Mon 23 March 2015 – Inchcock Today: Marathn walk – Hospital- bus rides… there’s no stopping the old codger!

Monday 23rd March 2015


Woke at 1205hrs – realised I’d not taken last nights medications dose – missing the Warfarin was bad, especially as my level is so low at the moment – Tsk!

It dawned that I’d not done yesterdays diary and set about correcting that – I’d fell asleep early last night and stayed asleep for hours. Feeling a tad confused now. Got INR tests at the hospital today, had yesterday’s diary to finish off first, then started this diary and I do not want to miss me League of Gentlemen posts again, mind racing.

Took me 4 hours but I got the post finished and posted.

01M04Made a cuppa to celebrate and took me medications.

Also had a bag of vinegar biscuits and me last banana – have to go to Morrison’s after the hospital today and do another Marmite search.

Got a good wash and polished me head and the things ready for the hospital and set off on me 0101marathon walk to the QMC.

The sky was not bad this morning and a tad brighter as I set-off on me marathon hobble to the Queens Medical Centre at 0715hrs – but as you’ll see in the photographicalisations wot I tooketh – the sky only got darker as the day went drew on.

0105Near the Mansfield Road college, I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a giant Pizza I think box.

It had greasy stains on the box and some remnants of the fodder that had been within and some bits of discarded food decoratively scattered around.

Possibly the cause of the regurgitated food found a few hundred yards later…? It still gave off an aroma from the box – you now, like stewed rat that had gone off!

0102Down to Hucknall Road, onto Mansfield Road and along to the junction with Gregory Boulevard then right and then left down the Boulevard.

A pile of something or other regurgitated, had been left decoratively on the pavement near the school presumably last nights or even this mornings for the Nottingham Citizens to talk and walk over.

Unfortunately the photo I took of it didn’t come out well.

0102It looked to me like the pile was still bubbling and steaming?

I wondered if whoever had passed it was in good health this morning?

Passing the tram station for the Forest recreation ground and onward to the end of the Boulevard and over the traffic lights and up Radford Boulevard, where I espied blue lights a-0103flashing in the distance, and the traffic was well backed up.

So, instead of taking me usual route and turning right onto Hartley Road and going that way, I carried on so I could have a nosey at what the commotion was all about like.

Being a concerned citizen.

Whatever it was it was causing a backlog of traffic, cause usually around this time of the 0108morning traffic ain’t this bad.

Someone was having their pride and joy removed by the Nottingham Parking Team, and three police officers and two CPO’s were in attendance as well – mind you, knowing the area that might have been a wise move for the protection of those attending and removing the car.

It was getting a little darker now as I turned right down Norwood Road then left down Forster Street.

To the end of the street and then right down the hill on Bramcote Street to join St Peters Street and then left onto Ilkeston Road and crossed over the lights.

My first encounter with a pavement cyclist took place on my way to Triumph Road – and it was a close one, the git came from behind so no chance of my hearing or seeing the little toe-rag before he made me jump as he sped passed me – he carried on belting it and was too quick for me get me camera out. I did call out to him… I said something like “Excuse me you naughty boy, you made me jump!”… Well not exactly those words of course. Not that it mattered he couldn’t hear me from that distance with the traffic that was now getting heavier by the minute trundling by.

I was irked I can tell you… irked I was!

0109Plodded on and over the bridge and left down Triumph Road where the many many new college buildings are located.

By the time I’d gotten a few hundred – another git on a bike came at me from the front this time so I whipped out me Canon turned called out questioning his parentage and took a photo.

Now not only was I irked but feeling ratty too! – Thus, when a Porsche type shaped car turned onto a drive into one of the college building without even slowing down as I walked across the entrance – I followed the car into the car park and had a little word with the driver – About 26, 6’2″ and fit looking he were, but me gander was up now and fear d0110idn’t raise its head:

“Well done ###t!” I says.

“What” (In a posh voice) he replies.

“You didn’t even see me did you?”

A look of contempt came over his face and he ignored me completely and started to walk towards the units entrance, with a sneer for me now too!

“I called “Oi, ##ck breath, I’m talking to you… I’ve got a copy of the Highway code in me bag yer can ‘ave…”

He’d gone and I fumed silently for a few moments – then realised I’d attracted the attention of the many students on there way to the college, and two securty men arrived and spoketh to me.

One of them said they’d been sent out by the git in the sports car to remove me from the premises?

Anyway, they were all right about it and I got the feeling they did not like the git particularly. we moved back onto the road pavement and had a little natter and laugh – the things they told me about him, not his name like but his attitude to them and others. Also that he was being made redundant and it was his last day in the job in the IT department – I actually felt a bit guilty and sorry for him then.

01120111But it still cheered up a bit and I carried on to the end of Triumph Road, turned right there and hobbled to the hospital entrance where I was taking me usual photo of the frontage when the third pavement cyclist flew passed me! Tsk and Tut!

0915hrs I arrived. So that means it took me a bit longer than usual to get there on me walk – thinking about it though, an hour and ten minutes wasn’t too bad considering the hassle I’d had en route?

There were a few patients waiting so I got a free copy of the Metro newspaper, me queue ticket and patiently awaited me number to be called.

The nurses were in a good mood and appreciated the nibbles I gave them, in fact they all tried to get the bag of off of me first – so as to get first pick methinks? Hehe!

By the time I was finished and out, the time for me using me free bus-pass was gone, so I caught a bus into town.

0115As the bus was getting into the City Centre I espied a chap walking up Goosegate playing his guitar and singing. I took a photo of him trough the bus window – that’s why its a bit shaky I think.

The bus eventually got the 800yrds from that spot onto Upper Parliament Street and the City Centre terminus. They are doing some roadworks of some kind with barriers all over the place and this is causing pandemonium with the buses, as normally there would be room for two buses to park at each stop – now there is hardly enough 0116room for one to park.

I caught another bus out to Morrison’s at Gamston.

Primarily to see if they had any Marmite biscuits in stock.

The trip out took about 25 minutes, more than enough time for me to fall asleep despite the bus being rather full. Huh!

Luckily I awoke before we arrived at the 0113superstore – amazed at how I managed to stay in the seat during me trip into slumber?

It was getting darker still now as I approached the entrance to Morrison’s.

I had a wander around, found some Marmite crisps that were £1.40 for a pack of 6 bags – niggling that, yesterday I got some from Tesco and cost £1.90! Shackleramblast!

I got some bread thins cause they were cheaper 0114than Tesco as well by 25p, a pack of cheese and pickle mini pork pies and a bag of wonderfully full flavoured Thompson’s Punjana tea bags.

A blend of Indian and Nigerian tea that is almost perfect – and they were on offer at £1.59 instead of £2.25.

But they didn’t have any Marmite biscuits. Huh!

0117I got the bus back into Nottingham City Centre, all praise and bless me free bus-pass.

I dropped off the bus and went up the walk-over into the Victoria Centre and took a photo of the bus mayhem on Upper Parliament Street… and the Nottinghomians crossing the lights against them again.

I walked through Vic Centre and down to the ground level taking a photo of the ‘Boost’ fresh fruit drink stall from above again – still no actual 0118customer when I took the photograph, but I’m sure that if I live long enough, one day when I go through they will have a customer to serve I can take a photograph of – that is if they do not go bankrupt first like.

I meandered into the HMV shop to see if they had any new editions Law and Order UK in yet, but they had not. Just as well really the amount of spending I’m doing – Huh!

Walked to the end passed Tesco and out near where they are demolishing the BBC building. Today they had giant machines 0119with claw-like grabbers tearing down the concrete floors of the old building – I thought when I pass on the bus I could get a better photo of them and I remembered when I eventually got the bus too, as well and besides!

On my way to catch the bus back to Carrington, I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ from a jewellery store window shop in Kings Walk of Trinity Square.

I’ve no idea what the gemstones were in these rings, but they looked gorgeous to me.

bling1Just so you know, the prices were very high, I think each ring or piece cost thousands of pounds.

Green? would that be jade then or not?

I dropped off the bus in Carrington and the walk-through from the Co-op was free of any lurking yobboes this afternoon I’m glad to say.

Fatima and Fred brought the family down to get some extra rations as I walked into me road.

Feeling weary now, but not too bad considering the walking I’ve managed to get in today.

Laptop on, made a flask of tea and got on with finishing this diary.

I hope to stay awake long enough to take me evening medications tonight and me beef pasty slice and frankfurter.

I can feel the eyelids drooping again now – so I’ll finish here and get me nosh and medications taken.

TTFN all, hope to see you ll tomorrow. (Well yer never know! Hehe!)

Sun 22/3/15 – Inchcock Today: In search of his Marmite Crisps…

Sunday 21st March 2015

IMG_0057Bad night for kip again – woke up and nodded off again, normally I’m up and about straight away?

I tried the porcelain hoping for a movement without any luck

Went down and put kettle on and popped out into the gloomy (Again) morning to take me daily piccy of the sky.

I made a flask of tea and a pot of porridge and took it with me to the laptop and started it up.

IMG_0058I was concerned the porridge might make the lack of any movements worse – but I ate it all the same.

Minutes later a call to the porcelain proved to be a success despite having eaten the porridge.

I pondered on how me ailments felt this morning up to now:

No dizzies yet. The ulcer was as good as gold, the reflux valve not sticking, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna not bad at all but the torn muscle was still painful, but today only when I bent or lifted anything heavy.

A better start medically speaking I thought – then remembered the other day starting like this… Mmm!

Decided to risk a little hobble later, perhaps to town then get a bus to Morrisons to treat myself to some Marmite Crisps? – who knows, the world is my oyster… WWarnLie0703MarmDo you like me header for this page folks – Marmite Mad I am.

They make more things than you’d imagine.

Although I have me doubts about the toothpaste? (See header) 

Got myself readied and spick and span and set off with me bus-pass, umbrella, medications and bird seed for a walk into town – still undecided where to go yet.

0701Set off feeding Fatima and Fred who followed my down to Mansfield Road.

The sky looked bright, but not much sun was getting through.

I poddled on my walk into Nottingham City Centre.

I foolishly rang Sister Jane and Pete en route – the traffic increased as soon as we were connected and the whole conversation was a farce – I couldn’t hear Pete, Pete couldn’t hear me.

0702As soon I gave up and stopped the call the traffic disappeared.

I carried on down the hill into the City and found it busier that I expected.

I went to try and catch the bus out to Netherfield and the Morrisons store in search of any Marmite infested products they may have on sale.

On arrival at the bus stop I perused the time-table to find that the buses were only every hour for 0705today. Not good that I thought.

I decided to not bother with Morrisons today, and walked over the road into the Victoria Centre and through to the other end to visit the Tesco Metro on me mission for Marmite instead.

I called in the DVD shop en route and had a gander but nothing appealed at all.

As I plodded on I noticed a store window that was displaying children’s stuff with models 0703without heads? What with seeing the jeans without torsos yesterday I wondered why these displays had grown in popularity with the the retailers?

Mind you, I liked the styles of the togs on sale.

I got into Tesco and had a good hunt around – found some Marmite Crisps and Salt & Vinegar baked biscuits and other bits and spent a fortune £17!

Had a dizzy spell as I left the store – not a bad one, but none of them are good – 0704must get to see Dr Vindla about these soon.

I stood for a while and recovered in moments this time, so that was good.

Out into the fresh air and I fed the pigeons near the demolition of the old Radio BBC building.

So many of the pigeons have damaged legs and claws. That’s because of the wires and electrified obstacles they have all over the buildings in an effort to stop them from landing on or roosting on 0708their buildings and unthinkingly crapping all over the concrete I think.

The demolition people seem to be getting a move on with the buildings destruction now.

I wondered what plans they might have for the site in the future?

Surely we do not need more shops or student accommodation?

If they put as much effort into housing ordinary 0707people as they do to housing students the problems would… mind you I suppose with the decline of industry in Nottingham, Education is bringing in the money instead?

I don’t know.

I wondered down into town again and my keen observationalistic nature noted the Nottingham citizenry crossing the road against the traffic lights continues unabated.

0709An argument near the Pound World shop between two families was raging, with threats bad language and not good body signs in abundance.

I crossed the road and removed myself form the firing line.

As I walked to me bus-stop to get home the window of the jewellery store there 0710had a display Rolex watches of which used a cage with stuffed parrots or cockatiels in the display.

Original that I thought.

I got the bus back to Carrington enoying another dizzy as I got off the bus. Sat on a bench for a few minutes and was soon alright again, then continued back to the flea-pit.

Put me things away, made a meal of Beef slice and cheesey potatoes, followed by a bag of Marmite crisps then a lolly.

I fell asleep, waking up at gone midnight… Missed me evening medicines dose. Tsk!