Monday 16th March 2015 – Inchcock Today: Medicationalisationing tasks again, Tsk!

Monday 16th March 2015

Inchcock’s off to Hospital Again… It’s the nurses yer know, they get him all excited like…

Got up had a very rare situational situation for me this morning – I wanted to, but could not carry out my desires activities on the porcelain! The opposite of diarrhea this time, a definite circumscription in me movements – or lack of movements – oh dear… just when they’ve sent my self-test Cancer screening kit as well.

I feel so guilty for being so lucky yer know. (Hehehe)

Had a wash shave and scrub-up so I’m smell nice for me nurses at the Queens Medical Centre and gals at the clinic this morning.

Might not have time to do me contributions to the League of Mental Men today, I got up too late and I’ve got so much on to get done medicationalistically  speaking. I’ll do me best to get back in time and then stay awake.

Got the nibbles ready for the nurses and made sure I’d got me record card, bus-pass, camera, mobile etc in me jacket pocket. (I think)

Started the laptop and realised I’d not taken me medications – hang on I’ll take em now cause I’ve just made a cuppa…

That’s them taken, I’ll have a hobble into town now and catch a bus out to the QMC.

0835hrs: See you later… I hope!

0101carDreary sky as I set off on walk into town.

On Mansfield Road I noticed several buildings up for sale or rent that indicated things are not too good hereabouts – mind you child minder/nursery seems to be doing well enough – many of the Nottingham folk might be professionally out of work but they are still producing their apprentice yobbo teeny-bopper ankle-biters in great number to ensure their full benefits from the Government.

As I pressed on an uncaring Nottingham 0102Cyclistpavement cyclist came passed me at speed from me rear, then cycled across the pedestrian crossing and into the NCN college across the road – I imagine he must be a tutor or teacher there – he’s a Git who’s too scared to cycle on the road because of the dangerous traffic, but has no compunction about putting elderly folk at risk from his illegal cycling on the pavement anyway. Huh!

0103MRUp and over the hill down towards the City Centre I heard several sirens/klaxons and got me camera out, but the vehicles, three police cars and a paramedic had already passed going out of town by the time I did get it out, I did catch a forth police car though, shame cause it would have looked good and I could have used the photo later in a post if I had caught them all at the same time.

Onward down into town and caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre for me INR Warfarin level tests.

0104QMC1The weather was still murky but not cold with it.

The usual mayhem in the hospital car parks with heated exchanges with the security men and those desperate to find somewhere to park their vehicle.

Good job I took me new second hand book with me, because I found the 0105QMC2waiting area – that on my last appointment Thursday was devoid of folk – was crammed to the rafters so to speak.

The longest wait I’ve ever had there.

By the time my number was close to being called, I realised I was not going to make it to the clinic appointment in time so as not to be late.

When I got into the blood room I explained this to the nurse and she rang someone with the details and they rang the clinic – then passed back another appointment date for me – now that was nice of them because they were so very busy.

Bit of job after taking the sample stopping the bleeding today. Handed them their nibbles and those for the clinic staff too that I would not need now today – tickled her pink that did.

0107dressI caught the  first bus into town and wandered up to Trinity Square where I fed the pigeons and spotted  new shop on the Walk – I must say I liked the dresses in the window – very nostalgic, reminded me of the girls from my youth. (Don’t laugh – oh go on then!) .

I’ve just noticed the reflections from the 0106TrinPigglass in the window – more signs for closed-down retail businesses to let. Sad.

As I moved to the bus-stop I fed the pigeons again.

As I descended down Trinity Walk towards Upper Parliament Street .I espied that one of the retail units that had been empty for months had opened as a sort of Art gallery.

In the window was some… er, Art dedicated to and of Marilyn Monroe.

0108MM Very pricey though.

Of course nobody was in the shop/gallery apart from the two staff.

I don’t think Nottingham is a City of Culture really.

Mugging, shoplifters, antisocial scrotes, drunks, Big Issue sellers yes… .but not cultural types much.

Got the bus back to the hoppit.

A poor chap on the bus (passenger) kept swearing out very loud and this obviously upset some of the passengers. I imagine the bloke had tourette syndrome or schizophrenia. I sometimes see him in Sherwood walking along and booming out ‘F-off’ curse words with such venom and so loud, I felt sorry for the chap, but some passengers were getting angry with him – not that he was aware of this.

Again tried to use the porcelain without any success.

Had a microwaveable steak in onion gravy with curried beans and some bread with a cuppa to take me medications with.

Did this diary – laptop battery dying fast. I must get to the computer shop tomorrow after the laundry and shopping at Asda to get it sorted out – else I’ll lose me internet and that will make me a sad laddy.

BJ (Big John) called, he is going to pick me up in the morning to carry me washing bags to the launderette for me bless his cotton socks, then going to take me shopping with him to carry the stuff home to help avoid irritating me pulled muscle. A gent that BJ!

Did some Face-booking and faded fast into nodding off mode… still no movements… oh dear!