28.3.15 Inchcock Today – The Nottingham Kitty Cafe opened today

Going with Pete to the Hospital & the Kitty Cafe

Saturday 28th March 2015

So many dreams, but back to not being able to remember them – Tsk!

WC’d, haemorrhoids still bad, and I must have tossed and turned or something in the night because the torn intercostal muscle ain’t half giving me some gip this morning! Huh!


Nasty looking sky this morning…

While I was making me cuppa to take me medications when brother-in-law Pete rang to confirm I was meeting him in town at his bus-stop to go with him on his hospital visit as a bit of support like – bless him, he’s a good lad.

Packed up the nibbles for the nurses and Janet and Pete then I got yesterdays diary finished and posted off, then got myself ready for me walk into town to meet Pete. Realised I was a bit late due to the extra attention required to me nether-regions so caught the bus instead of walking.

0607aGot the bus to town dropped off and the rain started again. Tsk!

Met Pete and we caught a bus to the hospital.

We walked around the side to the department we required at the back of the building and I gave Pete me brolly, he insisted on sharing it.

0605aWe got to the hospital.

Pete took a photo of me as I was taking one of him.

Seconds later he was in and being seen to – and out in about ten minutes – he’s going to have the wart removed and he has to go for a photograph to be taken of it first. Later he called me and arranged for me to go with him on Monday when I go for me INR tests, time to have a natter perhaps.

We couldn’t really today, because we were concerned about Sister Jane having tests today as well about her innards and Pete wanted to get back to her.

0606aWe caught the bus back into Nottingham and passed the newly opened Kitty Café.

Pete took the wide photograph I’ve used on the header with his mobile phone and emailed it to me later. Nice.

0605It appears you have to book a slot to go there?

The rain persisted down and Pete shot off to get a bus back to Jane – hope she’s going to be alright.

I poddled down to the slab square and thought I’d get under the shelter up the steps to the Council House building.

As I got me camera out I was approached by a lady-female PCO who asked me:

“Are you going into the building Sir?”

“No” I says “I’m just going to take a photo of the rain from under cover…”

“No your not… people need access to get into the wedding without hindrance!”


“Off you go then…”

So I went: taking a photo from the bottom step and getting awfully wet in the process.

06040607I limped up Clinton Street and over into Trinity Square where I slipped the poor wet pigeons some nosh like.

Took a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals and waked down to catch a bus back to the flea-pit.

As I was waiting in the queue I noticed how the old Express newspaper building frontage looked grand in its surroundings – next to it on the ground floor is now a Tesco Express.

0608Considering there is a Tesco Metro three minutes (Well eight minutes for me like) walk away in the Victoria Centre, it was amazingly busy.

The ornateness of the brickwork is something you don’t see much of nowadays.

The march/protest came around the corner as I sat on the bus waiting for it to set off.

I cancelled when Pete got his appointment at the QMC.

It has little support and passed by in a couple of minutes – perhaps the rain put folk off?

I took a photo through the bus window but the grime and rain made it worthless – mind you it might have passed off as a bit of Modern Nottingham Art – sorry I deleted it now.

0602I just found out I missed off the photo that Pete took as I hobbed towards the centre earlier.

Now, the reason I look so old, ill, struggling and depressed is that I am old, ill, struggling and depressed.

That’s cleared that up then.

In the background is the works for the new tram service that will eventually go into the hospital grounds and on out to Toton.

The wind and rain still persisted and I just missed a heavier downpour as I got in the dump.


Has sausage sandwiches then started laptop – Coreldraw9 crashed – fancy that. Tried SerifDraw6 – that froze – getting fed up now.

The piles are still tender but the torn muscle is a lot easier now.

Fatigue and flatulence have arrived though… Huh!

TTFN all.

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