Inchcock Today: Sprurghling along… Sat 21st Feb 15

Saturday 21st February 2015

After a night interposed with many uncomfortable rumbling-innards prompted visits to the porcelain.

I forced myself up into physical activity – much against the wishes of Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis.

Pain below me right elbow still with me – no bother from the ulcer, and no dizzies up to now.


Made a cuppa and a pot of porridge with honey and did some Facebooking.


Watched some old stuff TV on YouTube (Heartbeat).

Had a good scrub-up and abluted and noticed that the two front teeth that the dentist had filled had both gone black?


Pondered on if I should try having a walk today or not.

0602swissDecided to risk it ‘for a Swisskit’ (anyone remember that advert for the chocolate bar from… I don’t know when, ages ago?) and poddle to Sherwood to take me togs to the Nottingham Hospice charity shop, then call at the dentists and last to get a small cooked nosh from the hot food place.

0603sherwAs I arrived near Sherwood the sky looked amazing.

Though I’d check me Lotto numbers at the paper shop. After so many years of trying and only getting one win – £10 and that was shared – I can’t think of anything more futile… Huh, nor one number!

Mind you I’m not surprised.

Fortuitously the Library was open and I sated the demands of me rumbling innards in their WC. Phew!

0604msHalfway up the second hill I spotted two mobility scooters outside a shop and none outside the pub which is normal.

I pressed on up and arrived at the Hospice shop and gave them me bits, then up to the dentist. Where I had a Senior Moment…


 I pushed at the door and it was locked, so I read the opening hours on the door and thought well it says here that they are open 0840hrs t0 1700hrs on a Friday… why are they not open now at 1345hrs?

Quick as a flash I got it within minutes – today is a Saturday!

0606aI called in the hot food shop and got a tray of roast potatoes and… er, some meat or other like mince but it wasn’t mince to take home and reheat later.

As I was limping back to the dump I thought I’d take a more scenic route, longer, more hilly but with more trees and that like.

So I did.

I turned right down Haydn Road. As I plodded 0606bdown it the Second Hand Car Sales place that reminds me so much of George Coles Arthur Daley in Minders place from the 70’s TV show.

I don’t think I’d be confident enough to risk getting a car from there somehow.

0606cI carried on down and as I approached the pelican lights a sign that I’ve seen endless times on the side of the road made me smile for once as I saw a funny connotation attached to it today. The sign, behind the red car read: Humped Zebra Crossing…

I bet that made him jump? Hehehe!

0606dI got to the end of the road and turned left up the tree lines hill called Devonshire Drive.

I thought at the time, feeling so much better than yesterday like: “I can do this without any problem!”

And started to ascend the hill with grim determination and a commitment to get to the top in good spirits and maybe jump up then like wot Rocky did in Rocky 3 like…

0606eThird of the way or so up and I stopped to get me breath – but soon started off again showing great spirit bravery and bravado!

So proud of missen I wor.

About halfway up I stopped once again momentarily, the angina starting now and me feet and knees joined in too.

I began to think I maybe made a bad decision in taking this route back to the flea-pit now…

0606gme stick.

Nearly at the top now in this photos.

I realised as I struggled on that I may have seen my last marathon, game of squash, bungee jump or parachute jump as the pains emanating from various quarters of my decrepit ageing flobadob body were increasing in intensity and I needed to get to a WC quicker than I was doing.

Thank heaven the summit was only a few yards 0606haway and I turned right into Carrington and down the hill.

So glad to make it to the porcelain, but the bleeding was back.

I ate the reheated whatever it was meal and enjoyed it – then said a little prayer for it not to start off the rumbling and a-grumbling innards.

As I was washing the pots I managed quite skilfully and without any planning to drop the vinegar bottle right onto me corn on me right foot and said ‘Flipping heck’.

Made a cuppa and limped a little more acutely than normal, up and laptop on, took medications.

I’m so glad I didn’t go on a long walk.

Aye-up… I can feel movements from within…?


Nothing more eaten tonight, lost me appetite.

TTFN all.

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