Inchcock Today – Friday 2nd March 2018

Friday 2nd March 2018

Greek: Παρασκευή 2 Μαρτίου 2018

0130hrs: Woke several times over, for a minute or so, and seemed to drift off back to sleep? Eventually, the brain engaged and I encouraged the body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne.

I settled down to allow the evacuation procedure. And the thoughts that began emanating from the brain for my considerations were quisquose, disturbing and confusing. They trundled forth and before I could grasp their meaning, along comes another totally unrelated idea, fear or suggestion. Enough, already! As luck would have it, I escaped the thought-battle when I realised the amount of bleeding taking place from the rear-end, thus giving me something else to concentrate on. Duodenal Donald was leaking slightly more than usual. After the session, I had a good clean up and used the gauze and HT cream to ease the flow. It took a while, but I stopped it eventually.

Wiped up and antisepticated the contact areas. To the kitchen and got the Health Checks were done. The sys was up a bit, all else looked fine.

I took a look out of the window to see the situation with the snow, outside. Couldn’t see any fresh snow on top of the resident’s vehicles.

The alcoholic tenants who use their cars to go to fetch their liquor daily are the best indicators. Haha!

Got the medications took.

Started to update Thursday’s Diary. Sent it off.

I had a look at the forecast for today. A yellow warning for snow and ice, same as yesterday. 1°c > -4°c. It added, …but feeling colder! That’s it, I’m hibernating today. And it isn’t exactly snug in the flat.

All the holes left in the building when the builders had to evacuate work due to the weather, ensures us all a high-electricity charges and cold flats!

I must have been snowing late last night, cause the run-marks from all the sleigh routes were covered in the bottom field.

No snow is falling at all at the moment. I looked at the Daily Telegraph website, where they had done us a map of the UK, pointing out the warning areas for snow for today. Glad to see Nottingham is only in the Yellow warning zone. And, the warnings seem to all end (Apart from the Yellow) by 1000hrs. So, the buses might be back on after that time? Mind you, with the temperature prognosticated as being freezing and lower, this white-stuff and ice might take a while to clear, and will more fall tomorrow? Bet your life on it!

Had a look at the BBC site to see what Saturday and next week might bring us. Ah, some more snow. Hehe!

I’d received an email from the surgery. When having the blood test yesterday, I explained to the nurse about getting appointments for Thursdays at 1040hrs, meant I have to miss the one Social Event we have a week, as it runs from 1000hrs to 1100hrs. She said they could make it earlier in the mornings. This cheered me up no end.

Now I get this email telling me my results are as follows: But no INR-Warfarin level results on the page, only next weeks dosages? And, worst of all and very disappointingly, they made the appointment for the next one on Thursday 8th March at 1050hrs – Again! Bummer! Grumph!

I started work on this blog. Got up to here. Made the WordPress Comments, and then I tried to get the Reader to open in FireFox. On the third attempt, it worked. Getting back to the editor, was not so easy.

On Facebook to catch-up.

I made a brew of tea, got some thin slices of Pork Pie, cut up some tomatoes and watched a YouTube car crash thingy while I ate them.

Back to work. CorelDrawing to make up some more diary page headers and then got the drafts started. It proved to be hard work getting them right.

Made another mug of brew and did the Health Checks.

Started to create the drafts. Got them finished at last. Cost me five hours to get these Page Headers done. Can’t display them, otherwise, it will take the edge off their humour when I use them on the ITs (Inchcock Todays).

Turned computers off, and did the Health Checks and medications.

Got the meal served up in no time. Only the potato cakes needed any heating up. Cooked beef and belly pork with herbs, chips, sugar-snap peas, apple and tomatoes were followed with the natural yoghourt to which I added some Maple Syrup.

I fell asleep with the plate and tray mostly eaten, but still on my knee.

The plate and tray of fodder were on the floor when I woke up later, leaving a pretty pattern of chips, tomato-halves and half-chewed sugar-snap peas over me, the recliner, the Ottoman and the carpet! And, there were signs of my nocturnal nibbling in the hour-or-so I was in the land of Nod.Tsk!

I had a cleaning up session. No way could I remember opening the bag of misshaped chocolate brazil nuts? Naughty Inchcock!

I checked on what was on the TV, and once again the same selection of good stuff was showing. Law & Order, the A-Team, Animal Help and two episodes of Hustle. I got half-way through Law & Order before nodding-off. Woke and moved channels to see the A-Team, that lasted about five minutes and I drifted off again. Slept right through the Animal Help, changed to circuit 60 and slept through after watching the first few minutes of Hustle. Waking when the finishing titles were coming on the screen for the second episode. Fell asleep again before I could turn off the TV set.


7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 2nd March 2018

  1. Grrr…I’d send another email and say that you have to permanently change the actual day from Thursday to another day as you have other appointments. It’s not right that you have to miss the social time as that’s equally important for your well-being. Haha…I feeling frustrated on your behalf here xx

    • Thanks for caring Tracey.
      Very frustrating, afte going to the bother of explaining everything to the nurse as well.
      I think they don’t like me much. Hehe! ♥

      • I don’t think it’s a matter of not liking you but one of not listening, perhaps due to an ageist attitude. It seems you have quite a distance to cover to get to the surgery, is there another closer to where you live now? I personally detest change but sometimes it’s in our best interests ❤ I’m thinking that a new surgery would look at your health with fresh eyes so to speak.

  2. You should try to get your appointments back to Tuesday or Wednesday. When we get snow warnings around here it’s things like “Don’t eat yellow snow!” “Call 911 if you see red snow.” And “if you see Amber in the snow, tell her to come back inside.” I don’t think we have any snow this winter. The food looks good, to bad some of it ended up all over. The “A-Team”? Is that the old show with Mr-T, I think he was called? I never saw the show, but I remember Mr-T was all the rage with dolls or “action figures” of him all over the place.

    • Hahaha! I’ll keep my ye out for Amber.
      Snowless Albuquerque, eh? I think rain is more likely as a rule for us. The Beast from the East and Storm Erna is it?, that caused the current mayhem. Forecast more to come on Monday, followed by rain freeze, rain freeze and rain, they say.
      I’m getting skilled in food spreading. Haha!
      That’s the one, Tim, Mr T. Why I like this is a mystery to me, the scripts are banal, the acting terrible, they fire hundereds of rounds at people and no none ever dies, and yet, they always win in the end and the baddies lose. Perhaps this is why I watch it???
      Well, fall asleep watching it. Haha!
      TTFN Sir.

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