Mon 27.4.15 Inchcock Today – Nervous!


Monday 27th April 2015

Got to sleep around 0400hrs. Woke at 0830hrs and while attending the porcelain found bleeding from the haemorrhoids.

Did me BP: Sys 174 Dia 74 Pulse 79 – Temp 32.7 Look okay to me I think maybe, perhaps?

Still feeling nervous and weary?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

IMG_0132Took a photograph from the window on the way back up.

Cloudless sky this morning.

The white spot near the centre of the picture is I think – Solar panels from the roof of one of the big posh houses up in the Magdala Road area.

I noticed the pallets had been thrown about in the back garden again?

Still feeling a bit nervous and apprehensive today.

Stomach a bit tender inside and bloated outside?

Started this diary, and used Coreldraw9 to create the header, then tried to age it in Corelpaint9, then in Corel Paint pro x6. Coreldraw froze – Tsk!

Eventually pulled missen away from the laptop and had a wash and brush-up ready for me walk into town.

0101artSet off and down the road turned right into Loscoe Road and hey-presto – the first bit of Pavement (Well Street) Art of the day.

I could see Poland mentioned a few times.

Homesick Polish kids?

No idea what the symbols mean?

Obviously Internet connection somewhere in the messages that were written neatly in different coloured chalks.

0102CyclDown through the titchell and onto Mansfield Road.

Within a couple of hundred yards the first of the Pavement Cyclists appeared near the New Carrington public House and launderette.

I moved on and within the next few yards near to the Lidl store – yes you’ve guessed it…

0103CyclAnother Pavement Cyclist.

This one nearly clouted a lad walking up the pavement.


Had a little dizzy after taking this photograph of the criminal cyclist – took a few minutes but everything went back to normal and I pressed on with me walk into town.

0104skyCI took a photograph of the sky as I left Carrington, it was particularly beautiful now, the low clouds and light blue above showing nature at its finest?

Anne Gyna gave me a few painful reminders of her presence as I crossed the road and hobbled on u the hill towards town.

0105busAs I crossed over the top and down into town the police pulled up a car and dragged the driver and passenger out and into their Transit Van.

As I got into town I took the route through the bus station and out the other end so I could drop some seeds for the pigeons.

For some reason me mind strayed back to the old buses of Nottingham, and that led to me thinking of happier times – had  to stop myself.

At House of Fraser in the window where they had the topless torso display0105cShop of jeans – I noticed things had been redone – this time the mannequins had a top half to them – but no heads yet?

Money saving?

I plodded on to the bus-stop – checking to make sure I’d took me Free pensioners bus-pass – that wonderful Free pensioners bus-pass with me – all okay it was there.

0106bus2En route I did some of me crosswords in me book – and when the bus stopped at a stop… took a photo of the greenery at the side of the road with the sky background – amazing sight I thought – I was going to say so typical of England but I’d better not for fear of being called a bigot or worse… oh… I’ve said it now ain’t I? Hehe!

We got to Bulwell bus-station and I walked down by the side of the river lean into the Market area, where I narrowly missed getting 0107b1hit by a pavement cyclist.

I fed the pigeons and had a chat with them, much to the surprise of those sat nearby on the bench.

I didn’t notice them until it was too late – I wondered what they made of me chatting away?

To the end of the bank and passed the graffitid war memorial and spend a few minutes in contemplation – as I turned to walk back to the 0107b2road I noticed the flowers, Tulips and white flowers of some sort I think they were, in the corner plot.

I could see patches where some had been stolen from.


0107b3bagOver the lights and looked on the material shop to see if they had any pressure pads, but they did not sell them.

Then into Fulton to see if they had any if the microwave sausages in stock, no go… but they did have some blackcurrant and ice-cream lollies in! Only four boxes so I snaffled them all.

They also had some Krakowska at… wait for it… 20p! Use by tomorrows date, but I took one anyway, that’ll do me fer me nosh later.

I got some cheap fish and chip biscuits as well, oh, and some Scotts porridge pots at 3 for a quid, I bought six, and a loaf of bread!

As I was hobbling back to the bus-station it dawned on me I should have gone to the Queens Medical Centre today fer me Warfarin INR level tests! What a plonker with bar!

0108CyclI’ll have to go tomorrow after doing me laundry – Tsk & Tut!

As the bus pulled away I spotted two more Pavement Cyclists through the bus window – the Pavement Cyclists weren’t cycling through the window like – I took the photo of the Pavement Cyclist through the window…

Soon got back in Carrington – spotted a gang of yobs at the bus-stop to got off at the one after and walked back like.

There were several apprentice yobs on the street, kicking footballs, smoking, drinking and calling people as they passed by.

Got in and WC’s, quite a bit of blood.

0109noshGot me nosh ready, decided on curried beans, beetroot, rocket, tomatoes, Olde Amterdam strong cheese and some slices of the Krakowska.

Watched a DVD while I ate it and then got the laptop going to do this Diary like.

Took me medications.

Did some blogging and Facebooking.

The hands are shaking a bit now – that’s summat new?

Must remember launderette then INR checks tomorrow… Mmm… we’ll see… Hehe!

TTFN all.