Inchcock Today: Encarcerated in the bathroom! – Sun 8 Mar 15

Sunday 8th March 2015

I lay there trying to recall the dreams I’d had during the night, and I moved – just a tad – and the agony form the torn muscle was excruciating to say the least!

I know I should have expected it after yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop in Derby – but degree of pain still shook me to the core.

I managed to get down and make a cuppa and somehow climb the stairs back up to the bathroom and laptop.

I took me medications with a cuppa. One good thing about this torn muscle torture is the bleeding haemorrhoids, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, duodenal ulcer etc are not such a worry as usual. It replaced them. Hehe!

Took an extra pain-killer again, tended to me rear end cleaned and medicated the area, pain-gelled me knees hands and feet putting some on me ribs.

Well, I thought, today movement is definitely out of the question for me.

Heather ModelMarieGCcamSo took the opportunity to get to work on creating some Facebook and blog graphicalisationing.

0W04Spent hours on it – and although Serif Draw x6 crashed, Coreldraw9 as yet has not played up – I may regret saying that later!

Well it happened an hour later, Coreldraw9 crashed – it would not let me close it althought it offered an option box and I selected ‘Close Coreldraw’.

Had to force close the laptop and then more problems when I tried to restart.

The usual incorrect power source message, pressed to bypass it using F1- when after a long time in loaded, messgaes telling me to click box to solve Windows computer problems.

A list came up and I sent the message – one of the problems sent was 94 Coreldraw stopped working ones – no solutions try again later came back.

Oh dear…

Tried Coreldraw again. I’d lost a lot of work I’d done – clabberknockshunts!

Restarted and it did it again – tried Serif and the same thing.

Really pee’d off now – pain and failure – huh gobblewockers and shangiblubber!.

Reet fed-up I got summat to eat.

Suddenly overcome with tiredness despite the niggling sharp pains every-time I cough sneeze breath in sharply pass wind/sneeze or move I’m going to take me medications and try to get me head down early.

Nighty night folks.