015


Didn’t get to sleep until around 0400hrs. Slept through until 0830hrs. Took medications and applied gels and lotions.

Started prep for this diary – checked emails, Facebook between visitations to the porcelain.

Spit and polished myself changed and got ready to wait for BJ’s arrival for out trip to Papplewick Pumping Station.

Looking forward to the trip out and seeing Young David and BJ again.

BJ arrived with David in the car and we were off to Papplewick Pumping Station.

The sun was out today, but of course muggins here had to keep the sun off me head and skin so everyone there kept giving me odd looks – most folk in tee-shirts or summer wear, me wrapped up like Scott of the North. Tsk!

0106David was excited and him and I went on a wander around, David as usual wanting to eat at the cafe, a big lad David who despite his problems is a happy sort and I usually enjoy being in his company.

Today we walked around happily for a while chin-wagging to some of the volunteers on site.

They had some new engines working today.

I took some photographs of the Mini-Train that David likes to go on. this time I was not up to going on it with him though – the boil on me 0102bum and haemorrhoids made sure of that.

Note they were in shirtsleeves – looking at me as I took the photo here on the left – no doubt wondering why this old chap had his hat and a big coat on?

Eventually I chanced taking me hat off and kept in the shade as much as possible.

The steam engine chap had his daughter and a large dog with him today on his tractor.

0105I noticed the dog was chained to the tractor trailer and a large grip collar was on him. So reading into this I didn’t go close to it – oh no.

I took the shot from a distance using the zoom facility.

The animal didn’t look too friendly to me like.

We were now at the pond where there were many model boating enthusiasts including 0104some with model lifeboats, QE2, etc.

We walked around the circumference of the lake.

With so many people around today, the Carp in the lake were keeping out of view and deep within the depths.

0107I had to wait for a while for the folk to pass before taking this shot of the lakeside.

David and I walked to the rear where there were just two vintage cars there today.

This Morris 10 I think car stole me heart.

0103It brought back memories for me and as I looked closely to take the photo, the lady in the passenger seat hid her face behind the pillar. That brought back memories too Hehe!

David wanted to go on the trip to the reservoir but I was in no state to go with him and he was little sad about that bless him.

We met BJ as we walked around and as we were talking to him, the dizzies started and I felt unwell with them.

0108David and BJ went on a walk and I found myself sat rather comically in an uncouth position on a slated bench – to avoid catching me boil and piles taking a rest – I can’t really remember going there though.

I put me hat back on then fell asleep after taking this photo and woke feeling not too good but better than I was – if you know what I mean?

BJ rang me to see where I was, and we all met up and nattered with staff at the gatehouse before departing – me feeling a lot better now. Worried about losing memory of had happened for a while though.

Must make note of this for the doctor tomorrow.

BJ ran us home and I thanked him and David seemed happy as I got out of the car and waved them goodbye as they drove off.

0109I got in the dump and WC’d then made a nosh of BBQ beans a beef slice and some bread thins. Followed by an ice-lolly and a pot of ice-cream – I thought I was feeling a bit better now.

I think I enjoyed this nosh, cause afterwards I nodded off… for 11 hours! When I woke up and put the light on I found the dirty dish bereft of food and well wiped.