Sun 22/3/15 – Inchcock Today: In search of his Marmite Crisps…

Sunday 21st March 2015

IMG_0057Bad night for kip again – woke up and nodded off again, normally I’m up and about straight away?

I tried the porcelain hoping for a movement without any luck

Went down and put kettle on and popped out into the gloomy (Again) morning to take me daily piccy of the sky.

I made a flask of tea and a pot of porridge and took it with me to the laptop and started it up.

IMG_0058I was concerned the porridge might make the lack of any movements worse – but I ate it all the same.

Minutes later a call to the porcelain proved to be a success despite having eaten the porridge.

I pondered on how me ailments felt this morning up to now:

No dizzies yet. The ulcer was as good as gold, the reflux valve not sticking, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna not bad at all but the torn muscle was still painful, but today only when I bent or lifted anything heavy.

A better start medically speaking I thought – then remembered the other day starting like this… Mmm!

Decided to risk a little hobble later, perhaps to town then get a bus to Morrisons to treat myself to some Marmite Crisps? – who knows, the world is my oyster… WWarnLie0703MarmDo you like me header for this page folks – Marmite Mad I am.

They make more things than you’d imagine.

Although I have me doubts about the toothpaste? (See header) 

Got myself readied and spick and span and set off with me bus-pass, umbrella, medications and bird seed for a walk into town – still undecided where to go yet.

0701Set off feeding Fatima and Fred who followed my down to Mansfield Road.

The sky looked bright, but not much sun was getting through.

I poddled on my walk into Nottingham City Centre.

I foolishly rang Sister Jane and Pete en route – the traffic increased as soon as we were connected and the whole conversation was a farce – I couldn’t hear Pete, Pete couldn’t hear me.

0702As soon I gave up and stopped the call the traffic disappeared.

I carried on down the hill into the City and found it busier that I expected.

I went to try and catch the bus out to Netherfield and the Morrisons store in search of any Marmite infested products they may have on sale.

On arrival at the bus stop I perused the time-table to find that the buses were only every hour for 0705today. Not good that I thought.

I decided to not bother with Morrisons today, and walked over the road into the Victoria Centre and through to the other end to visit the Tesco Metro on me mission for Marmite instead.

I called in the DVD shop en route and had a gander but nothing appealed at all.

As I plodded on I noticed a store window that was displaying children’s stuff with models 0703without heads? What with seeing the jeans without torsos yesterday I wondered why these displays had grown in popularity with the the retailers?

Mind you, I liked the styles of the togs on sale.

I got into Tesco and had a good hunt around – found some Marmite Crisps and Salt & Vinegar baked biscuits and other bits and spent a fortune £17!

Had a dizzy spell as I left the store – not a bad one, but none of them are good – 0704must get to see Dr Vindla about these soon.

I stood for a while and recovered in moments this time, so that was good.

Out into the fresh air and I fed the pigeons near the demolition of the old Radio BBC building.

So many of the pigeons have damaged legs and claws. That’s because of the wires and electrified obstacles they have all over the buildings in an effort to stop them from landing on or roosting on 0708their buildings and unthinkingly crapping all over the concrete I think.

The demolition people seem to be getting a move on with the buildings destruction now.

I wondered what plans they might have for the site in the future?

Surely we do not need more shops or student accommodation?

If they put as much effort into housing ordinary 0707people as they do to housing students the problems would… mind you I suppose with the decline of industry in Nottingham, Education is bringing in the money instead?

I don’t know.

I wondered down into town again and my keen observationalistic nature noted the Nottingham citizenry crossing the road against the traffic lights continues unabated.

0709An argument near the Pound World shop between two families was raging, with threats bad language and not good body signs in abundance.

I crossed the road and removed myself form the firing line.

As I walked to me bus-stop to get home the window of the jewellery store there 0710had a display Rolex watches of which used a cage with stuffed parrots or cockatiels in the display.

Original that I thought.

I got the bus back to Carrington enoying another dizzy as I got off the bus. Sat on a bench for a few minutes and was soon alright again, then continued back to the flea-pit.

Put me things away, made a meal of Beef slice and cheesey potatoes, followed by a bag of Marmite crisps then a lolly.

I fell asleep, waking up at gone midnight… Missed me evening medicines dose. Tsk!

8 thoughts on “Sun 22/3/15 – Inchcock Today: In search of his Marmite Crisps…

    • It’s very good for yer know is Marmite. It stop yer falling off yer seat when you fall asleep on the bus… proof in the pudding, I’ve nodded off three times on the bus in the last three days and on did I fall off me seat.
      I take it you not a Marmite fan then. Hehehe!

  1. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. So sorry for all remarks about men in general on today’s blog. YOU, my friend, are the exception. Possibly the only exception in the world, but definitely, an exception. I’m not sure, but I just might be in love. But what the feather is Marmite? It sounds like something I would swat.

    • Marmite was first produced in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England, in 1902 as a way to monetize the discarded yeast from area brewers, in particular, Bass. The sticky, salty paste was an immediate success. The name is a French term for a cooking pot, which is still depicted on the product’s label. Marmite was originally sold in small earthenware pots that mimicked its namesake in shape. The dark brown paste was originally popular among vegetarians as a replacement for similar beef extracts, and was spread thinly on crackers or spooned into hot water to form a broth. Such food extracts were popular in general at the time.

      The paste is made by adding salt to the yeast by-product from breweries, heating the solution until the cell walls of the yeast are softened, then straining the solution to make it smooth. The result is naturally rich in vitamins, especially the Vitamin B complex.
      They say in the adverts “You either love it or hate it”. I’m addicted. It looks like thick mud. Savoury, tasty expensive and ‘Lovely’! Hehe. Take care gal.

      • It actually sounds good to me, except for the expensive part. Here in Kentucky we make Sorghum Molasses, which also looks like thick mud, but is actually sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste. Wonderful stuff, but getting hard to find now, therefore also expensive. Also, a wonderful concoction called burgoo (bur’-goo), a thick, ground up soup like toss between the soup and a stew. It is only made the right way by 2 church picnics now, plus my family and one other family in this county, mainly because of the price and labor intensive method of making it. It contains mutton, chicken, potatoes, onions, cabbage and corn, with lots of tomato juice, broth from boiling the mutton and chickens, and is seasoned with salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, lemon juice and brown sugar. Everything except the corn MUST be ground, then it is cooked in 60 gallon pots over open fires, stirring constantly to prevent sticking, for at least 12 hours, up to 18 hours. The finished product is heavenly, and it is a huge money maker for the church bazaars every year. Most of the churches make and sell it, but only 2 use the good recipe. Others put in filler items like beans and squash, with other vegetables, don’t grind anything, and end up with vegetable soup which they advertise as burgoo, but that is false advertising in my view. Ya get what ya pay for in this case, and since it is only available in the summer months, I pay for a couple of gallons each summer, freeze them in meal size packages, and enjoy all year until I can replenish my supply the next summer. It just can’t be found in a supermarket.

        You take care also pal.

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