Inchcock Today: Back to his second home – At the Queens Medical Centre

Thursday 25th February 2015

What a night!

No sleep at all, me body and mind refused to let me, until around 0400hrs – then when I woke at 0530hrs I remembered bits of a dream I’d had:

A gangster-like looking chap was telling me what would happen if I didn’t purposely loose a contest – no idea now what the contest was – but I reluctantly agreed. When whatever it was came to fruition I forgot and won… Not sure of anything else other then he was following me around in his fur collared coat making various promises to injure me health?

The piles are bleeding, Anne Gyna a bitch, Arthur Itis cruel even the Ulcer is letting me know it’s there. Not all is lost though, the rumbling and grumbling innards seem a bit more settled – I know I’ve said this last week but…


Remembered about my INR checks appointment and got myself abluted in case I fell asleep again.

Made a cuppa and took me medications then started this diary off.


Decided to bus it into town and miss getting a good walk in due to the persistent rain persistently persisting.

Got the things needed in me bag and set out to the bus-stop in time to use me wonderful bus-pass.

0402CyclistAs I approached the pelican lights I saw a pavement cyclist approaching in the distance and got me camera out – I caught the little ragamuffin as he veered around a traffic lights column to avoid hitting a chap and to pass him – he came close to catching me one too.


0403cityCaught the bus into town and walked the short distance to the next bus-stop – It were gloomy wet and depressing.

I caught the bus on the right of the picture with the Sterling Moss driver.

I had to shelter under a bus-stop as the rain was getting worserer.

Sterling soon got us to the hospital – shaken but unharmed.

The rain even cut down the amount of patients outside the front of the entrance having a smoke in the no smoking area – wanted to take a picture but the rain was too heavy at this point.

When I went on Monday for me last INR Warfarin tests there were five patients in wheelchairs two of them on drips and three walking wounded – today only three in total.

0405broachI wandered in to the Haematology waiting area passing a display of home made jewellery for sale in support of funds for a certain department, can’t remember which now though.

They had some very nice brooches.

The waiting area was completely empty! My number was called over the tannoy before the ticket had fully come out of the dispensing machine.

Talk about service – I reckon the weather had made folk go later in the hope that the rain would abate?

And a new nurse (to the department) who was training did me samples – very nice I  didn’t notice her much; About 45, stocky, black hair, spot on her left ear-hole, lovely hands, local accent, pleasant disposition, twinkle in her eyes, cuddly and she gave off an aura of desirability of great proportions… I hope she’s there next time I go.

Gave her the nibbles thanked her and said cheerio and out into the rain again.

I pondered on where to go to take some photographs and decided I wasn’t going to walk anywhere and get soaked again, so caught the bus with the plan of going onto the walk-over into Victoria Centre and take some shots on me journey through into Tesco and out near the bus-station and catch a bus back to the dump.

Apart from a woman treading on me corn as I got on the bus there were no occurrences en-route.

0406stepsI dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and walked up the stairs to the walk-over above the road – reaching the top of them I turned and took a photo of the state of them.

Nottingham at its finest. Street Art graffiti, cracked patched up wall with rain running down them, soaking-wet warped wooden hand-rails and a distinctive smell that reminded me of abandoned used urinals.

0407busesOn the walk-over I took photo of the street junction and traffic lights.

It’s not very clear on the photo but there were the usual Nottinghomians crossing the lights against the lights again.

There have been many accidents and two deaths at this junction recently – but Nottinghamians don’t learn easily.

It’s in the blood yer know…

0408VicI wondered into the centre and walked around the sad Victoria market – so depressing with so many stall unoccupied.

Took a photo from the top upper floor, not very busy today.

Nipped into their toilets, all okay though.

Poddled to the end and Tesco and had a wander around and got myself some cheesey seaweed.

4IT3Had a dizzy sell on me way out so leant on the railings outside the doors pretending to enjoy getting soaked in the rain for a few minutes.

Moved on and down to Trinity Square where I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ (Pearls) to post for Jilly in Australia as a Get Well Card. Cause I know he likes pearls yer see.

Fed the pigeons when the rain eased.


0409busWalked down to the bus stop.

The rain had eased to a trickle but it made the streets look shiny and clean. Still few people around.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and hobbled home.


Made a beef slice with baked beans and a mousse to follow… oh and some bread and a cuppa.

Laptop on (No Coreldraw crashes yet) and did this diary to here.

Coreldraw9 and Serif Draw x6 crashed in me. I’m fed up now!