Inchcock Today: Amazing Nottingham Post Headline! – Sat 21st Mar 15

Saturday 21st March 2015

Woke in agony from the torn muscle – very disappointed with that, I thought it was improving too. Huh!

I suppose I must have sneezed or turned badly in me slumber?

IMG_0045No passings – on the porcelain yet despite two attempts, not passed for a day and a half up to now.

I went down and made a cup of tea then took me medications.

Popped out and took a photo of the sky in front of the hovel – very gloomy – just like me at the moment! Hehe!

Started this diary and then did me ablutions and applied me creams lotions and pain gel.

Not feeling too good, but decided to risk a little walk into town only, where I can get back sharpish in the event of any dizzies or worse.

The arthritis, haemorrhoids and ulcer all seem calmish, the angina and pulled muscle were competing to see which could give me the most discomfort.

REgMDid a bit of graphicationalisationing for the TFZ on Facebook.

Not one of me best efforts I’m afraid.

0701sherGot myself titivated and prettified (What a challenge that was!).

Assembled the bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off on me walk to Sherwood.

The sky still looking a tad sad as I hobbled over the hill towards Sherwood – and noticed that there were few folk about for a Saturday.

702artA bit further on I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a musical instrument box laid open (presumably it held a Clarinet or whichever instrument it held before being stolen and dumped).

Artfully displayed between a lamppost and a telegraph pole, laying open as a plea for humanity to be kinder to musical instruments and for the crooked elements of society to stop nicking stuff?

Hobbled on to the Charity shop and left me bits for them and then I caught the bus into town.

0703cityI wandered up through Trinity Square and took this photographicalisation of the row with food retailers with outside ‘have a fag chairs’ on their frontages – it was gone 1100hrs but many of them had not yet put out their chairs and seats – mind you, with so few more-money-than-sense Nottinghomians about, I couldn’t fault them.

I caught me reflection in a window of a shop (Scary that I can tell yers!).

I looked old, welmish and disabled. Having said 0703acitythat I am old, welmish and disabled and wondered why it should have shocked me so. Hey-ho!

I was looking for a window with ‘Bling’ on display to take a photo of it for the TFZ gals when I wondered down Trinity Walk and as I was zooming in on the ‘Bling’ a lady appeared.

I considered momentarily popping in and asking how much they wanted for her… not really!

0704cityI wandered down into the slab square where I intended to catch the tram to Bulwell to see if Fultons Foods had acquired any of me blackcurrant ice-cream lollies for me to purchase.

The Nottingham Post newspaper stall I just had to take a photograph of:

Murders, rapes, muggings, burglaries, unemployment, car crimes, benefit cheats etc were the things I expected to see as the headlines. What was the top and first headlines? “4 Free Toilet Rolls with your Nottingham Post!”

Made me think that did!

0705cityThe slab square fountains for the kids had attracted one 20ish year old chap who couldn’t resist paddling through it fully clothed.

The market stalls were open again but few people were attending. Not surprising really, they were not offering anything different or any better value then anywhere else, dearer if anything – but the Nottingham Council has to raise money from somewhere for the benefits to be paid yer know.

I hobbled to the tram stop at the rear of this fountain photograph.

0708tramArthur Itis and the haemorrhoids were being kind to me at this point.

Anne Gyna and the pulled muscle were making their presence known though Huh!

I remembered to swipe me free pensioners bus pass card at the station before getting on the tram.

Not many folk on it today, I had a look around and noticed that of the eight passengers on board, two were not on mobile phones… and one of them was me!

The tram soon filled up with noisy Nottinghamian’s.

When it arrived in Bulwell I nearly got caught in the rush of folk to get off urgently. No idea why, but they all disappeared rapidly once they did get off?

Surreal it were… hypnagogic!

0709BulI walked to and through the Bulwell Market – such a sad sight nowadays.

First port of call was Fultons Foods in search and hopes of getting some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies – no such luck. Tsk!

They did however have some ‘Hunters sausages’ at the ridiculously low price of 89p for a pack of 4 ready cooked ones. So I got myself a pack, and it was in-date too.

There were so many mobility scooters about it scared me a tad. I rested a while and watched them on and around the market – it’s amazing how they all managed to avoid hitting any one.

I made my way to the bus station and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0710busEn-route the sun did its best to break through the gloomy clouds and I took a picture of it through the bus window.

Beginning to get bother from the rear end now – but I think the Angina was easing – so swings and roundabouts yer know?

Dropped off the bus on Hucknall Road and limped down to the hovel, feeding the pigeons en-route like.

WC’d – Success on the movement department! Hurrah!

0711eatI made up me meal, Hunters Sausages, two baked potatoes, beetroot and garden peas… oh and a bit of pork pie with the crust removed – not the jelly of course I loved that. Hehehe!

Watched a DVD while I consumed me nosh…

Then fell asleep.

Woke just in time to take me evening medications.

Had a drink out of the flask (Tea!) and downloaded photographs and resized them and did this diary.

I phoned sister Jane to ascertain her and Pete’s health, and it was not too good for either of them, but they are still leading a good social life and that’s good for them. Not wanting to risk mixing our ailments it is frustrating not being able to see them.

Posted the diary then did some Facebooking.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today 20/03/15: Gloomy painful start to the day…

Friday 20th March 2015

Woke up remembering bits of a dream and the urgency to post off me samples this morning.

WC – failed attempt – took me medications.

The urgency of sending off me samples soon made me forget everything about the dreams (Tut!) as I got myself up and ready to have a little walk to the post-0401box.

As I left the dump Fred came down for his breakfast of sunflower seeds and earthworms.

Within a few paces of setting off Anne Gyna made her presence known in no uncertain terms – worse than she’s been for 0402months now, Tsk! If it ain’t one thing it’s another!

Not many folk about, but then again it is early yet – the gloomy in the sky fitted with my feeling of gloom with stab after stab from Anne Gyna accompanied me.

It actually got darker and gloomier as I poddled to the end of the road.

I could hear emergency services sirens close by but saw nothing – the sound continued with I 0403think other vehicles joining them – I could not smell any burning?

Breathing a bit difficult by the time I’d got through the twitchel and on to Mansfield Road.

Some more pigeons came down for a nibble.

0404I took a photograph from opposite the end of the twitchel – in reality it was gloomy with a feint bit of sunshine coming through the clouds – but it did not come out like it was – shame.

0406The cheery bin-men were happily plying their trade in Carrington this morning.

I walked down the road and around the block to ensure I got some exercise in.

As I knew Anne Gyna would incapacitate me a bit today from past experiences of her attacks. Tut!

0405This photo on the right is a better representation of the cool misty morning in Carrington this morning.

Note the letter box next to the waste-bin on the kerbside?

That’s the one I walked passed contentedly forgetting that the reason I was out in the first place was to post me samples off that I’d forgotten about yesterday… and Wednesday too!

I was off down the road hobbling along into the distance in my own little meandering world around the block and realised I’d forgot again to posted them again, so I returned to do this post haste.

0407Now, the bin being next to the post-box might not cause problems for most people – but take the scenario of an elderly partly-senile Inchcock attempting to do a simple job of posting an envelope – he is bound to post his letter into the bin in error while his mind wanders ain’t he?

Well I didn’t actually drop the letter into the bin – but it was close – only just stopped missen. Tsk!

TomBusI returned to the bomb-site and took some extra pain-killers to try and quell the intentions of Anne Gyna.

WC’d – failed to pass owt again but blood from the haemorrhoids flowed. Tut!

At least Arthur Itis is not too bad today.

Ballet2Laptop on and started this diary – Coreldraw9 not froze yet.

Sod it, it has now!

Did some graphics all the same, just took more hassle and bother.

AndyBusThese three are wot I dun of the TFZ lads.

Thomas (An actual Train engineer).

David, with his dog Spike.

Meritt and me on the stagecoach delivering citizens and Wells Fargo mail.

I nodded off for an hour or two and woke up with the torn muscle under me ribs very painful again – Gnash! Maybe I moved awkwardly in me slumber, or sneezed? Either way I’m in agony again.