Letter to Inchcock from Dr. Blamey MD

Dear Mr Inchcock,

It is unfortunately my duty to advise you that on your last visit to the haematology department on 26th February 2015 your Warfarin doses were wrongly prescribed.

Here is the correct dosages: M2½ T2-W2-Th 21/2-Fri2½-St2-Su2.

In the event of your feeling dizzy or cutting yourself we advise you to call for assistance.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that this medication is used to treat blood clots, pulmonary embolus and deep vein thrombosis that you were diagnosed with by preventing blood clots forming in your flabby unattractive wrinkled decrepit body.

It helps to keep blood flowing smoothly in your body by decreasing the amount of certain substances (clotting proteins) in your blood.

EHxx03ShirlGunI am aware of your hearing difficulties so had written the above in bold so you can read it easier.

Please contact me in return to confirm your understanding of the nature of your condition and position as soon as possible.

A reminder that in reply to your request for another home visit, I can arrange one under the strict condition that you keep your hands to yourself this time.

Yours Dr. Shirley Blamey MD.

Pugglethorpe Veterinary Surgery.

Dear Dr Blamey,

I have been suffering some funny turns and…. Klunk… thud!…..

Inchcock Today Fri 27th Feb 15:

Friday 27th February 2015

Difficulty in getting to sleep again last night – but I managed eventually, then when I woke up it was with a jump and me mind active and racing raving away?

“Must remember to listen for the bin-men so I can get the bins put away before someone steals one again “- “Must keep an eye out for the INR test results” – “Must get to the Nottingham Hospice shop today” – “Must get some bananas” – “Must call at the dentists” – “Must get me Interview post started for me blog” – “Must put extra cream on me piles today” – “Must delete some fonts from the laptop”… and on and on for a couple of minutes none stop.

I thought my mind would explode.

IMG_0122It settled down to its normal moronic vacuity eventually.

Made a cuppa and took my medications and applied me creams.


The innards seemed easier this morning again. Crossed fingers on that situation.

Damned cold this morning. Just on freezing according to Google. That’ll be nice for walking after all the rain yesterday. Must take care to avoid any Whoopsiedangleplops today if I do get out.

Did a bit of Facebooking then tried to do some graphics in Coreldraw9 (Not yet having mastered Serif x6). Coreldraw9 crashed so I tried Serif x6 and that crashed! Really pee’s off now!

Went down to make another cuppa and – it happened – another Whoopsiedangleplop suffered!

There I was taking me time and using the hand-rail going down the stairs and Arthur Itis gave me a rather nasty painful twinge in me right knee.

Of course I went down the last few steps in a rather unseemly and swift fashion.0501Whoop

Amazingly only the knees were painful afterwards. The bruised arms and ribs were not too bothersome at all. This pleased me so much I made a graphic to celebrate me good fortune – mind you I suppose summat could develop later… hmm?

Corel and Serif draw both okay for a short while then crashing still. Gave up again.

Spit un polished missen and got ready fer me outing.

0504walkAs I left the bomb-site I took a photo of the sky – no rain forecast for today (But plenty for tomorrow) so decided to catch the us into Arnold and walk back.

The I thought no… the knees might be bad when I come back and I’ll be carrying things… by then I was on the bus, so got off a couple of stops further on and decided to walk into Arnold.

0505walkI wobbled along passing the deadly Five-Ways junction/traffic island.

On up through the estate noticing how pretty the sky was especially compared to how it looked yesterday – Dark, dank and depressing, as I expect it to look tomorrow as well according to the meteorological office.

0506walkWet left and up the hill. Halfway up and where it bends to the left a nice view although a little distant opened up to my tight of the houses giving an idea of the size of the estate.

Mind you, it’s not as large as the Clifton Estate.

Carried on up then down the hill into Arnold proper and turned right into the shopping area.

0507ArnI window-shopped my way along and came to Arnold market – never have I seen a sadder one.

The ribs where I Whoopsiedangleplopped earlier were starting to give me a bit of gip now.

As I passed a second hand jewellery store on the High Street I took a photo 0508Arnof some… well I don’t know what you call them, htey were charms to put on bracelets like.

To show the TFZ gals.

Then I called into Fultons Foods shop in the vain hope that they might have got some of me blackcurrant lollies back in stock but no.

0509ArnSo I had a look around for any bargains and ended up getting a few bits.

The Walker’s crisps were Cheddar cheese and Bacon flavour.

I’ll try one later tonight.

Walked over the road and waited for a bus to take me back to Carrington.

Some young women in the queue were talking between themselves and I turned me hearing aids up to full volume and had an ear-wigging session.

I have to report that the one with a nose and three lip rings who was smoking roll-ups dropping the ash on her baby in the pram has put a claim in with the Social Security for a new 3-piece suite.

The one with the tattoos on her neck and face who would scare the life out of Boris Karloff is going drinking tonight at the Bell Inn to cheer herself up because she is pregnant again and her boyfriend has scarped.

0510sherwThe the route back to the flea-pit the bus stopped dropping someone off and I took a photo of the Old Alms dwellings.

I wondered if they were still for the old folk?

Some mountainous steps to climb to get in em?

I rang the bell, I know I did cause I can’t hear it when it buzzes so look at the ‘Bus Stopping’ sign that illuminates when you press it to make sure – the bus-driveress didn’t stop at first then noticed me lurking behind her and did stop – tutted and let me off.

0511msI saw the famously dangerous but petite mobility scooter driver coming my way – and crossed the road to avoid encouraging her to catch me ankles again. Luckily there was not traffic about.

I limped back to the hoppit, fed the pigeons on me way, got in and just made it to the porcelain in time.

Another pile of unsolicited mail waited for me.

0512mailToday they were from:

‘Spice – A Modern Taste of India’: offering: Palak Paneer Methi Fresh baby spinach cooked with Indian cheese and fenugreek herbs for only £6.25.

‘RIAS Insurance’: Informing me I could get an 80% No Claims Discount with them.

‘The Nottingham Building Society’: Advising me They can tailor a marketing plan for me and my home across branch, press and internet!

NHS Anticoagulant Therapy Record and Dose Advisement’: Increasing my dosage again informing me that my level was now 2.1. (Target 3.5) And giving me an appointment again for next Monday.

‘Asda’: George’s Spring collection catalogue

‘Super Fry’ Fish & Chips – Burgers -Pizzas – Kebabs’: Offering Batterred sauages at £1.20 each.

‘Domino’s Pizzas’: Advertising Vegi Volcano Pizza – Red peppers, Green and red Peppers, jalapenos, mozzarella cheese Pizza for only £12.99 and £16.99.


Tired again now, must take me medications.


Inchcock Today: Back to his second home – At the Queens Medical Centre

Thursday 25th February 2015

What a night!

No sleep at all, me body and mind refused to let me, until around 0400hrs – then when I woke at 0530hrs I remembered bits of a dream I’d had:

A gangster-like looking chap was telling me what would happen if I didn’t purposely loose a contest – no idea now what the contest was – but I reluctantly agreed. When whatever it was came to fruition I forgot and won… Not sure of anything else other then he was following me around in his fur collared coat making various promises to injure me health?

The piles are bleeding, Anne Gyna a bitch, Arthur Itis cruel even the Ulcer is letting me know it’s there. Not all is lost though, the rumbling and grumbling innards seem a bit more settled – I know I’ve said this last week but…


Remembered about my INR checks appointment and got myself abluted in case I fell asleep again.

Made a cuppa and took me medications then started this diary off.


Decided to bus it into town and miss getting a good walk in due to the persistent rain persistently persisting.

Got the things needed in me bag and set out to the bus-stop in time to use me wonderful bus-pass.

0402CyclistAs I approached the pelican lights I saw a pavement cyclist approaching in the distance and got me camera out – I caught the little ragamuffin as he veered around a traffic lights column to avoid hitting a chap and to pass him – he came close to catching me one too.


0403cityCaught the bus into town and walked the short distance to the next bus-stop – It were gloomy wet and depressing.

I caught the bus on the right of the picture with the Sterling Moss driver.

I had to shelter under a bus-stop as the rain was getting worserer.

Sterling soon got us to the hospital – shaken but unharmed.

The rain even cut down the amount of patients outside the front of the entrance having a smoke in the no smoking area – wanted to take a picture but the rain was too heavy at this point.

When I went on Monday for me last INR Warfarin tests there were five patients in wheelchairs two of them on drips and three walking wounded – today only three in total.

0405broachI wandered in to the Haematology waiting area passing a display of home made jewellery for sale in support of funds for a certain department, can’t remember which now though.

They had some very nice brooches.

The waiting area was completely empty! My number was called over the tannoy before the ticket had fully come out of the dispensing machine.

Talk about service – I reckon the weather had made folk go later in the hope that the rain would abate?

And a new nurse (to the department) who was training did me samples – very nice I  didn’t notice her much; About 45, stocky, black hair, spot on her left ear-hole, lovely hands, local accent, pleasant disposition, twinkle in her eyes, cuddly and she gave off an aura of desirability of great proportions… I hope she’s there next time I go.

Gave her the nibbles thanked her and said cheerio and out into the rain again.

I pondered on where to go to take some photographs and decided I wasn’t going to walk anywhere and get soaked again, so caught the bus with the plan of going onto the walk-over into Victoria Centre and take some shots on me journey through into Tesco and out near the bus-station and catch a bus back to the dump.

Apart from a woman treading on me corn as I got on the bus there were no occurrences en-route.

0406stepsI dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and walked up the stairs to the walk-over above the road – reaching the top of them I turned and took a photo of the state of them.

Nottingham at its finest. Street Art graffiti, cracked patched up wall with rain running down them, soaking-wet warped wooden hand-rails and a distinctive smell that reminded me of abandoned used urinals.

0407busesOn the walk-over I took photo of the street junction and traffic lights.

It’s not very clear on the photo but there were the usual Nottinghomians crossing the lights against the lights again.

There have been many accidents and two deaths at this junction recently – but Nottinghamians don’t learn easily.

It’s in the blood yer know…

0408VicI wondered into the centre and walked around the sad Victoria market – so depressing with so many stall unoccupied.

Took a photo from the top upper floor, not very busy today.

Nipped into their toilets, all okay though.

Poddled to the end and Tesco and had a wander around and got myself some cheesey seaweed.

4IT3Had a dizzy sell on me way out so leant on the railings outside the doors pretending to enjoy getting soaked in the rain for a few minutes.

Moved on and down to Trinity Square where I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ (Pearls) to post for Jilly in Australia as a Get Well Card. Cause I know he likes pearls yer see.

Fed the pigeons when the rain eased.


0409busWalked down to the bus stop.

The rain had eased to a trickle but it made the streets look shiny and clean. Still few people around.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and hobbled home.


Made a beef slice with baked beans and a mousse to follow… oh and some bread and a cuppa.

Laptop on (No Coreldraw crashes yet) and did this diary to here.

Coreldraw9 and Serif Draw x6 crashed in me. I’m fed up now!

Inchcock Today: Housebound Again! – Wed 25 Feb 15

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sheer fatigue helped me get some sleep last night.

The dreams were constant or at least it seemed so. All I can recall is a bit about being in a rowing boat with someone and trying to push someone along in the water with a giant candy-floss?

Not a good start this morning: Within an hour of rising the porcelain has been used three times… oh dear.

Bit worried about getting out for me INR Warfarin level tests tomorrow now. I just hope the ‘runs’ do no prevent me from going because it is important to get the level right. Maybe things will calm down again today?

Took me medications. Then made a cuppa and started the laptop.

WC’d (4).

Might risk popping out to book appointment with the GP later to see her about the rumbling runs, because they seem to be persisting somewhat.

Assessed the ailments: Anne Gyna not too good – Arthur Itis no worse – Ulcer twinging slightly – Haemorrhoids easier at the moment and front teeth okayish. But the ‘runs’ are getting most of my attention at the moment.

Came across this graphic I’d done for the TFZ site, thought I’d post it to show off and because I can’t get out today to take any photographs.


Did some reading on WordPress.

DanceJanRichFound some excellent humorous and satirical stuff on WordPress.

Had a look on Facebook, and made some graphics and posted them.

Janet Arron and Richard Johnson, TFZ members might like this one for a bit of fun, that’s what wer’e all about really on hte troll Free Zone – having a laugh and chinwag in print like if yer see worra mean?

Sandra Lentz and Meritt Hutton on DanceSanMerthe second one here.

Hope they like them, took me a while to create them in between several visits to the porcelain.

Put the kettle on then WC’d (7), but I think it might be settling down now.

Mind you, they said that about Hitler in 1937 didn’t they?

I was wondering if I might manage a little walk around the block… I see how it goes later.

Better not… things a biter… loose yet.

Now Serif X6 is crashing! Grrr!

Went down to make a cup of tea.

0303I found on the floor,

Near the door,

And I felt more,

Very much more poor!


TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Launderette Lust? – 24/02/15

Tuesday 24th February 2015

Managed some kip last night.

I realised I’d missed last nights medications. I saw the pot there at the side of me, still full – huh!

WC’d, things getting a little loose again. The rumbling and grumbling was persisting just when I thought they were abating too.

The knees were well bad this morning, and when I put in me hearing-aids heard them cracking away like crisps being crushed when I moved.

Even Anne Gyna was painful. However the back passage-piles were okay with no bleeding. The ulcer was as good as gold. The front teggies gave only a bit of pain (Must get to the dentist), then again I’m not eating at the moment.

Laptop on, Coreldraw9 crashed immediately when I chose the import option. Rebooted tried again and gave up.

Tried to do the work on Serif Draw x6, but didn’t know how to import to get the original size of graphics. I have to drag-t0-size on import?

Gave up again and got a good wash and brush up and got the things ready for the launderette, the gals nibbles, soap tablets, softener, drier balls and a choc bar for myself to nibble.

Set off to the launderette in the high gusty winds, fed some pigeons clandestinely en-route.

0203aGrizWell, all the machines were in use bar one – the one that folk don’t like to use because it doesn’t spin fast and it takes more money in the drier. As I resigned meself to another expensive day I spotted Grizelda at the back and that cheered me up somewhat.

She smiled at me and waved and parts of my anatomy were girded into movements unknown in months.

I realise that nothing could come of these fantasies wot I have over her – she is about a foot taller than I, years younger and yet still I yearn… Will I ever learn?

Got the machine going and Big John came in laughing because four of the machines had his washing in them – then he started flirting with Grizelda, who has taken a fancy to him – Huh cobblers and Tsk! It didn’t bother me at all, I WWarnLie wasn’t jealous, oh no…

0203GrizGrizelda came towards me and my heart pounded, despite being part metal and plastic… she smiled and said: “Would you like tea?” in her wonderful deep voiced yet delicate Polish accent. I think I mumbled ‘Yes please…’

I then started fretting, thinking I might have left the tap running in the bathroom. Unable to get the feeling out of me mind I walked back to the dump to check it out. Of course the taps were not running… but I had left the laptop on, so I closed it down.

0203bcarOn the way back I bought a newspaper to read and then back to the launderette.

An interesting article:

‘This is the astonishing moment a group of frustrated Nottingham tram passengers picked up and moved a Mini off the road after its driver blocked two trams when she parked across the tracks.

The fed-up bystanders shifted the car after the trams were delayed for 15 minutes. Incredibly the female driver had left her motor illegally parked on double yellow lines in Nottingham at 11.1oam yesterday.

The red-faced driver eventually returned from a nearby coffee shop to find her car moved and a penalty ticket waiting from a Nottingham Community Protection Officer.

Adding to her growing misery, the driver was then serenaded by ironic whoops and cheers from the swelling crowds as she quickly performed an illegal U-turn and drove off.

0204AsdEventually got the washing dried and packed up and BJ offered me a lift to Asda.

When we arrived I was surprised at the queues for the petrol station – are we due price rise or something?

Please advise me if you should know owt like?

0205beefBig John came with me to the microwaves in store and I carefully selected the most appurtenant and suitable model for my particular requirements. (The cheapest). We split to do our shopping, I didn’t get much: Microwave, Feasters beefburgers (Very tasty), bleach, Bread thins and a pack of mini Swiss rolls.

BJ ran me back to the flea-pit, I thanked him and he shot off.

I put me washing away and then the shopping.

Made a cuppa, laptop on and no internet connection – I realised I’d turned off the hub earlier, so went down and turned it back on. Had a dizzy spell coming back up the stairs… not a back un, only lasted for a few seconds and then dissipated. I think it might be due to me low Warfarin INR level? It don’t help when I miss me doses – what a plonker!

Updated this diary to here, then did a bit of work on another post entitled (As of now anyway) ‘Things nobody says to me any more’.

Used up three and a bit hours there no problem. Tsk!

Many WC visits later I made a cuppa ready to take me evening medications and found the INR report and dosage record had been delivered.

Level up to 2.4, so going the right way at last – they had made another appointment for this Thursday. It’s all go innit?

No rest fer the wicked. (If that’s true, how come the politicians haven’t all collapsed? – Just a thought like.)

Some Fings wot Nottingham folk don’t say any more – not nowadays…

I’m sorry if some folk find these hard to understand – a little like me wiv women?

Lost words phrases and comments from Inchcock’s passed.


Lamented saying: Yo cun cum to ma place, mam un dad r awt fort night!

Translation: You can come to me house, Mother and Father are out all night.

Comment: Never to be heard again methinks?

Lamented saying: Sorl yer gerrin!

Translation: That is as much as you are going to get.

Comment: School dinner lady talk?

Lamented saying: He onts sum hossmuck innis boots!

Translation: He is of rather small stature.

Comment: Short-arse is another option to use.

Lamented saying: Yowl cumoff wurst!

Translation: I fear you cannot win.

Comment: Cummin off  wurst… that I was very good at!

Lamented saying: Yer norrayin no tuffees!

Translation: You cannot have any sweets.

Comment: That was Dad all over… but I still loved him.

Lamented saying: Gizza croggie!

Translation: May I have a crossbar ride with you on your bicycle?

Comment: You just don’t seem to hear that phrase nowadays.

Lamented saying: This beer tastes like massi-watter!

Translation: This beer tastes like cat urine.

Comment: Unsure how Nottinghomians started using the word ‘Massi’ for a domesticated cat. Apparently nowadays it means someone who is ready for sexual intercourse? That leaves me out of the equation then .

Lamented saying: Aya masht midduck? 

Translation: Have you made the tea, dear?.

Comment: What my beloved Suzie would ask when she got home, nearly every time she got home.

Lamented saying: Phowr yo stink chronic yo do!

Translation: By golly your spoilt nappy does smell horrendous.

Comment: I’m informed this is what Dad used to say to me with great regularly.

Lamented saying: Arkattit! 

Translation: Listen to the rain.

Comment: All the Meadows folk used this terminology when it belted down.

Lamented saying: Wiggorn ev uz dinnuz! :

Translation: We are going to have our dinner.

Comment: Not that I got a cooked dinner very often…

Lamented saying: Gerrup yo, elsal bat yatabb!

Translation: Get up, or I may have to use violence to make you.

Comment: Dad’s encouragement for me to get out of bed.

Lamented saying: Fyo dont doasIsay al get yer Mam back!

Translation: If you do not do as I say, I’ll find your Mother and bring her back home.

Comment: An intimidatingly blood-curdling threat Dad used when I played him up or didn’t do as he asked – it worked too!

Lamented saying: I don’t wannit fro it int Trent!

Translation: I do not want that child, throw him in the river Trent!

Comment: Dear Mummys first words to the midwife when I was born.

Lamented saying: Arwee ayin chips else bunt tatuzz?

Translation: Will we be having chips or baked potatoes?

Comment: Well it wer chips when I had a choice.

Lamented saying: Wi or wi’yaut vingar?

Translation: Is that with or without vinegar?

Comment: Of course it wasn’t vinegar, it was brewed condiment.

Lamented saying: Yer greet wassock!

Translation: You great idiot!

Comment: Yes, been called this often enough as a youngster… and later.

Lamented saying: Keep tu coursey!

Translation: Stay on the pavement.

Comment: Now this is very rare nowadays.

Lamented saying: Downt piggle ut yer scab!

Translation: Stop picking at your scab.

Comment: I think piggling was also used for little and or unimportant as well?

Lamented saying: Yowl koppitt!

Translation: You will get into trouble.

Comment: Yes, I did too – far too often!

Lamented saying: Wottyowant? 

Translation: What would you like?

Comment: I know what I’d like… but the body wont let me…

Lamented saying: Eers yer pay packet yoof!

Translation: Here is you wages for the week Gerry.

Comment: Ah… those were the days…

Lamented saying: Dus yer fancy a lyrral romp?

Translation: Would you like to mutually couple with me?

Comment: Hmmm?

Inchcock Today: Out on a walk at last… carefully mind!

Monday 23rd February 2015

Not much sleep again, couldn’t get off for ages, still managed 4 hours though.

The rumbling and grumbling had toned down a bit thankfully, only the arthritis any real hassle this morning.

Took me medications with a cuppa, then laptop started and managed to get my postings finished and posted to the League of Mental Men blog.

Then I had to rush (Well I say rush, poddle a bit quicker would be a more appropriate wording perhaps...) about a bit to get myself then the things ready for me trip for me INR level tests at the QMC to catch the bus at 0930hrs so as to use me free pensioners bus-pass.

0101skyThe sky looked a little ominous and the wind very variable?

I stood and watched a pedestrian and driver having a good verbal set-to, but alas was not close enough for me to hear them over the wind in me hearing aids. Huh!

When I got to the bus-stop on 0102StJMansfield Road a few minutes later the sky had changed again and looking quiet non-threatening.

I caught the bus into town (Very full with us old ones using our bus-passes yer see).

I got to the bus-stop for the Y28 and after a short wait and passing long unintentional almost musical escapages of wind – I visited left and visited the Gents in Victoria Centre. All okay and no blood from the haemorrhoids either.

0102StJReturned and caught the Y28 out to the Hospital.

Had a chat with an elderly lady en-route, she looked a little confused and nervous so I struck up a chin-wag with her. She was going to the QMC for her weekly checks and was doing it on her own for the first time. I didn’t ask why.

When we got off the bus I walked her to where she was going and wished her well. Nice lady.

Quite a wait, many in the queue today.

Unfortunately an unintentional leakage of wind – just a tiny ‘plop’ like escaped and I kept me head down pretending to read the free Metro paper as the mutterings grew and the phoo’s rang out from the poor patients in the queue.

The nurses in the haematology were surprised to see me again for the third time in seven days.

0106qmc3They soon took me sample  and I decided to go to Long Eaton when I left, I’ve not been there for years – using me free pensioners bus-pass of course.

When I came out of the building the unofficial patients smokers corner was fully occupied.

0104qmc1When I walked out from the sheltered area I felt the wind (Not mine) had got up a lot and the flags and trees were blowing viciously.

Taking a photo of the flags I caught the first of three fire engines rushing into the compound down the hill passed A&E and round the back of the 0105qmc2main buildings.

So annoying when you don’t know why innit?

I got to the bus-stop and caught the bus to Long Eaton, taking a photo of the QMC from another angle as we passed by. Didn’t come out too bad considering we were travelling at a fair rate of knots like.

0107LEWhen I alighted the bus the first building I saw that wasn’t there last time I visited was a KFC.

I thought it might be a Pound Shop, Money lenders, Costas, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King or Pawn Brokers I would have seen first. Hehe.

0108LE2 I had a good walk around and many places brought back memories of when I worked there for Tesco and the Nottingham Co-op many years ago.

Found a cheapo shop that was selling Lion bars at 6 for a quid – ‘Glad I came’ I said to myself and bought some.

Found they were just out of date, but still eatable like if yer not too bothered about breaking yer teeth…

After musing over some memories I caught the bus back to Nottingham.

0109busEn-route the weather worsened even more, I took a photo through the bus window.

It seemed like a gale was brewing at one time and buffeted the bus.

Within half a mile things seemed to calm down?

4IT2I got back, the bus dropping us all off at the Broad Marsh centre, and I had a wander through it taking some photographs for the TFZ gals I thought might be of interest to them, they like their handbags yer know, bless them.

Here’s one of them wot I took.

I plodded through the centre, not before calling at their ‘Gents’.

0110NotsOut and up to Chapel Bar and up Exchange Walk.

Note the sky had cleared up now and the rolling clouds far less threatening. But something told me to make me way back to the hoppit and out of the coming weather?

As I got to the top and into the Slab Square in the City centre, I remembered that I wanted to take a ride on the Nottingham Wheel/Eye and thought I’d treat missen and take some photographs from high up that might be interesting.

0111NotsThen the rain started to drizzle along with some sleet. (I knew it!).

But it didn’t last long.

As I turned the corner I saw they were dismantling the wheel – bother!

The sky kept changing so quickly and the wind again got up.

Both the weathers wind and mine.

0112NotsA little further up King Street I came across a car that had seemingly reversed into one of the bollards?

Again, it’s so aggravating not knowing for sure innit?

I noticed the bobbies were well wrapped up.

On up the hill, a little walk around Trinity Square fed the pigeons and I caught the bus back to Carrington.

I thought I might stay on the bus and drop off in Sherwood so I could see the Dentist and complain about me front teggies that they treated that have gone black since!

Of course I forgot all about it until I was writing this diary now. Tsk!

0113rainAs I dropped off the bus – down it came, rain, snow and sleet at the same time.

By the time I’d hobbled fast as me knees would let me back to the flea-pit, the snow had stopped, just the rain and sleet or hail falling now, and the wind was terrible.

Took a photo of it from me doorway.


Th knees were painful but other ailments seem better, including the diarrhoea.

Had one of me Lion bars with a cup of tea, worried me a bit in case I broke me front teggies on it, so hard.

Laptop on to do this diary.

Heated a pasty and had it with a large frank to get me through till me nosh later.

So tired again now – not surprising really with no sleep much.

I wonder how much Cameron gets? Just a thought like.

Made a cuppa and took me medications… missed my midday ones. Huh!

Inchcock Today: Housebound Again – Sun 22nd Feb 15

Sunday 22nd February 2015

biMarieBad night for the cramps and innards again, don’t know when I eventually nodded off, but I didn’t wake until gone seven this morning.

The ankles are bad this morning, cracking away like a bag of crisps and painful with it, yet the knees are no worse than usual? The piles were not bleeding so that’s good. Even Anne Gyna is having a rest, that’s very good. The ulcer… I think has also taken time-out, good again!

Made a cuppa and took me medications later than I should have but it can’t be helped.

biNancyGot the laptop on, opened coreldraw9 okay and worked on the header for this post but then it wouldn’t let me open the internet?

I tried through icons, menu and bar but no go – depression took a hold.

I restarted the laptop and it allowed me in this time? – but Coreldraw9 froze once more and I had to restart all over again – Gnunf!

Getting a bit fed-up with losing me graphicalisations wot I’m working on. Very frustrating and wasting so much biBettytime.

I could get depressed yer know!

Decided I’m not risking going out on a walk today – innards might not be any worse but they’re still bothersome. The porcelain has already been well used this morning… Tsk!

Tried again to do some graphicalisationing on Coreldraw9.


biPmcSpent many many hours doing Scooter graphics for the TFZ site.

That’s some of the finished graphicalisationalistic thingies wot I dun you see scattered around this page.

The gurgling and rumbling continued throughout the day – needing much attention at frequent periods.

I’m so glad I didn’t risk going on a walk today now – but am concerned about tomorrow and hope I can biGladysget out to the Queens Medical Centre haematology for me third INR level check in a week.

Had a pastie and franks followed by a tiny weeny cake… well two tiny weeny cakes then.

But not feeling hungry enough for a meal yet.

I was hoping things would have settled a biLyzzibit by now so I can get out in the morning without worrying, but the INR level has never been so consistently low as this past week, so I have to attend.

And I want to get to the dentist about me blackening front teggies that they were supposed to have repaired on me last visit… huh!

The wind is now a lot worse from me top end, I reckon that’s got to be a good sign, no biLonaidea why, but I think things are moving towards a cease-fire with me innards?

Not feeling too tired, mind you I ain’t nit been knowhere have I.

When I was posting these graphics to me galleries on Facebook I got a message that me internet connection had gone down despite the icon informing me it was up and running (There’s an unfortunate phrase bearing in mind my current state – Hehe).

Restarted laptop and it came back?

Damned technology!

Took me evening medications.

Hope I can get out tomorrow.


Inchcock Today: Sprurghling along… Sat 21st Feb 15

Saturday 21st February 2015

After a night interposed with many uncomfortable rumbling-innards prompted visits to the porcelain.

I forced myself up into physical activity – much against the wishes of Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis.

Pain below me right elbow still with me – no bother from the ulcer, and no dizzies up to now.


Made a cuppa and a pot of porridge with honey and did some Facebooking.


Watched some old stuff TV on YouTube (Heartbeat).

Had a good scrub-up and abluted and noticed that the two front teeth that the dentist had filled had both gone black?


Pondered on if I should try having a walk today or not.

0602swissDecided to risk it ‘for a Swisskit’ (anyone remember that advert for the chocolate bar from… I don’t know when, ages ago?) and poddle to Sherwood to take me togs to the Nottingham Hospice charity shop, then call at the dentists and last to get a small cooked nosh from the hot food place.

0603sherwAs I arrived near Sherwood the sky looked amazing.

Though I’d check me Lotto numbers at the paper shop. After so many years of trying and only getting one win – £10 and that was shared – I can’t think of anything more futile… Huh, nor one number!

Mind you I’m not surprised.

Fortuitously the Library was open and I sated the demands of me rumbling innards in their WC. Phew!

0604msHalfway up the second hill I spotted two mobility scooters outside a shop and none outside the pub which is normal.

I pressed on up and arrived at the Hospice shop and gave them me bits, then up to the dentist. Where I had a Senior Moment…


 I pushed at the door and it was locked, so I read the opening hours on the door and thought well it says here that they are open 0840hrs t0 1700hrs on a Friday… why are they not open now at 1345hrs?

Quick as a flash I got it within minutes – today is a Saturday!

0606aI called in the hot food shop and got a tray of roast potatoes and… er, some meat or other like mince but it wasn’t mince to take home and reheat later.

As I was limping back to the dump I thought I’d take a more scenic route, longer, more hilly but with more trees and that like.

So I did.

I turned right down Haydn Road. As I plodded 0606bdown it the Second Hand Car Sales place that reminds me so much of George Coles Arthur Daley in Minders place from the 70’s TV show.

I don’t think I’d be confident enough to risk getting a car from there somehow.

0606cI carried on down and as I approached the pelican lights a sign that I’ve seen endless times on the side of the road made me smile for once as I saw a funny connotation attached to it today. The sign, behind the red car read: Humped Zebra Crossing…

I bet that made him jump? Hehehe!

0606dI got to the end of the road and turned left up the tree lines hill called Devonshire Drive.

I thought at the time, feeling so much better than yesterday like: “I can do this without any problem!”

And started to ascend the hill with grim determination and a commitment to get to the top in good spirits and maybe jump up then like wot Rocky did in Rocky 3 like…

0606eThird of the way or so up and I stopped to get me breath – but soon started off again showing great spirit bravery and bravado!

So proud of missen I wor.

About halfway up I stopped once again momentarily, the angina starting now and me feet and knees joined in too.

I began to think I maybe made a bad decision in taking this route back to the flea-pit now…

0606gme stick.

Nearly at the top now in this photos.

I realised as I struggled on that I may have seen my last marathon, game of squash, bungee jump or parachute jump as the pains emanating from various quarters of my decrepit ageing flobadob body were increasing in intensity and I needed to get to a WC quicker than I was doing.

Thank heaven the summit was only a few yards 0606haway and I turned right into Carrington and down the hill.

So glad to make it to the porcelain, but the bleeding was back.

I ate the reheated whatever it was meal and enjoyed it – then said a little prayer for it not to start off the rumbling and a-grumbling innards.

As I was washing the pots I managed quite skilfully and without any planning to drop the vinegar bottle right onto me corn on me right foot and said ‘Flipping heck’.

Made a cuppa and limped a little more acutely than normal, up and laptop on, took medications.

I’m so glad I didn’t go on a long walk.

Aye-up… I can feel movements from within…?


Nothing more eaten tonight, lost me appetite.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Housebound Again with Diarrhoea! – Fri 20th Feb 15

Friday 20th February 2015

I really did spring awake this morning around 0530hrs – I laid there thinking how nice it was to remember so much details of the dream I’d just been having – when something happened that sent these facts into the ether of unimportance…

I passed wind and boy what a mess!

While I spent a considerable time on the porcelain I recalled what I’d written on me yesterdays Diary: I haven’t had a single evacuation from the rear all day… bit worrying that!”Never a truer statement has been made!

Oh yes, the Rumbling innards are back with a vengeance.

No moving from the bathroom much for me today…

Got missen cleaned up and refreshed.

Went downstairs and took the bins out for collection so as they will not be missed this week by the gentlemen of the Nottingham Hygiene Collection and Recycling Team.

Made a cuppa and went back up and started the laptop – another call to the porcelain – unpleasant.

Took me morning medications, then returned to the porcelain – where is it all coming/slithering from?

I know I’ve got a rather protruding flabby wibbly-wobbly stomach but how it has held all that is coming out now, I don’t know.

As I washed last nights pots I wondered which of the foods I’d eaten yesterday might have caused this unpleasantness?

Put me togs in soak, and updated this Diary of Woe.

Of course now I can remember nothing of the dreams I’d had. Tsk!


I wondered what had caused this malady to return? The minced beef slices, or the BBQ Ribsteak burger? Or neither?

403ctescoOr perhaps the French Horns. (Being addicted to them, I hope this is not the case!).

No further movements at this moment (0729hrs) but plenty of worrying gurgling and rumblings going on from the innards.

Good job I have a decent stock of toilet paper and other items still to hand 0507from the last bother that I had of a similar nature.

As I went down to make another brew, terrible thirst this morning, me other ailments made themselves known to me:

Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Hem Arroids and D.  Uodenal were I think a little envious of the ‘Gurgling rumbles and trots taking the spotlight for once. Hehehe!

0506I took a look in me refrigerator to check the use-by-dates on me food for a family of five stocks.

Suddenly I felt rather ill.

Sat down for a while and was back to my normal self in half an hour or so.

Wonder if this has anything to do with me INR Warfarin level being so low?

Still, on the bright side the haemorrhoids are not bleeding or too painful, I haven’t had a ‘Whoopsidangleplop’ yet today, no dizzy-spells and after the first forced involuntary messy evacuation the other ‘managed’ evacuations have not been as pungent.

Hello here it comes again…

I’m back again, Phwor!

Made another cuppa to quench me rabid thirst.

Now I know how convenient it is having the WC in the bathroom.

0505Updating the diary of woe and somehow managed to lose all me additional writings on me word processor.

I expect it’s something to do with catching the touch-pad that I cannot turn off – gets a bit frustrating and annoying that does, especially when you don’t feel to well. Huh!

Did some Face-booking.

Then worked on a Nottingham Lads Security True Tales of Woe and managed to get it finished and posted of to me blog.

The rumbling brewing and nervousness and expectation of involuntary movements remain.

Managed a pasty and some bread – hopefully it won’t bother the innards too much – oh dear, yes it will…