Inchcock Today: Housebound Again – Sun 22nd Feb 15

Sunday 22nd February 2015

biMarieBad night for the cramps and innards again, don’t know when I eventually nodded off, but I didn’t wake until gone seven this morning.

The ankles are bad this morning, cracking away like a bag of crisps and painful with it, yet the knees are no worse than usual? The piles were not bleeding so that’s good. Even Anne Gyna is having a rest, that’s very good. The ulcer… I think has also taken time-out, good again!

Made a cuppa and took me medications later than I should have but it can’t be helped.

biNancyGot the laptop on, opened coreldraw9 okay and worked on the header for this post but then it wouldn’t let me open the internet?

I tried through icons, menu and bar but no go – depression took a hold.

I restarted the laptop and it allowed me in this time? – but Coreldraw9 froze once more and I had to restart all over again – Gnunf!

Getting a bit fed-up with losing me graphicalisations wot I’m working on. Very frustrating and wasting so much biBettytime.

I could get depressed yer know!

Decided I’m not risking going out on a walk today – innards might not be any worse but they’re still bothersome. The porcelain has already been well used this morning… Tsk!

Tried again to do some graphicalisationing on Coreldraw9.


biPmcSpent many many hours doing Scooter graphics for the TFZ site.

That’s some of the finished graphicalisationalistic thingies wot I dun you see scattered around this page.

The gurgling and rumbling continued throughout the day – needing much attention at frequent periods.

I’m so glad I didn’t risk going on a walk today now – but am concerned about tomorrow and hope I can biGladysget out to the Queens Medical Centre haematology for me third INR level check in a week.

Had a pastie and franks followed by a tiny weeny cake… well two tiny weeny cakes then.

But not feeling hungry enough for a meal yet.

I was hoping things would have settled a biLyzzibit by now so I can get out in the morning without worrying, but the INR level has never been so consistently low as this past week, so I have to attend.

And I want to get to the dentist about me blackening front teggies that they were supposed to have repaired on me last visit… huh!

The wind is now a lot worse from me top end, I reckon that’s got to be a good sign, no biLonaidea why, but I think things are moving towards a cease-fire with me innards?

Not feeling too tired, mind you I ain’t nit been knowhere have I.

When I was posting these graphics to me galleries on Facebook I got a message that me internet connection had gone down despite the icon informing me it was up and running (There’s an unfortunate phrase bearing in mind my current state – Hehe).

Restarted laptop and it came back?

Damned technology!

Took me evening medications.

Hope I can get out tomorrow.


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