Inchcock Today: Friday 13th March 2015

Friday 13th March 2015

Woke with a jump thought about the dreams I’d had a while then remembered I’d not taken in the bins in from yesterday – so painfully got up (Ribs and angina) and poddled down to correct this oversight – noticing on the way that the sky had an atmospheric pink tinge to it, so I took me camera with me.

When I went out I realised the bins were still full and that it was bin-day today not yesterday. Tsk!

Then I took a picture of the sky – realising when I got back in to add it to this diary, I’d left the card in the laptop. Sad really.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Usual messages about incorrect power supply box etc when opening the laptop.

I tried Coreldraw to see if it would work today. Touch wood, it seems okay, but then I’ve not tried any high memory stuff yet, just the header for this post.

IMG_0102I’m sure I can still taste the herbs from the meal I had yesterday – it tasted grand.

Shame about me making a faux pas of the sky photo.

Ah, Friday the 13th for anyone believing in such stuff – a risky day.

I must say, today has been a day of tiredness, weariness and doing very little.

I fell asleep after I had an early nosh (Cornish pasty [Tesco own label not good])

Must have gotten three unanticipated hours in when I was awoken by the mobile phone ringing. It was BJ asking how I was going and did I need owt bringing in fodder-wise.

Nice that, no one else had called to see how I was going.

I thanked him, he apologised for not calling yesterday and told him not to worry mate.

His calling was fortuitous as if he hadn’t I would have missed me evening medications – we had a natter and then I took the doses – damned good job I hadn’t missed me Warfarin what with the INR level being so low.

WC’d and then went down to make a cuppa.

Found the INR report and dosage notification from the hospital had been delivered and put it in the drawer so I’d know where it was for next week.

Gawd I still feel weary and tired though.

Did some graphicaliationing until Coreldraw9 froze and I did not have the energy to go through resetting again.

Unbelievably tired now, no concentration.

Poor old mule.

Sorry no new photographs or anything worth reporting really, but thanks for checking.

Take care all.