Inchcock Today: Sun 15th March

Woke up remembering dream again – by the time I’d WC’d it had all gone – no notes on me pad either – Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications – ribs no worse, rear-end bad and bleeding, Arthur Itis fair, Angina good and no reaction to the fish and chips I weakened and had for nosh yesterday.

Stated laptop and did a post for the Soz Satire site. (Usual message now about the wrong power supply attached). Posted it off for consideration to Danny Soz.

IMG_0116When I went down to make me tea a leaflet had been posted through me door – an interesting one too… well curious.

Om Maha Shakti Astrology Centre – Address: Kirkuk Restaurant (First Floor).

“To many people have suffered at the hands of the wrong information being presented. He has been able to overturn all these injustices and turned it all around with true light of the angelic realm!”

“He combines both astrology and numerology to make accurate predictions by horoscope, palmistry, hand reading, face reading, date of birth tell abut the present future and suggests if there are any problems n you relationships or personal life or professional life”.

“Solutions to;

* Financial problems

* Misunderstanding

* Depression or stress

* Worried abut loved ones

* Legal disputes

* Health problems

* Family problems

* Looking for a job

* Childless couples

* Manglik Dosha

* Kala Sarp Dosha

*Pitra Doshra are only in your horoscope

*Any problem in human life etc…”

Well he seems to have all the answers – I must call to see him… Hehehe!

Did some facebooking then got missen ready for a little walkabout.

IMG_0117Took a waddle around the block – the sky looked threatening again as I did.

I thought there were very few folks about even for a Sunday- then as I turned into Church Drive I spotted a gang of reprobate apprentice yobs kicking over the bins along the side of the road and two CPO’s entering from the far end only to be greeted with two finger signs and cat-calls from the ganglet of gangly genetically challenged young gits.

I decided to go another route as a police car passed to join in the melee.

IMG_0118Down Hucknall Road and into Lidl to get some mint biscuits – ended up getting Pork Pie, biscuits, beef slices, bananas, sauce and Polish cooked sausages.

I had a dizzy coming out of the store and decided not to take a walk but to return back to the flea-pit.

Avoiding Church Drive enroute.

I stopped and put the bag down to get me hankerchief out of me pocket to blow me nose making sure I didn’t put it back in the pocket with me camera in.

Later when I transferred the sky and pigeon photos to this diary I found that somehow I had taken a perfect picture of me bag of shopping. Couldn’t have took a better shot if I meant to.

IMG_0119The pigeons came down – two unnamed ones today for their nosh which I had in the bag for them.

I thought the low Warfarin level might be causing the dizzies to return – going in to the haematology dep’t yet again tomorrow for more tests.

I had a Cornish pasty and beef slice for nosh – then fell asleep, luckily I’d set the alarm for me medications – not that I heard it, but brother-in-law Pete rang and that did wake me.

No sooner had he rang off I nodded off again!

Stirred after a couple of hours and started this diary.

Heavy eye lidded now again… Tsk!