Inchcock Today – Thursday: Dawgnab them dang piles!

Thursday 26th March 2015

Didn’t get to sleep until around 0300hrs, woke about 0730hrs remembering dream I think I’d just had. Scribbled some notes down about it.

I moved and the haemorrhoids erupted. Oh dear…


Coronation Street. (Not really)

Made a cuppa and took photo’s of the rather wet weather this morning.


Took me medications and Laptop on.

Deciphered me notes about the morning dream wot I had:

I was with a party of people and we were in a restuarant with tiny sections and rooms on two foors to start with and I was treating them to a meal, I was walking up down and through the rooms serving extras if they wanted any – had my coat stolen whilst doing this – I did not recognise the ladies and gents but felt I did know them slightly, or of them. I think the restaurant was on a rusty old boat that kept going underneath bridges? One of the chaps nicked the potato off me plate and I didn’t want to make a fuss for some reason.

Found myself on a gangplank leaving the place with the other perhaps eight people and they all suddenly turned laughed and threw me off into the water.

I was court-marshalled with Tony Blair being on the panel and sentenced to selling Big-Issues outside Victoria shopping centre – where I found myself dressed as Winston Churchill and talking to Enoch Powell who was collecting for the Salvation Army and Sid James selling watches from under his coat when I passed wind and everything went blank?

Not my usual sort of dream that one.

The haemorrhoids were the worst of me pains this morning – indeed stayed the worst throughout the day – very uncomfortable.

Did some Facebooking and graphics on Coreldraw9 for a few hours.

Tended to me ablutions, teggies shave etc and got me things ready for a walk into Nottingham City Centre.


Dark and windy this morning

It was very windy this morning as I left the dump and took me customary shot of the sky above Carrington.

Not many folk about locally – but air of foreboding lingered for some reason – no idea why but I didn’t like it at all.

I plodded down through the jitty and onto Mansfied Road.

Crossed over and as I was walking passed the hotel opposite the Grovensor pub – three pavement cyclists of the younger trainee yobbo variety came towards me – what they shouted to accompany their two finger signs was lost in the noise of the traffic as they passed me by.


I’d just put the camera back in my pocket then a more senior pavement cyclist belted passed me from behind!

I pressed on up the hill and down into the City Centre – and blow me another Pavement cyclist nearly got me as he shot passed!

IMG_0038I poddled in through the Victoria Centre Mall top floor and spotted a window display using faceless models of kids?

Spotted a few others as I walked through in different shops.

Didn’t like them at all.

Then –  shock. A first!

A Genuine original first!

IMG_0039The ‘Boost’ stall had a customer as I was passing over it – I kid you not! Honestly. I just knew that if kept looking and photographing each time I passed by I’d catch a customer there eventually.

The two members of staff do look a little shocked and confused do they not to you? Hehehe!

IMG_0040As I walked out and over the walk-over I took another photo of the happy contented Nottinghomian’s as they made their way to the benefit offices, pawnbrokers, stores to shoplift from, in search of victims to mug, the job-centres, pay-day loan sharks and a few of them to or from work.

IMG_0042I walked down from the walk-over and into Clinton Street. Tried to take a photo of the crowds and nothing happened! – Panic… had me new camera died a death?

Worried now, and decided to try and get a cheapo one from the Jessop Camera store that happened to be a few yards away.

I was pondering over the cheap end range and an assistant by the name of Soyo came to my assistance. Nice lad. Very patient with me hearing and understanding problems. There was one camera that was easy to use at only £69.99, a Fuji Finepix AX650. Not that I fully followed what the lad was telling me, but he said he’d do me a ‘Bundle deal’ as I was buying a Screen protector pack – Compact case – Sandisk Extreme 16GB – Was I? I thought?

IMG_0041I turned out I only had to pay £80.96 for the lot.

Soyo then had a look at my old camera for ten seconds, no idea what he did – but it was working again! Huh!

He then proceeded to show me how to delete photos from the camera on the camera (The old one) and I proceeded to feel a fool it was so easy. Tsk!

It’s the multi-task buttons that confuse me yer know.

IMG_0046The wind as getting worse as I poddled into town and called in Primark to see if they had any of the ‘Andy Caps’ back in stock – to me pleasant surprise they had two in stock at… only £3 each – so I snaffled em up a that price.

So now I’ve got a spare camera and two spare hats that fit! Luxury eh?

IMG_0043I saw that the Primark store were having a push to sell their sun-glasses off dead cheap.

So if anyone needs any sunglasses get yourself down to Primark in Nottingham where they are available from only £1 a pair! (Primark please send cash only in thanks and appreciation of my promoting of your products – thank you).


Looks like a face?

As I made me way up to the bus stop I slipped the pigeons some seed cunningly like.

This display in the pawnbrokers of Upper Pariament Street caught me eye as I poddled passed. All second hand but beautiful stones – no idea what they are though of course.

The Rose of England public house has now had all the buildings surrounding it that were part of the BBC headquarters in Nottingham demolished.

0401Poddled to the bus stop and caught a bus back to Carrington.

Got in and WC’d and treted me painful piles.

Made a cuppa and had some cheese-burgers.

Fell asleep.

Woke up (The wind howling) and took me medications and cleaned up and creamed the rear end again.

Did this diary off, it took ages as me concentration was not good for some reason.

Hey-ho… TTFN all!

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  1. Okay, Sir, it’s time for a photo assignment sheet for you… Are you up for the challenge? This coming week I would like to see you photograph the following: A big bus, a telephone booth, a funny sign in a store, the best room in your house, yourself in a window reflection, something cold, something hot, the most unusual food you eat, someone else photographing anything else, and finally, get a stranger to smile and pose for you. I look forward to seeing your answers. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend! <3

    • What a challenge Rachel – cor blimey love-a-duck! I accept the challenge – would you like me to post the resulting efforts? Perhaps with the title something iike: “Inchcock Rises to the Photographicalisational Challenge from Rachel!” TTFN

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