Inchcock Today: Mon 30/03/15 –

Monday 30th March 2015

Damned painful night all around I’m afraid.

Intercostal muscle, reflux valve and angina – Tsk!

And – I can’t remember me dreams again!

Remembered I’ve to meet Pete at 1000hrs to go with him for his mole photograph and have my INR testing done at the QMC.

Must get me LOMM posting done ASAP.

IMG_0035Made a cuppa and took me morning medications and got the laptop on.

Took a photo of the pink sky as I hobbled down.

Red sky in the morning – shepherds warning?

I hope I don’t get soaked again today to add to me medicationalistcal problems.

By the time I’d got me things ready it was again too late to walk into town so I caught a bus. (Heaven praise the pensioners free-bus-pass service – Alleluia!

Met brother-in-law Pete at his bus-stop and he torn a piece out of me for calling his Mole a wart and a photograph an x-ray in me yesterday’s diary when I mention him, then proceeded to explain in detail what he would do to me in the event of any such errors in the future before cuffing me around me head and pointing a finger or two of derision in me mush!

I think I might have annoyed him?

We had a good natter… well as good as any other two deaf old codgers could on the bus we caught – which turned out to be the wrong one – so we got off and 0102being as it wasn’t raining walked the last mile or so.

Pete took a photo of me hobbling along trying to keep up with him.

We went to the haematology department first and  waited in the queue, number called and I was in taking the nurses their nibbles and being tended to by a new nurse who seemed very pleasant. Even had a bit of a natter while they waited for the vein to stop bleeding – took a while to stop today.

0104Pete and I then asked at the reception desk for direction to the photo place and were informed where it was and we set off to the lifts, then the ‘D’ floor and while we waited Pete couldn’t resist the children’s scooter in the waiting area.

(Well I asked him to pose with it – hehehe!)

Seconds later the lady came out and took him into the room to be photographed – during which I started to read the paper and the lights dimmed, went out and came back on again. I wondered what they were doing with Pete – along with the noises emanating from the room it reminded me of Frankenstein!

He was out in a few minutes, I couldn’t see any raised or frizzled hair so assumed he was all okay. Hehe!

We caught the bus back into town and Pete wanted to call at the Kitty Cafe, then go to Aldi.

Jane and he have booked a sitting with them over the internet. £18 I think he said it was – but no doubt if I’ve gotten it wrong again he’ll let me know, oh dear…

We plodded on to the Chinese shop in Hockley and I got some seaweed and Pete got whatever bits were on Jane’s shopping list , then we moved on.

0107As we walked along Huntingdon Street towards the Aldi shop I espied the first bit of Nottingham Street Art of the day. Pete pointed out the finer points of the creation to me.

No idea who the artist was of course but hugely impressed with how he/he had used the alcohol and water bottles arranged attractively surrounded by chicken bones, banana skin, mouldy chip, nub-end and bloodied tissue – another Andy Warhol I thought? Shame the artist isn’t famous too – mind you, he/she was probably too pissed to realise the masterpiece that they had created?

Pete got some bits from Aldi and as I waited for him at the check-out, no less than two ladies approached the Obergruppenfurher member of staff holding their till reciepts telling him they had been overcharged? Not the slightest sign of being concerned about this at all showed as he just checked each receipt and grunted something to the operator and handed the second lady (I didn’t catch what he said to the first) some cash for what she was overcharged or short changed by and just carried on… Aldi? Mmmm?

0106We left and walked into the Victoria Shopping Mall where Pete needed to attend the WC. (For once, I didn’t?)

Waiting for him I noticed the ‘Boost’ fruit juice stall was bereft of customers again – then as I took the photograph one arrived! Again I had to winder ‘How do they make it pay?’

We pressed on and out over the walk-over where Pete took one if his wide photographs of the traffic and boy did it come out good or what? Yes it did! (See below please)

0105aHow he got the bus to appear half real half ghost was brilliant wonnit?

He sent me a copy via email later and I doctored it with 0103wording only and posted it here.

I took a photo from the other side of the walk-over showing a fruit stall and Nottingham Post vendors box. The pub in the background, the ‘Old Dog & Partridge is where the stairs come down from where we were, and Pete suggested a wide photo of the pub and he took one for me for the TFZ gals.

NCCwdogI used this one as a template for the post header. Clever stuff from Pete today.

bling4I nearly missed this one off – on suppose to be of my reflection in a cafe window wot he took earlier.

The way it’s came out is artistic and shows a different view of Pete and me in the background along with the buildings a bus and the trees and sky too – it should be in a gallery somewhere I reckon.

So I added a cut-out of me from a photo Pete also did with me camera.

Left Pete at his bus-stop and I poddled into boots to get some more of their effective sea-water nasal spray.

0109pigeoAs I walked through Trinity Square just two pigeons came down, one of them with a horrendously deformed claw, well a stub really and slipped them some seed.

I caught the bus back to Carrington and hobbled back to the pit.


Made some nosh, petite pois, potatoes and mini-franks: The enforced delay twixt them cooking and me eating them irke a bit!

0110Just as I was putting them in me dish to take with me to eat them – the call to the porcelain… the urgent call to the porcelain had to be responded to. And the pain and blood were not nice. Cleaned missen up and reheated the nosh – but I still enjoyed it.

Then realised I’m forgotten to go to the GP to book an appointment – Tsk and Huh!

Launderette in the morning and I’ve got to go to the chemists for me medications so I can call then and do it – famous last words!

Laptop on, Coreldraw9 didn’t freeze. (Yet)

Rear quarters still bad, Anne Gyna fair, Arthur Itis okay, Reflux a tad bothersome and the sneezing continues to hurt me pulled intercostal muscle, so things ain’t too bad at the moment.

BJ phones, he’ll pick me up for the launderette in the morning about 0750 – 0800hrs. I thanked him.

Took me medications now feeling a tad weary, but will I be able to get to sleep…?


Inchcock Today: Bleeding from the arm, leg and rear-end. Tsk!

Sunday 29th March 2015

IMG_0033I woke up scratching away at me left arm, left leg and rear end – I didn’t know which was itching worst!

After a few seconds I saw the blood on my hands and fingers that had been scratching away and stopped.

The arm and leg I put some antiseptic cream on – but it still it didn’t stop the bleeding on the arm and it began hurting as opposed to stinging. It looked to me like the lesion was caused by cracking skin?

A bit worried with this, so I tried a spot of Betamethasone cortisoid cream I had left over from me GUM clinic prescription left on the lesion and after a few minutes the blood stopped flowing. It seemed to weep water for a good while after, then seemed to stop, still hurting and itching? Sore now, more than hurting.

The leg was just a tiny scratch where I think I’d been scratching away at it.

The rear end was not the haemorrhoids but on me left cheek – that seemed to be only a drop of blood but I could feel the swelling?

Oh dear, what next I ask missen? I didn’t answer Hehe!

Eventually I nodded off around 0300 and woke around 1000hrs.

WC’d: Feeling pretty crap – now the angina was getting in on the act too – huh!

Too late to take me morning medications – but I did take just the beta-blocker.

0701Went down and put kettle on and made a flask – took a photo of the dismal wet windy weather outside.

I assessed me new ailments (The arm leg and bum). I couldn’t even find the lesion on the leg, like magic it had disappeared? The bum had healed (the piles were tender). As for the arm lesion, I must have been scratching at it in me sleep again, sore tender but not bleeding healed up, scratch-marks swollen made it looked a tad rough.

Not feeling too good really – not going to risk any walking today as when I came up the stairs with me flask I had a dizzy-spell that was not nice and lingered a fair while.

I think that the getting wet yesterday might not have help. Tsk!

(Poor old chap) Hehe.

Laptop on.

Flipping Coreldraw9 crashed again – Gnash!.

Did some WordPress perusing – then tried to concentrate on doing a post – not easy today.

Would you believe… I just sneezed and the pulled intercostal muscle has started stinging again now. What a hogwash start to the day… but it will get better I’m sure… Hopeful

Just some days I can easily get depressed – this is one. Hehehe!

IMG_0033The rains stopped now, but the winds still high and the clouds are moving about with great rapidity.

I must remember to pick up me INR record sheet and bus-pass tomorrow morning before going out.

I’m off to the haematology department in the Queens Medical, and meeting brother-in-law Pete in town as he’s got to go for some x-rays too.

Fatigued again now, and I haven’t done owt but computer related stuff all day.


Inchcock: His Depression in Rhyme

Inchcock’s Depression

Feeling sorry for himself can be addictive,

A solitary Life can still be conflictive,

Dislike of himself can be so vindictive.

Insults when he passes involuntary lively emissions of wind,

Essential that he has to remain thick-skinned,

They can be lethally pungent & musical like woodwind,

They make him feel guilty, as if he has sinned!

His angina he names Anne Gyna in fun,

His haemorrhoids feel at times like a blow-gun,

His dodgy reflux valve can stupefy and stun,

His WC visits on waking must be begun.

Arthur Itis ever present for the home-bound nomad,

But this does make the Nottingham lad a tad sad,

His repaired ticker still goes, making him glad,

But his relationship memories are so bad.

His lack of social skills are the worst ever seen,

He left school uneducated at the age of fourteen,

Got himself a job as a goffer and he was very keen,

Until he fell off the back of the lorry, rupturing his spleen.

Many woes and accidents were inflicted over the years,

So pain and frustration for Inchy hold no fears,

He take the insults and vilifications that he hears,

And the mocking, stares and incredulous insults he bears.

Easily he falls out with himself, on a daily basis too,

Happy memories can make him feel despairing and blue,

Yet self-destruction he seems intent to pursue,

He knows his failings and accepts them, although few.

What makes the old chap depressed and irascible?

Impecuniosity, frustrated with life? – Possible,

His ailments, unseemliness or his being gullible?

Or his being incapacitated and full of bull?

Is he really lonely, or is it imagined or an aberration?

Can he cope any longer with his lack of acclamation?

Why does he think he is doomed to cremation?

Never to know any true affection?

Hello… he’s cheered up and showing signs of jubilation?

Ah I see… it’s come back on has his BT internet connection!

28.3.15 Inchcock Today – The Nottingham Kitty Cafe opened today

Going with Pete to the Hospital & the Kitty Cafe

Saturday 28th March 2015

So many dreams, but back to not being able to remember them – Tsk!

WC’d, haemorrhoids still bad, and I must have tossed and turned or something in the night because the torn intercostal muscle ain’t half giving me some gip this morning! Huh!


Nasty looking sky this morning…

While I was making me cuppa to take me medications when brother-in-law Pete rang to confirm I was meeting him in town at his bus-stop to go with him on his hospital visit as a bit of support like – bless him, he’s a good lad.

Packed up the nibbles for the nurses and Janet and Pete then I got yesterdays diary finished and posted off, then got myself ready for me walk into town to meet Pete. Realised I was a bit late due to the extra attention required to me nether-regions so caught the bus instead of walking.

0607aGot the bus to town dropped off and the rain started again. Tsk!

Met Pete and we caught a bus to the hospital.

We walked around the side to the department we required at the back of the building and I gave Pete me brolly, he insisted on sharing it.

0605aWe got to the hospital.

Pete took a photo of me as I was taking one of him.

Seconds later he was in and being seen to – and out in about ten minutes – he’s going to have the wart removed and he has to go for a photograph to be taken of it first. Later he called me and arranged for me to go with him on Monday when I go for me INR tests, time to have a natter perhaps.

We couldn’t really today, because we were concerned about Sister Jane having tests today as well about her innards and Pete wanted to get back to her.

0606aWe caught the bus back into Nottingham and passed the newly opened Kitty Café.

Pete took the wide photograph I’ve used on the header with his mobile phone and emailed it to me later. Nice.

0605It appears you have to book a slot to go there?

The rain persisted down and Pete shot off to get a bus back to Jane – hope she’s going to be alright.

I poddled down to the slab square and thought I’d get under the shelter up the steps to the Council House building.

As I got me camera out I was approached by a lady-female PCO who asked me:

“Are you going into the building Sir?”

“No” I says “I’m just going to take a photo of the rain from under cover…”

“No your not… people need access to get into the wedding without hindrance!”


“Off you go then…”

So I went: taking a photo from the bottom step and getting awfully wet in the process.

06040607I limped up Clinton Street and over into Trinity Square where I slipped the poor wet pigeons some nosh like.

Took a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals and waked down to catch a bus back to the flea-pit.

As I was waiting in the queue I noticed how the old Express newspaper building frontage looked grand in its surroundings – next to it on the ground floor is now a Tesco Express.

0608Considering there is a Tesco Metro three minutes (Well eight minutes for me like) walk away in the Victoria Centre, it was amazingly busy.

The ornateness of the brickwork is something you don’t see much of nowadays.

The march/protest came around the corner as I sat on the bus waiting for it to set off.

I cancelled when Pete got his appointment at the QMC.

It has little support and passed by in a couple of minutes – perhaps the rain put folk off?

I took a photo through the bus window but the grime and rain made it worthless – mind you it might have passed off as a bit of Modern Nottingham Art – sorry I deleted it now.

0602I just found out I missed off the photo that Pete took as I hobbed towards the centre earlier.

Now, the reason I look so old, ill, struggling and depressed is that I am old, ill, struggling and depressed.

That’s cleared that up then.

In the background is the works for the new tram service that will eventually go into the hospital grounds and on out to Toton.

The wind and rain still persisted and I just missed a heavier downpour as I got in the dump.


Has sausage sandwiches then started laptop – Coreldraw9 crashed – fancy that. Tried SerifDraw6 – that froze – getting fed up now.

The piles are still tender but the torn muscle is a lot easier now.

Fatigue and flatulence have arrived though… Huh!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Fri 27 Mar 15: A Day of Failed Witticisms!

DSCF0001A Day of failed Witticisms

Friday 27th March 2015


Couldn’t get to sleep last night, tried everything – reading me D-Day book, looking at me Trolleybus book, Facebook, radio etc… Not much luck.

Seemed like I got ten minutes akip and anther ten wide awake all night until about 0445hrs when I nodded off for four hours solid.


Dreams I remembered:-

Working for someone in a sprawling factory with a tiny porta-cabin office where I was called to regularly and given jobs that took me off-site. I think I was being nice to the boss for some reason, although I sensed I didn’t like him. I can recall two of the jobs given me… well bits of them.

Job 1: I was a court judge – I handed out some pretty horrible punishments – A Pavement cyclist got life, A mobility scooterer got twenty years hard labour (I can’t recall what for), Tony Blair was sentenced to having his tongue removed then to be executed by being stoned to death by the relatives of dead soldiers and a footballer I sentenced to having his testicles crushed in a vice… there were many others I’m sure but can’t recall them or why now.

Job 2: I had to fetch something from a place I didn’t know and take it back to the boss -I went on a motorbike, got lost in a giant office complex and started panicking – a beautiful plump round-faced pretty posh lady helped me find the office I wanted – As I left with the parcel under my arm I looked back up at the building and saw her smiling and waving to me… I got knocked over and woke up in the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital in Woolwich without any legs… first thing I noticed was the well crushed parcel in a shopping basket with my bloodied clothes on the floor by the bed – two men with broken noses, scars, knuckle-dusters on and an intimidating appearance came to me and demanded money for the doctors taking my legs off? I told them I had no money, Why they asked, “Cause I’ve spent it all on a new camera I replied”. “Oh #’\% me” said the taller one of the ruffians “You have to have em sewn back on again now then!” The shorter one asked me to take his photo? Next thing I was trying to gain access to the bosses office with the smashed up parcel and the boss opened the door and told me I was sacked and shot me with Luger…


WC’d, haemorrhoids bad again, must give them a good soak in the bath and tend to them later. Tut!

Made a cuppa and took me medications before I actually nodded of.

Had a good scrub up and bath – tended to me tender areas.

Did a bit of Facebooking and this diary up to here.

I’ll take me new Fuji camera with me today methinks, see if I can get used to it, I should be okay I’m sure… Hopeful 

DSCF0002I got the bits ready to take to the Sherwood branch of the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, bus-pass etc. and set off on walk into Sherwood.

The sun kept coming out occasionally through the clouds a few times and the wind was a bit less than it was yesterday like.

Took a photo of the sky at the end of the road – a tad unwelcoming.

Onto Mansfield Road and I made good headway today cause Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were good to me – only the haemorrhoids DSCF0003being troublesome.

A different lady on duty today at the charity shop thanked me for the donation and nibbles, nice gal.

She asked if I was alright and for some reason I gave an answer that a woman I worked with in 1968 Margaret used to give me verytime I asked her if she was okay: “Not so dusty, well brushed!” The lady frowned looked me up and down and said quietly ‘Oh’ – Failed Witticism number One of the day.

I caught a bus into town, dropping off at Victoria Centre and walking in from the Tesco end I fed some pigeons some seeds.

Took a photoDSCF0005 of some ‘Bling’ with the new camera for the TFZ gals – after downloading it at home, I was very disappointed with the quality.

I cut through the jitty and out through the back of the centre and made my way to the Aldi store in search of some more of the whole potatoes in herb sauce.

Managed to get four packs, I’m rather taken with them, partly because of the wonderful taste and partly because they cook so well in the microwave oven.

DSCF0006I also noticed they had started selling their own brand of bread thins at a good price – I just got one pack to try them out first.

Then I noticed on my way back through Vic centre – that the ‘Boost’ juice stall had two customers- at the same time – I whipped me camera and recorded this rare almost unheard of event!

A chap passing when I took the photo asked me: “Why are taking a photo of that then?”

I replied (Another failed Witticism coming here…) “I thought David Cameron would like to know how well they are doing!”. Another frown from a Nottinghomian followed by a loud Tut, and off he went. Hey-ho!

DSCF0007I proceeded up the escalator and into the walk-over taking a photograph of the traffic from my usual position.

A tad gloomy and the wind seemed to be picking up.

Down to steps to ground level – and three Vic Centre employees were trying to chase out a crippled pigeon – not with a lot of success either. There was only them and me there and I risked another witticism: “Can you manage lads? Do you want some help like? I could gas-it for yer if it’ll help?” and I laughed out load – this wasn’t appreciated in the least – Dirty looks and sneers came from their faces in my direction as I hobbled down the stairs away from them, leaving them swearing at and chasing the crippled pigeon.  Failed Witticism number three of the day.

I went into Wilkinsons store and got some Antiseptic disinfectant and nasal spray.

DSCF0008Out and back towards Trinity Square.

Noticing the Nottinghomians had not lost none of their love of crossing the traffic lights against the red don’t-cross signal.

I wandered up and dropped some bird seed and meal-worms for the pigeons to nibble.

Then down the jitty to the bus stop.

Where my fourth witticism also failed with the bus-driver!

Getting on the bus I tripped due to the weight of me bag I think (The potatoes?) – and exclaimed something like: “Oh boggleskellysworth” at the pain it caused to me rear end. The driver looked at me outraged and offered a scowl of crushing magnitude. I don’t know what he might have thought I’d said but he was not pleased.

I dropped off the bus at Carrington and popped into the Co-op store to see if they had any of me ice-cream centred fruit flavoured lollies in – they had so I got a pack.

As I approached the till area I went to the first one expecting someone to turn up to attend to me – and heard a female voice call out rather sharply from the other end: “This one, I’m here!” she commanded.

I moved down to her and said chirpily with a grin on my face: “Sorry midduck didn’t see yer, me hearing aid batteries are on the wain!” I thought that as me best witticism of the day…

She didn’t – I got an “Eh…?” from her and a look of incredulity followed by one of the greatest Tsks I’ll ever heard.

I thought it best to stop trying my witticisms any more after failing with first five efforts to bring a smile to anyone’s faces?

Limped back to the bomb-site, slipping some seed to Fatima and Fred on the way.

WC’d and treated me soreness, put me bits away, made a flask tea and went up to start this diary.

Had a rinse and changed into me jammas.

Took me medications then went down to make me potatoes, franks and petit pois, followed by an iced lollie.

Drifted off to sleep…

Inchcock Today – Thursday: Dawgnab them dang piles!

Thursday 26th March 2015

Didn’t get to sleep until around 0300hrs, woke about 0730hrs remembering dream I think I’d just had. Scribbled some notes down about it.

I moved and the haemorrhoids erupted. Oh dear…


Coronation Street. (Not really)

Made a cuppa and took photo’s of the rather wet weather this morning.


Took me medications and Laptop on.

Deciphered me notes about the morning dream wot I had:

I was with a party of people and we were in a restuarant with tiny sections and rooms on two foors to start with and I was treating them to a meal, I was walking up down and through the rooms serving extras if they wanted any – had my coat stolen whilst doing this – I did not recognise the ladies and gents but felt I did know them slightly, or of them. I think the restaurant was on a rusty old boat that kept going underneath bridges? One of the chaps nicked the potato off me plate and I didn’t want to make a fuss for some reason.

Found myself on a gangplank leaving the place with the other perhaps eight people and they all suddenly turned laughed and threw me off into the water.

I was court-marshalled with Tony Blair being on the panel and sentenced to selling Big-Issues outside Victoria shopping centre – where I found myself dressed as Winston Churchill and talking to Enoch Powell who was collecting for the Salvation Army and Sid James selling watches from under his coat when I passed wind and everything went blank?

Not my usual sort of dream that one.

The haemorrhoids were the worst of me pains this morning – indeed stayed the worst throughout the day – very uncomfortable.

Did some Facebooking and graphics on Coreldraw9 for a few hours.

Tended to me ablutions, teggies shave etc and got me things ready for a walk into Nottingham City Centre.


Dark and windy this morning

It was very windy this morning as I left the dump and took me customary shot of the sky above Carrington.

Not many folk about locally – but air of foreboding lingered for some reason – no idea why but I didn’t like it at all.

I plodded down through the jitty and onto Mansfied Road.

Crossed over and as I was walking passed the hotel opposite the Grovensor pub – three pavement cyclists of the younger trainee yobbo variety came towards me – what they shouted to accompany their two finger signs was lost in the noise of the traffic as they passed me by.


I’d just put the camera back in my pocket then a more senior pavement cyclist belted passed me from behind!

I pressed on up the hill and down into the City Centre – and blow me another Pavement cyclist nearly got me as he shot passed!

IMG_0038I poddled in through the Victoria Centre Mall top floor and spotted a window display using faceless models of kids?

Spotted a few others as I walked through in different shops.

Didn’t like them at all.

Then –  shock. A first!

A Genuine original first!

IMG_0039The ‘Boost’ stall had a customer as I was passing over it – I kid you not! Honestly. I just knew that if kept looking and photographing each time I passed by I’d catch a customer there eventually.

The two members of staff do look a little shocked and confused do they not to you? Hehehe!

IMG_0040As I walked out and over the walk-over I took another photo of the happy contented Nottinghomian’s as they made their way to the benefit offices, pawnbrokers, stores to shoplift from, in search of victims to mug, the job-centres, pay-day loan sharks and a few of them to or from work.

IMG_0042I walked down from the walk-over and into Clinton Street. Tried to take a photo of the crowds and nothing happened! – Panic… had me new camera died a death?

Worried now, and decided to try and get a cheapo one from the Jessop Camera store that happened to be a few yards away.

I was pondering over the cheap end range and an assistant by the name of Soyo came to my assistance. Nice lad. Very patient with me hearing and understanding problems. There was one camera that was easy to use at only £69.99, a Fuji Finepix AX650. Not that I fully followed what the lad was telling me, but he said he’d do me a ‘Bundle deal’ as I was buying a Screen protector pack – Compact case – Sandisk Extreme 16GB – Was I? I thought?

IMG_0041I turned out I only had to pay £80.96 for the lot.

Soyo then had a look at my old camera for ten seconds, no idea what he did – but it was working again! Huh!

He then proceeded to show me how to delete photos from the camera on the camera (The old one) and I proceeded to feel a fool it was so easy. Tsk!

It’s the multi-task buttons that confuse me yer know.

IMG_0046The wind as getting worse as I poddled into town and called in Primark to see if they had any of the ‘Andy Caps’ back in stock – to me pleasant surprise they had two in stock at… only £3 each – so I snaffled em up a that price.

So now I’ve got a spare camera and two spare hats that fit! Luxury eh?

IMG_0043I saw that the Primark store were having a push to sell their sun-glasses off dead cheap.

So if anyone needs any sunglasses get yourself down to Primark in Nottingham where they are available from only £1 a pair! (Primark please send cash only in thanks and appreciation of my promoting of your products – thank you).


Looks like a face?

As I made me way up to the bus stop I slipped the pigeons some seed cunningly like.

This display in the pawnbrokers of Upper Pariament Street caught me eye as I poddled passed. All second hand but beautiful stones – no idea what they are though of course.

The Rose of England public house has now had all the buildings surrounding it that were part of the BBC headquarters in Nottingham demolished.

0401Poddled to the bus stop and caught a bus back to Carrington.

Got in and WC’d and treted me painful piles.

Made a cuppa and had some cheese-burgers.

Fell asleep.

Woke up (The wind howling) and took me medications and cleaned up and creamed the rear end again.

Did this diary off, it took ages as me concentration was not good for some reason.

Hey-ho… TTFN all!

Inchcocks Bath-night Circa1958

Now I know I’ve always been Kak-handed,

And for this I often got myself back-handed,

Dad said I was ‘A useless ornament’,

And I never won any fight or tournament,

But I wus always willing, keen and helpful,

Especially when Dad had had a skinful!

I’d get home from school, a place of fear for me,

Clean the grate, lay the fire and make ready Dad’s tea,

I wasn’t allowed to light the fire you see,

Till Dad got home or unhappy he would be,

Don’t light it until I get home – Dad would decree,

Not worth the cost, coal don’t grow on a tree!

Bath-time was always a hassle for me every time,

Utilise kettles pans of water heated on stove, and the fire,

I drag the tin bath off the wall, and get rid of the grime,

Into the living room, filled it to Dad’s desire,

Towels on the fender warming for him meantime,

Topping the bath up with hot water as he did require,

Eventually he’s get out, into his jamas and retire,

Leaving me to have a bath in front of the burnt out fire.

In his cold mucky water, and to dry off on his soggy towels,

Not a pleasant experience, in fact it was fowl,

Then empty the bath drag it out and hang it back on the yard wall,

Somehow at the time, I didn’t seem to mind at all,

For I knew things would improve, my fortunes improve and grow…

They didn’t though…

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 24th March 2015

Wednesday 25th March 2015

Dreamt of struggling to get to work, repeatedly I think.

On a motorbike in the snow… Then at work in a factory larger than a village I kept getting lost trying to find where I needed to go… Then on a massive old bus, all the other prospective workers milling around trying to get the attention of the manager was in answer to questions and fill in a form? Later I was in a factory and lost again trying to find the loading bay (that seemed to consist of bits of places I’ve known over the years) but I couldn’t find it?

Took me medications and started this diary off.

Did some graphics for the TFZ site on Coreldraw9 that didn’t crash.

Decided that after the Iceland delivery I’d have a poddle into town and try and get some shots from the top deck of the 141 bus – knowing my luck it’ll be a single decker and destroy me plans. Hehe!

My old mate Trevor got in touch this morning – but I was feeling a bit low, but it was marvellous to hear from him.

A good scrub-up spit and polish was done.


Bright sky at the bus-stop this morning – cheery that!

I got myself ready and put the reserve laptop on to await the arrival of the fodder, which came around noon.

I made sure I’d got me free pensioners bus-pass with me and I went and caught a bus to town and got to the bus station in plenty of time.

The 141 bus was late – not that it mattered to me like.

But it was a single decker so that scuppered me plans for taking photographs of me journey from the upper deck like.


Bestwood Village

Thinking about it, I’d have struggled to get up and down the stairs anyway, so maybe not a bad thing.

When we arrived at Bestwood Village nine passengers alighted and one elderly lady got on the bus.

We drove on through Hucknall and Linby.

I think every village we went through used to have a colliery of it’s own or shared  one with the next village in days gone by.



There are still signs of them today – Bestwood Miners Community Centre is still there – but of course no miners left.

Linby still has some roadside memorabilia.

So sad, but the industry went from exploited workers to exploited NCB in the end.


The Farm

We moved on to Papplewick and I took a photo of one of the farms near the bus stop there.

Not easy taking a decent photo cause of the reflections from the windows. Many I took were unusable – Tsk!



We moved into the rather more affluent village of Papplewick next.

The sky changed while we were there, and I thought we were going to get a downpour – but nothing matured.



Then into the even more affluent place by the name of Ravenshead.

Private schools, 4×4’s in the houses drive-ways etc.

And no signs of the old (or new) miners housing that there is in other places on this route.


Blidworth Village

Further on an we came to the colliery of colliers Blidworth – this pit (No longer in operation of course) won many awards over the years and in the first world war a team from this colliery was sent to dig under the German lines and plant massive bombs, so my old neighbour told me some years ago.

All yuppies and upper crusts nowadays.

Then on to Rainworth.

Where the Rufford Colliery was opened in 1911, and closed in 1993.


Rainworth – Like so many of these villages en-route has a rich history

In 1975 killer Donald Neilson (the Black Panther) was caught by police officers helped by locals at the chip shop on Southwell Road East in the village.
Rainworth has a five turbine wind farm called Lindhurst Wind Farm which was built in 2010.

I tried to photograph them, but the old bus shaking and it not stopping near them curtailed me plans as the photos came out rather blurred and you couldn’t recognise anything on them. Huh!


Mansfield Bus Station

We arrived at Mansfield bus-station and I poddled down towards the market so as to have a look at the second-hand book stall if it was open.

As I walked down the narrow jitty people were running up the narrow jitty – I overheard one of the folk say to another: “Somebody’ll get killed…”.

I turned back up the jitty and to the bus station as I heard the police vehicles sirens.

Took me midday medications Better late than never).

I caught a Pronto bus back (Single decker, they all are on that route) and sat camera in hand in readiness for anything interesting coming into view on the way back.


Inchcock having an unplanned kip on the bus! Tsk!

As we drove though the Papplewick turn off I lost it – I woke up a mile or so further on.

I assume that is when I took this photograph without realising it…

Gawd knows how I did it, but it’s certainly different innit?

I wonder if I should enter it in some competition somewhere?

No… okay.

310RavenAt the Ravenshead turn-off I tried to take a photo of an old American car, no idea what it was, long low, massive wings at the back and coloured pink and white or cream, with white-wall tyres!

But I was too slow and it had gone before I could get me camera going. Tsk!

311RedhillAnother failed photograph here – the missing fox?

He or she was there when I got me camera out but I can’t see any fox in this photographicalisation at all… can you? No, I thought not, shame.

On into Nottingham with me fighting to stay awake now, Anne Gyna getting restless and being on the bus so long started me haemorrhoids off again, for which I am still suffering. Hey-ho!

312CarrOn the way back from the bus-stop, I came across a piece of Nottingham Street Art with a difference – no idea what it was at all, or why the artist had created it. Hehe!

On the pavement at the base of a telegraph pole it lay there awaiting praise or criticism

Back in the hovel, I was tired but hungry.

INR level results came through the post -1.7, down again. They booked me in for next Monday for testing.

313PitMade some herbed microwave potatoes (Must get some more of these from Aldi, they’re super!) and a beef slice, followed by a pot of ice-cream and a cuppa.

Took me medications.

Started this diary, then did some Facebooking.

Faded fast and gave in to the heavy eyelids…

Inchcock Today 24/3/15: Launderette Lust – Incorporating Inchies Worst Nightmare ever!

Tuesday 24th March 2015


Incorporating revealing the worst dream ever for Inchcock!

Bad night, took me ages to get off, then it was filled with the most unsavoury night of dreams I’ve ever had.

When I woke I found myself grabbing me pen and notepad and writing away making scribbling down bits of the nightmares – it was as if someone else was doing it and I was just watching the pen etch the jumbles words. I felt young again for a while as I read these notes later.

WC’d took my medications… and then make a cuppa – got the laptop going and deciphered my scrawl to record here.

My first thought was the end must be nigh and I’m being given the tip-off.

So many of my indiscretions, mistakes, humiliations, frustrations and failures seemed to have been in the nightmares. Some I couldn’t bring my myself to mention here due to the embarrassment. Many I had actually forgotten about and was coy about even thinking of them again. It was as if someone had selected all the worst parts of my life and made a movie about them.

My mistakes and failures with the girls, misjudgements at work and school even detailed painful memories of certain incidents seemed very clear, in fact clearer that they were at the time they occurred!

These regurgitated memories actually took my mind off the ailments until I visited the porcelain for the second time and the pain reminded me, then of course all the other things started to get noticed, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna etc. Then things seemed to come come into perspective again – and I was old again, in pain and unhappy.

I wrote these bits down quickly and do not want to change them as they seemed to come from someone else? I hope you can understand them and how the nightmares made me feel – uncomfortable perhaps being the best description.

Reading them back now – they do not say anything concrete to me, but it felt like it to me, they just highlighted the worst parts of my life.

Most odd?

Immediately after typing in this bit of the diary, the sneezing started and seems set to stay with my, and it is painful for me torn muscle every time I cough or sneeze – what’s going on I asked myself? No answer yet.

IMG_0001Then I noticed the camera was nearby on the floor.

I took the card out and found this photograph – it’s dated for .yesterday on it – but can I remember taking it?


I assume I took it to show the sky and it’s gloomy foreboding?

Still a mite ‘not-myself”, I did a bit of Facebooking.

Got the things ready and trudged down to the launderette. Mandy on duty and as usual she could not help herself in making a fuss of me. WWarnLie

Well, she ignored me a lot less than she usually does.

BJ gave me a lift to Asda afterwards.

After we did out shopping, the hail came down for about 10 seconds then stopped?

BJ ran me home and lifted me bags to the step for me. He’s not too good himself today, horrible painful cough.

After putting me things away I decided I would go for a walk again and poddled across to Nottingham Road and down the hill into Basford and back via Hucknall Road – a nice round route taking in a few hills to test and help keep me knees working.



0202The clouds kept changing from white to grey with great rapidity as I trudged on across Hucknall Road through to Nottingham Road, then the easy bit all the way down the hill aiming to turn off at Sainsburys and work me way back by another route. 

But I remembered there was a new Aldi store opened next to Sainsburys (I didn’t really remember, I saw the Aldi sign hehe).

T thought I’d pop in and have a browse like, see if 0403bthey had any Marmite stuff in stock.

The sky produced some more hail stones as I approached the entrance, but again only for a few seconds?

Odd weather this today.

The store was not very busy.

I poddled around and found some packs of herb seasoned new potatoes that were microwaveable at 89p a pack. They also had some Potatoe gratin at the same price so I treated missen to one of each.0404

The sky still kept changing from bright to glum every few minutes.

So, loaded with a bit of stuff in me bag, I started to walk back up the gradual gradient, gradually getting slower as I did, back towards the flea pit.

Through the housing estate and across onto Hadyn Road0405.

The sky again ominously dark and threatening.

Bit of a dizzy at this point, but it no bother, only lasted seconds then cleared up? 

Onward, passing the roadworks and cafe where the stabbing took place last month, passing the repossessed furniture business shop I plodded on down the hill to the Hucknall Road junctions and turned right up the hill into 0407Carrington.

As I did the sky brightened for a while.

0408Spotted me first Nottingham Street Art piece on the wall of some fencing near to the factory gates.

To the top of the steeper than expected hill, knees a-hurting, Anne Gyna a-stinging and regretting thinking this walk in the hills was not such a good idea after all. Hehe!

0409I turned into me street and was pleasantly greeted with a lack of apprentice yobboes lurking or any pit-bull owning neighbours out and about.

I got in the flea-pit exhausted.

I didn’t even put me washing away, made some nosh and a cuppa put the laptop on and fell asleep!

Sad innit?

Woke up 1830hrs and took me medications with some of me Trederwen Lemon and Lime Spring Water. (I mention this in detail in the hopes that Messrs Trederwen will read this Diary blog and send me some financial incentive to continue mentioning their wonderful product…)

Managed to get this diary finshed and posted.

Getting  tired and weary again now…

Mon 23 March 2015 – Inchcock Today: Marathn walk – Hospital- bus rides… there’s no stopping the old codger!

Monday 23rd March 2015


Woke at 1205hrs – realised I’d not taken last nights medications dose – missing the Warfarin was bad, especially as my level is so low at the moment – Tsk!

It dawned that I’d not done yesterdays diary and set about correcting that – I’d fell asleep early last night and stayed asleep for hours. Feeling a tad confused now. Got INR tests at the hospital today, had yesterday’s diary to finish off first, then started this diary and I do not want to miss me League of Gentlemen posts again, mind racing.

Took me 4 hours but I got the post finished and posted.

01M04Made a cuppa to celebrate and took me medications.

Also had a bag of vinegar biscuits and me last banana – have to go to Morrison’s after the hospital today and do another Marmite search.

Got a good wash and polished me head and the things ready for the hospital and set off on me 0101marathon walk to the QMC.

The sky was not bad this morning and a tad brighter as I set-off on me marathon hobble to the Queens Medical Centre at 0715hrs – but as you’ll see in the photographicalisations wot I tooketh – the sky only got darker as the day went drew on.

0105Near the Mansfield Road college, I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a giant Pizza I think box.

It had greasy stains on the box and some remnants of the fodder that had been within and some bits of discarded food decoratively scattered around.

Possibly the cause of the regurgitated food found a few hundred yards later…? It still gave off an aroma from the box – you now, like stewed rat that had gone off!

0102Down to Hucknall Road, onto Mansfield Road and along to the junction with Gregory Boulevard then right and then left down the Boulevard.

A pile of something or other regurgitated, had been left decoratively on the pavement near the school presumably last nights or even this mornings for the Nottingham Citizens to talk and walk over.

Unfortunately the photo I took of it didn’t come out well.

0102It looked to me like the pile was still bubbling and steaming?

I wondered if whoever had passed it was in good health this morning?

Passing the tram station for the Forest recreation ground and onward to the end of the Boulevard and over the traffic lights and up Radford Boulevard, where I espied blue lights a-0103flashing in the distance, and the traffic was well backed up.

So, instead of taking me usual route and turning right onto Hartley Road and going that way, I carried on so I could have a nosey at what the commotion was all about like.

Being a concerned citizen.

Whatever it was it was causing a backlog of traffic, cause usually around this time of the 0108morning traffic ain’t this bad.

Someone was having their pride and joy removed by the Nottingham Parking Team, and three police officers and two CPO’s were in attendance as well – mind you, knowing the area that might have been a wise move for the protection of those attending and removing the car.

It was getting a little darker now as I turned right down Norwood Road then left down Forster Street.

To the end of the street and then right down the hill on Bramcote Street to join St Peters Street and then left onto Ilkeston Road and crossed over the lights.

My first encounter with a pavement cyclist took place on my way to Triumph Road – and it was a close one, the git came from behind so no chance of my hearing or seeing the little toe-rag before he made me jump as he sped passed me – he carried on belting it and was too quick for me get me camera out. I did call out to him… I said something like “Excuse me you naughty boy, you made me jump!”… Well not exactly those words of course. Not that it mattered he couldn’t hear me from that distance with the traffic that was now getting heavier by the minute trundling by.

I was irked I can tell you… irked I was!

0109Plodded on and over the bridge and left down Triumph Road where the many many new college buildings are located.

By the time I’d gotten a few hundred – another git on a bike came at me from the front this time so I whipped out me Canon turned called out questioning his parentage and took a photo.

Now not only was I irked but feeling ratty too! – Thus, when a Porsche type shaped car turned onto a drive into one of the college building without even slowing down as I walked across the entrance – I followed the car into the car park and had a little word with the driver – About 26, 6’2″ and fit looking he were, but me gander was up now and fear d0110idn’t raise its head:

“Well done ###t!” I says.

“What” (In a posh voice) he replies.

“You didn’t even see me did you?”

A look of contempt came over his face and he ignored me completely and started to walk towards the units entrance, with a sneer for me now too!

“I called “Oi, ##ck breath, I’m talking to you… I’ve got a copy of the Highway code in me bag yer can ‘ave…”

He’d gone and I fumed silently for a few moments – then realised I’d attracted the attention of the many students on there way to the college, and two securty men arrived and spoketh to me.

One of them said they’d been sent out by the git in the sports car to remove me from the premises?

Anyway, they were all right about it and I got the feeling they did not like the git particularly. we moved back onto the road pavement and had a little natter and laugh – the things they told me about him, not his name like but his attitude to them and others. Also that he was being made redundant and it was his last day in the job in the IT department – I actually felt a bit guilty and sorry for him then.

01120111But it still cheered up a bit and I carried on to the end of Triumph Road, turned right there and hobbled to the hospital entrance where I was taking me usual photo of the frontage when the third pavement cyclist flew passed me! Tsk and Tut!

0915hrs I arrived. So that means it took me a bit longer than usual to get there on me walk – thinking about it though, an hour and ten minutes wasn’t too bad considering the hassle I’d had en route?

There were a few patients waiting so I got a free copy of the Metro newspaper, me queue ticket and patiently awaited me number to be called.

The nurses were in a good mood and appreciated the nibbles I gave them, in fact they all tried to get the bag of off of me first – so as to get first pick methinks? Hehe!

By the time I was finished and out, the time for me using me free bus-pass was gone, so I caught a bus into town.

0115As the bus was getting into the City Centre I espied a chap walking up Goosegate playing his guitar and singing. I took a photo of him trough the bus window – that’s why its a bit shaky I think.

The bus eventually got the 800yrds from that spot onto Upper Parliament Street and the City Centre terminus. They are doing some roadworks of some kind with barriers all over the place and this is causing pandemonium with the buses, as normally there would be room for two buses to park at each stop – now there is hardly enough 0116room for one to park.

I caught another bus out to Morrison’s at Gamston.

Primarily to see if they had any Marmite biscuits in stock.

The trip out took about 25 minutes, more than enough time for me to fall asleep despite the bus being rather full. Huh!

Luckily I awoke before we arrived at the 0113superstore – amazed at how I managed to stay in the seat during me trip into slumber?

It was getting darker still now as I approached the entrance to Morrison’s.

I had a wander around, found some Marmite crisps that were £1.40 for a pack of 6 bags – niggling that, yesterday I got some from Tesco and cost £1.90! Shackleramblast!

I got some bread thins cause they were cheaper 0114than Tesco as well by 25p, a pack of cheese and pickle mini pork pies and a bag of wonderfully full flavoured Thompson’s Punjana tea bags.

A blend of Indian and Nigerian tea that is almost perfect – and they were on offer at £1.59 instead of £2.25.

But they didn’t have any Marmite biscuits. Huh!

0117I got the bus back into Nottingham City Centre, all praise and bless me free bus-pass.

I dropped off the bus and went up the walk-over into the Victoria Centre and took a photo of the bus mayhem on Upper Parliament Street… and the Nottinghomians crossing the lights against them again.

I walked through Vic Centre and down to the ground level taking a photo of the ‘Boost’ fresh fruit drink stall from above again – still no actual 0118customer when I took the photograph, but I’m sure that if I live long enough, one day when I go through they will have a customer to serve I can take a photograph of – that is if they do not go bankrupt first like.

I meandered into the HMV shop to see if they had any new editions Law and Order UK in yet, but they had not. Just as well really the amount of spending I’m doing – Huh!

Walked to the end passed Tesco and out near where they are demolishing the BBC building. Today they had giant machines 0119with claw-like grabbers tearing down the concrete floors of the old building – I thought when I pass on the bus I could get a better photo of them and I remembered when I eventually got the bus too, as well and besides!

On my way to catch the bus back to Carrington, I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ from a jewellery store window shop in Kings Walk of Trinity Square.

I’ve no idea what the gemstones were in these rings, but they looked gorgeous to me.

bling1Just so you know, the prices were very high, I think each ring or piece cost thousands of pounds.

Green? would that be jade then or not?

I dropped off the bus in Carrington and the walk-through from the Co-op was free of any lurking yobboes this afternoon I’m glad to say.

Fatima and Fred brought the family down to get some extra rations as I walked into me road.

Feeling weary now, but not too bad considering the walking I’ve managed to get in today.

Laptop on, made a flask of tea and got on with finishing this diary.

I hope to stay awake long enough to take me evening medications tonight and me beef pasty slice and frankfurter.

I can feel the eyelids drooping again now – so I’ll finish here and get me nosh and medications taken.

TTFN all, hope to see you ll tomorrow. (Well yer never know! Hehe!)