Inchcock Today: Out on a walk at last… carefully mind!

Monday 23rd February 2015

Not much sleep again, couldn’t get off for ages, still managed 4 hours though.

The rumbling and grumbling had toned down a bit thankfully, only the arthritis any real hassle this morning.

Took me medications with a cuppa, then laptop started and managed to get my postings finished and posted to the League of Mental Men blog.

Then I had to rush (Well I say rush, poddle a bit quicker would be a more appropriate wording perhaps...) about a bit to get myself then the things ready for me trip for me INR level tests at the QMC to catch the bus at 0930hrs so as to use me free pensioners bus-pass.

0101skyThe sky looked a little ominous and the wind very variable?

I stood and watched a pedestrian and driver having a good verbal set-to, but alas was not close enough for me to hear them over the wind in me hearing aids. Huh!

When I got to the bus-stop on 0102StJMansfield Road a few minutes later the sky had changed again and looking quiet non-threatening.

I caught the bus into town (Very full with us old ones using our bus-passes yer see).

I got to the bus-stop for the Y28 and after a short wait and passing long unintentional almost musical escapages of wind – I visited left and visited the Gents in Victoria Centre. All okay and no blood from the haemorrhoids either.

0102StJReturned and caught the Y28 out to the Hospital.

Had a chat with an elderly lady en-route, she looked a little confused and nervous so I struck up a chin-wag with her. She was going to the QMC for her weekly checks and was doing it on her own for the first time. I didn’t ask why.

When we got off the bus I walked her to where she was going and wished her well. Nice lady.

Quite a wait, many in the queue today.

Unfortunately an unintentional leakage of wind – just a tiny ‘plop’ like escaped and I kept me head down pretending to read the free Metro paper as the mutterings grew and the phoo’s rang out from the poor patients in the queue.

The nurses in the haematology were surprised to see me again for the third time in seven days.

0106qmc3They soon took me sample  and I decided to go to Long Eaton when I left, I’ve not been there for years – using me free pensioners bus-pass of course.

When I came out of the building the unofficial patients smokers corner was fully occupied.

0104qmc1When I walked out from the sheltered area I felt the wind (Not mine) had got up a lot and the flags and trees were blowing viciously.

Taking a photo of the flags I caught the first of three fire engines rushing into the compound down the hill passed A&E and round the back of the 0105qmc2main buildings.

So annoying when you don’t know why innit?

I got to the bus-stop and caught the bus to Long Eaton, taking a photo of the QMC from another angle as we passed by. Didn’t come out too bad considering we were travelling at a fair rate of knots like.

0107LEWhen I alighted the bus the first building I saw that wasn’t there last time I visited was a KFC.

I thought it might be a Pound Shop, Money lenders, Costas, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King or Pawn Brokers I would have seen first. Hehe.

0108LE2 I had a good walk around and many places brought back memories of when I worked there for Tesco and the Nottingham Co-op many years ago.

Found a cheapo shop that was selling Lion bars at 6 for a quid – ‘Glad I came’ I said to myself and bought some.

Found they were just out of date, but still eatable like if yer not too bothered about breaking yer teeth…

After musing over some memories I caught the bus back to Nottingham.

0109busEn-route the weather worsened even more, I took a photo through the bus window.

It seemed like a gale was brewing at one time and buffeted the bus.

Within half a mile things seemed to calm down?

4IT2I got back, the bus dropping us all off at the Broad Marsh centre, and I had a wander through it taking some photographs for the TFZ gals I thought might be of interest to them, they like their handbags yer know, bless them.

Here’s one of them wot I took.

I plodded through the centre, not before calling at their ‘Gents’.

0110NotsOut and up to Chapel Bar and up Exchange Walk.

Note the sky had cleared up now and the rolling clouds far less threatening. But something told me to make me way back to the hoppit and out of the coming weather?

As I got to the top and into the Slab Square in the City centre, I remembered that I wanted to take a ride on the Nottingham Wheel/Eye and thought I’d treat missen and take some photographs from high up that might be interesting.

0111NotsThen the rain started to drizzle along with some sleet. (I knew it!).

But it didn’t last long.

As I turned the corner I saw they were dismantling the wheel – bother!

The sky kept changing so quickly and the wind again got up.

Both the weathers wind and mine.

0112NotsA little further up King Street I came across a car that had seemingly reversed into one of the bollards?

Again, it’s so aggravating not knowing for sure innit?

I noticed the bobbies were well wrapped up.

On up the hill, a little walk around Trinity Square fed the pigeons and I caught the bus back to Carrington.

I thought I might stay on the bus and drop off in Sherwood so I could see the Dentist and complain about me front teggies that they treated that have gone black since!

Of course I forgot all about it until I was writing this diary now. Tsk!

0113rainAs I dropped off the bus – down it came, rain, snow and sleet at the same time.

By the time I’d hobbled fast as me knees would let me back to the flea-pit, the snow had stopped, just the rain and sleet or hail falling now, and the wind was terrible.

Took a photo of it from me doorway.


Th knees were painful but other ailments seem better, including the diarrhoea.

Had one of me Lion bars with a cup of tea, worried me a bit in case I broke me front teggies on it, so hard.

Laptop on to do this diary.

Heated a pasty and had it with a large frank to get me through till me nosh later.

So tired again now – not surprising really with no sleep much.

I wonder how much Cameron gets? Just a thought like.

Made a cuppa and took me medications… missed my midday ones. Huh!

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