Inchcock Today: Housebound Again! – Wed 25 Feb 15

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sheer fatigue helped me get some sleep last night.

The dreams were constant or at least it seemed so. All I can recall is a bit about being in a rowing boat with someone and trying to push someone along in the water with a giant candy-floss?

Not a good start this morning: Within an hour of rising the porcelain has been used three times… oh dear.

Bit worried about getting out for me INR Warfarin level tests tomorrow now. I just hope the ‘runs’ do no prevent me from going because it is important to get the level right. Maybe things will calm down again today?

Took me medications. Then made a cuppa and started the laptop.

WC’d (4).

Might risk popping out to book appointment with the GP later to see her about the rumbling runs, because they seem to be persisting somewhat.

Assessed the ailments: Anne Gyna not too good – Arthur Itis no worse – Ulcer twinging slightly – Haemorrhoids easier at the moment and front teeth okayish. But the ‘runs’ are getting most of my attention at the moment.

Came across this graphic I’d done for the TFZ site, thought I’d post it to show off and because I can’t get out today to take any photographs.


Did some reading on WordPress.

DanceJanRichFound some excellent humorous and satirical stuff on WordPress.

Had a look on Facebook, and made some graphics and posted them.

Janet Arron and Richard Johnson, TFZ members might like this one for a bit of fun, that’s what wer’e all about really on hte troll Free Zone – having a laugh and chinwag in print like if yer see worra mean?

Sandra Lentz and Meritt Hutton on DanceSanMerthe second one here.

Hope they like them, took me a while to create them in between several visits to the porcelain.

Put the kettle on then WC’d (7), but I think it might be settling down now.

Mind you, they said that about Hitler in 1937 didn’t they?

I was wondering if I might manage a little walk around the block… I see how it goes later.

Better not… things a biter… loose yet.

Now Serif X6 is crashing! Grrr!

Went down to make a cup of tea.

0303I found on the floor,

Near the door,

And I felt more,

Very much more poor!


TTFN all.

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