It’s Been a Funny Old Life Part Five – Starting school year…


I was born in 1947, an accident for sure,

Mother now long gone, to void being arrested,

This fact I was content to inure,

By Auntie Gail then, I was molested,

I loved it, thought she was a treasure,

Then going to school, this is where my sanity was tested!


Avoiding being beaten up several times each day,

Keeping the bully boys at bay,

Being called a Nancy for wanting to learn,

Having three other jobs, for spending money to earn,

Paper rounds, Saturday job & wood bundling; jobs I couldn’t spurn

For Dad said, I had to Pay-As-You-Earn!


I had to earn enough cash for the school meals daily to eat,

I’d have agreed to being adopted in a heartbeat,

But Aunt Gail didn’t ask, and we never again did meet,

Oh, how I did cry and wailed, I was so downbeat!


I continued working, bundling the fire-wood,

Grafting away every hour that I could.

Doing extra night shifts, when they asked, I would.

The long tiring hours stood me well later in adulthood,

Then the boss showed me how to saw the wood,

He left me to carry on, there was so much blood!


When the plank shot up off the bench, it caused a conflagration,

Then landed on he head, causing a nasty indentation,

The emergency services arrived, quite an accumulation,

Firemen, ambulancemen, police, a right altercation,

The ambulancemen gave me a perambulation,

To the Children Hospital, where they gave me an investigation,

I was sent home within the hour, Dad offered words of caution:

If my dinner isn’t ready when I get home again, they’ll be an argumentation!

Ah, memories…

Inchcock: Looking Back – In Rhyme (Of sorts)



Looking back, I see happiness, struggle and guilt,

I slept under clothing; we didn’t have a quilt,

The back yard covered in soot and silt,

From the railway line above us, what BR had built,

In poverty, we were up to the hilt!


The disappearing family, starting with Mothers running away,

The police pursued her, warrants in hand, I might say,

But I didn’t blame her for running then, and not even today,

The police couldn’t find her, try as they may,

They search all over Britain, even in Callais,

Years later they did, arrested her, tried her but didn’t put her away,

Gave her a new flat, paid her rent, utility bills too did they,

Con-Woman Par Excellence, at her trial on the day,

Victims appeared as Character witnesses for her! it’s true to say.


Joined the Army, booted out shortly, made me feel blue,

Searched for a job, something I could do,

Went into retail, and did very well too,

Then I got made redundant, what a hullabaloo!

Did industrial cleaning, hard work and horrible too,

Then I got made redundant, occasion number two,

The only job I could get then was in Security, boo-hoo,

Minimum wage, eighty hours a week, eventually promotion got through,

Even more hours, but the wage went up 15p an hour, Yahoo!

Then I got made redundant there too!


To another Security company, where my hopes were high,

Another 10p an hour, I felt I could fly!

Working in the Control room, hard graft but I was on a high,

Then I got made redundant, for the fourth time oh my!


No chance of further work appeared now was so old,

64 years of age and out of work, it made me feel bitter and cold,

So I had to go on the Old King Cole; the dole,

Signing on, applying for jobs, nothing to behold,

I was not trying enough to find work; I was told,

140 applications in 6 months not enough? Anger took a hold!


 “I may have to review your support rates,” said the spotty faced urchin,

He nearly got a punch on his acne ridden chin!

But I remembered I was on a high reading for me Warfarin,

I asked the pimply person if he’d like to somehow begin…

Talking to me without sneering, my control level was getting thin,

That was when he hit a panic button, to get Security in!


I was removed to an office, to await the arrival of the police; there’s gratitude!

A chap said ‘We’ve got it all on Camera, your abusive attitude!

I’ve done or said nowt wrong, Good God, I spewed!

The police arrived, we chatted, they checked the camera, I’d not been rude!

They let me go, showing common sense and latitude!


Next week I was put on Income Support, I was a £10 better off then,

Soon I got me retirement pension; I was happy again,

Of course, the Angina, and duodenal ulcer was a pain,

Having to have a new ticker fitted, and  the varicose vein,

The Arthritis the sticking reflux valve, the blood from piles did stain,  

The hearing aids now fitted, I could hear a bit again, 

I started to go just a little bit insane!


Bum bum!

Sat 11 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Whoopsiedangleplop encountered!

Saturday 11 July 2015


0540hrs: Out of the kitchen window – Wonderful!

Up at 0500hrs: Mind racing trying to remember what I had to do, I knew there were some important things that I didn’t have time to do yesterday. But could I find the list wot I wrote yesterday?


The skin cancer wound was itching like mad again, the little Inch had not been bleeding so much thankfully, Anne Gyna was a tad bothersome, Arthur Itis not too bad yet. Ulcer okay despite me having had me chips last night, the hernia playing up, but with all the lifting I’ve been doing I sort of expected this.

Had a dizzy spell when I got up and moved the quilt throw and jammies into the empty bedroom. Bit bothered about this, I don’t usually get them early in a morning?

Probably all the hassle and worry about so many things to get sorted yet and no progress being made.

At least it’s weekend now, so I should have time to get some things done without appointments.

Duncan, a cyber-mate is coming on Sunday to see me – not only that, he’s bringing a swivel chair he no longer uses for me! That is really kind of him and appreciated. Lifted me this news did. He said he’ll be here early on Sunday – I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

Lynt02This will be the second cyber-buddy I’ve met. Lynton Cox (A grand bloke) came to see me at the flea-pit earlier this year, and we had a jolly good chin-wag and he helped me with advice and encouragement too. Another decent sort indeed a bit special my Cyber-mates are.

He treated me to a nosh in a cafe as well.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Noticed that the bruising on me wrist that DSCF0062no one seemed concerned about when I tripped on a lose kitchen floor tile and reported it to the City Home Obergruppenfurher, had got bigger?

They just may read this and feel guilty about ignoring me plea for the tiles to be secured? Or not like.

Hey-ho, I’ve glued it down now, hopefully.

I checked the bus time-table, there are only four buses to town on a Saturday. First one at

1030hrs. Last one back from town at 1505hrs. Still, better than a Sunday there are no buses on Sundays. Still, the pensioners free bus-pass is getting less use.

I keep checking the hot water situation, but it is not hot enough to have a wash in yet, let alone have a shave – back to boiling a kettle then later perhaps? Not good!

Made another cuppa and carried out the porcelain functions. No blood from the haemorrhoids.

So busy it’s unbelievable – I had hoped that when I got to old age things would settle down and be easier. But no, it’s more hassle and hecticness than ever before – can’t remember half the things I need to do, let alone get them done.

Still no hot water Tsk!

Did some Facebooking and started this blog off.

BusTTPut a photo of the bus time table on TFZ, here it is.

Eight trips to town on a weekday, four on a Saturday and none – yes, not any on a Sunday.

This will take some getting used to.

I thought about sorting the carpets out and then thought maybe best to get all the repairs out of the way first? I don’t know, feel so alone and useless at the moment.

So much to do and nowt much getting done like.

Not feeling too good now for some reason, feeling a bit queasy and light headed. Oh dear.

CityRain I decided I had time to make up some pots of medications – oh dear…

Just about half way through them and noticed as I counted each pot, that one of the morning pots only had 8 pills in it – worked out which was missing (Beta-blocker) and opened the cupboard above to get some out and Arthur Itis made me fingers stiffen and do their own thing and I knocked over the boxes that fell onto the open pots below that I’d just made up, spilling them all over the damned place.

Took me ages to sort them out, throw away the ones that had been on the floor and checked to see that the right pills were replaced in each pot. By then it was getting close to the bus coming time and I had to rush and have a wash and shave in semi-warm water – naturally I cut missen shaving again. Wot a plonka!

L9route1Got missen ready and things that I need (I hoped) for the trip in me bag and set off to the bus-stop.

I caught the L9 bus and enjoyed the elongated route it took to town.

No idea how the driver got it through the tortuous side roads it had to take.

The locals on the bus were in a chatty mood between them themselves – by the time we had gotten into town I was particularly worried about Enid and her arthritis in her left shoulder.

And Gladys was desperate to find and buy a tea-cosy like the one her mum had knitted for her in 1944.

A chap who’s name was not mentioned was running low on hearing-aid batteries.

DSCF0065I hobbled down Queen Street across the slab square and down Exchange Walk to the bank.

I asked for and got, some 20p pieces I could save to use in the flats launderette. Then had to see an advisor to get me address changed.

She informed me that I had got me security code numbers wrong on two occasions, and they had to be changed. Huh! If I couldn’t remember those how do you expect me to remember a new one!

Ah-well, she suggested if I had a new flat, I could use that number and the number of the old house or visa-versa. I was getting headache now. After much mind puzzling thought I came up with random numbers and just hoped I’d remember them. (Mmm…) we’ll see.

Left and went to call at the Jessops camera shop to ask them if they could show me how to change the size of photo’s stored on me card in the camera – but they were too busy.

I nearly set off to walk to the Audio Clinic – but being as keen as mustard and having a sharp alert brain – I’d only got half way there when like a shot, I realised it was Saturday. (Fool!)

DSCF0066So I poddled back down the hill into the City Centre.

Where I was glad to find the Nottinghomian citizenry had not lost their ability to ignore the red pedestrian crossing lights on Red.

I only saw two or three pedestrian cyclist in town today as well.

On me way to the Pound Shop I passed a DSCF0068couple of newly wedded personages outside the old Victoria Hotel, now named the Hilton Hotel on Milton Street.

I took photo of them so Mike and Shirley, or any other couple could do some reminiscing like.

The Jaguar E type they had hired wasn’t half stinking of petrol – a leak there somewhere there must have been. Even the shoplifters nearby where mentioning it – but the happy couple didn’t seem to mind.

I was a bit bonifate in avoiding a turbo-charged Mobility Scooter driven my an aged lady with gritted teeth and a stare on her face that said without sound “Move!”

got to the pound shop and got some bits I thought I might need – a strainer, two fresh air citrus bulb things that I can’t make smell of anything when I got back to the flat?, oven tray for me chips, laptop hoover, a box of tea bags, a mug and a little sewing kit. I ask you, wot a plonker! Buying a sewing kit with my arthritic hands? Huh!

So, onward to Tesco and got some bread thins. some individual long life Carnation milk pots in case I run out of milk again and some New Zealand apples. Nice they are, very juicy and crisp!

Had a while before the bus back was due, so had a plod around the slab square amidst the roller-bladers, skateboarders and shoplifters having a rest and bite to eat.

Caught the bus back to Woodthorpe Court. 01topa

Dropped off the bus at Woodthorpe Court and as I entered noticed the laundry had a free machine and drier – so went up and deposited me bags and took me laundry down to do. Cause hopefully tomorrow when Dunc’ the Man comes I’ll be busy like having a great chin-wag.

DSCF0069When I got in the room one of the washing machines had no water? So I used the other one. Not used that one before and it was different to t’other one and I last me money first go. Tsk! Tried again and got it right. Went into the foyer with me crossword book and had a chat with some of the ‘girls’ having their hair done in the next room.

Transferred the clothes into the drier, they seem to have been cleaned well and did me DSCF0070cross-wording again in the foyer.

Two police officers arrived and ran to the lift and up to a flat or other.

Hello I thought! Well, yer would wouldn’t yer like?

The officers cam back down and out to their car, looking very gloomy-faced?

I went out fro a walk as the drier takes an hour to finish.

I soon came back in sharpish – blimey the weather up ‘ere don’t half change quick. Talk about blowing a storm up, the wind was cruel! Mind you, they have given heavy rain out fer Sunday and Monday.

I thought the drier had done an excellent job again. Said me cheerio’s to the gals and made me way back up to the flat.

Put the togs in the airing cupboard – and put on the immersion heater as the water was cold again.

DSCF0071I opened one of the pound shop Air bubbles and could smell nothing at all?

Zilch in the aroma stakes!

I tried to read the instructions on the other one but it was impossible – the letters looked like dots they were so small. Huh!


DSCF0073Made a nice strong cup of tea, well mug of tea with the pound shop tea ‘D’ bags.

Laptop on and updated this tripe.

Found a good station on the internet – listening to Big Band Swing at the moment on there Jazz section.

Bloomin’ good stuff! and free!

Big Band Swing music classics.

Just made a cuppa and toyed with the lemon air freshener thingy again – I now have a lemon scented kitchen floor, slippers and trousers.

going to do some Facebooking now although it’s getting late fer me – I’m all excited about Dunc coming to see me.


It’s Been a Funny Old Life Part 3 – Prosed ponderously by Inchcock


As an ankle-snapper I had a skinny physique,

In fact they knicknamed me ‘The Pipsqeak’,

When Mam was at home, times were bleak,

She and Dad shouted and fought, they didn’t speak,

She rarley stayed home for more than a week,

To the outside loo, if one wanted a leak,

Getting the tin bath off the yard wall every week,

Demanded a certain safety-first technique.

Drag it into the front room in front of the fire,

Clean it up with bleach and a pad of wire,

Heating up water in kettles & pans was dire,

The use of the fire and stove I’d aquire,

To keep the bath topped up as Dad did require.

After several top-ups Dad would retire,

Then t’was my turn in the cold water in front of the fire!

Dry missen off with the wet towel Dad had used,

Bath back on’t wall ready fer it to be reused,

Out to the coal-house while Dad snoozed,

Chopped wood brought in coal, getting bruised,

Laid the fire for the morning – felt abused!

Life was how it was, so why feel sad or blue?

No hot running water, fridge or TV it’s true,

Tableclothes? The Evening newspaper would do,

Lighting the gas-lamps was risky too,

When Pennies in the meters were due…

Mam had some arcade coins, one or two!

No toilet paper for our out-side loo,

Cut-up newspaper for wiping: the memories ooh!…

Nottingham Then and Now: Part 2: The Elite Cinema, Upper Pariament Street


Memories of The Elite Cinema, Upper Pariament Street, Nottingham

The Elite was one of the first in a new breed of ‘super-cinema’ to be built in Nottingham. Designed by the London architectural firm of Adamson & Kinns, the facade and exterior side walls were treated in an expensive white glazed tiling and contained statues along the upper portion of the building. Internally the decoration was carried out by interior designer Fred A. Foster who created a stunning interior with the auditorium walls lined with wood panels and a great deal of decorative plaster. Seating was provided in stalls and circle levels.


It opened on 22nd August 1921 with Mary Pickford in “Pollyanna”. There was a grand concert organ by the firm of Willis-Lewis which had 78 stops, plus a full orchestra. The facilities within the building also included a a restaurant, a Georgian Tea Room, a French Cafe in Louis XVI style and a large ballroom located on the top floor.

In the reception was a gigantic ornate open coal-fired fire-place.


The first ‘talkie’ in Nottingham was shown at the Elite Picture Theatre, George Jessel in “Lucky Boy” and after its screening, the cinema was closed for several weeks in July 1929 for a refurbishment.

A new Compton 2Manual/6Ranks organ was installed which was opened by Cyril Birmingham.

24 June 1929: The talking picture show had been introduced two years earlier in America with Al Jolson’s The Jazz Singer.

002Elite6The first full-length ‘talkie’ film in Nottingham were shown at the Elite Cinema.

Organist Jack Helyer, in his white coat and tails, entertained audiences with their favourite tunes.

Peoples best memories was of the open fire in the foyer, especially when they arrived at he cinema and it was cold and icy outside!

Next in the Nottingham Then and Now Series:

A selction of Nottingham area photographs of specific Buildings

Then and Now – See the changes that has taken place.

Nottingham Then and Now – Part One: Sheep Lane – Market Street


Market Street (Above colour photograph) started out as a narrow alley called Sheep Lane but due to its limited width quite a few accidents happened, pedestrians going up meeting carts coming down caused people to be squashed against the sides – usually resulting in blood stains on the floor and wall.

This led to the locals referring to it as Blood Lane.

When it was widened (civic improvements in 1866) the aim of the Gentry was to name it Theatre Street, because it led from the Market Square to the Theatre Royal.

The market people had other ideas and the night before the official unveiling some of them unscrewed the sign and replaced it with one stating Market Street.

The following day was market day and everyone, the Gentry and the market people, congregated at the bottom of the widened Sheep Lane for the opening ceremony.

The Mayor pulled on the cord to revel the new sign and proclaimed the new roadway to be “Market Street”, even though a portion of the assembled crowd – mostly Gentry – complained; but they were heavily outnumbered, and tried to point out the Mayor’s error when it was already too late.

There has been 128 murders recorded on Sheep Lane/Market Street.

Next in this series: The Elite Cinema – Upper Parliament Street.

Fri 8.5.15: Inchcock Today – Out and about

Friday 8th May 2015

After falling asleep early last night and waking up around 0200hrs – I realised I’d missed me Warfarin along with me other medications last night – Tsk!

Vague memories of bits of me dreams but not enough to formulate any actual activity, just the feelings of frustration and depression?

Had to do yesterday’s diary and get it posted off. Took me hours as Coreldraw9 was playing up again, and things kept jumping about when typing?

IMG_0117Around 0400hrs I took a break to go down and take the bins out for collection later, make a flask of tea and pot of porridge.

Nippy this morning, too dark to take a photo of outside yet.

Took me morning medications and did me health checks list.

The haemorrhoids were not bad and no bleeding – The Inch Lesion had only bled a tiny bit – Anne Gyna was no bother – Arthur Itis and cramps were much better than yesterday – the skin cancer growth was the same, painful if touched or caught on owt – No bother from the ulcer at all. Good stuff this morning in these findings. Did me BP thingy:

Sys 143 – Dia 89 – Pulse 94 and Temp 30.2 looks alright to me too!

Set up this diary to here and checked on election results to date (early yet I know)


* Labour 126 – 19% Tories 101 – 16% SNP 48 – 7% LibDems 5 – 1% UKIP 1 

Then did some Facebooking.


* Labour 174 – 19% Tories 165 – 16% SNP 53 – 7% LibDems 6 – 1% UKIP 1


* Labour 216 – 33% Tories 268 – 41% SNP 56 – 9% LibDems 8 – 1% UKIP 1

Had a wash and brush-up and got ready fer me walk into town.

0501Set off – a fine looking day.

I set off up Mansfield Road into the City Centre on me walk.

I enjoyed it today, despite the knees being a bit tender like – no rushing, just plodded along yer know.

I’m glad to report that there was only 0502one Pavement cyclist en-route!

Mind you, this git was of more danger than the normal morons who scare pedestrians and older folk with their uncaring attitude.

He was on his mobile phone or ipod thing!

Tsk and cobblenuts to him!

As I approached the centre I stopped to take a photograph of the Victoria Flats (Apartments to our American friends I think).

0503The building in front contains students flats, hundreds of student flats.

The ground floor contains a disabled contact point and at one time several retail outlets. but they have all gone bankrupt and departed elsewhere.

I slipped some seeds and mealworms to the pigeons… clandestinely like.

When I walked walked through the Victoria Bus-station 0504and I couldn’t believe it was a Friday – hardly a sole about… no plaice either… hehehe, I am a fool! Sorry!

I poddled into the mall on the top floor and walked the length to the other end and the walk-over where I could take a photo of the traffic from above like.

0505There wasn’t much traffic or folk either, although the dustbin lorry… no sorry, the Refuse Collectors Vehicle managed to miss the traffic lights as he turned right, just.

I went down the stairs and wobbled on to the Co-op Bank.

They were not open yet, so I hobbled up Friar Lane to the Boots Opticians.

The lady tending to deciding where to put the 0512split in the bifocals informed me I had a large scratch on my head. Took a photo of it.

I had no idea?



Yesterday when I walked into the drooping wet tree leaves perhaps?

Either I’m getting pimples or it’s the skin cancer marks on top of head?

Hey-ho, I’ll find out on June 12th when I have me appointment with the knife.

0506I wondered back to the Bank and en-route saw this sign outside a cafe in town: “It will rain now I’ve put this board out!”

Liked the humour – and he/she was right, it did rain later!

To the bank and sorted me confusion out eventually.

Then a wander to get a photographicalisation of the second oldest pub in Nottingham, the ‘Salutation Inn’.

05071210 or 1216 I think it first opened.

Very much a young yuppie type clientele nowadays.

And the students from the thousands of dedicated living flats all around town seem to like it.

Plenty (far too many) pavement cyclists all over the town today.

I walked down to Wheeler Gate and took a 0508photo in a wine shop window for the TFZ fold, and some ‘Bling’ from the jewellers.

Made my way back to the Victoria Mall and called in Tesco to get some Bread thins.

Weakness overcame me – and I got some of the Polish chicken sausage, Marmite Crisps, canned peas and… er… two fresh cream French Horns.

Then to Aldi for some of their microwaveable small new potatoes in herb and oil.

Guilt ridden I made for the bus stop and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0509One of the gals on the TFZ site asked me about the spaces made available for the disabled on our buses – so I took this photo of the area for her.

The wheelchair is backed up to the pad, the grey arm on the right can be dropped down for extra safety.

I was soon back in Carrington and in the hovel and on the porcelain again.

0511aGot me nosh prepared and watched a DVD while eating it with glee.

Them chicken sausages are so sweet and tender inside.

The potatoes were as usual excellent!

Took me medications and fell asleep – fancy that!

I woke up and checked the election results:

* Tories 331 51% – Labour 232 – 36%  41% SNP 56 – 9% LibDems 8 – 1%

general election - final result

This result means the end of the free NHS.

The result was caused by Miliband’s total inability to challenge Cameron.

The resignations of Clegg Miliband and Farage are too late to save the situation, Clegg and Miliband should have gone long ago – why did they stay to destroy their own parties? Will Farage actually go?

Feeling down now…

The riots will return soon too, mark my words!

Inchcocks Memories Invoked by One old Photograph


Down the alleyway between the cafe and the Naval Club was where my doctors was situated: Dr Foley. An elderly woman with a no fuss attitude, I liked her – I can picture her now – with her fussing and stern assistant/pharmacist/nurse who would light the gas-fire in the waiting room with a loud bang and flash of flame. I was on her books from 1949 to 1969.

The cafe (Can’t remember the name, something Latin I think? No doubt someone will be able to inform me I hope) The owner hired young near-do-wells like myself to sell hot dogs at the weekends in the city centre. I think they sold for 9p beefburgers 1/-. They were stored in hot water in compartments in the heavy and hard to push trolley base. The onions were horrible. Keeping folk from nicking the watered down ketchup and Daddies sauce was a problem.

To the right was the Hong Kong Restaurant. On more than one occasion they were prosecuted for some hygiene irregularity but there were so many brothers and sisters in the family, that when they were barred from running food premises, they just sold it to another family member. Mother worked there for a while – and often she was given tins with no labels on them to open and mix ready for the cook to prepare in dishes. One day she told Dad that one of these tins had a bit of label left on it – it was Top Cat cat food! Later they were done yet again, but I never heard any of the locals complain and it was always busy?

The Italian restaurant I cannot remember ever seeing anyone ever eat there. We used to joke that it must be a cover-base for the Mafia.

In later year I’d frequent the Naval Club, where the beer was only so-so but the  company was great – I loved listening to the members stories of their war exploits.

In one of the  flats above the Hong Kong restaurant lived a lass by the name of Maureen Hutterswaithe – a bonny lass generous with her foibles as I remember… but that might not be a suitable story for  here. But it were grand!

Austin A40Arkwright Street, my stomping ground as an underfed impecunious little ragamuffin.

Not all good memories but much missed nowadays in this greedy uncaring atmosphere I laughingly call life.

Hey-ho – so now I’m feeling a bit low…

Thur 9/4/15: Inchcock Today – A Day of Rest…

Thursday 9th April 2015

I woke at 0625hrs – feeling freer than for ages – the good news about Sister Jane ringing about in my head and a sense of happiness in me heart.

I took me Blood pressure on me new machine – yesterday was Syst: 139 Dia: 67 Pulse: 78 – This morning Syst 156 Dia Pulse 83.

Perhaps a little high due to me being excited with the knowledge that Jane was okay and today should be an easier one for me – no medical appointments (until tomorrow) and a determination to get some blogging done now I can concentrate better. 

I rang Pete on me mobile and he sounded a different bloke – I’m so glad for em.

As I made a cuppa to take with me medications and some memories of the dreams I’d had lingered:

I was confined in some underground caves with two other peoples, no idea who they were but I liked them – searching (again) for something, maybe a treasure chest I think? Passages were narrow and we struggled to get through into an open area, a massive cave it held the chest and we were drinking in celebration when one of the women pointed out that we could not get the chest back through the opening we got in through – We decided we needed a lifeboat? I found myself in a supermarket asking if they had any lifeboats for sale and the staff all attacked me with giant frozen salamis and giant chicken legs?

That’s all I can recall?

WC’d, and had to tend to me haemorrhoids, so did me other medicationalising at4IT1 growths, cetraben to me tender areas and Neomycin Sulphate spray in me ear-holes and taking an extra omeprozole cause me duodenal ulcer was starting to play-up.

The little tiny boil on me bum was painful still.

Despite these problems I was still cheerful with the news of our Jane and Pete.

Despite Coreldraw9 freezing occasionally – usually at the wrong time and having to reboot and losing me graphics wot I was working on – 4IT6Tsk! – I managed to get some graphics done for the TFZ gang.

Spent a good few hours on graphicalisationing.

The haemorrhoids are bleeding and painful again… hey-ho.

Pleased with how the last graphic of Andy in the tunnel at the Nottingham Arboretum turned out.

aaaa3aI love doing these. When the graphic packages or laptop does not play up mind. I find I get a kick out of using photographs I’d taken on me walks to use as backgrounds.

I suppose I’d better get a bit of a walk in today – even if it’s the only day I do not have something on to do.

Got myself cleansed and made myself attractive just in case any of the many women that crave for me should meet me as I go on me little hobble to the shop to get some tomatoes. FibMode

I took bags out to the bins and pulled them out for collection in the morning.

IMG_0047Fatima and Fred came down for their brekkers in the morning sunshine.

I went back in and got me coat on etc and set-out for me mini-poddle to the shops on Mansfield Road.

The twtichel was clear of yobs so I took that root.

The sky was so clear and a sparcity of people cheered me up somewhat.

IMG_0048I noticed the sign on the Gladstone pub had been repaired now.

I wondered down and called in the chemists and got some toothpaste and ear spray. Had a little natter with the assistants – made them laugh a bit so that made me feel good too.

Then on and into the launderette where Mandy was on duty.

The place was not very busy, I must remember this in case I have to go later in mid-week like.

0404I managed to have another natter – and I even got Mandy to pose for a photograph for me.

I told her to expect to see this photograph in Bella, Grazia or the Minx magazine shortly. She smiled and called me an idiot.

Out and down to Lidl – I usually regret going there for some reason or other each time I visit.

I plodded around with no particular aim other than to get some tomatoes – but those on show were a mangy lot and all Spanish so I didn’t get any.

I got some Cheese Curls (they were not nice) some canned mushrooms and some apples.

IMG_0049The apples turned out to be dry, tastless and bland – nothing new ther then – I really should stop buying fruit from Lidl.

I noticed some posters they had hanging from the ceiling above the fresh (Using the term Fresh in the loosest possible definition) produce display stating: ‘We Love British!”

This from a German owned company with Ukrainian assistants an Asian security guard  and the poster had been printed in Italy on it.

I wonder if a British retail company had displayed this they would have been accused of being racist?

Better not let Nigel know?

Got back to the hoppit – must remember to sort out a lighter coat for me QMC hospital visit tomorrow with Pete.


IMG_0051Made me nosh of Braised beef in onion gravy, peas and carrots, seasoned little potatoes bit of bread and me medications.

By gum it wer lovely!

Started this diary after a little old man’s nap.


Did some Facebooking.

Drifted off waking up in a painful warped position with the laptop rather heated and me boil stinging.