28.3.15 Inchcock Today – The Nottingham Kitty Cafe opened today

Going with Pete to the Hospital & the Kitty Cafe

Saturday 28th March 2015

So many dreams, but back to not being able to remember them – Tsk!

WC’d, haemorrhoids still bad, and I must have tossed and turned or something in the night because the torn intercostal muscle ain’t half giving me some gip this morning! Huh!


Nasty looking sky this morning…

While I was making me cuppa to take me medications when brother-in-law Pete rang to confirm I was meeting him in town at his bus-stop to go with him on his hospital visit as a bit of support like – bless him, he’s a good lad.

Packed up the nibbles for the nurses and Janet and Pete then I got yesterdays diary finished and posted off, then got myself ready for me walk into town to meet Pete. Realised I was a bit late due to the extra attention required to me nether-regions so caught the bus instead of walking.

0607aGot the bus to town dropped off and the rain started again. Tsk!

Met Pete and we caught a bus to the hospital.

We walked around the side to the department we required at the back of the building and I gave Pete me brolly, he insisted on sharing it.

0605aWe got to the hospital.

Pete took a photo of me as I was taking one of him.

Seconds later he was in and being seen to – and out in about ten minutes – he’s going to have the wart removed and he has to go for a photograph to be taken of it first. Later he called me and arranged for me to go with him on Monday when I go for me INR tests, time to have a natter perhaps.

We couldn’t really today, because we were concerned about Sister Jane having tests today as well about her innards and Pete wanted to get back to her.

0606aWe caught the bus back into Nottingham and passed the newly opened Kitty Café.

Pete took the wide photograph I’ve used on the header with his mobile phone and emailed it to me later. Nice.

0605It appears you have to book a slot to go there?

The rain persisted down and Pete shot off to get a bus back to Jane – hope she’s going to be alright.

I poddled down to the slab square and thought I’d get under the shelter up the steps to the Council House building.

As I got me camera out I was approached by a lady-female PCO who asked me:

“Are you going into the building Sir?”

“No” I says “I’m just going to take a photo of the rain from under cover…”

“No your not… people need access to get into the wedding without hindrance!”


“Off you go then…”

So I went: taking a photo from the bottom step and getting awfully wet in the process.

06040607I limped up Clinton Street and over into Trinity Square where I slipped the poor wet pigeons some nosh like.

Took a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals and waked down to catch a bus back to the flea-pit.

As I was waiting in the queue I noticed how the old Express newspaper building frontage looked grand in its surroundings – next to it on the ground floor is now a Tesco Express.

0608Considering there is a Tesco Metro three minutes (Well eight minutes for me like) walk away in the Victoria Centre, it was amazingly busy.

The ornateness of the brickwork is something you don’t see much of nowadays.

The march/protest came around the corner as I sat on the bus waiting for it to set off.

I cancelled when Pete got his appointment at the QMC.

It has little support and passed by in a couple of minutes – perhaps the rain put folk off?

I took a photo through the bus window but the grime and rain made it worthless – mind you it might have passed off as a bit of Modern Nottingham Art – sorry I deleted it now.

0602I just found out I missed off the photo that Pete took as I hobbed towards the centre earlier.

Now, the reason I look so old, ill, struggling and depressed is that I am old, ill, struggling and depressed.

That’s cleared that up then.

In the background is the works for the new tram service that will eventually go into the hospital grounds and on out to Toton.

The wind and rain still persisted and I just missed a heavier downpour as I got in the dump.


Has sausage sandwiches then started laptop – Coreldraw9 crashed – fancy that. Tried SerifDraw6 – that froze – getting fed up now.

The piles are still tender but the torn muscle is a lot easier now.

Fatigue and flatulence have arrived though… Huh!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Fri 27 Mar 15: A Day of Failed Witticisms!

DSCF0001A Day of failed Witticisms

Friday 27th March 2015


Couldn’t get to sleep last night, tried everything – reading me D-Day book, looking at me Trolleybus book, Facebook, radio etc… Not much luck.

Seemed like I got ten minutes akip and anther ten wide awake all night until about 0445hrs when I nodded off for four hours solid.


Dreams I remembered:-

Working for someone in a sprawling factory with a tiny porta-cabin office where I was called to regularly and given jobs that took me off-site. I think I was being nice to the boss for some reason, although I sensed I didn’t like him. I can recall two of the jobs given me… well bits of them.

Job 1: I was a court judge – I handed out some pretty horrible punishments – A Pavement cyclist got life, A mobility scooterer got twenty years hard labour (I can’t recall what for), Tony Blair was sentenced to having his tongue removed then to be executed by being stoned to death by the relatives of dead soldiers and a footballer I sentenced to having his testicles crushed in a vice… there were many others I’m sure but can’t recall them or why now.

Job 2: I had to fetch something from a place I didn’t know and take it back to the boss -I went on a motorbike, got lost in a giant office complex and started panicking – a beautiful plump round-faced pretty posh lady helped me find the office I wanted – As I left with the parcel under my arm I looked back up at the building and saw her smiling and waving to me… I got knocked over and woke up in the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital in Woolwich without any legs… first thing I noticed was the well crushed parcel in a shopping basket with my bloodied clothes on the floor by the bed – two men with broken noses, scars, knuckle-dusters on and an intimidating appearance came to me and demanded money for the doctors taking my legs off? I told them I had no money, Why they asked, “Cause I’ve spent it all on a new camera I replied”. “Oh #’\% me” said the taller one of the ruffians “You have to have em sewn back on again now then!” The shorter one asked me to take his photo? Next thing I was trying to gain access to the bosses office with the smashed up parcel and the boss opened the door and told me I was sacked and shot me with Luger…


WC’d, haemorrhoids bad again, must give them a good soak in the bath and tend to them later. Tut!

Made a cuppa and took me medications before I actually nodded of.

Had a good scrub up and bath – tended to me tender areas.

Did a bit of Facebooking and this diary up to here.

I’ll take me new Fuji camera with me today methinks, see if I can get used to it, I should be okay I’m sure… Hopeful 

DSCF0002I got the bits ready to take to the Sherwood branch of the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, bus-pass etc. and set off on walk into Sherwood.

The sun kept coming out occasionally through the clouds a few times and the wind was a bit less than it was yesterday like.

Took a photo of the sky at the end of the road – a tad unwelcoming.

Onto Mansfield Road and I made good headway today cause Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were good to me – only the haemorrhoids DSCF0003being troublesome.

A different lady on duty today at the charity shop thanked me for the donation and nibbles, nice gal.

She asked if I was alright and for some reason I gave an answer that a woman I worked with in 1968 Margaret used to give me verytime I asked her if she was okay: “Not so dusty, well brushed!” The lady frowned looked me up and down and said quietly ‘Oh’ – Failed Witticism number One of the day.

I caught a bus into town, dropping off at Victoria Centre and walking in from the Tesco end I fed some pigeons some seeds.

Took a photoDSCF0005 of some ‘Bling’ with the new camera for the TFZ gals – after downloading it at home, I was very disappointed with the quality.

I cut through the jitty and out through the back of the centre and made my way to the Aldi store in search of some more of the whole potatoes in herb sauce.

Managed to get four packs, I’m rather taken with them, partly because of the wonderful taste and partly because they cook so well in the microwave oven.

DSCF0006I also noticed they had started selling their own brand of bread thins at a good price – I just got one pack to try them out first.

Then I noticed on my way back through Vic centre – that the ‘Boost’ juice stall had two customers- at the same time – I whipped me camera and recorded this rare almost unheard of event!

A chap passing when I took the photo asked me: “Why are taking a photo of that then?”

I replied (Another failed Witticism coming here…) “I thought David Cameron would like to know how well they are doing!”. Another frown from a Nottinghomian followed by a loud Tut, and off he went. Hey-ho!

DSCF0007I proceeded up the escalator and into the walk-over taking a photograph of the traffic from my usual position.

A tad gloomy and the wind seemed to be picking up.

Down to steps to ground level – and three Vic Centre employees were trying to chase out a crippled pigeon – not with a lot of success either. There was only them and me there and I risked another witticism: “Can you manage lads? Do you want some help like? I could gas-it for yer if it’ll help?” and I laughed out load – this wasn’t appreciated in the least – Dirty looks and sneers came from their faces in my direction as I hobbled down the stairs away from them, leaving them swearing at and chasing the crippled pigeon.  Failed Witticism number three of the day.

I went into Wilkinsons store and got some Antiseptic disinfectant and nasal spray.

DSCF0008Out and back towards Trinity Square.

Noticing the Nottinghomians had not lost none of their love of crossing the traffic lights against the red don’t-cross signal.

I wandered up and dropped some bird seed and meal-worms for the pigeons to nibble.

Then down the jitty to the bus stop.

Where my fourth witticism also failed with the bus-driver!

Getting on the bus I tripped due to the weight of me bag I think (The potatoes?) – and exclaimed something like: “Oh boggleskellysworth” at the pain it caused to me rear end. The driver looked at me outraged and offered a scowl of crushing magnitude. I don’t know what he might have thought I’d said but he was not pleased.

I dropped off the bus at Carrington and popped into the Co-op store to see if they had any of me ice-cream centred fruit flavoured lollies in – they had so I got a pack.

As I approached the till area I went to the first one expecting someone to turn up to attend to me – and heard a female voice call out rather sharply from the other end: “This one, I’m here!” she commanded.

I moved down to her and said chirpily with a grin on my face: “Sorry midduck didn’t see yer, me hearing aid batteries are on the wain!” I thought that as me best witticism of the day…

She didn’t – I got an “Eh…?” from her and a look of incredulity followed by one of the greatest Tsks I’ll ever heard.

I thought it best to stop trying my witticisms any more after failing with first five efforts to bring a smile to anyone’s faces?

Limped back to the bomb-site, slipping some seed to Fatima and Fred on the way.

WC’d and treated me soreness, put me bits away, made a flask tea and went up to start this diary.

Had a rinse and changed into me jammas.

Took me medications then went down to make me potatoes, franks and petit pois, followed by an iced lollie.

Drifted off to sleep…