Inchcock Today 20/03/15: Gloomy painful start to the day…

Friday 20th March 2015

Woke up remembering bits of a dream and the urgency to post off me samples this morning.

WC – failed attempt – took me medications.

The urgency of sending off me samples soon made me forget everything about the dreams (Tut!) as I got myself up and ready to have a little walk to the post-0401box.

As I left the dump Fred came down for his breakfast of sunflower seeds and earthworms.

Within a few paces of setting off Anne Gyna made her presence known in no uncertain terms – worse than she’s been for 0402months now, Tsk! If it ain’t one thing it’s another!

Not many folk about, but then again it is early yet – the gloomy in the sky fitted with my feeling of gloom with stab after stab from Anne Gyna accompanied me.

It actually got darker and gloomier as I poddled to the end of the road.

I could hear emergency services sirens close by but saw nothing – the sound continued with I 0403think other vehicles joining them – I could not smell any burning?

Breathing a bit difficult by the time I’d got through the twitchel and on to Mansfield Road.

Some more pigeons came down for a nibble.

0404I took a photograph from opposite the end of the twitchel – in reality it was gloomy with a feint bit of sunshine coming through the clouds – but it did not come out like it was – shame.

0406The cheery bin-men were happily plying their trade in Carrington this morning.

I walked down the road and around the block to ensure I got some exercise in.

As I knew Anne Gyna would incapacitate me a bit today from past experiences of her attacks. Tut!

0405This photo on the right is a better representation of the cool misty morning in Carrington this morning.

Note the letter box next to the waste-bin on the kerbside?

That’s the one I walked passed contentedly forgetting that the reason I was out in the first place was to post me samples off that I’d forgotten about yesterday… and Wednesday too!

I was off down the road hobbling along into the distance in my own little meandering world around the block and realised I’d forgot again to posted them again, so I returned to do this post haste.

0407Now, the bin being next to the post-box might not cause problems for most people – but take the scenario of an elderly partly-senile Inchcock attempting to do a simple job of posting an envelope – he is bound to post his letter into the bin in error while his mind wanders ain’t he?

Well I didn’t actually drop the letter into the bin – but it was close – only just stopped missen. Tsk!

TomBusI returned to the bomb-site and took some extra pain-killers to try and quell the intentions of Anne Gyna.

WC’d – failed to pass owt again but blood from the haemorrhoids flowed. Tut!

At least Arthur Itis is not too bad today.

Ballet2Laptop on and started this diary – Coreldraw9 not froze yet.

Sod it, it has now!

Did some graphics all the same, just took more hassle and bother.

AndyBusThese three are wot I dun of the TFZ lads.

Thomas (An actual Train engineer).

David, with his dog Spike.

Meritt and me on the stagecoach delivering citizens and Wells Fargo mail.

I nodded off for an hour or two and woke up with the torn muscle under me ribs very painful again – Gnash! Maybe I moved awkwardly in me slumber, or sneezed? Either way I’m in agony again.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today 20/03/15: Gloomy painful start to the day…

    • Yer reet Dunc, no doubt about it, coupled with memory glitches and frustrating and embarrassing bodily movements… Tsk!
      ‘Fings ain’t wot they used to be…’ are they mate?
      This beggars another question to be answered: why doesn’t it bother us as much as it should do?
      Hey-ho, taketh care.

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