Inchcock Today – Wed 4th Mar 15: Back to hospital again – Tsk!

Wednesday 4th March 2015

What a night – agony every time I moved I was woken up with the pain from me damaged rib-muscles.

I know I dreamt again but remembered no details. (Annoying that)

Lay for a moment thinking of what tasks I had ahead of me for the day: INR Warfarin level tests – I’ll walk into town timing it so I can catch a bus from there to the hospital around 0930hrs. I decided against any other plans being laid cause I might not be very mobile with the ailments and the new pulled muscle… see how I go.

Took me medications and started laptop to begin this diary – got the message about the power supply not being powerful enough again, pressed F1 and loaded – very slow starting this morning, me and the laptop! Hehe.

Windy again this morning. So went down to make a cuppa and pot of porridge with lemon honey in it. Tasty!

Getting myself up was a bit painful in the ribs and knees – oh dear!

Did some Facebooking but Coreldraw9 would not let me do any graphicalisationing Boo!

Cut me toe nails which was agony and I should have left it really.

Got the nibbles ready for the nurses and paperwork required, made sure I’d got me bus-pass, mobile, camera and some cash.

Did me teggies, shaved, washed me tootsies applied me creams and lotions, splashed me Brute all over (Remember Henry Cooper?) put me togs on and set off on me walk into Nottingham.

Wed01The sky was wonderful to look at as I walked down to Mansfield Road.

The mothers were taking their apprentice anti-social neonate ankle-biters to the local priso… school.

I noticed the new Retirement flat complex have started shutting and locking their gates – a very wise move I thought! And they have done a good job of removing the graffiti too!

Wed02Onwards a plodded and at the junction near the Forest site island the traffic was at a standstill – but the horns and honkers were very active as the morning Nottingham commuters communicated with each other with hand signals not from the Highway Code and various gesticulation between themselves. I was actually glad I could no longer drive.

You can see on this photograph on the right, the wind was a problem for the pedestrians as it nearly blows the two coming towards me into a driveway.

I was doing well mobility-wise and got into the City with time to spare to catch  a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre Haematology Dep’t.

Wed03So I wandered through the Victoria Centre Mall, up to the second floor right through coming out on the walk-over, where I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the Nottinghomian’s care-free disinterested habit of crossing the road against the lights again.

No shortages of buses this morning.

Walked down passing the gooey yellow regurgitated (Indian I think, but I didn’t stop to study it like) and green sick on the stairs down Wed04to ground level and crossed over (With the pedestrian lights on ‘Walk’ green of course) and caught a bus to the QMC.

Throughout the entire journey one woman was talking on her mobile – I hope hope she enjoys the Chicken Risotto that Glenda is making for her tonight when she gets back from Bingo and collects the kids from ‘Nans’.

Dropped off on Derby Road and started to walk into the QMC site when once and yet again I Wed05heard the klaxons of a fire tender as it struggled to get through the queue of cars for the car park – quickly followed by another.

A fire-alarm yet again at the hospital.

I wonder if they charge the NHS for false alarms? Cause this year I’ve been there as an outpatient on at least eight occasions when the alarm was activated or activating- just a thought like.

I entered past the smoke covered patients fag area and into the haematology department, picking up a free Metro newspaper on the way.

Filled in me Anticoagulation form details and was soon called in to be tended to by a buxom blonde haired dimpled 5’4″ gorgeous thick legged cougar of a nurse who welcomed me like a son… well…

WWarnLieWed05aManaged time for a little natter, gave her the nibbles and was soon back out over the road and catching a bus to Bulwell to see if Fulton Foods had got me blackcurrant lollies back in stock yet.

Had a good read of the paper en-route and dropped of in Bulwell bus station opposite the River Leen to feed me Wed07mallards, there was not many about again.

Found a few near the old pillory stocks that were used many years ago by the Nottingham Constabulary.

Can’t understand why they don’t use these stocks nowadays for mad mobility scooter drivers and pavement cyclists?

Wed06Walked over and through the rather sad Bulwell Market along to Fultons – but no lollies again. They did have some short date Walkers Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps 6 packs at only 59p so I got one.

By now the arthritis and me ribs were really getting bad, so I made me way back to the bus-station and got one back to Carrington.

Two rather loud teenage girls were nattering and I have to ask for some help with understanding two of the things they came out with please.

1) “Tope?” – They all agreed the whoever it was they were talking about was Tope?

2) “Home skillet” (That’s what is sounded like no idea how it should be spelt?).

Beats me.

Wed08Dropped off in Carrington.

Again the sky looked a picture and on this road there was no one around at all?

This confused me for a moment – then I realised the school on the corner was about to release its inmates, hence all the worried parents waiting in their cars?

I made myself scarce and made for the flea-pit.

I fed the pigeon in a clandestine manner got in and WC’d, put pain gel on me ribs knees and ankles and risked taking an extra pain-killer cause the ribs like yesterday seemed to be getting more painful with every little bend stretch cough belch or movement.

Mad a cuppa and a flask of tea and the laptop let me use Coreldraw9 so got on with doing this diary update.

Took me evening medications.

The torn Intercostal muscle ensured me getting little sleep again.