Inchcock Today: Mon 30/03/15 –

Monday 30th March 2015

Damned painful night all around I’m afraid.

Intercostal muscle, reflux valve and angina – Tsk!

And – I can’t remember me dreams again!

Remembered I’ve to meet Pete at 1000hrs to go with him for his mole photograph and have my INR testing done at the QMC.

Must get me LOMM posting done ASAP.

IMG_0035Made a cuppa and took me morning medications and got the laptop on.

Took a photo of the pink sky as I hobbled down.

Red sky in the morning – shepherds warning?

I hope I don’t get soaked again today to add to me medicationalistcal problems.

By the time I’d got me things ready it was again too late to walk into town so I caught a bus. (Heaven praise the pensioners free-bus-pass service – Alleluia!

Met brother-in-law Pete at his bus-stop and he torn a piece out of me for calling his Mole a wart and a photograph an x-ray in me yesterday’s diary when I mention him, then proceeded to explain in detail what he would do to me in the event of any such errors in the future before cuffing me around me head and pointing a finger or two of derision in me mush!

I think I might have annoyed him?

We had a good natter… well as good as any other two deaf old codgers could on the bus we caught – which turned out to be the wrong one – so we got off and 0102being as it wasn’t raining walked the last mile or so.

Pete took a photo of me hobbling along trying to keep up with him.

We went to the haematology department first and  waited in the queue, number called and I was in taking the nurses their nibbles and being tended to by a new nurse who seemed very pleasant. Even had a bit of a natter while they waited for the vein to stop bleeding – took a while to stop today.

0104Pete and I then asked at the reception desk for direction to the photo place and were informed where it was and we set off to the lifts, then the ‘D’ floor and while we waited Pete couldn’t resist the children’s scooter in the waiting area.

(Well I asked him to pose with it – hehehe!)

Seconds later the lady came out and took him into the room to be photographed – during which I started to read the paper and the lights dimmed, went out and came back on again. I wondered what they were doing with Pete – along with the noises emanating from the room it reminded me of Frankenstein!

He was out in a few minutes, I couldn’t see any raised or frizzled hair so assumed he was all okay. Hehe!

We caught the bus back into town and Pete wanted to call at the Kitty Cafe, then go to Aldi.

Jane and he have booked a sitting with them over the internet. £18 I think he said it was – but no doubt if I’ve gotten it wrong again he’ll let me know, oh dear…

We plodded on to the Chinese shop in Hockley and I got some seaweed and Pete got whatever bits were on Jane’s shopping list , then we moved on.

0107As we walked along Huntingdon Street towards the Aldi shop I espied the first bit of Nottingham Street Art of the day. Pete pointed out the finer points of the creation to me.

No idea who the artist was of course but hugely impressed with how he/he had used the alcohol and water bottles arranged attractively surrounded by chicken bones, banana skin, mouldy chip, nub-end and bloodied tissue – another Andy Warhol I thought? Shame the artist isn’t famous too – mind you, he/she was probably too pissed to realise the masterpiece that they had created?

Pete got some bits from Aldi and as I waited for him at the check-out, no less than two ladies approached the Obergruppenfurher member of staff holding their till reciepts telling him they had been overcharged? Not the slightest sign of being concerned about this at all showed as he just checked each receipt and grunted something to the operator and handed the second lady (I didn’t catch what he said to the first) some cash for what she was overcharged or short changed by and just carried on… Aldi? Mmmm?

0106We left and walked into the Victoria Shopping Mall where Pete needed to attend the WC. (For once, I didn’t?)

Waiting for him I noticed the ‘Boost’ fruit juice stall was bereft of customers again – then as I took the photograph one arrived! Again I had to winder ‘How do they make it pay?’

We pressed on and out over the walk-over where Pete took one if his wide photographs of the traffic and boy did it come out good or what? Yes it did! (See below please)

0105aHow he got the bus to appear half real half ghost was brilliant wonnit?

He sent me a copy via email later and I doctored it with 0103wording only and posted it here.

I took a photo from the other side of the walk-over showing a fruit stall and Nottingham Post vendors box. The pub in the background, the ‘Old Dog & Partridge is where the stairs come down from where we were, and Pete suggested a wide photo of the pub and he took one for me for the TFZ gals.

NCCwdogI used this one as a template for the post header. Clever stuff from Pete today.

bling4I nearly missed this one off – on suppose to be of my reflection in a cafe window wot he took earlier.

The way it’s came out is artistic and shows a different view of Pete and me in the background along with the buildings a bus and the trees and sky too – it should be in a gallery somewhere I reckon.

So I added a cut-out of me from a photo Pete also did with me camera.

Left Pete at his bus-stop and I poddled into boots to get some more of their effective sea-water nasal spray.

0109pigeoAs I walked through Trinity Square just two pigeons came down, one of them with a horrendously deformed claw, well a stub really and slipped them some seed.

I caught the bus back to Carrington and hobbled back to the pit.


Made some nosh, petite pois, potatoes and mini-franks: The enforced delay twixt them cooking and me eating them irke a bit!

0110Just as I was putting them in me dish to take with me to eat them – the call to the porcelain… the urgent call to the porcelain had to be responded to. And the pain and blood were not nice. Cleaned missen up and reheated the nosh – but I still enjoyed it.

Then realised I’m forgotten to go to the GP to book an appointment – Tsk and Huh!

Launderette in the morning and I’ve got to go to the chemists for me medications so I can call then and do it – famous last words!

Laptop on, Coreldraw9 didn’t freeze. (Yet)

Rear quarters still bad, Anne Gyna fair, Arthur Itis okay, Reflux a tad bothersome and the sneezing continues to hurt me pulled intercostal muscle, so things ain’t too bad at the moment.

BJ phones, he’ll pick me up for the launderette in the morning about 0750 – 0800hrs. I thanked him.

Took me medications now feeling a tad weary, but will I be able to get to sleep…?


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