Inchcock Today – Inchcock Today – Wednesday 28th February 2018

Wednesday 28th February 2018

Georgian: ოთხშაბათი 28 თებერვალი 2018

0230hrs: Stirred, agitated the brain and wondered if Virgin Media would be working this morning. I found the subject infandous, and dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and went into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications.

But had to divert hastily to the Porcelain Throne. What a messy session. Removing the PPs caused the dried blood on Little Inchies lesion to flow, and after the Trotsky affected movement, I had a lot of ensanguined items, including myself to clean-up. At the back of my mind, concern for being able to get on the Virgin Media internet today lingered.

Back to the kitchen and did the Health Checks.

Opened the window to let in the icy-cold breeze and have a look at the weather. The sky really was beautiful.

The pavements below looked a bit dodgy for walking on, with more snow and ice forecast for tomorrow. The temperature outside was -2°c. I was glad I could stay indoors today. With being let down my Virgin Media internet again, if it is working today, I shall spend my time catching up on Facebook, WordPress Reader, Email, comments etc. As I say, if it allows me to. I strayed off course there. Hehe!

I nearly missed taking the medications with all the mind games the brain was playing with me.

The big test; I got the computer booted. It seems to be working, but very slowly. When I downloaded the photos above, it took so long, I nearly fell asleep again.

Anyway, at least it has not gone off yet. I got this post done up to here and then updated Tuesday’s diary. Although this took some time, it was still three hours spent on it (Languid). Compared with eleven hours yesterday. Thanks, to the callous, heartless, unsympathetic, aloof, blasé, disinterested, incapable, impervious, nonchalant, unconcerned, inconsiderate, impersonal, undiplomatic, shameless, negligent, avaricious, grasping, pitiless, unfeeling filthy rich bullies at Liberty Global-Virgin Media with their multi-billionaire leader who cannot supply what they promise, nor even accept they are in the wrong! But this doesn’t bother me!

Things are not right with the internet yet. Pinterest would not work at all. Nothing on the page when opened, wouldn’t allow me to add via the web page either, just keeps telling me nothing found to import?

Tried to get the WordPress comments to reply to, very slow, but I managed. I fear another terrible web day. Sob!

Can’t get into WordPress Reader at all now, pages either blank or warped. Oh, dear!

Nope, it’s gone down again! Nothing at all now! Grumph!

Tried Facebook, WordPress, Email; all unavailable.

Disheartening again. Unplugged the Virgin box and started it back after a few minutes. Ten minutes later and only half of the blue lights had lit up. I think I’ve lost it again, just three on now, and they are flashing and not steady.

I went on to CorelDraw and completed a graphic-joke I had started, for use as a page header. Got it finished and filed away.

Here we go, trying FireFox now. Looking okay, I’ll see how the WordPress Reader goes. Still very slow and nervous-making. Nope, no Reader showing. I worked it on Chrome. I got on this time. It’s been that long since I could get access, it took over an hour to read them, but there was good stuff on there today.

Got the mushroom sliced and green beans in the slow-cooker on low for later. Seasoned with a drop of Maggi and onion salt.

Did the Health Checks and medications were taken.

Looking dodgy out there. I’m a bit concerned about how I will get to the surgery for the blood-test if things stay like this until the morning. Needless to say, not many residents out and about.

Then tried the task of catching up on Facebooking. Started with fingers crossed that the Virgin Media would let me this time, with adding the photographs to various albums. Now I’m sent to sign on to an account with WordPress when I try to get on it in Chrome? Back to Firefox.

The frustrations with the internet made me close it down and give up.

Two letters arrived through the door. One from the bank and one from the Nottingham City Homes. The bank informed me that the savings account was not of sufficient balance to warrant the interest and has been cancelled and moved to another account with a massive 0.20% gross/AER Variable rate. I need take no action. Oh?

The Council letter informed me of changes to the new flat rent, Service charges and Support charges. I’m not unhappy with this, just feel lucky to be here.

Got the fodder served up.

Open wholemeal thins bread sarnies of cheese and tomato, thick chips, the mushroom and green beans, cheesy seaweed crunchies and some slices of the pork pie from Aldi Lip-smackingly-good!) Followed with two iced-lemon sponges.

Oh, and the lemon mousse and large mug of clementine juice.

Certain contentment came over me, so much did I like this feast. Of course, when I tried to open the Virgin Media Internet and could not again, the frustration and angst replaced the contentment! I put the pots to soak in the bowl and refilled the mug with more clementine juice.

Health Checks, medications then are taken and I settled in the recliner.

The weather looked more threatening now. The snowflakes were much more significant and had settled on the kitchen window frame, leaking in through the cracks and ill-fitting sides.

Genuinely concerned about how I will get to the blood test in the morning.

I decided to do nothing but watch the TV after perusing the magazine and finding that tonight there was tons of stuff on that I fancied watching for me to fail to stay awake to view.

I did better than usual. The programmes to watch here, the red bits are where I nodded off. Hehe!

Plenty of dreams when I did nod-off, but no actual memories. Tsk!

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  1. It sure does look dodgy out there, hope it isn’t so bad when you have to go out for the blood test. Grrr, internet problems are the worst. <3

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