Inchcock Today: Thurs 12th Feb 15: Stay at home day

Thursday 12th February 2015

Didn’t get off to kip until gone 0300hrs despite feeling drained.

Up at 0517 hrs and WC’d, bleeding from the back-end.

Started laptop and took me medications.

Staying in today until or if the Serif-Draw package is delivered.

The knees were bad, and the wind from all quarters chronic really never ending. I’m thinking of calling at the Army & Navy surplus stores for a gas-mask for misssen? But all other medical ailment not bad at all, even Anne Gyna is behaving herself.

I phoned sister Jane to see what time I should meet her tomorrow to go to the hospital with her, bit of support like cause she don’t like going bless her. Hubby Pete said he could not go with her because they had the fish being delivered on Friday and he had to wait in for it.

I finished and posted yesterday’s diary and did some graphics, but Coreldraw9 crashed again.

0406drawThe DrawPlusx6 package came though the letterbox – I was anticipating a courier delivering it and it being a lot larger because I’d ordered a manual with it, it was just a CD along with the very thin manual. When I’ll get time to install it and learn how it works I’m not sure.

0401ShrbI titivated myeself and got the Nottingham Hospice things in me bag, visited the porcelain and set off on me walk into Sherwood

I managed about six yards and realised I’d still got me reading glasses on, so returned and got me bi-focal spectacles on.

I poddled down to Mansfield Road and

turned left at St John’s Church to find some 0402artbrand new Nottingham Street Art just before the bus-stop.

As I was photographing this original piece of Yobbo-art I espied a burke-on-a-bike approaching so managed to get a shot of the git coming – being reprimanded – and going.

I quoted loudly my usual “If you’re too 0403Cyclscared to ride on the road you shouldn’t be on a bike youth!”

His one word reply reminded me I’d got a visit to the genito urinary clinic coming up soon.

0404SherwOnward up the hill, down the hill, and up the next hill into Sherwood and the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and left me bits for them.

I called in the take-away food shop and got something to take home and reheat later – chicken in batter and roast potatoes £3.50 and very tasty it was too.

As I came out of the food shop there was an altercation going on between a group of chaps that was getting verbally heated with all the signs of it about to develop into physical violence showing.

I hobbled away and stood to watch them from a safe distance.

No idea what language they were speaking in such anger, Eastern European of some sort I think.

The police arrived and one of the officers spoke their tongue and that seemed to calm them all down.

I moved on down the hill and continued me walk back to Carrington.

0505signOutside the Methodist Chapel… no they call them Churches nowadays, in my younger days the Primitive Methodists called them Halls or Chapels, the new sign caught my attention and made me ponder on it. If only it were true we would be a lot wiser.

Got back to the hovel and reheated and consumed me nosh – lovely it were.

Tiredness and fatigue overcame me again and I soon fell asleep. Missed both me midday and evening medication doses today… oh dear…

At least I managed to get some kip in – not before time either.

TTFN all.