Pain, Rain, Visits to the Porcelain, a dose of topical Cocaine and more Pain – Inchcock Today – Mon 9/3/15

Monday 9th March 2015

Pain, Rain, risky visits to the Porcelain, a dose of topical Cocaine…

I tried to get up to attend the urgent need to visit the porcelain – the pain from the ribs and knees ensured a painful battle to get there on time, and I was only just successful!

Made a cuppa and took me medications, gelled me ribs again.

Spent hours on graphics and posting to LOMM blog site.

Eventually pulled myself away from the laptop when I remembered me clinic appointment. Tsk!

Cleaned myself up and applied the creams gels and lotions and painfully went downstairs not looking forward to going out really with the hassle from the ribs and knees, but needs must.

Made sure I’d got me bus pass paperwork and samples for the clinic before I left.

0102As I left the flea-pit, the local pigeons Fatima and Fred came down with Suzie and Cyril to be fed – naturally I complied.

Half-way to the main road and both my hearing-aids packed up at the same time, not the batteries this time because they beep when they get low – or had I not heard the little bleepers?

No time to go back and check or de-coke them so I carried on and caught a bus to the clinic at the City Hospital – not concerned about it this time, its only a check to make sure the lesions on me ‘Inch’ have healed properly.

Straight in and was seen to in minutes by a young lady doctor who said she was going to give me an injection of something that had topical cocaine in it and was I or have I ever been addicted to cocaine before. I said I’m not addicted now thank you, apart from being addicted to the internet and I laughed, which was not a good idea because it hurt me torn intercostal muscles under me ribs like mad and she didn’t appreciate my humour. I could tell by the way her glare burnt through me glasses.

I caught a bus into town and pleased that the ‘Inch’ was given the all-clear I got me crossword book out and had a go at one. Now this I think took me concentration away and when I looked up and saw the bus was nearing Carrington I hobbled up and rang the bell, getting off of the bus walking along the road – and realised that I meant to stay on the bus into town to catch a Bulwell bus. Wotta plonker!

Still it gave me a chance for a walk into town and keep the knees working like – so I did.

0103The sky was looking a little unwelcoming as I set off into town.

I walked through the happily yobbo-free twitchel onto Mansfield Road near Lidl’s and plodded on.

No incidents en route. I decided to go into Victoria centre get some bread-thins from Tesco and up and out over the walk-over to take a photo of the traffic below as it started to rain.

In Bulwell, I must get some nasal spray from Boots, microwave sausages and blackcurrant/ice cream lollies if available from Fulton’s Foods.

0105Got to the walk-over and the rain had almost stopped.

Managed to get a half decent photographicalisation of the Nottinghamomian citizenry playing chicken with the buses at the junction of Upper Parliament Street and Milton Street again – as it seems is their want and passion despite the death and several accidents that have occurred at this junction lately.

I caught the 17 bus into Bulwell and found myself despite the ride being likened to being a navigator in the African Safari leg of a rally, falling asleep again. This seems to be happening a lot recently?

The usual accompaniment of passengers shouting down their mobiles and at the bawling apprentice-yob kids I still nearly nodded of a couple of time?

0106I got off the bus in Bulwell and walked a different route into the market place.

I went in the shop on the right in the picture to see if they had any gents socks at decent prices but they had none at all.

Then I called into Fulton’s Foods to find they had none of the items in stock that I required.

0104 On my walk around to the Boots store I espied another piece of Nottingham Street Art left on a window sill.

I called into Farmfoods but they had none of the items I was looking for in stock either.

I made it to Boots as the rain came down rather persistently.

0107Not many folk about today, but still it is a Monday… yes it is a Monday. (Just checking like)

As I got me list of things I wanted out of me pocket I came across a note that I can’t remember writing to remind myself that on the 24th February I was to attend the ‘At Risk Residents meeting in St Johns church hall – and not to miss it!’ Huh! Not much I can do about that now.

I popped into B&M to see if they had any of the Curried beans or tinned goulash back in stock – they had neither.

Not one of more successful shopping trips today!

0108Fed the pigeons in the empty Market Place then went to the bus-station as the rain began to belt it down.

Got the bus back to Carrington.

The driver, Stirling Moss got me back to the flea-pit in record time – at the cost of me rib-pains.

Put me bits away and made a cuppa, laptop on (usual message about the wrong adapter – but the computer man who sold it to me say’s it’s the right adaptor?).

Facebooked and blogged a while.

Oh dear… I’ve just sneezed – the agony! Still yer don’t like to complain too much do yer. (Grobblebolts!).