Inchcock Today: Bleeding from the arm, leg and rear-end. Tsk!

Sunday 29th March 2015

IMG_0033I woke up scratching away at me left arm, left leg and rear end – I didn’t know which was itching worst!

After a few seconds I saw the blood on my hands and fingers that had been scratching away and stopped.

The arm and leg I put some antiseptic cream on – but it still it didn’t stop the bleeding on the arm and it began hurting as opposed to stinging. It looked to me like the lesion was caused by cracking skin?

A bit worried with this, so I tried a spot of Betamethasone cortisoid cream I had left over from me GUM clinic prescription left on the lesion and after a few minutes the blood stopped flowing. It seemed to weep water for a good while after, then seemed to stop, still hurting and itching? Sore now, more than hurting.

The leg was just a tiny scratch where I think I’d been scratching away at it.

The rear end was not the haemorrhoids but on me left cheek – that seemed to be only a drop of blood but I could feel the swelling?

Oh dear, what next I ask missen? I didn’t answer Hehe!

Eventually I nodded off around 0300 and woke around 1000hrs.

WC’d: Feeling pretty crap – now the angina was getting in on the act too – huh!

Too late to take me morning medications – but I did take just the beta-blocker.

0701Went down and put kettle on and made a flask – took a photo of the dismal wet windy weather outside.

I assessed me new ailments (The arm leg and bum). I couldn’t even find the lesion on the leg, like magic it had disappeared? The bum had healed (the piles were tender). As for the arm lesion, I must have been scratching at it in me sleep again, sore tender but not bleeding healed up, scratch-marks swollen made it looked a tad rough.

Not feeling too good really – not going to risk any walking today as when I came up the stairs with me flask I had a dizzy-spell that was not nice and lingered a fair while.

I think that the getting wet yesterday might not have help. Tsk!

(Poor old chap) Hehe.

Laptop on.

Flipping Coreldraw9 crashed again – Gnash!.

Did some WordPress perusing – then tried to concentrate on doing a post – not easy today.

Would you believe… I just sneezed and the pulled intercostal muscle has started stinging again now. What a hogwash start to the day… but it will get better I’m sure… Hopeful

Just some days I can easily get depressed – this is one. Hehehe!

IMG_0033The rains stopped now, but the winds still high and the clouds are moving about with great rapidity.

I must remember to pick up me INR record sheet and bus-pass tomorrow morning before going out.

I’m off to the haematology department in the Queens Medical, and meeting brother-in-law Pete in town as he’s got to go for some x-rays too.

Fatigued again now, and I haven’t done owt but computer related stuff all day.


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    • Your welcome mate. Even I can only go low yer know – hoho! I worry abarght missen sometimes… TTFN Sir, keep battling… or should that be batting? I’ll take medications I think…

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