Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st March 2018: Got rather soaked in the snow and slush, today

Thursday 1st March 2018

0100hrs: I woke full of insuisiance, and lay there for a few moments in almost bliss, in unconcerned heaven… then the brain stirred and joined the physical body. A battle ensued with all the concerns, fears and worries fighting for dominance.

Without hesitation, I disentangled the blubber and limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Off to the kitchen despite a little Dizzy Dennis visit, and checked on the weather, in which I had to venture out in later, to get to the blood test at the surgery.

If the snow and ice do not suddenly clear, I could not imagine any buses would be available later. And the snow was still falling gently and thinly as I took these photos.

The gravel footpath up the hill could not be seen. So that seemed to bar my walking that way. The roadway below looked lethal for walking on, but it did seem the lesser of the dangers to me. I’ll have to go that way, drop the nibbles off at the Obergruppenfureress Wardens shed for the Social that I’ll miss again. Drop off the sourdough bread and continue to the end of Chestnut Walk and right down the Winchester Street Hill in Sherwood, then up and down the hills into Carrington and to the surgery.

Another point, will the Morrison Van be able to get up the hill to deliver the comestibles? See how easy it is for the old brain to get concerned, confused and fretting away! Hehe!

I did the Health Checks. Nowt to fret about methinks. Took the medications.

No treating of Harold’s Haemorrhoids or Little Inches fungal lesion done, I’ll tend to this when I get the ablutions done later.

Virgin Media Down Again! Did a status check – Guess what came up. No indication of the internet was not working, and, the fix estimate seems a bit long. 28 March?

Faffled about ending up resetting Virgin box, back on but another hour lost and it is very slow again.

Got as far as this, and went to update the yesterday diary.

The Morrison man had battled through the weather and arrived.

 Whatta Plonka! Guess what this idiot ordered (Lamb Hot Pot) and not what he got. Not easily spotted at first. I didn’t notice until I was actually reaching to put it in the cupboard. It’s flipping Dog Food!!! I’ve placed in the bag to take for someone with a dog. The nurse or receptionists are bound to have one, surely. Tsk!

I thought at £2.20 a tin, it must be the best, that’s why I bought it. Expected it to be prepared in some country barn somewhere with love and secret ingredients and spices of Olde England.

What an absolute pillock! Class 1 Grade A with Honours!

I got waste bags ready to take to the disposal chute. The now was now getting much worse. The flakes seemed to be going up and down at the same time. The edging on the windows had also been invaded as the white chips build up. I’m not looking forward to going out at all!

But, out I must go. I’ll take the black bags now.

Boy, what a state the lift area was in. As I opened the door, ice and snow along with a bitterly cold wind were pouring in from the holes left by the workers in the vents and outer walls!

Got the ablutions and ailment treating done. Then got wrapped up well and made sure all the things were in the bag.

I left the apartment earlier than ever, cause it ain’t gonna be pleasant and may take a long time to get through the weather into Sherwood then Carrington. This proved the case when I got outside. Haha!

My feet disappeared into the snow, and I had to remove them and try to shake off as much of the white stuff that I could, to try and not get too wet. But, it was already too late!

I was unsure whether to walk on the hard bits, that offered the threat of my slipping over, or try to find some shallow snow to hobble over.

No workmen in sight this morning, and who can blame them. Saw no lorries coming in or going out either.

I cautiously made my way to the Obergruppenfureress Wardens Social Hut. I was pleased to see Jenny there. We had a chinwag, and kindly took charge of my box of nibbles, and I put the chips in their freezer and told Warden Julie. Welsh Bill was feeling better for sure, he was moaning away. Haha!

I said my cheery farewells, and without any fear or concern, I gallantly set off out on the walk to the surgery. (Okay, shaking like a leaf then!)

I’d only gone about 30 yards or so. When it happened, a near Accifauxpa. I was in the deeper snow and soon found out there was ice underneath it! Although I didn’t go over, although I still don’t know how I didn’t. This caused Hernia Harold to kick off giving me grief for hours. Humph! Undaunted (Scared Stiff is perhaps a better way to describe it), I pressed on.

Luckily, this part of Winchester Street pavement had been little walked on, so was more comfortable to manoeuvre through. I felt a little sorry for the owners of these vehicles. A smattering of window clearing would be needed later when they are necessitated to use their transport.

Further down the footpath, it was more exposed to the bitter winds. There was a lot of traffic up and down the hill, and I got the camera out to take a shot of it… and suddenly there was no cars, lorries, buses or any vehicles whatever? Put the camera away, and back they came!

Getting onto Mansfield Road, turning left up to the incline towards Carrington, and the risks changed. Here is all mud or snow with ice below.

Not many folks around here either.

I pressed on.

I called in the Continental Food Store and treated myself to four slices of their rolled cooked belly pork with garlic and herbs added when made. No customers in the store at all, apart from me. This weather is doing nowt for their trade either! Paid the lady, and out into the snow and slush.

Up and over the crest of the hill.

It was like a ghost road. It was eerie making and sparse of life. Giving a sense of ethereality.

Over the brow and just voided another Whoopsiesangleplop.

Crossing this side-road, twice I early slipped over, but I regained my balance. This would be the balance of the body, of course. I lost the balance of my brain thanks to Virgin Media, several days ago.

Heroically, I continued on the hobble and arrived at the surgery.

Where I found only two patients inside. Now, this had never been known before. Usually, there are packed out, often no seats available, and everyone is uptight and under pressure. Today, as I so early, I expected a decent wait, but no. The Obergruppenfurhreress Nurse Ann told me to take a seat, I was spoilt for choice. Hehe! I got out the crossword book, and two minutes later she came to fetch me in! No commands to ‘Sit!’ either? I was worried about this change in approach. Her being almost, on the verge of being sociable, encouraged me to ask if she had a dog. And she did. So I gave her the £2.20 tin of dog food, I’d bought in error. This cheered her further. Apparently, about eighty cancellations of appointments had been received this morning between the two doctors and nurses on duty, and she was impressed with my efforts to get there. Oh, yes!

I dropped the bag of nibbles on the reception desk as I left. One patient in there, no receptionists, mind. Haha!

Out over the road and I called at the Lidl shop on the way to the bus stop. Where I was sensible and bought only two cobs and a packet of sugar snap peas. They had some Nougat with pistachio nuts on sale, and I did weaken and get one. Remembering afterwards I have a package of ones with cherry that Tracey (Bless Her) had treated me to in the fridge as well. My mind and memory! Tsk!

Paid my dues and out to catch a bus back to Sherwood and catch an L9 one up to the flats.

Getting off in Sherwood, the snow was already mushy and dirty. As I went over the road to get a fresh cream cake, the snow started falling again.

Roy was getting on a City-bound bus, and he informed me that the L9 was not running today, due to the weather. Oh, dear! The 40 bus was, though, as Welsh Bill told me when he arrived at the shelter. A man and woman from the flats got on along with Bill and me. Getting off on Winchester Street, we four started to walk up towards Chestnut Walk. They all left me as if I was standing, I could not keep up with their rate if knots at all.

The snowing had stopped, but there was plenty still laying on the floor that needs careful attention as I hobble, all lonely on my way to the flats. Hehehe!

Where the other tenants I came up with on the 40 bus were, I knew not. By gum, they were quick and fit!

As I got in the foyer door, I could hear an odd droning-like noise. I never did work out what it was. Obviously there were no workers on the hoists, or anywhere for that matter. I imagine the poor souls had either not turned up of had been sent home. There were a few yardmen in the compound.

The lift was in a right state when I got in it. All no doubt due to folk in that same position as I was; Soaking wet!

Got up an indoors, had a wee-wee. Got the Health Checks done. Put the oven on to heat up ready for the massive Beef Hot-Pot meal I had delivered earlier.

Changed my clothes into the night attire selection.

Got the computer on and updated this blog. This took a couple of hours or so.

Got the hot-pot in the oven.

Medications and last health Checks

Checked if anything was worth watching later on the TV. Again there was an excellent choice of my favourite oldies to choose from, A-Team, Minder, Heartbeat and to end with, two episodes of Hustle

Got the Morrison-Made Mammoth meal sorted. I hardly dented the hot-pot, for it was tasteless, bland and watery. The apple slices were okay. As was the cream cake.

The snow had reduced to the odd spots occasionally.

Had a wee-wee and got myself settled down early in the £300 second-hand recliner, and got the goggle-box on. Fell asleep in seconds of leaning back. Woke half-an-hour or so later.

Off for a wee-wee.

Went into the kitchen to get a mug of Clementine Juice, and Oh, dearie me! Somehow I’d left the two hobs turned on, thank heavens on a low setting. I now have another of the new saucepans burnt beyond salvation. Annoyed with my stupidity, I grumblingly cleaned the stove best I could and dished the pan.

Cold from getting soaked, shivering a bit for some reason, I returned to the recliner in low spirits. I watched the end of Minder and started to watch Heartbeat; all in between mini-seconds-long nod-offs. I remember thinking that a damn sore throat is returning again, not surprising indeed. Sneezing and that was all, the bliss of sleep came quickly. Meaning I missed both of the Hustle episodes altogether.

Anyone out there wants to buy a TV set?

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st March 2018: Got rather soaked in the snow and slush, today

  1. Making points with Nurse Ann — Good going! I’m impressed, as well. I don’t know that I would have made the effort in that snow. That’s a strange looking mammoth meal. And that naughty but nice cream cake looks like a weird hotdog.

    • Nurse Ann fooled me, though, Tim. And let them make the appointment for during the Social Hour Again next Thursday! Tsk!
      I shall never try one of those meals again mate. Horrible! Even the cake tasted odd to me. I might have been better of having hot dog. Hehehe!
      Cheers Sir.

  2. Phew, you made it there and back ok. And just as well as the nurse seems nice after all and we are right about her being usually overworked. So obviously mistakenly buying the dog food was meant to be 😆

    • I hope her dog liked it. Even doing something for a dog from afar makes me happy, like sending a Nottingham cuddle and ear massage for Bertie.
      Hehe! I just can’t rely on myself not getting something wrong or have a Whoopsiedangleplop every day, Tracey.
      She let me down with the next appointment, though. They made it for the same time next Thursday, so no socialising for me again next week! Humph!

  3. That’s the worse part about the white stuff: melting, then freezing into ice underneath. Be very careful! I presume lack of experience having to walk on the stuff is a concern, just as drivers have to learn again how to drive on it. >BANG!<

    • Very true Doug, I’ve been over once on the hill footpath onto me bum, that was on the mud when it was rainy last week. I’m till suffering with the haemorrhoids from that incident. Hehehe! But the ice does scare me nowadays… well, walking on it I mean.
      It amazes me seeing drivers overreving in this weather, and wondering what they did wrong when they hit something or lose control.
      How the buses keep a grip beats me.
      I hope they will be back online on Monday, but more of the snow is forecast, so, you never know.
      My best advice Doug, if to ain’t got to go out, don’t! Hibernation appeals to me. Haha! Cheers.

      • That’s my snowtime strategy. I use a cane, and that tool for stability landing on a patch of ice while one walks is a recipe for silent movie-style pratfall! Then comes the challenge of getting up again!

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